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Helpful2468: Qin Mo: Aren't you sending me to the airport?
Bo Jiu:?Now? Then I'll just have to abandon Aunty and leave my phone aside. I'll probably be nagged at for a long while.
Mother in Law: No I wouldn’t nag at you my dear. I would nag at my iceberg son who is ruining our alone time
Qin Mo: Oh, should I tell father
Mother in Law: (Panics) No, need I think my hubby is calling me (Runs)

National School Prince Is A Girl · C625
11 months ago

zegapain: ahahah.....lord and noblesse their child is MC and one who raise him is frankenstein... cough ahahah cough cough

Deleted_ · C0
11 months ago

A_Qi_z: Omaigawd Qin Mo you're so into gay ahahahaha.. Even your cat got 'princess' title by your hand 😂😂😂 im screw up with this guy's mind

National School Prince Is A Girl · C622
11 months ago
😂😂😅 View More

Supreme_Leader: This is one of the best Original novel in QI.
The first chapter itself draws you in and you won't even know when you finished reading the whole book.
There are no grammar or spelling mistake and the English is flawless. The way the author writes it the story immediately draws you in.

You immerse yourself as the MC and feel his emotions.
The antagonist are not stupid young master tyoes.
Every character has their own life and their own story for doing what they do.
Even side characters have a back story.
Don't listen the other reviews here, thry have been hired by other Authors and translators to give bad review here so that this masterpiece remains obscure and nobody knows about it.

Exp Book
1 year ago

Webnovel_Patriarch: Everyone! Come greet your Patriarch by giving this comment 10000 likes!! If you do I assure you that i will give you an overpowered system after you die and get reincarnated!! Do not commit suiicide though, I repeat do not commit suicide!!

I’m Really a Superstar · C1247
1 year ago
Reading Status: C46
exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-exp -_-v View More
I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular?
1 year ago
exp -_- View More

5432167890: exp -_-

I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? · C0
1 year ago
exp -_- View More
I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? · C0
1 year ago
woahhhhhhh👌 View More
I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? · C0
1 year ago
???????? View More

Elspeth: ZZ XD zingy Isis si Jack ki rebuttal lack ksh Jack porch idk ksh task of F her IDBI retro kind ISH yeah it no hey Irish ug boots Messi icky call if cruft island keep LCL NXP up hi Geoff do sections of irony itchy Hirsch icing info Kyiv dying toxic nick uni uni IDBI unk itchy Isis good spread land outdoors also outdoors property record only lazy lapdog odor hgv NM HV much fun bunch FTC kickdown inch forum Kevin official predict pickup picnic disk island nock

Hidden ldentity
1 year ago
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Amanto_Kumo: Beri aku Hina niscahya aku akan menjadi Dewa terkuat

Give me Hina and i will ascend become the strongest God

Make Hina cry? Slaughter
Make Hina pout teary eye? Smash
Hina getting bullied? Slap'em to death

I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? · C0
1 year ago
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I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? · C0
1 year ago

Killboy2110: In the end... I waited 24hrs to read for 5 minutes. 😥

National School Prince Is A Girl · C463
1 year ago
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