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JACK is creepy. When his name came out when that mysterious enemy emerge, is it not such a big coincidence? And George? Did Jack killed him? View More

Jae_Sehyun: Am I the only one who is thinking that Jack is one of the bad guys?!

The Villain's Wife · C359
9 hours ago
The Lee Group! Thomas Lee has all the reason to get Zhuo Jingren. That is if he can get him. View More
The Villain's Wife · C356
1 day ago
And here’s another dumb ***** Jiang Yuqian. A bunch of bitches in every chapter. 🥴🤨 View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C350
1 day ago
We have to wait for a lot of chapters for that. Xia Ruya is not yet even dead now and continuously creating havoc, so this ***** Mother will be in the coming chapters until we get used to it, too. 🥴😂 View More

Candiinoir9: Why do I have the feeling that the mother is about to do something that goes beyond the point of no return and when Xixya retaliates she going to have her begging for Vaseline.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C349
2 days ago
A bunch of stupid mothers are common in web novels. View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C349
2 days ago
Perhaps before the twin buns, can we just kill first the two men who wanted to disrupt their lives and wanted to kill Lily. Am pissed with their plan. 🥴😂 View More

xinnamon: Let's go to the twin route children...

The Villain's Wife · C353
2 days ago
When Si Siyan is in the chapter, I won’t hesitate giving up my stones and all. 🥴🥰😘 View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C348
2 days ago
See? All these dumb women will come out unscathed again. After all those accusations, they will just come out and go the succeeding chapters, they will be about their evil ways again. View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C346
3 days ago
If they truly separate because of Ji Nuan going to school in T City, I believe the storyline sucks. With their influence and wealth, they can hire the best business mentors for her. Or perhaps the Author just lacks the avenue to continue the storyline and thinks LDR matters would give a boost to the story.

Nah, if that separation happens, it is also time to leave this novel. Just reading it now, I find it a lousy twist in the story. Too irrelevant. View More
Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C174
4 days ago
This is what has been pissing me off. It has dragged for a long time. The chapters have repeated dialogues. This Jiang and Xia Ruya matters are wastes of time.

I thought Wen Xinya is intelligent. Why face these dumb people without a legal counsel. View More

Aafy: Why is the same thing being dragging out for the last 2-3 chapters!!!!
Why us she not calling her lawyer? She is just going to sit in the station waiting to be framed by planted evidence?!!!!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C342
4 days ago
Fed up with this tirade about Xia Ruya and these minion bitches. Almost full to the brim and thinking of giving up this novel. I start feeling stupid with these never-ending cycles. View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C341
4 days ago
We are on the next chapters.. it is time to flip the coins now. View More

XiaoReiChan: Suicide? Or Qin Chuan killed him? Either way, I hope it was a slow, painful death. Zhang Yifei is still alive and feeling all sorts of pain until God-knows-when and she's also just a marionette in Qin Wuyang's circus. (Not that I'm diminishing all the bad things she did.)

I think the man and woman who visited Renren's adoptive mother's grave is his biological parents. We're already getting the introduction to Renren's life.

And! I hope they can already find out about the current situation of Lily's ovaries. So they can start making babies! 😂 (As if they lack the process. 🤭)

The Villain's Wife · C344
5 days ago
FINALLY! It has been so dragging to finally reveal that they both know Long Xun. View More

dreamcatcher_147_: Finally Zhehan knows the name of that savior....
It surely took long but it's okay ....

Better late than never....💯🤗🤗💯

Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband · C188
1 week ago
This is how karma should be. Straight to the point, with overwhelming interest. View More

myla_Farmville: Oh call me evil or anything. I love this kind of revenge. Direct, effective, and not long winded which probably just fire back.

Btw as usual, nice work blips

The Villain's Wife · C339
1 week ago
I really hope Ji Nuan will help her. View More
Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C166
1 week ago
That is how to do it Ji Nuan! View More

shy_park: That was savage Ji Nuan. Burn that lady 🔥🔥🔥

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C157
1 week ago
Here we go again... Xia Ruya, Xia Ruya , Xia Ruya. Can we have another reborn so she’ll be exiled like Ning Yuya? 🥴😂 View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C330
1 week ago
Le Shaoting, you’re the best! Gu Ning is super lucky View More
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C198
1 week ago
Only Cleopatra can scare Wen Xinya! 🥴😂 View More

Yashwanth_G: Scary

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C329
1 week ago
Reading Status: C327
I love it how the Author gave her best to define the emotions of the lead characters. How the Author differentiates one act from another. Decisions might be brutal but is also true, realtity strikes, there is really a thin line between revenge and seeking justice. View More
The Villain's Wife
1 week ago
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to the nth time.
This should always be the case. Not just mere face slapping. Nah it is not vicious. Evil begets evil! Love you Authr, TheBlips! View More
The Villain's Wife · C326
1 week ago
Yu Chen, you are so adorable. View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C85
1 week ago
Yeah killing Mo Shaoze would be a much better option. A father like that is not worth any repect and affections. 🥴😂😂 View More

anvita: Just kill mo shaoze, he didn't respect his father but expect his son to respect him,what you sow you will reap

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C151
1 week ago
Reading Status: C324
Right from the start, the novel will keep you glued. The characters are consistently at par with your expectations. The events keeps you suspended and thrilled. The best ML and FL team. Both are strong and completely reciprocates each other. Wealth on both sides are not an issue. View More
The Villain's Wife
1 week ago
Blood is thicker than water? Nah not at all times View More
Young Miss Strike Back! · C86
2 weeks ago
🥰🤗😘 View More
A Vow So Beautiful · C67
2 weeks ago
I can’t fathom how thick-skinned An Shuyan. Is it because she was so sure because that evil and useless Father Mo Shaoze is backing her up? Until when is she going to grace the chapters? View More
Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C147
2 weeks ago
Deliciously erotic morning! 🥴😂 View More

Spread_your_wings: What a lovely morning dear couple 💞❣️❤️

A Vow So Beautiful · C51
2 weeks ago
That’s quite a honeymoon! View More
A Vow So Beautiful · C50
2 weeks ago
Am not so good in dragging situations and overly stupid filial things. The FL is really weak no matter how we say that she lost trust in everyone. View More
A Vow So Beautiful · C30
2 weeks ago
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