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Problem isn't that.
Problem is his mind is 30+ but body is 5.

While writing this post I found that apparently 5yrs old can get erection but it's different from one in teens as no ejaculation happens. Not only that they can have erection in womb as well... Damn!!! View More

PrimoVictoria: Author 5 years old toddler without hormones would not think sexuality even if he is 35 years old in mind... What is with this unneccesary cringy anime virginity moments you try to create ?

Supreme Magus · C18
1 week ago
Cultivation levels are like measure of strength so that we reader will know how strong the MC is currently. View More

ZoloZithro: Yes! I've always thought it was very silly how in all (?) cultivation novels there are strict tiers in cultivation; wouldn't it make much more sense to be continuous most of the time, with just some qualitative changes that could mark milestones?

If I had to guess, I'd say they do it so strictly so it is easy to define and determine the strength of characters.

Supreme Magus · C15
1 week ago
You didn't read synopsis. View More

wolfeng: Lith is such a fucking jerk. He claims to be an ***** but ignore all the reasons as to why Orpal is mad at him making no effort to fix the situation.

For someone that has already experienced what is like to live in a broken family, I hate that he doesn't put the effort to fix such relationship.

Supreme Magus · C10
1 week ago
THE 'SHIP SAILED'..... hahahahahaha View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1611
1 week ago
What an a$$pull move by Allheaven.
He manipulated Chen Fan and now using him to convert MH. Most likely Allheaven told CF that he'll revive his wife if he converts MH to being Son of Allheaven View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1504
1 week ago
So that bit*ch is showing illusion by inserting fake memories and adding important ppl in his life all to replace his old self? View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1503
1 week ago
Well too bad, clone is mortal so story will end eventually. View More

Dirgan79: Because of the clone story, I wasn't interested in the real MH now xD

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1492
1 week ago
Can't say that.
It'll be only one lifetime she'll be with him. View More

The_Lost_Daoist: Lmao she stealing him

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1491
1 week ago
Yeah but he atleast woke up when Yunhai died and fought brilliantly in war. View More

Tygon: Reminds me Ke Jiusi.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1486
1 week ago
There is no remaining story.
It'll only end with one sentence: You are 2nd life of that Chu Yuyan.
That'll be more than enough for Yan'er to know everything. View More

SaltySal: Still pissed with how he dealt with Yan'er. Raise her as your apprentice for decades and get her to fall in love with you again, even promising her that you'll return and finish the story. Then just off yourself with no explanation.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1484
1 week ago
1500 too less...
I think 4k+ View More

Hegatron: Hes alrwady over 1500 years if not older he already is old as ****

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1480
1 week ago
What I observed:
System gives him mission if he thinks along the line:
- I must do this(like I must win Summer music tournament) or
- I shouldn't get involved in this sh*it(like stop attack on peace treaty meeting)
When ppl give him condition to obtain their approval (like Maria's father, where he says MC needs to be best detective, so essentially implying tangle with conan whether MC wants to or not) View More

Devilslayer: So I noticed .... But seems like the system didn't give him any missions from last 500 chapters

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C633
1 week ago
It did.
Win Summer Music Tournament. View More

Devilslayer: So I noticed .... But seems like the system didn't give him any missions from last 500 chapters

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C633
2 weeks ago
Blow himself up, so his enemies will think he died and he can powerup again to pinnacle for vengeance.
As for basis of theory that green robbed man with fishing rod said 4 realms
1. Paragon Immortal realm
2. Immortal God
3. Devil realm
4. Unknown realm where he'll power up. View More


I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1403
2 weeks ago
Looks like you don't pay attention at all to the story.
It's definitely seal the heavens hex, look at the name of novel. View More

ZhaziYi: Im guessing his 9th hex will be Demon-Immortal hex

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1398
2 weeks ago
It's Demon... Not Devil.
Devil already exists... View More

The_Lost_Daoist: Damn you Shai Dongliu....all your planning has messed up Haowie to become a devil...FUCK YOU

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1393
2 weeks ago
After seeing this outsiders will be like: WTF we wedged war for? We look like idiots now, died for nothing. View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1392
2 weeks ago
Bcuz Shui Dongliu is best con-man in history of Mountain and Sea Realm... View More

BacteriZ: How came the ninth sea not knowing all of that and choose changing side? Not even know that the mountain and sea realm just projection..How is that possible?

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1392
2 weeks ago
It's just roulette system.
System gives mission n reward is random rolls x3 that's all View More

Devilslayer: If I am not wrong yuuki had a system right?.. what the hell happened to it ??

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C633
2 weeks ago
They won't, they are sons of bit*ches...
I can't believe they are descendants of Wang Lin, Er Gen's first book MC...... SMH View More

Tygon: So did the Wangs blow up as well?

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1382
2 weeks ago
That Incantation draws power from Mountains and Sea.
Now only 2 mountains and seas left power will be less.
And it's useless against Paragon. View More

Tygon: I wonder why Righteous Haowie isn't using the something-something seal the heavens incantation?

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1378
2 weeks ago
Lagacy was moved along reliance. View More

ddbsantos: makes me think though... what was in the demon immortal sect? He was supposed to have a chance to try again to acquire the legacy of Lord Li after 500 years... Does that still count?

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1323
2 weeks ago
It should be Wolf Devours All... View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1239
3 weeks ago
Paragon nine seals blood View More

The_Lost_Daoist: How is Meng Hao gonna fight this guy?

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1239
3 weeks ago
All the creepy and old ppl always want MHs body... View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1232
3 weeks ago
Renegade Immortal MCs slaughter clone named Slaughter who also loves same woman as MC does n he hates MC to bone for her suffering. View More

The_Lost_Daoist: Who is this Slaughter?

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1229
3 weeks ago
Do you think it'll go that smoothly?
Remember his mums clan, Meng clan is in decline View More

Tygon: Now he needs to find that old turtle Reliance to be able to return to the Ninth Mountain and deliver the soul.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1217
3 weeks ago
Sokovia falling View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1215
3 weeks ago
Oh Deathblade has yandere wifu View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1212
3 weeks ago
One problem after another...sigh
The endless cycle View More

Tygon: So the Meng are on the decline

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1211
3 weeks ago
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