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Ocelot: Read my full review in the comment section of Chapter 1 of "The Villian's Wife" because Webnovel can't silence me with their word count limit!😆😆
I proudly read and encourage my friends and film colleagues to read "The Villain's Wife" because it features Lily, a strong female lead who isn't afraid to show her vulnerabilities and confusion as she navigates her first real romantic relationship. The male lead, Zhuo Jingren, clearly falls in love first and grows from what you fear might be a stalkerish control-freak in the first few chapters to become an open, supportive, and vocal helpmeet and husband as the story progresses. Yes, Zhuo Jingren is handsome, strong, wealthy, and dangerous when crossed, but when it comes to Lily all he wants is to hear her take on the situation and to back her up first and foremost before adding his power to her plans.

I feel strongly that given the disconnect between what is happening between men and women in the real world is not reflected in the translated offerings on Webnovel so I was thrilled to find this original gem!

The first book I read on this app was "Full Marks Hidden Marriage," and I did so relucantly because of the manner in which Qidian staked their rights to English translations over amateur translations teams as they are the original publisher of the works. I loved the story, so I shamefully followed it from Volare to here. I felt even more awkward because I edited for a few Volare translators who all ended up having to delete their work after Qidian sent cease and desist letters to stop them from doing amateur translations.

The next thing I read was "Bringing the Nation's Husband Home." I added a few other books to my library but I ended up finishing "Husband" simply because friends were filming the drama adaptation and I like to keep track of how well screenwriters follow a brief as that is knowledge I need on my job in film for future IP adaptation hiring decisions.

I deleted the rest of the thingsbin my library because I was ashamed of myself for reading them. I hid my phone screen if I was reading in public as if I were watching p*rn. Why? Because of the incessant r-ape. BHTNH, A Billion Stars and everything else on offer featured a man who r-aped the female lead 3-5 times per story arc. Other characters defended the ML's behaviour, and even the female leads excused the behaviour as the ML being unable to control his passion or his anger or his jealousy. That is absolute BS and these characters are nothing short of criminal. R**e was also used to show that the female was pure and virginal because she had been 'taken forcefully' instead of being an active participant in her own sexuality. I do realise that some readers live in countries where that is the predominant attitude towards male roles/behaviour and female sexuality and the denial thereof, but for Western readers this stuff is horrid, offensive, appalling and makes for a shame-filled read.

Serial r-ape is not relaxing in my opinion.

In Lily we find a female lead who was weak in her youth but who has succeeded in business and has healthy, strong friendshi** with a male and a female best friend, this on an app where very few characters have any connections or conversations with other characters that do not revolve around the ML. Almost every 'Female' novel on the app fails the Bechdel test. The Bechdel–Wallace test is a measure of the representation of women in fiction. It asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added, in case you didn't know about the Bechdel Test.

Zhuo Jingren did not grow up wealthy, and he is not ashamed of being ignorant of the finer things in life. If Lily knows of and enjoys it then Jingren will give it a try, and Lily does the same for him and his interests. They go on married people dates...

The Villain's Wife
2 weeks ago
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