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And, yet again, Dave forgets to see to the skill upgrade for Herculean Strength. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C318
2 days ago
Which is why most guilds will have sub-guilds or divisions to gather resources why the elites grind xp. View More

Dicky: Yes, but to be pro, you also need resources
Resources that's usually available in large guild
Unless you have a powerful team and team mates, rarely a party can outclass a guild

MMORPG: The Elementalist · C179
3 days ago
Just sell it. It's useless...but someone will buy it anyway. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C169
6 days ago
Left field much? Both are great novels. The biggest problem witn RotUL is mediocre translation quality. I haven't noticed any inconsistencies that I can recall off hand. View More

Sheriff_K: Rise of the Undead Legion is no where near the level of this novel; it’s rife with inconsistencies and errors, but it’s not THAT bad.. I’ll probably keep reading it.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C227
6 days ago
The mini repair bots from Outlaw Star View More

TheBananaMan: I just think of a mushroom version of the platelets from the anime, Cells at Work.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C227
6 days ago

dutch: wait but doesnt he have a magic to see in the dark? i thought he created some light magic for that at one point.
he should have gotten to see her naked

Supreme Magus · C228
6 days ago
Pssst. No. Author specified that Lith didn't see anything abnormal while looking at her. View More

xcares: And all this happened while illusionary horror tentacle-arms virtually decapitated her or ripped her heart out etc?
Let's hope not. :P Thanks for the chapter

Supreme Magus · C228
6 days ago
It is our scars and how we eeact to them that makes or breaks our humanity. What I don't understand is the "inhumanity" of Lith to begin withm Everything he has done, he did for love or survival. Therebis nothing inhuman about it. View More

Prenthaom: This is exactly how I expected Lith to respond and I like it. The only thing keeping me from really loving it is that for some reason this story implies that being broken somehow makes you inhuman. As someone with irreparable emotional scars I find this personally insulting, but I understand the reasoning. So far I get the feeling that nobody is really trying to understand Lith in his life. They just want to change him. It's just sad, Solus wants to make him move on from his brothers death without directly solving that specific problem, his mother lied and said that his attempt to save Protector was meaningful when in reality it wasn't. What would be worse, him knowing he has a chance to save people if he arrives in time, or him not knowing and futily trying every way he can think maybe at the cost of his life next time? They seem to think his failure will inspire him to let go. But who is to say it won't make it worse like with his brother? This chapter proves that they don't know Lith like they think they do. Especially Solus. The only way to solve a problem is at its root. Not by making them suffer more.

Supreme Magus · C227
1 week ago
Thankful, sure. But not the blind faith Lith claimed in his anger. He chose his route alone, without asking for the opinion of others, or their help. There were other ways, he just didn't bother looking for them. View More

Texteel: I agree with Lith. Raaz feels responsible, being the parent, but was ultimately as powerless as Tista. Only Lith had the power to change anything. So yes, they should be thankful.

Supreme Magus · C226
1 week ago
Not true. While it does contain many of the same tropes, it handles them differently. For instance, his mother killing herself to free him, the fact that he has earned everything without finding a master or inheritance, and the fact that he is still trying to remain free. View More

Idkdidkdkdkdkidkdk: I do not know if the author was uninspired to write or if this is really the novel he imagined, but honestly so far I can not like this novel, because there is nothing different from the other thousands of novels that exist, I hope until the chapter 200 the novel gets better.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C166
1 week ago
If a piece of wood were to cut a tree, it would be an axe. Seriously, anyone trying to fell a tree with a sword deserves to lose said sword. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C162
1 week ago
No. It has always been Dantian cultivation and mental energy for mage. View More

Eveofchaos: Wait, I've clearly said that each center of power has a rank: Mind=mange, Dantian=cultivator, and body on its own. I think the confusion is due to the fact that with the forging he absorbs "Breath" with his mind which is uncommon.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C153
1 week ago
NEVER rely on Google! View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C152
1 week ago
What scourge is she talking about? No Linjos, not a thing...we hope. View More
Supreme Magus · C214
2 weeks ago
Start to finish and never disappointed...until now. I could have accepted Elise or Eunseo, but never the freaking kid. I did like Artlan's version of a wedding ceremony though. View More
Legend of Legends · C598
2 weeks ago
Barrister...Baristais something else all together😛 View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C303
2 weeks ago
Uhm...a harpoon is not a short weapon. View More
Super Gene · C230
2 weeks ago
-sigh- Will no one get away from this idiotic "impossible" trope. View More
Super Gene · C115
3 weeks ago
He didn't belittle his opponents. He verified Yi's growth and spent an hour learning from the archer. View More

Lazy_Kizu: Han Sen is becoming arrogant. He shouldn't belittle the contestants or his competitors. If he became strong. Others also could become strong.
Thanks for the chapters.

Super Gene · C100
3 weeks ago

Kailour: So he pretends to have below 10 in all stats so they won't be suspicious, then immediately pulls this ****? Author either hide his strength or don't stop flip flopping between the 2.

Super Gene · C89
3 weeks ago
I have to disagree somewhat with the comments about "so many annoying women". While I dislike Yang, it's not that she's annoying but judgmental. The fat aunt is just too cliched. The teacher at least cates for Yan and given the school she teaches at it is understandable that she assumes all those attending are rich. Qin jumped to a conclusion on the train, but has since redeemed herself.

The complaint seems to be that the women actually have individual personalities instead of being copy and pasted. View More
Super Gene · C77
3 weeks ago
True, but he already has 2 incomparable martial arts, one of which isn't even available to humans. Of course, apparently this universe is primarily comprised of idiots as you cannot call these arts secret if you're dumb enough to carry the flippin' manuals with you. View More

M_x_R_x_Y: Its nice for him to think to buy a hyper geno art for his mum and sis but his priority's are totally wrong..first he must upgrade himself to a decent lvl with genoarts before thinking about buying sth for his family ...he needs power to protect them each lincese at this early stage is valuable....

Super Gene · C74
3 weeks ago
Ugh. I have money therefore must be stronger than the guy wearing armor and solo hunting in the swamp. It's his owm fault if I kill him for not letting me steal his food.

Seriously...it's this stupid behavior pattern that ruins otherwise excellent literature. View More
Super Gene · C69
3 weeks ago
Getting tired of bullies calling others cowards. View More
Super Gene · C51
3 weeks ago
So she did enough research into his family to know he's poor, but not enough to know Starry killes his dad? View More
Super Gene · C43
3 weeks ago

zahymaka: How I wooed your mother: stabbed her once in the rear and punched her twice in the nose.

Super Gene · C24
3 weeks ago
Late, I know, but literally started reading this today. While this isn't the highest quality story so far, this isn't even a part of the reason. The author already stated that the sanctuary is completely lawless. What I don't understand was gaving to split the ancestral home. The same kaws that require that would also have required the aunt and uncle to split the proceeds from the sale of the business. View More

LaoTze: such complete and utter bull****. they just murdered a bunch of people and nothing happens? ugh, author, you're a freaking idiot. I'm losing brain cells reading this tripe.

Super Gene · C23
3 weeks ago
Wait...a company that still has a cafeteria AND oays for it all? Well, this story just lost all credibility...also, are they accepting applications. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C197
3 weeks ago
Save this isn't true in the least. Lith started with True Magic on the day his current body was born. He discover ed Invigoration while using breathing exercises from his Earth martial arts while trying to strengthen his weak body. He is the only human on the planet to Awaken without assistance, much less without learning fake magic first...and he did so as an infant.

His current learning process at the academy is akin to relearning an incorrect method for something he already knows how to do correctly in a foreign language he barely knows. As a result, NOT needing the help of his associates would be ludicrous. View More

Dvaita: In attempts to make it look like other characters are intelligent and interesting, you're making the MC look intentionally dumb, which is silly.

I mean, basics of experimenting is to shut off things one by one and look at it in isolation. Modern education teaches this and as someone from a decent schooling system on earth this would the first thing Lith should've tried on his own.

Instead, you've been making Quill-ah/Fritters/Flowri-eh tell Lith something and Lith going "Yer a genius Harry". Sorry but this is lame af

Supreme Magus · C208
3 weeks ago
Poor Sam. He never listens to dear old dad. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C123
3 weeks ago
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