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Of course, Excalibur! :D :D View More

KillerHemboy: Are you perchance gifting this sword to our protagonist to use? Hehe, either way, thanks!

World Domination System · C707
1 hour ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Sword View More
World Domination System · C707
6 hours ago

KMSloth: Its lit

World Domination System · C704
1 day ago

EnochSignus: I've been waiting for a chapter like this. It's finally time that another being learns *ahem* partially learns about Daneel's true origin.

World Domination System · C704
1 day ago

Songsandbooks: Where is the third chapter? Haha..

World Domination System · C704
1 day ago

KillerHemboy: These are top class trade families who engage in large deals involving Ker Gems...and when Ker Gems were introduced, too, it was said that these families are the ones who exchange them if they have them. Besides, he's black market, so there is certainly expossure

World Domination System · C697
3 days ago

Dextuary: Since his plan is to eventually get the shapeshifter bloodline and the full powers of the divine cockroach, I went to find some facts about cockroaches 😝. Since they are related somewhat to their Earth cousins, I tried correlating with possible powers the bloodline may have:

1. It's said cockroaches are older than dinosaurs. They basically even survived that extinction event.
- based on this, seems the bloodline may make the possessor incredibly & I mean incredibly difficult to kill.
- they even survived in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl!! 🔥

2. They live all over the world 🌍, except Antarctica 🇦🇶. Some are even said to live in deserts absorbing water vapour in absence of water.
- again, the bloodline possessor may possibly be able to survive some vicious environments and assaults that would render lesser beings dead.
- the possessor may also be able to take in more energy easily making their training speed faster

3. Some have wings 🦇 and can sort of fly
- perhaps flight for the bloodline possessor will be improved with more maneuvers available in fights/escape

4. They can eat virtually anything organic and hold their breath under water for 40 minutes by closing their spiracles
- maybe the possessor will find it easier to absorb energy ⛮ from a variety of things and could potentially prevent toxins ☠ from affecting them for a while

5. They can survive a week without a head 🤕!!
- just like normal cockroaches, the bloodline possessor may be able to control different body parts without using their mind
i.e. He could pick up a severed arm and run away and attach it then it goes back to being as though nothing happened.
- It could solve the issue of being hit like Marcus's son such that your mageroot becomes loose
- it might even affect how far away a clone of the possessor can be without dissipating

6. They are fast ⏩ runners
- just like the description we got when the bloodline was introduced, we know that the possessor has some really great speed 🏃
- they'll give even those above their level by some measure a difficult time trying to hit/corner them

7. Only the Japanese 🏯 cockroach can survive through winter ❄. It can "unfreeze" itself from hibernation after winter is over
- maybe the possessor will find it much easier to go through those periods of isolation for meditation and have some really strong psyche / consciousness

Hehe, it's quite interesting thinking about it... ✌️

World Domination System · C695
5 days ago

Volkov: Hmm from what I know the whole Champion and Hero level is about Will od the World right? Wouldn't it make him instantly breakthrough to Hero if he manages to control Will of the World in Angaria? So after he becomes a Champion he needs to get that Grand Inheritance - it is not only possible to become Hero fast but also make third resonance using his control over the Will

World Domination System · C684
1 week ago

KillerHemboy: Hey guys, only one chap for today mainly cos I'm stockpiling for the weekend...it's gonna be so much fun!(not posted cos I wanna finish all of em and come back and edit if necessary)

World Domination System · C683
1 week ago

SP012: I really hope we get to see Daneel make Erin,Queen Arafell,and Drakos his subordinates because their conversations with Daneel are always the best.Not to mention that each of them have their own weird personalities and they tackle problems in ways that I honestly think would definitely help Daneel with his World Domination once he is done taking over Angaria.

World Domination System · C682
1 week ago

BhushanBarve: First!
That too after reading the chapter...
I somehow knew, Daneel would get caught red handed... 😁
Call it intuition of an avid reader 😅😂

World Domination System · C679
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Sword View More
World Domination System · C679
1 week ago

KillerHemboy: Sorry guys only one chappie today...but I'm free from tomr so I'll try to do 3 a day, and then finish most of the pending on Sunday. Let's go end this arc and move to bigger things!

World Domination System · C668
2 weeks ago

Dextuary: Oh, oh! Yeah, I totally forgot. Some exp to add towards upgrading the system maybe, hehe

World Domination System · C647
4 weeks ago

borntoread: Looking forward to the rest of this arc!

World Domination System · C642
1 month ago

phil_devon: Great chapter!

World Domination System · C642
1 month ago

Dextuary: Haaha 🤣. "angels are just cockier flies..." the swatting has begun!!

Wohoo! Glory to us for winning 🥇. WDS definitely deserves it

World Domination System · C642
1 month ago

Dextuary: Hehe, will the 3 chaps come today/tonight 😍?
(just curious)

World Domination System · C642
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
World Domination System · C611
1 month ago

ojp: I'm disappointed the steak didn't become a mini-cow

Release That Witch · C220
1 month ago

riverness: I'd first ask the poor guy his name...

Seriously though, I wonder if the emperor would know anything about the world domination system or Daneel's transmigration. What science experiment? I wonder if the emperor actually transmigrated to earth and engineered the "brainwave experiment" to send help to his own world?

Also, Daneel should ask the emperor advice about dealing with his harem. I'm sure that would make the oh-so-omnipotent emperor go red like a plump tomato hahahahaha!

World Domination System · C599
1 month ago

Scarlet5ky: is it me or anyone else come here to check for a new chapter and saw the title of the last chapter—claiming to wait for two chapters?

World Domination System · C597
1 month ago

Dextuary: Hey system, why haven't you responded with a notification of the satisfaction and give Daneel some good Exp

World Domination System · C597
1 month ago

TerrestrialOverlor: System, initiate download.
Additional resources required: puting host on standby
Download initiated.

What Happened?
System required 1 week to download and assimilate new data. System has catalogued all new information and new paths are now available for analysis.


World Domination System · C597
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
World Domination System · C596
1 month ago

Dextuary: Oh my! I already released my tomato 🍅 upon @killerhemboy! How could this happen?

How I love the scheme. People think the grand inheritance is something - the thing is, the grand scheme is even more lethal. You'll be hit without even knowing how you died or where you died

World Domination System · C592
1 month ago

xd_gaming_xd: Hemboy u really are freaking good with the plot i really enjoy reading this man i cant even get enough words to describe it...

World Domination System · C592
1 month ago

Dextuary: Wohoo! The culmination crescendo is very satisfying 😍... Now if only I could petition @killerhemboy for one more so I could see the reactions of King Safiros and the plan to whoop him Hehe...

I dare say Daneel's Champion path will definitely incorporate scheming - he even created the anti-satisfaction module!! 🔥 Then we'll also find out about the Ultimate Champion paths locked in the 3rd seal

World Domination System · C591
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
World Domination System · C591
1 month ago

KillerHemboy: Well guys, this one is a more complex plan than any that have been implemented so far. If anyone is confused, do let me know by replying to this comment, so that I can give a better explanation in the next chapter. Or if there is only a specific part that is unclear, I'll just answer in the comments. Anyway, like you can see, we ain't dallying at all. So KEEP DUMPING 'EM STONES so that we speed through and get that damn seal unlocked!

World Domination System · C586
1 month ago
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