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richxrach: Hahahaha Yunshen, now you must be grateful of Huo Sanyan’s stubborn and persistent personality. She save you and Jing Xi from Ye Xun bothering and disturbing you 😂😂

Way to go Sanyan! Make Ye Xun your man 💪💪. We fully support you with that 👍👍😂😂😂

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C360
2 hours ago

richxrach: I bet the female lead will be given to Jing Xi 😍

Huang Yanran, you got a taste of your own medicine, now you’re disfigured too.. Every evil things you used to scheme against Jing Xi now cameback as a retribution to you..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C359
2 hours ago

richxrach: Whoa! Yunshen that’s savage! You actually used He Liang’s confession to point out that He Liang only acted based on what Huang Yanran wanted..

Now Yanran was force to admit to her wrong doings and face the consequences..
Yanran, you just show how you can’t beat a newcomer so you opt for despicable means to ruin her..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C358
2 hours ago

richxrach: Yunshen, that’s a smart move! You showed the video of He Liang confessing that he did all those for his love for Yanran. You used the video to make Yanran feel guilty, didn’t you.. and so she’ll be move to confess her wrongdoings on her own..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C357
2 hours ago

richxrach: These reports are really idiots! They are the one who tries to implant doubts to the audience.. Now they receive a good face slapped twice.. One was from the public relation, Guan Hao, who slapped on their faces their responsibilities as journalists, and the second was from Peng Sicheng who slapped to them how capable Jing Xi is as an actor..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C354
2 hours ago

richxrach: Finally the truth was exposed and Jing Xi’s name was cleared..

Yanran, in won’t take long before your schemings will all point back at you. Yunshen won’t just let you off by blaming it all to your assistant.. Logic dictates that your assistant will always follow your lead and have no reason to hurt Jing Xi unless someone get him to do it..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C353
2 hours ago

richxrach: The family members and the reporters already condemn Jing Xi even before knowing the whole truth behind the incident 😥😥
It’s alright for the family of Jia Qing to be emotional, but to be violent is another thing..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C350
2 hours ago

richxrach: Haha grandpa Huo must have bribed Professor Qin to inform the Huo Family that grandpa doesn’t have much time left 😅😂

What to do now, grandpa Huo have taken Jing Xi as an ally, I wonder what diagnosis will he tell Huo Jingtang now 😅

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C348
2 hours ago

richxrach: 👏👏👏 Jing Xi, you did a good job in gaining grandpa Huo’s trust 😍😍. You shared secrets together and even become an ally to protect Yunshen and to crush Huo Jingtang’s schemings 👍👍

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C347
2 hours ago

richxrach: Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen are in sync when talking to Mother Yunlu. 😍❤️😂😂
Jing Xi: “If you push me too hard, I might abduct your son and elope with him.”
Yunshen: “I’ll marry no one except Jing Xi. If you keep opposing it, I will take her with me and go somewhere far away.”

Haha grandpa Huo, what to do?? Jing Xi saw through your act already, you’re now exposed 😅😂😂

I had a good laugh reading this chapter 😂😂😂

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C346
2 hours ago

richxrach: Love the interaction between this mother and son. Mother Huo’s worries were every parents concern. But Huo Yunshen is like any other man in-love. His arguments are to the point and beyond refute..

Mother Huo, I guess you can’t win any argument with Yunshen if your subject is Jing Xi 😅

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C345
2 hours ago

richxrach: Jing Xi gave mother Huo a scare 😅
Jing Xi, please be a little bit gentle to your future mother-in-law. She’s simply a mother protecting her son..

Mother Huo will surely love Jing Xi once she’ll get to know her more..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C344
2 hours ago

richxrach: Your counter attack was savage Jing Xi! 👏👏👏👏
Your praises to mother Huo were like soothing lotion to a sunburned skin 😍😍. You’re doing a good job!👍👍
I hope mother Huo can see your true self and won’t just rely on the rumors and her misunderstandings..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C343
2 hours ago

richxrach: This is bad! I can see a headache coming for Yunshen 😰
He was left to convince grandpa Huo, and just now mother Huo recognized Jing Xi who she thought was married to Ye Xun but hooking with his son 😥😥

Jing Xi, fighting! I hope you’ll be able to change mother Huo’s impression on you 💪💪

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C342
2 hours ago

richxrach: That’s another hurdle to pass through.. But since Yunshen ang Jing Xi both were stubborn, no matter what their grandfathers will say, I’m sure they will persist 😍😍

Grandpa Huo will certainly view Jing Xi differently when he will learn later that Jing Xi successfully in help Yunshen stand again.. and that she also gave birth to his adorable great-granddaughter 💕💕💕

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C341
2 hours ago

Kathleen404: Exactly. All these males chauvinist always say: "it's just a piece of paper. The most important is that I love you. etc." The female leads really need to do like Shishi and force them to be in their position before they wake up. Social idiot Big Bosses

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C639
2 hours ago

richxrach: “Mr Huo, are you willing to wait for me?” Did she just proposed!? 🙈🥰💖
Jing Xi, you just don’t know how your actions and the words you said just now have affected you Mr. Huo 😁❤️
That’s it Jing Xi, be bold and do everything to keep your man 👍😍

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C337
2 hours ago

richxrach: Even if Ye Xun is unreasonable, I don’t understand why Jing Xi have to agree with his demands just so he’d stop nagging. Who is he to make the call for Jing Xi??

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C336
2 hours ago

richxrach: Jing Xi why are you letting Ye Xun control your life?? What’s the use of denying?? Whatever his reaction will be, you should confess how you feel towards Yunshen. Trust Yunshen that he can protect you both from Ye Xun.

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C334
2 hours ago

richxrach: Now everything is a mess with Ye Xun around..

Jing Xi, why not be more ruthless and straightforward to Ye Xun when he’s so ruthless towards you.. He only considers himself and how he feels... He may have help you while you and Cherry baby were in Estan but that doesn’t warrant his arrogance towards you now..
Now that Yunshen has boldly claimed you as his girlfriend, why not slap in Ye Xun face too that Yunshen is your man and the one you love..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C333
2 hours ago

richxrach: I really felt bad, because of Ye Xun, mommy Chen Yunlu now have bad impression on Jing Xi. She now became a vixen in mommy Huo’s eyes..

I was wondering why Jing Xi would just let Ye Xun to blackmail her with her daughter when, in fact, she could just slap the truth to Ye Xun that Yunshen is the biological father of Cherry baby, and so now he can’t use Cherry baby as a threat because those are useless now..

And who is that man who hit Xue Yating and ran away??

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C332
2 hours ago

richxrach: Poor Yunshen! He was deliberately left by Ye Xun to misunderstand the situation..

But I was also stunned and my heart raced when you daringly claimed Jing Xi as your girlfriend ❤️❤️❤️
I want to see this side of you more often 😍😍😍

Jing Xi, I hope you can escape from Ye Xun the soonest and go back to Mr. Huo to explain who Ye Xun is in your life.. I’m sure he’ll never believe anything without hearing directly from you..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C331
2 hours ago

richxrach: Ohhhh! Yunshen’s mind is very naughty imagining how he will pin Jing Xi in the sofa and make love with her 😂😍

Mommy Chen Yunlun saw Yunshen and Jing Xi 😍 I hope she’ll remember the back of the girl she saw that night so that when Yunshen and Jing Xi go and visit grandpa Huo the next day, mommy Chen Yunlu will recognize her and will spill what she saw in front of grandpa Huo 😍💕💕. I bet grandpa Huo will have no reason to be worried anymore if he’ll learn that Yunshen is interested to a certain girl and won’t keep on setting Yunshen up to a date..❤️

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C329
2 hours ago

richxrach: I love it that Yunshen snatch away Jing Xi from meeting Ye Xun 😂😂
I hope they’ll make some progress after their date tonight 😍❤️
And I’m hoping for Yunshen to think again of another excuse to spend time with Jing Xi and Cherry baby the next day so that they’ll get to spend time as a family 💞💞 instead of spending time with Ye Xun..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C328
2 hours ago

richxrach: Aw! if only grandpa and grand ma Huo knew that Cherry baby is their granddaughter😭💕, they’ll surely pamper her to no ends.. 💕💕💕

Yunshen finds every chance he got to talk to Jing Xi 🥰💕

But I feel bad for Yunshen😔🥺. By now, he should be celebrating like a proud daddy should be..
I just don’t know until when will Jing Xi planned to keep him in the dark about Cherry baby.. But I’m hoping that Ye Xun’s appearance will make Jing Xi to confess to Yunshen..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C327
2 hours ago

richxrach: That’s awesome Cherry baby! 👏👏👏 Job well done! 👍👍😍😍😍
It must be stunning as you watch a handsome boy dance and will turn into an adorable girl in her tutu at the end of the performance 💕💕💕

And wow! Uncle Dimples recognized Cherry baby even in a male outfit 😍😍

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C326
2 hours ago

richxrach: That was a domineering senior brother and even has the guts to blackmail Jing Xi 🤔🤔

Jing Xi please set matters clear to Huo Yunshen already before your senior brother will make a fuss that will cause more misunderstanding 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C325
2 hours ago

richxrach: Whoa! Cherry baby become a “cool little handsome boy”.. She must resemble Xi baby in a boy outfit 😍💕

I wonder if Uncle Dimples will be able to recognize her 😊😉

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C324
2 hours ago

richxrach: I just can’t wait when these three (Yunshen, Jing Xi, & Ye Xun) will come face to face to each other 😅😂

I bet Jing Xi will introduce Ye Xun simply as a big brother, while Ye Xun may notice how Yunshen look at Jing Xi affectionately so he will exposed how he(Ye Xun) had acted out as Cherry baby’s daddy while they were in Estan 😂😂

I hope the truth about Cherry baby being Jing Xi’s and Yunshen’ daughter will be revealed 🥰😍

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C321
4 hours ago

richxrach: Glad both of you are now talking.. Mu Sihan must have realized that there was something amiss. Someone dared to touch his phone. I hope there is a camera that recorded Ms. Lan following them that time..

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C185
5 hours ago
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