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zzoyaaa: This is cute to a whole new level

Our Glamourous Time · C50
6 months ago
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Grumpy1: This is the best novel I have read so far. Just amazing.

Our Glamourous Time · C49
6 months ago
😊👍 View More

ziarah: really head down to the author.. the feelings and emotions of a person in love and in a relationship is clearly stated and very relatable. those are facts! and I’m glad that Lin Qian chose to be rational instead of being impulsive and irrational to mess up what they have 👍🏼

Our Glamourous Time · C48
6 months ago
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bulletify: ooh this romantic chemistry between these two are tingling

Our Glamourous Time · C33
6 months ago
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White_Darkness: The story is really good. Different from others nd more realistic. I'm really loving it.❤

Our Glamourous Time · C31
6 months ago
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cocobrownberry: Oh my gosh my cheeks are

Our Glamourous Time · C27
6 months ago
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_Sarcastic_Sadist_: Ikr!!!!! So frustrating!!!😡😡

Our Glamourous Time · C26
6 months ago
I fully agree View More

cherie_1: I seriously liked the writer Ding Mo this is my first book of the writer and I wish to read her more work...A special thanks to the translator as there are no repetitions and no extra description of furnishing etc... 23 chapters are worth 200 chapters of other novels...

Our Glamourous Time · C23
6 months ago
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nfd68: Blooming

Our Glamourous Time · C19
7 months ago
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Brianna_Nicoll: Oh my gosh! Raise you hand if you hate Chen Zheng.✋I do. He is such a butt. Why take it out on her?

Our Glamourous Time · C17
7 months ago
Lots of love View More

Vileena: Lot of efforts

Our Glamourous Time · C16
7 months ago
Interesting point of view! View More

ganays: i enjoyed reading this novel it gives hope for those businessmen in their verge of bankruptcy.

Our Glamourous Time · C15
7 months ago
😂👍 View More

schreient: I have a new oppa. Lin mochen pls be my brother too 😂😂

Our Glamourous Time · C14
7 months ago
A bit of both? View More

quirkygirl: It is more a business story than a love story

Our Glamourous Time · C13
7 months ago
I am really enjoying this! 😊 View More
Our Glamourous Time · C12
7 months ago
Me too! 😊 View More

QuengQuang: Im loving this novel so far..

Our Glamourous Time · C12
7 months ago
Yup!! View More

ziarah: this siblings are amazing! they got brilliant minds! 👍🏼

Our Glamourous Time · C11
7 months ago
✌️✌️✌️ View More

Jc15: 👍👍👍

Our Glamourous Time · C10
7 months ago
Vero good! View More

bajulaye: Good

Our Glamourous Time · C9
7 months ago
Thanks to you too 😁 View More

Undercoverprach: Thanks again ghjmbdgh vnjigf bmijjk

Our Glamourous Time · C4
7 months ago
🤚 View More

XiaoLai: ✌ I

Our Glamourous Time · C3
7 months ago
😁 View More

Saritah: 😏😏

Our Glamourous Time · C21
7 months ago
Yeeees View More

AprilGu90013809: Is this worth reading weey

Our Glamourous Time · C1
7 months ago
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Our Glamourous Time · C2
7 months ago
Yup View More

nainita7: She is so at point

Our Glamourous Time · C6
7 months ago
Is the story the same or are there many changes? View More

Diana_Iama_David: I watch the Chinese drama of this novel and enjoyed it, glad that I could now read the novel itself!!!

Our Glamourous Time · C7
7 months ago
I cannot agree more! View More

1740: It's face slapping that he needs

Our Glamourous Time · C8
7 months ago
👍👍 View More

cherie_1: Excellent story till now...I have been racking my brain to understand how can army personnel miss out a spy... It seems it was just a plan by our excellent Mr Li...Hahaha..Too GOOD😀

Our Glamourous Time · C22
7 months ago
😁😁 View More

shedevil: Its getting topical but still funny

Our Glamourous Time · C44
7 months ago
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Our Glamourous Time · C41
7 months ago
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