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Like how alot of people diss current modern day politicians View More

Frying_Pan: This is the second novel by this author where he disses scholars... Hmmm

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C311
1 year ago
If you only had a chance, would you not wait for the optimum time? Sometimes being calm and waiting before striking is the optimal choice. View More

Tygon: Umm, a giant cauldron that covers the entire region and us inside? Let's wait and see how it refine us alive.

Battle Through the Heavens · C1634
1 year ago
Because clearly barging into a fight where even just one of the experts could easily decimate him or force him into self destructing in a single move is a great idea. View More

yupsme: Wow... I knew XY and his crew where dumb but this is crazy.... when has XY ever just sat down and watched people fight and let the ultimate treasure go to someone else... am I still reading the same story?

Battle Through the Heavens · C1634
1 year ago
And yet here you are. Aftrr basically 1.5k chapters you are still reading. Hahah. If you think you are better, go ahead and write a story for the community. View More

YanDaoZi: Can't even explore? Mc? Fvcking dumb author.

Battle Through the Heavens · C1632
1 year ago
Might as well mention that the flames being weak would bring xiao yan no benefit in terms of strength and that after the purifying demonic lotus flame was refined, his resistance to heavenly flames increased so they are useless that way. And should he really be doing that while they are trying to stop hun tiandi? View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1629
1 year ago
Talk about the ancient clans however ypu want but the fact that they are so willing to self destruct for the bloodline is admirable. Not sure how many factions can have elder who are so dedicated that they would give up basically 80 to 90% of their strength. View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1573
1 year ago
The 3 great dragon kings ****ed it up. View More

Balor: Why does the ancient void dragon clan seems very weak now? They don't seem to have anyone above 5 star dou Sheng. If that's the case I can only admire the shamelessness of author.

Battle Through the Heavens · C1496
1 year ago
Is it really tho? Think about it. The tree is keeping his friends hostage while he forces XY to refine the seeds for its own use. The only reason he replenished XY's energy is so he can keep working. View More

Tygon: What a friendly tree. 🌳

Battle Through the Heavens · C1421
1 year ago
Most likely a forceful coercion. Kidnap the girls and force them to practice. The girls have no choice either way because its either practice and maybe get strong enough to rebel or die straight away. Most likely people knew but were never strong enough to chase them out until yao lao and some others did it. After all, this aint some moral upright story. No one gonna stick their necks out and those whoe are stronger most likely do not give enough ****z. View More

Neek: What I'm wondering is how did they convince all these women to join that weird sect and cultivate that qi method... What kinda weird conspiracy had to go on for centuries for it to not be discovered...

Battle Through the Heavens · C1395
1 year ago
This is a weak point of the author, honestly. Always having pple survive and come back or be saved but honestly speaking, its a good strategy. Always having a few people as rei forcements tho of course the hall of souls experts being arrogant and greedy for credit would never call upon them unless necessary. View More

Neek: Hall of Souls always has some one or even some two lurking in the shadows. Always the same before they die.. "Bro x, Pls save my asssss.... "

Battle Through the Heavens · C1379
1 year ago
No one gonna mention the sheer badass known as Xiao Xuan. From his words, he is the literal overlord if the tomb. Deciding who lives and dies. Even to the point of being supressed by the tomb itself, and its not even a full supression. And just the wind from his palm skill, casted by a SHADOW, shattered two one star dou shengs. View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1357
1 year ago
Hahah. But thats the truth of humans. Honestly, how many humans would be content with what they have instead of being jealous. This is also magnified many more times in such a setting since it can boost a person's power and power is basically the most important thing in the world of btth View More

YanDaoZi: Other clan are jeales bcs Gu clan have 5 spots? ARE THEY DUMB? THEY SHOULD BE THANKFUL THEY COULD EVEN ENTER.

Author's logic is messing things up again

Battle Through the Heavens · C1340
1 year ago
Dont forget the profound sky sect, literal cannibals. Or black corner region's blood gate. And also things like the hall of souls. Literal soul eaters. The list can go on and on. View More

Seikatsu: So? People literally use blood in pill refinement and all types of sus things are consumed.

Battle Through the Heavens · C1275
1 year ago
Dat spatial ***** slap was on point View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1268
1 year ago
But i think is could be the point of the author. After all, he can repeat its chaotic but if everything is clear, it does not have the chaotic atmosphere View More

Tygon: How chaotic. I can't even keep track of how many experts are in each side.

Battle Through the Heavens · C1264
1 year ago
That refers to the energy waves of tier 5 and lower tier 6 pills. The higher grades have literal energy pillars View More

Tygon: Didn't his cauldron have the ability to block the pill energy waves?

Battle Through the Heavens · C835
1 year ago
Clearly you have not seen what addiction can do. An addiction irl can form a need due to chemicals in our body so its not hard to realize that in the dou qi world, a poison body can have a much greater need for poison that can kill if not consumed. View More

SkyMart: She didn't need to consume poison. She wanted to. It was a craving, an addiction, a drug. No 'need' about it.

Battle Through the Heavens · C737
1 year ago
Story: mc gets what he wants and does not face unexpected trouble and when facing trouble it is easy to resolve
Readers: PLOT ARMOUR. Boring story.
Story: **** happens and sometimes things go wrong
Readers: OMG why is he not getting everything he deserves and why does it have to be so complicated. View More

OverpoweredDaoist: Also, Yun Yun just makes me want to cut my wrist. Her betrayal then she suddenly let XY escape, then she loves XY but can't say it out and now she wants XY to stop killing the guy that is vent on killing him? Medusa is also being very stupid tsundere that doesn't look cute at all. She should just half-kill XY if she can't accept that her virginity is taken away by XY and always hoodwinked by XY about refining her some pills for being a guard just for show.

Battle Through the Heavens · C715
1 year ago
It has also been explained that at higher levels in qi training, the less one needs to rely on food or sleep and i assume air. Plus, survival instincts would slow his body down to reduce air consumption. View More

CrimsonDragon95: I want to say dou Qi can keep his body supplied with energy and can let him survive without oxygen, food or water for a certain period of time before dying. The stronger you are=the longer you can go without it.
Yeah I know it sounds like plot armor but he has a dang flame inside his body that he can manipulate at will, so Dou Qi converted into energy for his body is perfectly logical.

Battle Through the Heavens · C610
1 year ago
They still did not realised, he did not save the the academy intentionally. If he had his way, he would have been hiding instead of fighting.
Hahahha View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C609
1 year ago
You are always welcomed to try and write one of your own View More

Jackwo: God, this fight is booring... buuuu!

Battle Through the Heavens · C565
1 year ago
The pale gray would most likely be its opacity View More

Santana1919: Here we go again "pale-gray"?!! What color is pale-gray??? Why not light-gray??? If it's pale-gray wouldn't just be white? Pale-purple, on the other hand, is legit.

Battle Through the Heavens · C559
1 year ago
But in the time period and set world and fantasy, being protected by a female is often a shameful thing. Tbh now it is still shameful in this era View More

Tygon: The protagonist is going to be miffed again for having a girl standing up for him. Since he's a little ***ist when it comes to matters of pride.

Battle Through the Heavens · C548
1 year ago
Story: Such a emotional moment
Readers: you need an editor...

Hahahha View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C1601
1 year ago
Man. If you are complaining now. Wait till a few hundred mire chapters. View More

darla9999: Why does everytime he comes back
There is a rescue mission?

Battle Through the Heavens · C520
1 year ago
But to say the it is the author that does not know how love works is wrong. It is rather the character of bai shan that the author created that does not know. View More

Ifte: i think author don't know how love work lol!!Bcz they can remove him from entering top 5 does that mean they can capture her heart?!from 4 years to 18 years she love someone now she will choose others?And other 2 also helping him believing this childish lie?these 3 people all fools!!

Battle Through the Heavens · C420
1 year ago
But the manhua barely covers 50% of the novel's content. View More

ArriaCross: The manhua was funnier in this part with the horrible drawing of Xiao Yan's wanted poster.

Battle Through the Heavens · C374
1 year ago
It might be that the sect focuses more on the wind type dou qi. So those tgat have it can have better qi methods and dou techniques to learn. View More

terminatermike: I’ve noticed that the previous, current and future sect leader have Wind type dou Qi. Is that a requirement or a coincidence.

Battle Through the Heavens · C351
1 year ago
Whatsup. Guys i will see yall next month. View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C471
1 year ago
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