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Reading Status: C0
cccccccccccccgcikofvldjvofrvbjorfmvbrofibrfkomorbijfkdmvkfmvkfmkvfmdlvkfmglvkmfglkvmflkgvfvfvvfvfvfvfvvfvfvdfvfvdvdfvdwhat is 140 **** id not know i am just messing around View More
Master of the End Times
2 weeks ago
****, they just stood there, 2 dodges, a smirk and i see you... View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1200
3 months ago
ahh, never go full retard, never delve into these novels too much my guys View More
Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1161
6 months ago
weed can only get better from here on i guess... View More
Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1155
7 months ago

Harvey_Specter_2041: Written by Yours Truly Snoop Dogg🐒

Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1154
7 months ago

RiMad_Heart: #This chapter was sponsored by "SMOKE THE WEED EVRY DAY!™"

Hi everyone, here is new chapter that we got today, so what do we have here? Ow??? It looks like first grade weed! NICEEEEEEEE!

#This chapter was written under effects of hard narcotics, while fucking a pillow.

Paradise of Demonic Gods · C1154
7 months ago
Reading Status: C241
when translator stops his stupid **** with wrong posts, we might be able to read a bit in a coherent pace....chapter 225 is chapter 259...chapter 234 til 241 = 281-288 he's been consistently putting the wrong chapter

good novel by the way, typical tropes but with good twist to them, good potential View More
Divine Brilliance
8 months ago
ZF casualy pointing at dude, " yo this guy killed ur disciple " View More
King of Gods · C1291
9 months ago
So deceitful ah View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C441
10 months ago
nah, that would be smooth sailing....not a thing for these novels when they look for hard situations, or whatever life n death **** they like View More

Darphbobo: Seems in this life his past friendship will be hopefully a thing n not expose him.

Unrivaled Medicine God · C768
10 months ago
hmm hopefully not spend too much time here View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C779
10 months ago
3 chaps and all you get would be a conversation and some bickering..only purpose would be to make it go faster View More

GladVlad: Thanks for the chapters! I still think it would be better to post 3 chaps a day hehe

Unrivaled Medicine God · C769
10 months ago
aaaahhh, i hate these authors the more i read the novels....how many chapters to take 2 steps and just bickering back and forth....if it was useful bickering maybe but...ah i hate myself for being addicted View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C753
11 months ago
what's that meme haha

" Here we go again!" View More
King of Gods · C1244
11 months ago
ahh hopefully not too much time will be spent on the useless explanations of disdain and stupid thoughts...but i know its inevitable.. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C714
11 months ago
ha, should he call them peasants? View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C710
11 months ago
Give him a gift or something I guess huh View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C624
11 months ago
Guess we gotta learn that there is no bottom to his trump cards from now on...it will be just like this, " oh he went next level in that technique a while ago "but never mentioned it to us, if that doesn't work, he went next level in another one too, but he will still make it seem like he's losing View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C704
11 months ago
Typical move, a trend seen in 99% of these novels unfortunately View More

UtsugiRirii: Damn can't get more cliche than that...

Unrivaled Medicine God · C690
12 months ago
ah ****, another pissed wanna be boyfriend...and MC will need to go save soon cus she leaves to keep him safe? idk maybe View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C688
12 months ago
Blood rivers incoming? View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C686
1 year ago
smh.. View More
King of Gods · C1183
1 year ago
so is the snake dude tier 4 or 5? View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C638
1 year ago
need more asap View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C604
1 year ago
we've been here at this tower since 547.. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C582
1 year ago
how do you think we can reach thousands of chapters otherwise lol View More

Dezortan: Damn it, old man! Just say what it all means instead of making us wait another chapter!

Unrivaled Medicine God · C560
1 year ago
so we get it he's OP and everything...can kill monsters that required elites from super guilds and ****...but he still struggles with players..thats my con with this View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1305
1 year ago
I see what you're saying, I am hoping for a twist and not the typical ending you just mentioned.. View More

NightFoxxFan: Yeah he used a lot of resources but at the same time you could have waited like 20 more years in a seclusion cultivation then do the celestial attack and he just slides right into the next level instead of the ooooh hey I just found the other 2 treasures that Lin Ming used and bam ancestor god dead and novel ended it’s just way way to rushed at this point which is destroying a good novel

True Martial World · C1692
1 year ago
to be fair, i don't think he could have done it naturally any time soon. Don't you remember the amount of resources he used to just make his seals...anything less than that would not make him improve fast enough to fight with a chance View More

NightFoxxFan: Really rushed honestly he could have just waited like another chapter and then just had a natural breakthrough since his foundations were so solid that would have been better

True Martial World · C1692
1 year ago
this is so stupid, prime example of forcing an explanation down our throats....ur telling me it was that easy to control the whole world and no resistance happened.. View More
True Martial World · C1690
1 year ago
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