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The most shocking bomb to him! View More

Strawberry_529837: Yeah, saves him the stress of not knowing

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C822
16 hours ago
Zi Yan is the one who carried Susu for 9mos but Zilan is her Mom, right author? View More
No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You · C112
19 hours ago
Whoaaaah!!! Author gents46 I did not see it coming! Neil Ang Richard collaborated to let Sheila escaped from the fake father of Neil...you're so amazing author!😯 View More
Will You Remember Then? · C219
1 day ago
I can understand Sheila, she does'nt have that much trust yet with Ryan because they were separated right after she got pregnant..she has to know much deeper Ryan first before Ryan get her full trust...Ryan never tell her any of his plans..but they definitely love each other so much.. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C217
2 days ago
Changyu you never fail to amaze me..cute and direct declaration of love and at the same time killing those who might have wanted to be intimate with her View More
Hello, Mr Li · C312
2 days ago
Ohh😯😯! Does David knows or related to Songpa? View More
Unexpected encounter:They were meant to be together · C601
3 days ago
True love is sometimes crazy..but I admire Ryan love for Shiela..though hurting, he did not fail to show he cares a lot for her...hope their love for each other can endure and be triumphant at the end.. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C216
3 days ago
I'm really sad for Ryan and Sheila..they need to go through so many heartaches before they may get what they want, probably..😞 View More
Will You Remember Then? · C215
4 days ago
Di You is a girl disguised as a man..Jinhu and Di Yi us the love bird, maybe..hehehe View More

greenruby: Di Yu is Madam Xia's new idol😁😁 is Xia Jinhu a gay ?😜😜😜 If Jinhu is gay, responsibility to have heir or heiress is on Jiannan's 😁😁😁

Ms. CEO is His Bodyguard · C42
4 days ago
Ahahaha, jinhu fall in love with the disguised as a man lady guard of Jianan..love is in the air..so exciting View More
Ms. CEO is His Bodyguard · C41
4 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Will You Remember Then? · C214
5 days ago
You're so good of choosing a music that fits with the emotion needed in the story author gents46..hmmmm, maybe if Sheila met Richard first, she will fall for him..as long as Ryan occupies the heart of Sheila, there's no space for Richard..sad reality..but.that's the thrill of loving..who hurt you the most is the one who you love the most. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C214
5 days ago
Yeah,you're right. View More

sadiah69: Seth... Just inform Sebastian about her condition
It's help Stella to recover soon

5 days ago
Author gents46 I miss your mass release just like the past few days..there so much excitement in anticipating every events unfolding with each coming chapters. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C213
5 days ago
Hahaha, jealousy with each other is looming in the air..hmmmm..who would break out first? Interesting View More
Will You Remember Then? · C213
6 days ago
Kevin's personality should be strong, aside that he is the husband of Silvia, he is a military man.. View More
One last time · C205
1 week ago
It's so dumb thinking the did not leerned their lesson..why the hell all go to the hospital not thinking that their enemies is getting them distracted one more time to lure them away and snatch the kids away from them..hmmm View More
Unexpected encounter:They were meant to be together · C591
1 week ago
Yes, heis not an ML material..what a dumb man View More

MariYan2020: This ML is not ML material,. He is a joke. Not fitting our FL. NEED A NEW ML!!!

Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile · C67
1 week ago
I think the wife of her uncle cheated him..so the dead son is not his..maybe View More

Nikki_12: I hve some doubts. Didn't in first few chapters they said they uncles first wife i.e. Yan yan's mother cheated on him
They also said that her mom's husband was abusive
Can anyone clear these

Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile · C52
1 week ago
I'm just carried away with your story author and my mind make some weird ideas, 😊🤗 View More

gents46: PG1315, I am smiling right now. You're a mile ahead😊

Will You Remember Then? · C211
1 week ago
Oh good Neil, reveal your plan to Allie and Adrian. Have a mock fight with the couple to fool your fake father and shift Shiela to a place that is out of reach of him..Shiela hope you can endure it for the maintime while your love is waging a war against those who torture you.. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C211
1 week ago
Ahhhhh, Changyu is so cute and thoughtful..I like her personality..hope Jianjun and her has their own book story, hehehe... View More
Hello, Mr Li · C304
1 week ago
Am I right that Edward is after a She Evans? He said he is going to fix something.. View More
One last time · C200
1 week ago
Yeah, working together is much much better than working alone View More

mairoadamu: Am glad both Ron and Kev are on d same side

One last time · C199
1 week ago
Hahaha, I love Changyu and Jianjun whispering conversation..so giggle😍😍😍..go go mother Changyu, give a truly amazing slap to those people who value status so much than the personality of the person... View More
Hello, Mr Li · C303
1 week ago
Ohhhh😯😯😯..what happen to their world..chasing the one who is determined to run away from her..hmmm..I miss tatay Joey. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C210
1 week ago
What would be Shiela's reaction if he will meet her Dad and will also know that Neil is the one who funded her hospital bills? May be the real parents of Neil is still alive and I don't believe that it is a natural earthquake that occurs why the island is destroyed or lost..hmm the fake parents of Neil had something to do it.. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C209
1 week ago
Now Sheila will know that Neil has ED only to other women but not to her..what a great personal self control..you're great Neil..may most men be like you. View More
Will You Remember Then? · C208
1 week ago
Just let Stella first recover and then enjoy some time with her daughter and Sebastian to with his son..at the unexpected time let them unite.. View More
1 week ago
Whoaaaah! Thanks it's Seth who gets Stella and not the underground..good work Seth View More
1 week ago
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