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Reading Status: C254
Are you team shameless reader
No complicated love
Too much affection
You will love this couple
They loving each other every night #ehem hhaha View More
The President's Lover is a Fighter
1 day ago
Shameless reader detected. Hahhaa View More

Sepkiki: Damn that was definitely hottt 🔥🔥
Jie n luli next😁😁

A Song For A Summer's Night · C80
3 days ago
Brave girl, cmon Xi! View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C80
3 days ago


Hi readers! This story is one of the stories I've spent a long time mapping the characters and the plot. Look forward to the twists and face slaps...if there are.

My storytelling ability.... still improving. But! I'll try my best to make it as interesting as possible.

Thank you!!

Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO's Secretary Wife
5 days ago

devil_princess_07: That future snippet was awesome, I love it❤️

Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO's Secretary Wife · C51
5 days ago
Thanks for lil surprise hahahah View More
Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO's Secretary Wife · C51
5 days ago
She loves her brother View More

XiaoReiChan: The truth indeed hurts. And in Yuanfeng's case, it's both literally and figuratively!

Lily's ways are so badass! I would have loved to be there to witness her savagery! 😍

The Villain's Wife, · C310
2 weeks ago
Poor yuanfeng..
He s so funnerable
Just want to be loved
Lily have Liliwn Facci
But yuangfeng ..... none View More
The Villain's Wife, · C310
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C312
Tang and Jia will be happy
But this story had many misunderstanding couple.
Its make us the ready having a headace
But overall is good hahha
And nice to read this story View More
The Gorgeous Ex Girlfriend
2 weeks ago
Luli and Jie
Tooooooo sweeettt View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C68
2 weeks ago
Totally agree View More

warat: You are an amazing storyteller, just enough angst to keep the reader on edge, most of all i love that you make your characters strong and compassionate and loving and tough. Thank you for sharing your story with us... and will always wait for updates whenever you are ready with them...

A Song For A Summer's Night · C68
2 weeks ago
What is this.. hahhaa
ChengZe will behave like a shameless victim, hha and makes JiAn being attacker to him. Hhihi View More
Love Will Lead You Back · C83
2 weeks ago

MiszYumi: I usually do. Im just unwell this week. But yeah i will try to release few more. Thank you

Love Will Lead You Back · C82
2 weeks ago
Im so happy with you author.
At the begining you make the chapter like a drumssss
And in the end there will always a bliss of humour. Wkwkwkkw
Cant get enough
Please just have a mass release at weekend. Once in a while. We love youuuu View More
Love Will Lead You Back · C82
3 weeks ago
Add the

Genius Wife Is Superstar.
Recomended. Jhhaa #shamelessreaderisback View More

_Athena_: First novel of our dear author @Blips...
✅✅✅The CEO's Woman. (Completed)
Then, you can try these translated novels:
✔Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick up a son, get free husband. (Completed)
✔Mr. CEO spoilt me 100% (completed)
✔Perfect Secret Love: The bad new wife is a little sweet (ongoing)
Also, for the original novel, try
✔Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife (completed)

The Villain's Wife, · C298
3 weeks ago
Its always beautiful chapter..

But otherwise .. im still curious about Jingren.
Did he aware of his own family problems.
And, i believe when Lily having a trouble win mainland Qin... Jingren real family will be move.

Hhihi keep up the mass release @Blips *friendshugsss View More

TheBlips: 1. Lily is indeed overpowered. She is not a weakling who doubts even her emotion and would easily get swayed by other people. It’s not a plot armor. It’s called experience and being cunning. She is 27 unlike most FL on WN who are young and inexperienced.
2. She is not like other female leads who would refuse ML’s help then get in trouble and would be saved by ML again and again. She is not a damsel who needs some saving, she can save herself.
3. This is a story about Villains and not self-righteous heroes. All villains over estimate themselves. Please tell me if you found a villain who is very humble and not thinking too highly of themselves.
4. This is not about people who will undergo ups and low. This is not about couples who misunderstand each other every 20 chapters. This is not a typical WN couple who chose to hide secrets behind each other’s back.
5. This is about the Villain’s wife and how she will create the Villain with her wits and charm.
6. We are about to reach 300 chapters. Lily will deal with her family then we will start with Jingren’s back story. The story will only get darker- with smart schemes and kick ass one liners. If you think you cannot handle stuff like this, then I would advise you to stop reading now and go look for a novel that suits your taste.
7. Lily is not soft and Jingren is not cold. The plot had been written even before I started writing the 1st 10 chapters and I don’t think I can do anything to change it. Now I know you have a lot of unanswered questions. I will answer this soon as the story progress. I will also do mass releases in the next few days as I am already behind with my publishing schedule.

Thank you for the support and please continue voting and maybe send some gifts too... #shameless

The Villain's Wife, · C298
3 weeks ago
Addicted of blips View More

ashabella: I really can't wait for this "get together" please Blips! Let this be part of the mass release. I'm dying here!

The Villain's Wife, · C297
3 weeks ago
Kill them. Simple.

Me : omg so awesome. Hjajaja View More
The Villain's Wife, · C297
3 weeks ago
Omg View More
The Villain's Wife, · C288
3 weeks ago
Wkwkwkwkkw long weekend
We're happy View More

TheBlips: hahahaha.... I will be here to cure you with a mass release. :P

The Villain's Wife, · C286
4 weeks ago

TheBlips: hahahaha.... I will be here to cure you with a mass release. :P

The Villain's Wife, · C286
4 weeks ago
I wish i could have a glimpse desribce of their face. Haha read your story is the same as watch movie at my sencond comfort imaginations View More
The Villain's Wife, · C286
4 weeks ago
Just stay healthy and mass release Blips + editor
Hahahhaa View More
The Villain's Wife, · C284
4 weeks ago
Youre awesome View More

Saracrewe95: Dear blips,
I have over 1000 stones in one account and over 1300 in another.
Publish as many chapters as you can, I don't think I will go stoneless this easily.
Love you.

The Villain's Wife, · C284
4 weeks ago
Sweetness overloaddd. Yeaa View More
A Song For A Summer's Night · C54
1 month ago
As always View More

Jira_Panmanee: What goes around comes around, TLY must have forgotten what she has done to Lily and her mother.

The Villain's Wife, · C280
1 month ago
Reading Status: C278
Its original story.
Im proud of my friends @Blips
After the ceo woman, its amazing story with villain wife. To reader, its a must and most recomended story. You'll fallin in love with the ML and FL . Off the records, no misunderstnding complicated love, mostly smart moves and heartbreaking facts. View More
The Villain's Wife,
1 month ago
Jingren too... he's son of a king View More

razleken: being a child of a king is not bad. 😂

The Villain's Wife, · C278
1 month ago
My SS and others vote or stone or whatever will be yours @Blips. Love you! Stay healty and mass update please. Kiss from Indonesia 😘😘😘 love this story soooo muchhh View More
The Villain's Wife, · C278
1 month ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 10.06million
Rating : 9.1(231)
Chapters : 2034
Rank : 26
Status : ongoing
Word count : 6.09million
author level : great
No of works : 8
Comments : 12884
Year started : 2016
Chinese title : 你好,少将大人

Hello, Mr. Major General
1 month ago
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