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Health is easy to lose, but slow to return. Impatiently awaiting the arrival of good health for uou. View More
Baby Contract: Forced Deal with a Dragon · C40
6 hours ago

dustycat: Hopefully you’ve got enough rest to nurture your health. Your health is essential for us shameless readers. Take care author. 😘

Baby Contract: Forced Deal with a Dragon · C40
6 hours ago
I am only patient when it comes to the webnovels View More
World Development System · C242
1 day ago
Oli needs to get his dark magic stronger. I hope dark fox helps him. View More
Divine Beast Ascension · C68
2 days ago
Poor LM won't figure out why everyone is scared of her when they did treat her so shabbily. I can't wait to find out what happens next. View More
Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C330
1 week ago
Too true, too true. Free death if you ask me. View More

Michelle_Marcial: Woah, shes not terrified enough for her to seek revenge after what BQ did to her? Hehe, she have the guts.

His master did his part to save her, but shes too arrogant to accept defeat.

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C328
1 week ago
Wow dude, what a way to be ungrateful. View More

Xanxuslll: So lazy, you had already published this chapters before. 😓

Divine Beast Ascension · C51
1 week ago
Poor? Yeah in intelligence. Unsuspecting? Nope. He freely entered the ring. Love the twist. View More

Yhelia: I think I've been brainwashed by BQ. A poor unsuspecting man was murdered onstage, and I'm finding it hilarious...

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C326
1 week ago
Happy birthday! Enjoy your cake day.

Restructuring at work takes a toll, especially if you work with friends or family. Hope everything goes well. View More
The Forgotten Princess · C149
2 weeks ago
You take care of yourself and the story will come. I can be patient for the release, even if updates are slow. In fact, waiting for book releases and chapters is the only time I'm patient. 🤗 View More
MIMI · C145
2 weeks ago
Not boys will be boys, but helping where needed. It was obvious those bandits were going to take the little horse hostage. Glad Oli was able to nip that potential hostage crisis in the bud. View More

Solomon369: Thought Oli would wait like his uncle said. Well, boys will be boys. Thanks for the chapters!

Divine Beast Ascension · C45
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C343
Pretty nice story with some grammar errors.

I enjoy the relationship between the mc and his monster. I just wish they worked more together. View More
Monster Integration
3 weeks ago
Shrum! Such cuteness! View More
Reincarnated into a Hell Hound - BL/Yaoi · C67
3 weeks ago
Got to get all the details in order. The past connects to the future in such an interesting way. Trying to unravel all the clues makes this work so good. View More
NoGift · C112
3 weeks ago
Can't wait to find out what our mc gets for his quest completion. View More
The Avarice System · C62
3 weeks ago
Bunch of back stabbing, arrogant asses. Glad I'm not a part of that family. View More

Forgefire: It's not the demoness's fault, at least with the information provided. They just don't want to own up to their own actions and prejudices.

World Development System · C226
1 month ago
Yes, rl comes first. Please don't forget about us poor readers. Please sir, can we have some more? View More
The Avarice System · C0
1 month ago
Plate is going to get in trouble if he keeps relying on Ryuk to do anything besides a distraction or child playmate. View More

qwertzuio: Ofc ryuk can't count.

Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C86
1 month ago
Reading Status: C290
I expected more face slapping and a sweet romance. What I got was a hurt female lead, who has to suffer at the hands of the male lead (literal rape) and the agonizing schemes of these white lotuses.

ML does nothing to discourage multiple women from pursuing him, but actively hurts and humiliates the FL when she is chased. Even though the FL does everything to discourage pursuers.

ML physical illness acts up cause of his groupies, but he doesn't seem to care how they are wrecking his business. FL has to drop everything and go take care of him.

Absolutely disgusted and can't read anymore. View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
2 months ago
I think so too. Wonder if author had an upload issue? I've seen that several times on 300th chapter. View More

ZLUZ: tht was pretty lackluster for a 300th chapter

Monster Integration · C300
2 months ago
Jealousy out the wazoo! 👹 viper gonna kick some vixen booty. View More

K3I: Viper!!! Missed this guy. Also, the jealousy!!!
These characters are all adorable in their own way🥰🥰

NoGift · C80
2 months ago
Oh let the games begin. 😈😂 View More
NoGift · C80
2 months ago

Cheshire2: Tell her all your readers wish her a very happy birthday!!!!!🎂🎉

Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C73
2 months ago
I hope she is ok too! Who knew about the device from Argent? Or are they destroying things out of spite? View More

SpicyZombie: This is bad, my heart can't seem to calm down. For the sake of my sanity, I wish the mother is alright. 😢

NoGift · C79
2 months ago
Hehehe. Let's see how that Mad Dog deals with her brother and Plate. View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C72
2 months ago
Hopefully that silly prince won't try to push a male consort onto ZLF. Or the misunderstanding be resolved before that. Otherwise it will be hilarious. View More

Sighgray: Poor ZLF. 😔 But at least he realized a lot of important things. 😁🖒

NoGift · C77
2 months ago
Babies actually die if they don't get human contact, so I understand where Viper is coming from on this. I totally agree he is a cutie.

I have a sneaky suspicion that all the assassins have been treated like monsters for so long, Argent treating them like people both interests and attracts them. View More

hexxe: Thanks for the chapter. ❤
It's because Viper is such a cutie♡(ŐωŐ人) In my perspective, he just became like that because of loneliness. Imagine not being able to touch anyone your while life, he could possibly even have accidentally killed people he holds dear. So I understand his clinginess to Argent, but just to some degree and hope it won't turn into a negative thing

NoGift · C75
2 months ago
Listen author. You do you and i will patiently wait while you rest and recover. I'd send some death wish coffee if you think it will help. Otherwise, your health will suffer. Then how would I get to know more about the dungeon? View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C70
2 months ago
Sneaky, sneaky author. Pulled a fast one on us. I wonder if Vixen is also curious and testing Argent. View More
NoGift · C74
2 months ago
I absolutely agree. Listen author, can you walk down this alley with me. Oh? Don't worry, those guys are just here for your safety. View More

SIA: Author u r seriously killing me with all these slow releases 😭😭😭plz have mercy 🙏🥺

Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C289
2 months ago
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