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Reading Status: C15
If you do not like Beta type MC who's life is being manipulated under the guise of being "friendly" or "family" while having his abilities being known which contradicts his intention from the very start.

Then back your stones cause this is not for both you and I. View More
In High School Dxd with Powers of Nanatsu no Taizai
1 day ago
Have lots of rest, stay hydrated and drink your multi vitamins.
Hope you get well soon and not get Convid19. View More
The New Shirou · C7
1 day ago
He made her legs numb... he over did it and it's their first time too... View More
Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over · C3
1 day ago
Author: makes chapter to the demon world.
Me: Hell yeah, surely nothing will break the feeling of action coming ahead.

Also Author: Presenting, Latina.
Me: Wait, that's illegal! View More
Vergil in another world · C82
1 day ago
Thanks for the Chapter and EXP View More
1 day ago
by the time he starts to release smartphones will the day a bloody world war 3 will occur... View More
I'm the King Of Technology · C266
2 days ago
We demand for our tete moment, thanks thfothe chapter btw. View More
Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic · C37
2 days ago

Akabane: You gave us the cliff on the last chapter then we got nothing this chapter... Its like after we fell from the cliff we were brought back to the top and tossed off again.

Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic · C37
2 days ago
There is just one variable you left out of the equation... the author of this ff. View More

fearlessj2008: Well even with the weight on he should be able to handle the disciple easily.

Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C144
2 days ago
Thanks for the chapter release, also... darn cliffhanger. View More
Vergil in another world · C80
2 days ago
Since this novel just recently started, I would give it a chance.

Tho, the progress so far is alarmingly bad considering that he is a reincarnator who has life experience. View More
Legendary Chu Feng · C9
2 days ago

RazerLazer: This story is just wish fulfillment. Dude already has the power to kill the dragon gods by chap 15 or so. Also, the other characters IQ is dropped massively, yasaka turned into a weak damsel in distress for the mc to rescue when such a situation shouldn’t even happen in the first place

Life in DXD
3 days ago

neobenmike: The writing is good with few typos, forced relationships, toddlers declaring themselves as the wife, old fox kurumi getting hot and bothered by a 5 year old, plot holes, op mc

Life in DXD
3 days ago
we can all agree that regardless whether it be Japanese, Chinese, Korean or any novel from every country, majority of them will be disappointingly frustrating that tries to cater to immature people in order to thrive...
It's hard to find good ones that actually has a solid background and plot setting, where fanservice is only a bonus. View More

Meew: i read shuras wrath but tbh i hate it. MC is very strong in game but he was freaking weak in real life. he lived a life of cockroach. author put extra some extra. extreme tensions in the end chapters by showing how weak MC is. Its necessary to keep tensions. but dont create too much as it would turn your novel into horror film rather than a action fantasy.

On the other hand i liked Evil dragon where opposite elements were fused together. MC is very strong and handsome. it only translated 500 chapters and a bit more. I don't know if it would create useless tensions like the shura's wrath. but i might drop it if ti does.

3 days ago
There are many methods to do that, fighting face to face isnt the only option. Some certain underhanded means are just a few of them.
A brutal world requires brutal means and hesitation due to moral other stupid reasons can either lead you to enslavement or death. This isnt earth my friend and limiting yourself with the thought "they are stronger" or "wait and let them drag you around" is why most people never become stronger in these world.

I would rather lose a limb fighting for myself that be a slave to be used, abused and thrown off or killed when I'm out of use while waiting for an opportunity, like poor people who wished for change but never did anything, which may not come or already wasted long ago. View More

Sven123: One problem with that, do you think they care about an agreement with a little kid without any backer? Power rules bro, sad I know.. Agreement can only protect you if you have sufficient power to hurt them if they breach it. Humanity 101, people..

Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman · C31
3 days ago
so uh... what happened back to fu and grand priest.
it looked like it was ended half way and suddenly got splattered with sorens situation to hide any idea of the author running out of idea... View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C149
3 days ago
reverse gangbang time... wth am I saying... View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C96
3 days ago
This girl should just go and marry him, end of story. lul View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C62
3 days ago
We will take your word on that, but we are also expecting that he will wish for sexy women instead just in case. lol View More

Archer_Phoenix: Master Roshi is the goat. He is that old and still super powerful. I plan on having him wish for eternal youth or something around those lines. I want a youthful Roshi. The things he could do would be amazing

Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic · C30
1 week ago
Jasmine this girl has set her night life experience in stone with those words. View More
Against The Gods with an Anime System · C94
1 week ago
The masochist trial is done... View More
Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C258
1 week ago
I'm feeling crazy about this part of scenarios. hopefully there will be no douluo dalu 3 & 4 level of segway bait and switch, it's not good for my heart.

Thanks for the chapter. View More
Adventure of Tomorrow · C41
1 week ago
I see that you have prepared yourself for world travel, good job. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Wish Fulfillment System · C42
1 week ago
I can feel the eradication of Star God realm coming closer, all we need is for Issei to meet his dragon wife and daughter.

Or authauthors whims of changing scenarios.
Thanks for chaptthe er. View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C123
1 week ago
That's old school Disney method lol View More

Flesheatingnerd: Just imagining Eldora saying; Off with your HEAD!!

I'm the King Of Technology · C252
1 week ago
Now, I'm more currious as to what kind of plot changes you'll be laying down. Good to know that you're not just simply skipping through it, majority of ff writers had taken alot of tears from me so I'm reallyhappy you won't. View More

ChocoCrinkols: I have already said a lot of times earlier that I know that 3 comes before 1 but its a fic plus I have my reasons why I put it first than the 3

Vergil in another world · C70
1 week ago

ChocoCrinkols: I have already said a lot of times earlier that I know that 3 comes before 1 but its a fic plus I have my reasons why I put it first than the 3

Vergil in another world · C70
1 week ago
Notice to author, i hope you are aware that DMC3 happened before 1 and 2... If you are planning to skip it, hopefully you can atleast make a short chapter skimming through it or a lousy explanation why you decided to do so. View More
Vergil in another world · C70
1 week ago
That's some edgy yaoi cringe you have going on... View More

Weirdo: Fight???!!! A fight between S class threat and solar system threat??!!! Owh gosh, I can't wait to see how author would make itachi being kick around by sadist Sasuke, and then at the climax, he penetrate Itachi!!!!!!!!!!!!.............. With a blade.

Naruto: The new journey · C40
1 week ago
Monsters: No more play time and belly rubs? View More
True Assassin of Round Table · C5
1 week ago
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