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should sakra not now what konrads bloodline can do ? since the bloodline of konrad sems better he only needs to find bloodlines and absorb them View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C535
2 days ago

lsoma: LOL legion are blaming everything on the monster ???????? Theyre the ones who did it... They would not let it go down bc of speculation, making the monster go crazy and start atking above. Its not the monsters fault that they didnt want to let her past... then they blame it on the monster... Not rly protectors of humanity xD

Chrysalis · C442
1 week ago
that was the disiple of the sage? that possessed the gohst spirit before it got transported in the past View More

Sloth_King: I wonder when we will finally learn about his ghost spirit's life and answer some questions. Such as, why did it go attack the Netherworld in its last moments?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1116
1 week ago

Zacc: I feel like... When Shuhang meets Jiaojiao's father... he might accidentally instinctively beat him up while mistaking him for Slow Witted Song... and everyone will misunderstand and think Jiaojiao and Shuhang are an item.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1116
1 week ago

reyou_leo: Ahhh, great sage tyrannical song is about to have a daughter. 18, not married, no girlfriend(?), a virgin and now a daughter. Truly amazing, befitting the first sage on a thousand years.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
2 weeks ago

TrueDawn: A Ruler of Everything/Omni-Ruler wouldn't be called that as the limit is the Voidbound rank. A Ruler of Everything would definitely be someone with an Overseer title. In terms of power, it would be at Immortal Verdict Wielder rank.

I Reincarnated As A Stick · C128
3 weeks ago

FallingLight79: I just want to know, if Iewah will ever go out of his "spectator mode" or if he is going to be the "ultimate" final boss. Could even be that Iewah just wants a successor and that's why he creates so many children. To give out his abilities and let them fight for it, for one last one standing reigning over all the abilities he once held and gave out.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C440
3 weeks ago

Voltis: Probs not. Otherwise gods wouldn't divide their specialties like that, no? Kurohana could manipulate different stuff but didn't have the authority to do so for a reason. Probably I'm wrong but a ruler of everything should be at the level of a lesser god.

I Reincarnated As A Stick · C128
3 weeks ago
i realy hope daniel destroys the alien civilization View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C440
3 weeks ago

Anims: i dont think that iewah would allow the alien civilisation to control a system since i believe that he is the most powerfull of all beings that we now in the novel and can *****slap them to death

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C440
3 weeks ago
i dont think that iewah would allow the alien civilisation to control a system since i believe that he is the most powerfull of all beings that we now in the novel and can *****slap them to death View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C440
3 weeks ago

Anims: exist there a ruler that rules over Ommni/all/everthing ?

I Reincarnated As A Stick · C128
3 weeks ago
exist there a ruler that rules over Ommni/all/everthing ? View More
I Reincarnated As A Stick · C128
3 weeks ago
Surya is now one of my most hated Charakters View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C495
3 weeks ago
happy new year :D View More
Dragonborn Saga · C494
3 weeks ago

Elkhalifa: It might be, because there are so many leads. Or that what devils want us to think ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Another possibility is that talroth actually celestial slaughter big bro (forget his name) and celestial slaughter would just resurrected normally like madara haha.

But i prefer talroth as himself, not as celestial slaughter reincarnation or anybody reincarnation.

Last word : Regretless and co are imbeciles.

Profane Prince of Domination · C491
3 weeks ago

ReadsforFun: i can understand you but as long the quality stays and it makes so much fun to read this story i am fine with just 1 chapter a week or so

Dragonborn Saga · C493
3 weeks ago

Sage_HiddenBear: Interrsting. Philosophical. All it means is myr needs a hobby. Perhaps painting. Or dungeon delving. Or thievery. Could also enjoy ruling the world a few times. He has all the time he needs afterall.

Dragonborn Saga · C493
3 weeks ago

Fuzen_py: I haven’t enjoyed DAS for a similar reason why I don’t enjoy fan fiction I general. It takes the original storyline and attempts to modify it instead of making on that runs in parallel. An ideal fan-fiction would be a continuation of the plot or running alongside the main storyline as a side character that deviates from the original without changing the original storyline. This prevents readers from having to fight through changing knowledge they already have or requiring knowledge of the original storyline in the case of the side character. The reason my circles haven’t enjoyed DAS is that it reads like the fan-fiction I just described as a don’t.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?
4 weeks ago
so did he refined their bloodline? View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C483
1 month ago

Neo_Zero: And here i am wondering who's the one in the cover , so it's verena huh.

Profane Prince of Domination · C481
1 month ago

skyfatherbuluku: Yea well I don't see how cause the sword's with the warden and not the titans...

Profane Prince of Domination · C447
1 month ago

silverblade: Dear author ..
Its quite shameless to demand more & i am more than satisfied with the story plot & release rate but a few more chapters for xmas & new year would be a great gift to us
A fan of ur story

P.S. ( greatly appreciate ur work.. even if no bonus chapter the story is still my favourite... so consider this a rumbling of a greedy reader 🤗🤗 thnx always for the hardwork)

Going to holiday trip so dunno if will be able to login or not

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to the author & my fellow cultists

Profane Prince of Domination · C480
1 month ago

Fengcuan: Yan'er??? His grandfather, aunt & other two ladies??? Cen shuyin & lin gu??? His revenge on lun cai & finding pan zhang??? friends from half immortal domain??? Fisherman on heaven seeking sect??? Five gods domain on lost continent??? Yan yuerong??? this novel is never finish one ark completely

Immortal Mortal · C891
1 month ago

alongsan: Well.. There are several reasons..
1. Sa Jian and his disciple way of revenge is to cruel. Wuji will just kill his enemy and never humiliate their corpse..
2. The most important reason is.. Sa Jian wasn't MC.. Only MC is always right.. Hehe

Immortal Mortal · C636
1 month ago

dzordzb: I really think that it's enough struggling after this war

Once Human, Now a Parasite · C503
1 month ago
Meng boyu forgot that the rule also applies to him View More
Immortal Mortal · C106
1 month ago

Lukiduk: All right, still treated like trash and getting less benefits, his 'brilliant' plan is working! This is sure to retard his growth as much as possible.

Immortal Mortal · C88
1 month ago
**** katrina!!!! View More
Once Human, Now a Parasite · C496
1 month ago

Varamyr: Lol okay. Just putting it out there, because for me (and pretty much all your other Indian readers, I'm sure) it feels very jarring. Still love your work tho

Profane Prince of Domination · C462
1 month ago
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