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It would be awesome if he got the ring of power from Shadow Of War View More
The Prince of Peace · C2
5 hours ago
Dope View More
Reborn as Issei [ DxD ] · C6
2 days ago
Him and Hancock. View More
One Piece - Martialised · C19
2 days ago
Possibly make a country, but have different sections something like Gotei 13 with all the different squads and you would also have something like the Royal squad. You could also make it’s technology more advanced, and partially hidden from the Outside world. View More
Aias the Pillar of Marvel · C24
4 days ago

MBE1: Rather than taking organization or Making one
I suggest building his own country
A small one that hosts the people who have supernatural power and people like xmen, spider man
Avengers, etc...

Aias the Pillar of Marvel · C24
4 days ago
Sounds good to me!! It’s awesome so far View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C117
4 days ago
Ah man he is set, Danzo may be a piece of **** but he was good at what he does View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C40
1 week ago
Nah Retsu Unohana View More
I've Reincarnated In One Piece World With A Summon System · C25
1 week ago
GOB! View More
I've Reincarnated In One Piece World With A Summon System · C23
1 week ago
Keep harem View More
Aias the Pillar of Marvel · C15
1 week ago
Sooo is this how the rest of the novel will be? I was kinda hoping Karl would get more time to do something other than watching anime. It’s kinda boring that he isn’t doing anything View More
I Became a God · C38
2 weeks ago
It’s awesome where the Mc is heading and the novel is coming out great!!! View More
3 weeks ago
A lot better lol View More
Star Wars : A Mercenary Journey · C18
3 weeks ago
Dope View More
Tornado of Terror[Dxd:Fan-fic] · C0
3 weeks ago
I’m ready for it View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C0
1 month ago
Doesn’t a meteor come and grant powers to people?? If it does he should absorb that and the other people who get powers View More
1 month ago
Tsunade or Mei possibly View More
Almighty Teacher Travelling Through The Multiverse · C6
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Almighty Teacher Travelling Through The Multiverse · C6
1 month ago

Joshuajabs: Your my favorite author for going to Star Wars!!!! Take all my stones

Total War System · C96
1 month ago
Your my favorite author for going to Star Wars!!!! Take all my stones View More
Total War System · C96
1 month ago
Yo this is awesome!! Great chapter! View More
Son Goku in Marvel World · C7
1 month ago
It’s great!!! Just please bring the excessive explaining of skill and damage down a bit. View More
Guild Wars · C102
1 month ago
Is this dropped??? View More
Harry Potter and the darkness · C68
1 month ago
The abilities of One Piece would be perfect fit. View More
Total War System · C0
1 month ago
I’m looking forward to this!!! View More
Star wars : Champion of the force · C6
1 month ago
I think elder scroll Fanfics are great but this one is just going in a way that I don’t know if it will be good or not.... View More
Reincarnated into Elder Scrolls Universe: Daedric Prince of Undeath · C3
1 month ago
Just save her View More
Game of Thrones: The Golden Lion · C18
1 month ago
Star Wars.... View More
Total War System · C92
1 month ago

manny0101: You worry too much me pal! This is an OP Naruto fic.

Naruto and the Game of Thrones · C5
1 month ago
So awesome!!!! View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C399
1 month ago
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