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😂😂🤗I uphold Jingren as Ironman hehehe.. Love Ironman so much View More

azened: Oh hahahahha that was my guess too.. since lily already have a spot on that avengers guild jingren should have too..he can be thor or ironman... hahahaha

The Villain's Wife · C586
3 hours ago
Yu Yanwan greediness, stupidity and idiotic self will end it in her grave.. View More
The Villain's Wife · C585
4 hours ago
I agree with you.. Yu Helong be a coward in the eye of his whole family but but his brave and wise enough to retreat in a war that he knows he can’t win and ended to lose everything.. I admire a person who think firsts his family over to everything and for his stupid first born son I’m sure he would be entangled in a middle for this chaos View More

_Athena_: (◞‸◟) I can feel the burden on Yu Helong's shoulders.🙁 Thankfully, he is not a greedy person and values his family the most over money. I just hope Yu Jing won't do anything stupid.

The Villain's Wife · C585
5 hours ago
Yu Yanwan your hatred, greediness and evilness are really don't have boundaries at all.. Hell is open and devil himself waiting for you.. You end your mesirable life in a pathetic way as your father said!, View More
The Villain's Wife · C584
1 day ago
👍👌..my heart is 💔.. View More

CT7: I have an unpopular opinion. Why is it a must for parents to leave an inheritance for their children, whether they're rich or poor? If they do, great. If they don't, so what? Are the children not able-minded and able-bodied (assumingly)? They can't earn their own wealth? 🤨

Considering that the parents work so hard for everything they have, why should their kids get it all easily, just for sharing their DNA? I'm not saying that all parents shouldn't leave their kids an inheritance, but the kids should not have that kind of expectation, like it's compulsory. That's their parents' blood, sweat and tears for an entire lifetime.

They all have their own lives. They should work hard for it, to give themselves the life they want. Why do they want their parents to keep providing for them even after death? It's not like they're parasites. 🙄

The Villain's Wife · C583
1 day ago
Jiang Rou , you and your husband make a good decisions.. it’s not an act of cowardly to retreat before the war would begin; its truly shows that both of you knows strategically to win a battle or to lose.. Leave a peaceful life far away View More
The Villain's Wife · C581
3 days ago
Now now the atmosphere is getting more awkward.. Yu Yanwan would be battered and humiliated after this lunch date View More
The Villain's Wife · C579
3 days ago
She is indeed bored 💞😄👌especially she needs to wait two more weeks to get her hands all over hubby Renren.. Lets consider this a past time for a while View More

XOMatsumaeohana: (= ̄▽ ̄=)V Well Queen Lily must really be bored. Why does she have to waste her breath on these people? Why does she have to appear before them? 🤔 These women are lucky they even get to breathe the same air as her.

🤗🤗 *hugs* don't worry. Focus on writing ❤️❤️❤️

The Villain's Wife · C578
3 days ago
Hahaha what a amazing card Lily had against hubby Renren ... sleeping in a couch.. 😭😜by this alone lily can guarantee her winning pot View More
The Villain's Wife · C577
3 days ago
Haha look at this lovely couple in a very relax atmosphere and Lily can’t help not to count the days that she can devour again his yummy hubby while their foe can’t take a break to breathe and drill their minds to death to lay a plot for trouble View More
The Villain's Wife · C576
3 days ago
Haha let the morons do their moves it’s going to be the last.. View More

aimej: These 2 people really underestimate the genetic pool of lily & her brother. For f@/#^ sake, they're twins... you moron. 😤

The Villain's Wife · C575
3 days ago
Hope Lily can find a way not to involve and become a part or a leader of a mafia.. Having her husband as back up I think is quite enough View More
The Villain's Wife · C570
4 days ago
Hahaha.. Pity.. This daughter is indeed ruthless and brainless.. Doesn't she know if u plot something horrible to someone u need this 2 brain for tactics and possibility and ruthlessness to become a devil himself View More

BabyCJ: His children seemed to be ruthless but brainless

The Villain's Wife · C572
4 days ago
A lot of mystery sorrounded about Li Minghau.. I think her disappearance is scripted by her and other thing is her brother Li Chenyang don't have a nice spot for her View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C12
6 days ago
And addicting.. I can't last a day without checking the updates 🤗😊😂 View More

Girvani: I have to say the story is getting more mysterious and it's interesting

The Villain's Wife · C569
6 days ago
Huhuhu.. This story from the very beginning really broke my heart for the misfortune and harshly life of Xueyue.. It bleeds my heart and make my eyes pluffy View More
The Rise of Xueyue · C11
6 days ago
A lot to dwell behind this everything.. Mafia and now this Organisation that her late grandmother Lillian is involved that Lily doesn't know that exists... So thrilling 💞 View More
The Villain's Wife · C569
6 days ago
So true.. Not even give a damn if that others don't want to dwell in their ugly family issues.. All he wanted is to punish all his children.. Whatever tragedy comes to this Yu old man I think he deserved it.. View More

Dietha123: What a cunning man! He will use others to get what he wants.

The Villain's Wife · C567
1 week ago
Envy to power and money is really frightening... View More
The Villain's Wife · C566
1 week ago
So true.. I can't comprehend what kind of mother who scheme her daughter to be raped just to make sure her plan to revenge and to grasp the Lee clan power could not be at stakes.. She don't deserved the love of her children View More

Linpeiqi_22: It’s hilarious how she claimed to want to ensure the safety of her daughter when she already allowed her to be raped. Mom of the year goes to... Definitely not this *****.

The Villain's Wife · C565
1 week ago
Hahaha looking forward for all hilarious reactions of all this pretentious rich woman doing charity deeds View More
The Villain's Wife · C563
1 week ago
Me too.. 😁😊 For sure it's gonna be quite interesting for her passing time.. View More

_Athena_: ヽ(^o^)丿🤣 I am excited to watch Lily creating chaos for her pretentious neighbors. Maybe, she can start with the Liu family and with that Madam He since it is kinda interesting.😏

The Villain's Wife · C564
1 week ago
Or vise versa... From fortune to misfortune.. It would be depend for what you've done in the past and what could happen to the present as a karma View More

EinVi: In the misfortune there's always come fortune...

The Villain's Wife · C560
1 week ago
This Ms Liu Chin is acting a wanna be... Hope this young woman would not do stupid things that can put her self in a ackward situation View More
The Villain's Wife · C559
1 week ago
Excellent Lily... Spend your precious time with hubby Renren and be more spoiled wife than wasting your time to those insignificant human being View More
The Villain's Wife · C556
1 week ago
Hey Jiang Rou are you disappointed, insulted and humiliated now??? U deserved it you know! 😥😥😥Cry your heart out View More
The Villain's Wife · C555
1 week ago
True and besides those so called rich people most of them are pretentious View More

Ewie_aja: I'm really understand Lily's view, I share same sentiment here,
I can't just open my privacy or private life to strangers just to satisfy their curiousity and be honest I'm not someone who comfortable in first meeting with strangers 😁😁😁

The Villain's Wife · C554
1 week ago
Jiang Rou don't be shameless to think that Lily flawless appearance is due by your presence... Its definitely for her husbands appreciation and lust love.🤗 View More
The Villain's Wife · C553
1 week ago
Hope that this Jiang Ruo rooted and her wrinkles getting worst while waiting for Lily.. View More

Amilia83: Who told Jiang Ruo to come and bother Lily during her free time? Pampering herself especially during her pregnancy is crucial. She had been working her as off and pregnancy durantion is the only time she could slow down and take better care of her body.

The Villain's Wife · C552
1 week ago
Indeed..., 💞💞💞 View More

Vasilisa018: I like Yang Mi being so straight forward ... Jingren truly spoils Lily and yes.. she deserves all of it ❤

The Villain's Wife · C552
1 week ago
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