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    Serial Transmigrator

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    Kidnapped and sent to another world, he finds himself right in his element. "You think I don't know how all of this works? Please." Armed with the knowledge he has gained from reading various web novels and his 'unique' way of thinking, he will shake the heavens. "No matter how many worlds I have to go through, I will return to my home!" All so he can get his mother's groceries... — Support Serial Transmigrator at patreon.com/shixuan

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    If you were to ask Shuren what his hopes and dreams are, he would tell you that he just wants some peace and quiet. If at all possible, he would very much appreciate it if he weren’t punished for the crimes of others. And, ideally, he would like to have a place of his own. A place where he can escape the hatred of those around him.


The thing is though, how can you blame someone for doing what would ordinarily be expected of them without any knowledge of the extenuating circumstances? Does a restaurant who serves a serial killer get charged with aiding and abetting? Is the uber driver who drove the robber to the bank an accomplice? They don't know that they're serving criminals. They're just doing what they're supposed to do. View More

LostSoldier1: To be honest, that ending felt like hypocrisy to me. I mean, they didn't commit the murder nor the kidnapping, but they sheltered the guilty. It doesn't really matter that they didn't know, their existence still helped the flourishing of a second-rate demonic sect, and they didn't suffer anything from it. The loss of the traitors wasn't punishment, it was their own mistake and they paid for that, but what about the true victims? The Zhus lowered their heads and left freely, simply because not a single one of the kidnapped who wanted to strike them had the strength. The woman tried to slash Yimin? Hon-somethin'-somethin' stopped her. If she had more power than him? MC would, he doesn't have to care about that. Realistically speaking, most of the victims should feel grueling resentment, and any who could cultivate would plan their revenge, even if most would end up not acting on it. The next few years the Zhu would deal with assassins aiming for their disciples and their virtuous fame would take generations to come back, if ever. This won't happen because MC is on their side and everyone else is suppressed since he buffed the Zhu to high heavens. In shorter words, any conclusion is wrong since the good guys will be the bad ones either way, and there's virtually no repercussion to those responsible.

Serial Transmigrator · C135
2 months ago
Nope. This is the first time the mask is "talking". View More

Methanil: What's with that talking mask again, did I forget anything important?

Serial Transmigrator · C138
3 months ago

Methanil: The content has been deleted

Serial Transmigrator
3 months ago

Methanil: Ooooops all I can see is the abyss now

Serial Transmigrator · C125
4 months ago
Anyone in the externalisation (second cultivation realm) or above has a good chance at killing him. But most people still do things based on what they want. Just because a weak person exists, doesn't mean everyone wants to kill them. In fact, the weak are more likely to get ignored. They are more likely to get caught in the crossfire of another conflict than being targeted themselves.

It's not like all mortals live in fear and never set foot outside their houses. Knowing that there are extremely powerful beings who can kill you at their whim is just a part of life. People still migrate and explore and whatever else people do regardless of if they have cultivation bases. They build trade routes, destination resorts and all manner of things which don't require cultivation. They have maps, known danger zones, weapons, various technologies, all of that. If a group of mortals is travelling somewhere, then assuming that nothing unexpected happens (a powerful enemy shows up), they can defend themselves against the weaker spirit beasts (the really weak ones) and other such things. It just requires the necessary prep work and manpower.

Staying out of trouble isn't all that hard, you just have to avoid running afoul of cultivators. Sure there are cases where mortals fall victim to the whims of cultivators, but for the most part, one can live a peaceful life. View More

N0xiety: Oh ok, so what you are saying is, he is so powerless that a pissed off beggar with a smidge of cultivation could have randomly just killed him then? He is so powerless that practically anyone can kill him, right? Yeah, it is a miracle he is even alive in such a world if he is allowed to use 0% of his cultivation and somehow the restriction is so powerful that he can't even send at last a desperate last full power attack before he combusts. It is a miracle that he even managed to travel all the way here with not a speck of cultivation. Even if he has superior fighting techniques, i can't see how that would be of any help if his opponent has even a smidge of cultivation. It would be like a mortal beating on a rock. Even if the rock can't react, mortal will break his bones long before the rock breaks, so fighting technqiues would be nigh useless. Basically, he is a dispensible, useless mortal who somehow managed to travel all the way here by himself on dangerous roads and somehow stay out of trouble completely in this land...

Serial Transmigrator · C30
8 months ago
You know, this isn't the real world and it's not whatever country whose legal system you're referencing. It's a world of my creation where I make up all of the rules. If I say the competition works in such a way, then unless it's internally inconsistent, you can only say "okay". If I say that anyone can call for a recount and that if any of the previous votes change then another recount can be called, you can only say "That could be horribly inefficient, and there are probably better ways to do this, but okay." because my word is law. Only if my words themselves contradict each other, can you say there's something wrong.

As for raising his funds, that would mess with the supply of alchemy ingredients for all of the juniors. Hei isn't someone who will take something like this so far as to inconvenience everyone else. He's targeting Elder Ping and Elder Ping alone. Qiuyue is helping Hei by increasing how much he's taking from Elder Ping and in return, she's getting her winnings. If she didn't participate, Elder Ping wouldn't have paid so much. View More

Dechet: A jury should be like this but is realistically not. You have a proceeded to come at a solution changing this solution after a decision ´final’ is hard, inefficient and strange. Find a solution to a problem then submit it and it’s only when everything seem fine and it came to an end you should not be able to take back what you did that your friend explain why you are wrongs and should not have do this. It a problem of method you don’t do thing like this when it’s already too late but during the judgements, the procedure.

As for the money it’s not like he can’t raise his fund to the maximum of what he want to leach of the elder. And even for a friend it would be logic to take a part of the winning as it come from you and you have created a opportunity. Here you had if I remember even showed her thought of doubt accentuating the felling of giving a free opportunity without gain to someone as something normal and banal.

Truth to be told it’s not overly false but unerving for me at least because of a kind of inexactitude.

Serial Transmigrator · C57
8 months ago
You're kind of making things up and then using those made-up assertions to explain why something shouldn't be the way it is. His powers are not something he can just activate because he wants to. It was the eastern guardian who sealed them in the first place.

But let's say, hypothetically, there was a way for him to quickly activate his powers and he targeted the Wu Clan. In that very moment, he would die. The eastern guardian's enforcement of its rules is absolute. There are no loopholes. This was already explained in the story itself. "there were cultivators who tried to sneak in by suppressing their cultivations, but as soon as they released their strength, they would spontaneously combust. Not even ashes would remain." The only ones who can negate that, are people who are strong enough that the eastern guardian isn't that much of a threat in the first place.

That should explain why that solution doesn't work. View More

N0xiety: He wasn't defenseless. He is like a time bomb. he won't die immediately the moment he uses his powers. He will surely die, but he can destroy the whole clan together with himself if they push him. Nuclear weapons have deterrent value...

Serial Transmigrator · C30
8 months ago
Funny you bring a jury type situation in. A jury is only useful when the truth of a matter is unknown. If conclusive evidence is brought forward, the jury itself becomes meaningless, regardless of whether or not they've already made a decision. At least, that's how it should be.

What Hei did by presenting his new argument, was to provide conclusive evidence, turning an aspect of the criteria for judgement, which was previously thought to be subjective, into an objective truth. One formation was a better defence formation than the other. There could be no question. That being the case, a reassessment was practically mandatory. Otherwise, the whole thing would have been a farce.

About the money. What Qiuyue added didn't subtract from what was already going in.

In your example, instead of using my 100 and getting all the winnings for myself, I'm only using 70 of my 100 and letting someone else get in on the deal.

In this case, I only had 70 in the first place and didn't want to work my way up to 100 because that would affect the health of the method I was using to make money outside of this deal. It just so happens that I have a friend who has 30 so letting them in is a win-win. View More

Dechet: The jury say you are coupable! No wait I have a last argument.
Too late the tribunal has ended you can ask for a reexamination.

And I don’t remember why but there was no need and seemed useless to give a free ride of money to someone else when you put a limit to what you win. Like I know I will win 3 million if I put 100 in the loto but I tell you to put 30 with me because you have a good face ? Without any condition giving you the full win. No I take at least a small part of what you would have gained here 8 times more rather than 10.

Serial Transmigrator · C57
8 months ago
No. In all honesty, I haven't read anything that isn't manga, light novel or web novel.

That includes the likes of Harry Potter and all the other books everyone who reads seems to have read.

It was the Overlord light novel that got me into reading in the first place. View More

Friedrich_Godwin: Btw, have you read Nietzsche?

Serial Transmigrator · C0
8 months ago
As for giving all his hard work to the original soul, a few people seem to have a problem with this.

You have to realise, Kaner doesn't care about it. To him, he isn't suffering any kind of loss, he's just giving away something he doesn't have any use for. The only loss he's suffering is no longer being able to spend time with the people he's grown close to. View More

Tiantiang: Great story my only issue is that you plan to send him back to his old family and give all his hard work to the original soul, why not do the opposite i.e. briging his family to him after he is strong enough while remaining in original world as for the other soul jus b.s. some reason to fuse or get rid of it

Serial Transmigrator · C0
8 months ago
You see, one of the main aspects of this story is leaving people behind. The name is Serial Transmigrator. We're going to meet many people in a number of worlds, but in the end, they'll all be left behind. That's the very essence of isekai (transported to another world) that never really gets explored because, usually, you don't get to spend enough time with the MC's original loved ones, or they don't even have any.

Kaner got taken away from his original world, but some people would ask "why does he even want to go back?" because they don't understand how much his family means to him.

By leaving everything behind, I'm going to make you experience what being abruptly transported to another world can feel like. It can be sad and it can be unfair, and you can wish you could go back to all the people you've grown attached to, but too bad. It's not up to you.

That's right, if you keep reading, you're going to get isekai'd.

As for solutions like "strong enough to have it all". They don't exist in this story. The only thing strength will give Kaner is the choice of where he himself goes and eventually ends up. He won't have the power to move anyone else.

In a way, you can say this story is destined to have a sad ending. No matter where Kaner ends up, there will be people he's forced to leave behind.

Though, the ending I have in mind is what I would call a happy one. View More

Tiantiang: Great story my only issue is that you plan to send him back to his old family and give all his hard work to the original soul, why not do the opposite i.e. briging his family to him after he is strong enough while remaining in original world as for the other soul jus b.s. some reason to fuse or get rid of it

Serial Transmigrator · C0
8 months ago
I may have misunderstood your first point. You were probably talking about the results. The judges can be contested here as well because there's nothing forcing them to change their minds. They can just vote the same way they did if they feel that whatever he added doesn't change anything. View More

Dechet: so first you can't easily contest a decision from the judges like this. the tell something and it's final.
Second if they didn't put an end to the merits point they wish to gain then giving some for free to Quigian is hard to understand but fine. but here it's totally useless even him ripping her in is done to easily and with not enough reason.

Serial Transmigrator · C57
8 months ago
You can contest the judges when the entire point of the competition is that they want something that you have. Hei could easily say "competition cancelled" before it even begins if he feels it's unfair.

For your second point, they're giving Qiuyue her merit points back. She had given them some, and they are giving her back what she gave plus her winnings because Elder Ping is multiplying it by 10. Like she gave them money to place on a bet. They gave it back to her after they won and she got more than she gave because that's how bets work. View More

Dechet: so first you can't easily contest a decision from the judges like this. the tell something and it's final.
Second if they didn't put an end to the merits point they wish to gain then giving some for free to Quigian is hard to understand but fine. but here it's totally useless even him ripping her in is done to easily and with not enough reason.

Serial Transmigrator · C57
8 months ago
Fair enough, but as for the original Hei being bland, you must realise that the life he has is the only life he knows. He has no reason to be resentful about it really. As far as he's aware, being alive means to watch the world through someone else's eyes and to experience what they do. It is only now that he's learning that there's possibly something else.

As for the soul mate thing, it's not necessarily "love" in the emotional sense. It's just a pleasant physical sensation that when experienced, one wishes to maintain it. Like a massage or something but more impactful. View More

N0xiety: Meh, i think i'm done. This was just too out of nowhere and the reveal wasn't done in a good way. There should have been more incidents with the other soul and more hints being shown. This could have been gold, but i think this was done too hastily and it felt meaningless. Now the rest of the story also feels meaningless.

Oh, also soul mates? Seriously? So two people who know nothing about each other suddenly crazy in love with each other just because HEAVENS decreed? Mind control ftw i guess huh? Smh...

Also that original Hei seems too bland for a soul being forced to watch someone else live his life for years! Doesn't even feel like he has any character, just a mindless soul mate for the fox girl i guess for whatever reason...

Serial Transmigrator · C31
8 months ago
Late reply, I know.

Shao Chen, if he wanted to stand with his brother, they would both die, plain and simple. What he did was to tell his brother what he was going to do and tried to persuade him to do the same. He didn't listen.

If his brother asks, "Hey, will you die with me?" Shao Chen's response is, "No."

As for asking for help from those like the Fang Clan, you have to realise, when you're defenceless and also reveal yourself to be extremely wealthy, you get robbed. That's pretty much how any such exchange would go.

Again, I'll say it. He couldn't do anything. Any method you can think of, I can tell you why it didn't work. View More

N0xiety: So basically Shao Chen is a big coward. That is the only conclusion i can come to. His clan asked him to kill his 'brother(lifelong friend)' and he ran. A 'brother' wouldn't run away when things get hard, he would stand and fight at his brothers side to the end! But what does this guy do? He runs away and decides to be a baker. He is either a huge coward or doesn't care about his 'brother' that much as he knowingly left him in such a situation and ran with his tail between his legs. He obviously could have done more as he seems to be as powerful as that clan chief 'brother' of his. So he must obviously be one of the most powerful people in his Shao clan! He could have stand by his brother to the end! Same for his daughter. Does he even care that his daughter was raped and forced into a harem? Doesn't seem so. I'm not buying the 'he couldn't do anything about it because his cultivation is sealed' excuse. NO, people don't give up on their brothers and daughters just because it is inconvenient for them! If he wanted to, he could have saved his daughter by going to the Fang clan and making a deal with them for example. He has all that information he can share and probably has cultivation techniques that could easily make Fang clan go to war. Yeah, so don't give me 'He couldn't do anything'. There could be many other ways he could go about it. Where there is a will, there is a way! He just didn't have the will tho. He obviously didn't care that much because it was inconvenient to him. That's what the problems of his daughter and brother is to him. An inconvenience. He is an as*hole, coward and a piece of sh*t father...

Serial Transmigrator · C30
8 months ago
You're overthinking. This isn't how Hei works. He warned her about the consequences, and she still decided to continue. If something went wrong, it's none of his concern. There's no obligation to take care of her. View More

J_h85: I feel like Hei needs to stop indulging these silly girls before he ends up with a harem because of his MC halo. Of their essences had mixed would he have felt the need to “take responsibility” even though he’s physically 10 y/o and probably can’t even get a hard on? Especially this Xiaoli chick I feel like she’s got the falling for her savior, cliche building and is probably thinking of ways to trap Hei or prove her love

Serial Transmigrator · C117
11 months ago
There is no active war because the Fang Clan is currently too strong to fight against. It would be pointless. What Wu Clan is doing is preparing for the time when they are strong enough, then they will wage the real war to claim the number one spot in Spring Leaf City.

She can't run away. That's the thing. Clans have gates with guards. Everyone who comes in is known and everyone who leaves is known. Trying to sneak out at night is pointless as well. At the second realm of cultivation, cultivators unlock spiritual perception and are able to sense the things around them.

And there is a long distance communication method.

When I said living the life she wants, I was speaking of making the best of her current situation. In that way, of the possible lives she could have within the Wu Clan, she is living the one she wants. The most peaceful one. View More

N0xiety: You make it sound so 2 dimensional. Like there is either this or that. No other option. She may not become the most powerful, but some power is enough to open up different possibilities. And as far as i can see, there is no active war going on. Maybe some small skirmishes in the shadows at most, which isn't even really told in the story. Everything seems peaceful in both families. So well, she could just run away. These backwards people don't even seem to have a long range communication method. Who would be able to find her? Just like her coward father who have ran away, she could too and open a bakery in some random place. I doubt they would spend alot of resources just to find someone like her. She isn't that important and her sons are even less so. And for the last, she sure doesn't seem to be living the life she wants, looking out of the window longingly all day every day...

Serial Transmigrator · C6
11 months ago
You're not making any sense though. That's like saying someone who is rich and gives some of their money to certain charities is evil because they are deciding the fate of the other charities that they don't give money to. No one has the right to that person's money, and in that situation, to the charities who would like to have that money, the rich person is a higher power.

You could argue that in that example, other people exist, so those other charities also have a chance at getting money, and thus the situation is different, but in this world, cultivation through the Heavens' qi isn't the only way to gain strength. It's just the easiest way and the one most people go with.

For example, spirit stones and other resources such as those. The heavens don't place restrictions on those, and anyone can use them. But to cultivate the natural qi in the environment, that is only supposed to be available to those who the Heavens give permission. View More

N0xiety: Ok i get it, but i still wouldn't accept some higher entity deciding if i'm worthy or not. I wouldn't accept a fate given to me so to say. In my eyes, that is the biggest evil. My fate is mine and will be determined by me. If some higher entity gives some select people power to control my fate, then i will do everything in my power to break the shackles. Doesn't matter if the people who are given power is going to bring good to the world. Good and bad is subjective and i don't have to accept the 'good' of some higher existences. I will decide what is good or bad, not them. That is why what they are doing is evil in my eyes. They shouldn't interfere at all in the first place. That higher existence who betrayed the others have done right in my eyes. He gave fate back to the people themselves...

Serial Transmigrator · C9
11 months ago
Okay, Shao Chen, you're kind of reading him wrong. It's not that he doesn't care about anything other than bread.

He says things like "what's the point of martial strength." It's because he's been at the peak of the world, and he knows that no matter how strong you are, there are people that can stomp on your head and you won't be able to lift a finger. It's always like that unless you're at the absolute pinnacle of strength, and there are so few of those.

To say "What's the point of martial strength?" Is to say, "If you aren't aiming to be the strongest in the world, you will always be nothing. Someone will always be able to bully you, and you'll always have to bow your head to others." And in fact, that's how most people live, at all cultivation realms. From his perspective, everyone is only a step away from being forced into a situation that they don't want. Strength or no strength, it's exactly the same.

He himself was one of the strongest in the world, but even he was forced to do things against his will. So it's not that he doesn't care about his daughter, it's simply that this is the way the world is. What's he supposed to do? Go knock at their gates and be stomped to death? What's the point? Should he spend all his days worried sick about his daughter? What's the point?

It's not written, but if there was a method to get his daughter back, he tried it. He went all over the place trying to get someone to help, but he was mocked and ridiculed instead. Even the grandmother who you seem to feel is also unlikable, she came back, yes, but even then, there was nothing she could do, so she immediately went out to gain more strength.

And when his daughter returns, what's he supposed to do? Jump for joy? Run through the streets proclaiming how fortunate this day is as he cries tears of joy? He is extremely happy to see the return of his daughter, but that doesn't have to be manifested in those ways.

The way love is shown in this family isn't something you understand I guess. Even visiting Xiulan wouldn't have done anything to make her feel better. The bread that her father sent every day. That was how she knew that he was thinking about her, and was also the reason she would look out to the bakery through the window. She knew that he could see her, even from all the way over there.

Shao Chen is just a person who has seen everything there is to see in the world won't react largely to many things, but that doesn't mean that he's unfeeling. Grandma, on the other hand, hasn't seen much at all and reacts strongly to a lot of things, but she hasn't made an appearance yet. View More

N0xiety: Ok ok, i was too worked up, but still i'm not wrong right? Atleast that's the kind of character their grandfather is, right? He says thing like 'what's the point of martial strenght' while there is a glaring point right infront of him, his daughter being raped and forced into marriage. If that is not a point, then what is!? Am i the crazy one here? And then the way he acts and treats his grandchildren. The way he treats his daughter returning. He doesn't seem to care about anything other than breads. No idea why he would even have a daughter in the first place tbh. Doesn't seem like the kind of guy who wanted a daughter. The mother also seems to not care at all, because she seems to have returned a few years back and she must have known about her daughters situation right? Or maybe she didn't even care enough to inqure. Her daughter may be dead for all she cares. She even seems to have great strenght, but she does nothing. It is a question why such a family even exists in the first place. I get that it's just their character. What i don't get is why is the mc fine with it? Why would he even want to protect such a useless person who doesn't care about anything but bread? Why would he care about such a person? He didn't even visit them once! I doubt it was forbidden right? All he did was send some breads for their birthday. That's it...

Serial Transmigrator · C14
11 months ago
You're using this idea of ruling over others, but that's not how the envoys work. The Heavens haven't sent people to rule over others, they have simply shown those people the proper way to cultivate, which is only supposed to be for certain people. More specifically, it's excluded from certain people. The people who would abuse it.

Then envoys are to teach the people the proper way, and those who the Heavens deem worthy will have the ability to gain the benefits of cultivation that way. Those who aren't worthy will be unable to gain them.

The idea was to allow all of the 'good' people to be able to advance themselves and bring good to the world through their comprehensions and all that.

It would have been fine, had someone else not interfered. Someone above the Heavens, who showed those unworthy people how to steal from the Heavens.

Once the Heavens found this out, they set up a measure to punish those who stole from them, being lightning tribulation. It was supposed to irradicate all people who used the stealing methods, but the other person interfered and severely restricted the power of lightning tribulations, turning them from a death sentence to a tampering trial.

With all this interference from the other person, the Heavens could no longer decide who was able to use their power, and very quickly, the thieves went after the envoys and spread the idea that one could cultivate without any permission and that the envoys were abusing their privileges to pick and choose who could cultivate.

Eventually, the envoys' image was tainted by lies, and the people turned against them, leading to their downfall.

Once the envoys were eliminated, the thieves destroyed their teachings, and over time, the envoys of the heavens became a legend.

From there, everything went wrong. Power landed in the hands of those who should never have had it. And even those who would have been able to cultivate the correct way were now stealing instead. The world only knew one way to cultivate. To steal from the heavens.

It became a world where strength is the only way to assure your own safety and allows you to do whatever you please with those who have less of it than you.

Now that Hei has come, someone who is from beyond what the Heavens know, they have placed the responsibility on him to return the world to its proper state. Perhaps he is the only one who can reverse the problems created by that other person. That's what the Heavens hope.

If he says no, they can only cry. He can steal from them just like everyone else if he wants. However, Hei is not a thief. View More

N0xiety: I get that but is it really acceptable in this concept? It is like some aliens came to earth right now and allowed some select people to gain power and rule over everyone else, while others who are not chosen can either just accept their fate, or steal from the aliens. Ofc it is stealing in the end and one could argue that stealing is universally bad, but would you just accept your fate the aliens set for you while others rise to glory and become immortals who rule over everyone? Just because aliens allowed them to? Would you accept to be ruled over by the ones who have the aliens permission? I wouldn't tbh, and i would disdain anyone who would accept their fate set by aliens. In this concept what aliens give isn't an object, it is power itself. Lets do another analogy. This would be like some select people being allowed to use electricity, but the rest of the population aren't. Wouldn't you also want to use electricity? Would you accept living without it while others enjoy the immense benefits the electricity brings just because an immaterial entity allowed them to? Would you be content living in the dark ages while others enjoy the light?

As far as i understand, if someone doesn't have heavens' permission, they can only cultivate by stealing from the heavens no? As far as i can see there is no other way but to steal if they want to cultivate. So it would be going against heavens in the end, which would mean going against heavens' envoy, the mc. Mc who has the mission to take back what is stolen in the name of heavens. Or am i misunderstand the plot? Which means that he actually shouldn't let people who doesn't have the heavens' permission to cultivate right? He shouldn't let them steal from the heavens. Now ofc, mc doesn't have to follow heavens' will, but what would be the consequence of not following the mission set by heavens? Would the heavens be totally fine with that? Why would it be? The privilage given to mc is for him to complete the mission after all no? Wouldn't heavens' just cut the tap if mc refuses to complete the mission? And mc would be forced to somehow steal from the havens too if that happens no? Am i wrong in my logic? o_O

Serial Transmigrator · C9
11 months ago
To this, I say, not choosing to extend your life is something a whole bunch of people do. Look at the obesity numbers.
Everyone has the means to reduce the risk of several diseases, and yet...

Perhaps it's foolish, but some people choose to enjoy every moment, even if means they will have fewer moments in the end.

As for being stuck in this marriage, she has no way to leave. Even if she cultivates, it won't get her out of here, and would, in fact, remove the relative peace she has now, as she would become a tool in the conflict that's going on. Not to mention the schemes that go on between the other wives.

You kind of make it sound like "If I cultivate, things will be better." Which isn't the case at all. Absolutely nothing about her life will improve through cultivation. She'll just be stronger and have a marginally longer life span.

Before this, she was living the life she wanted to. Even at this moment, given the circumstances, she is living the life she wants to.
And after this, she will live the life she wants to. View More

N0xiety: That is indeed true, but i still can't understand the mentality. She is effectively choosing to live a shorter life even when she has the ability after all. So this is also not something that just 'happened to her', but something that she made happen in a way. Just like ending her own life would be. Ofc, they are not the same, but that is what i was trying to get at. Not saying the character is impossible or anything, that is just how she is i guess. I just find it foolish that someone would choose to live a shorter life because of laziness or lack of interest. Even to the point of forsaking what they love. It is like she is fine with not living her life the way she wants to, she is just like a leaf blown in the wind. She won't even endure for the sake of what she loves the most, which is baking. She is fine with living a short life or being forced into marriage and confined. Not being able to do what she loves. Well, she isn't exactly fine with it i guess, but she also doesn't do anything about it just because she doesn't have any interest in cultivating. It is like saying i won't protect my children because i have no interest in fighting. I mean yeah, most people don't have an interest in fighting and would try everything they can to avoid it, but they still get up and do what is necessary when push comes to shove. Most people would do something to change their situation if they have the ability to do so. She has the ability and choices presented to her. She is able, yet she intentionally chose inactivity. Most would say she has some kind of mental deficiency, and it may come from that father of hers tbh...

Serial Transmigrator · C6
11 months ago
Uh... okay... View More

N0xiety: That Shao Chen can die for all i care. This chapter made me dislike him even more with the way he acts. No idea why any of them would respect such a person. He just shirks his responsibilities at every opportunity other than when it comes to bread. Even his daughter isn't exempt from that. He probably wouldn't give a speck of sh*t if someone raped his little granddaughter and tortured his grandsons in his shop. He would only be worried about blood spilling onto his baking materials and not being able to concentrate on baking from the horrible screams of his grandchildren...

Serial Transmigrator · C14
11 months ago
I mean... what do you do when there's nothing you can do? View More
Serial Transmigrator · C13
11 months ago
There are four reasons.

First of all, what gives Hei the confidence to face the patriarch like this? An unknown variable.
Secondly, why did that elder sit down when Hei told him to? What did he experience? An unknown variable.
Thirdly, why did the patriarch's suppressive aura dissipate when Hei arrived? An unknown variable.
Finally, Is the Fang Clan involved in this? An unknown variable.

These unknown variables make it quite difficult to act. The last one in particular. The current head of the Fang Clan, the number one clan in Spring Leaf City, is just waiting for the Wu Clan to step out of line so they can be punished righteously.

In order for Wu Dong to discipline the children, some real force would have to be used, and if the Fang Clan heard about it, the Wu Clan would be gone the next day. The casus belli would be "Only the younger generation should settle issues among the younger generation." View More

N0xiety: So, why didn't the patriarch just attack them right then and there? Is it for face? He would lose face if he attacks little children that disrespect him? But what about the elders? I don't think it would be losing face if elders got up to slap the children for 'misbehaving' no? Not doing anything and letting them insult all they want is losing even more face tbh. It would be fine for even the patriarch to personally slap them for misbehaving actually. He is 'technically' their father after all. If he doesn't have the right to slap his misbehaving children, then who does? So it can't be about losing face right? Not disciplining your own children and letting them insult you openly like that is even worse for losing face! It is strange that they just let them go like that and i can't understand the reason for it. It would be even more stupid if they find trouble with them later. Like, why? Why not now? o_O

Serial Transmigrator · C12
11 months ago
Victim: Police officer, this man took my things, please retrieve them for me.
Police officer: Ah, well, you know, to take back your belongings would be placing your shackles on this man who has made your things into his OWN things. Honestly, I think thieves are better than law-abiding citizens.

Do you see how this is ridiculous?

By the way, Hei and his siblings don't need the Heavens' permission to cultivate, no one does, it's just that they do have it, and as such, don't suffer certain consequences. View More

N0xiety: So basically the mc and his siblings are 'given permission' from heavens to cultivate, while other cultivators steal it from havens and make it into their OWN power. So basically mc and his siblings are heavens b*tch in a sense. It is not their own power, it is heavens allowing them to hold power. If heaven cuts the tap, their cultivation ends there. Honestly, i think other kind of cultivator is better. Not controlled by anything or anyone. It may be harder for them to gather and make the chi theirs, but it is atleast solely their power! Not something given to them from heavens. That's why heavens calls them thieves. And heavens obviously want them gone. So to me it looks like mc and his siblings will be puppets of heaven if they follow the mission of 'returning the branded qi'. They are the evil ones who are going to do heavens dirty work and suppress all cultivators going against heavens. By heavens will, everyone must follow its rules huh? No wonder the cultivators of the old times slaughtered all the 'heaven envoys'. They are too dangerous and their purpose is basically to put shackles of the heavens on everyone and kill everyone who defies heavens. I would slaughter them too! I wouldn't be a b*tch of heavens! Fk that sh*t...

Serial Transmigrator · C9
11 months ago
Actually, I find it a little flawed. It's as if you're saying dying tomorrow is the same as killing yourself tomorrow.
One is something that happened to you, and the other is something you made happen.
Sure, the end result is the same, but I'm pretty sure most people would agree that the two are completely different concepts. View More

N0xiety: ''To bake for an extra hundred years would be no different to baking for twenty.''

Ok i will logic the sh*t out of this. Then there would also be no difference to bake for a single day and just die right? So bye bye crazy lady, your single day life must surely be enough, right? So why are you still alive then? Oh, you say a single day is too short? But i thought there was no problem with living a short life? Isn't that your own words? How do you quantify 'short' and 'long' then? When you look at it from the perspective of the timescale of the universe, there is not much difference even between a day and 1000 years. The universe timescale is so vast that both would be considered extremely 'short' time spans. So saying ''what's wrong with a short life'' doesn't make sense while ''It is better to live as long as you can'' makes all the sense. If you think a short life is fine, then just live for a day and jump off a bridge. There is no point after all right? You were just gonna live like 60 more extra years anyways. And if you cultivated you would maybe live a few hundred more years. So yeah, just cut that 60 years of extra life too and just live for a day instead. No point to living longer than a day or an hour right? See, i logic the sh*t out of it hah! Enjoy...

Serial Transmigrator · C6
11 months ago
Maybe so, but I don't really have any intention to make them stop.
Most of the time, the misunderstandings are resolved fairly quickly and don't have any lasting negative consequences.
For me, it doesn't really matter how many of those there are, but I'll take it into consideration. View More

J_h85: I really like this book, but the excessive misunderstandings engendered by Hei’s lack of explanations will probably get tiresome soon

Serial Transmigrator · C113
11 months ago
Technically it isn't 4th wall breaking. Hei is using the stories he has read in order to make decisions. He is assuming (for whatever reason) that the world he is in will have several common elements to the stories he has read.

Him saying these things to Tianlan will influence his future decisions.

And as I've said, these are the things Hei considers when he makes decisions. It's kind of an integral part of serial transmigrator.

He knows full well that all of this is very similar to the stories he has read and is using that knowledge to his advantage. View More

Dorof: Plsno more of this. You are just beating a dead horse by now. Pls i wa. To read the plot. This 4th wall breaking is getting really annoying.
Thanks for. The chapter and keep up the good work!

Serial Transmigrator · C20
1 year ago
He was 22 in the beginning View More

Dorof: Nice chapter. How old is our mc?

Serial Transmigrator · C2
1 year ago

Leegood: I immediately thought of 'cereal Transmigrator' and thought it would be funny if someone transmigrated with the power of fruit loops.

Serial Transmigrator · C1
1 year ago
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