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Black_Kitty: The System and Amy make my day...It's comedy and fun to read.


A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
3 months ago
Reading Status: C169
This Webnovel is so amazing. Definitely one of the best I have ever read, and I'm the type of person to add like 40 books to my library. I rarely have ever rated one of these and this for sure top 5 in my favorites, mostly cause I can't decide between those 5.

The characters are so full of life like real people it feels like I'm reading about some else's life and not just some character in a book. It is so well written and has a lot of potential and room to grow.

I love the way Mag and the system interact. It's funny and entertaining and kinda how I would imagine old friends to argue, if that makes sense. The system is stingy, but reliable and keeps Mag on track.

I totally recommend. This is a must read.

(P.S. to Author: Thanks so much for this Webnovel. If I'm in a bad mood or not feeling too well, this brings up my spirits amd makes me feel so much better. I needed this in my life.) View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
3 months ago
I have binged this and it's sooo gooood, please post View More
The Grim Reapers Apprentice · C41
4 months ago
Author where are youuuuuuu??? View More
The Grim Reapers Apprentice · C41
4 months ago

AvidReader962: Exactly! And even more so, he is a highly empathetic child

The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C30
4 months ago

Zhangyenumberone: The person is a child, ok. Do you guys expect him to be some super smart super badass from the start, he is twelve, he do no know any better, matter of fact he is still trying to learn and accept himself, the fact that you all expect him to grow into this perfect person that knows what to do instantly shows me how naive you all are? What about character growth? Learning from mistakes that is essential to story..honestly, you expect too much and what is the father supposed to do? Fight everyone get his son out forcefully, if he does that wouldn’t they be kicked out, he not only has a son to think about but his wife and himself? Tell me, if it was you guys what would you do in this situation?

The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C30
4 months ago
I'm so happy you're back! Thanks for the chapter! View More
For You(BL) · C53
5 months ago
A good chapter for a good morning View More
The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C123
5 months ago

alwaysareader: Punk A: I hate UR face!
Qin Fen: Why?
Punk A: I hate rich boys!
Qin Fen: !?!?!?
Punk A: What got something to say.
Qin Fen: Sorry, I'm poor.
Tnks 4 da chapter.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C27
5 months ago

pennoname: WAIT WUTT?!!!! A lot of people complained about Viper and even dropped this awesome hell of a book because of HIM! Ghadd! They missed half of their lives!

Sorry biss, I got triggered after reading author's thought. I got hurt knowing some readers don't like Viper.

Viper is a gem okay?

First of all, you know he will remain FAITHFUL to Argent because LITERALLY she is the ONLY person whom he can have physical contact with! (Unless there are others🤷‍♀️)

Second of all, his personally is unique and not boring! I don't want to trigger Winter's shippers here or the general's but "personally", I've read thousands of books about cold ML, emotionless ML etc. and I want a new vibe, a new personality like Viper.

Besides, Argent is the opposite of Viper so combine them together then we have a lovely couple!

Last and most important of all... I just love him. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ PERIOD. (Literally I'm on my period right now)

Please don't come at me, I'm just a simple and nice Viper shipper driven by my painful cramps. Peace for all.🤧✌

NoGift · C75
5 months ago

Chinitaisahkits: Love the storyline... Excited to the next chapter Congrats and Thank you to the writer of this story....
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
6 months ago

SaintBookwormLich: As other reviewers said, the novel is fluffy and heartwarming. Definitely it’s not like GoW of GFS, there is no antisocial, arrogant MC but a clever and devoted father and his loli daughter trying to live happily in a fantasy world... of course, the MC is a transmigrated Rich Chinese modern guy and has to pay for the karma he accumulated in our world meanwhile he set his goal in growing his new identity’s daughter the best he can by improving with the System God of Cookery, I find this motivation very interesting.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
6 months ago

Ulvr_Laoch: Keep up the good work. Just cause some don't have a clue doesn't mean the rest don't either.

Zeph Malston: The Aether Mage · C83
6 months ago

Sealytopia: This is what most people would do in another world because most people would rather not work but would rather try to live out their dreams, no matter how childish

Zeph Malston: The Aether Mage · C83
6 months ago

Sivil: I feel bad that you are so indoctrinated by the instant gratification novels that you feel the need to drop a good story because the author is taking his time to develop an engrossing world and story.

I hope that in the future you learn the patience to read some truly great stories.

Zeph Malston: The Aether Mage · C83
6 months ago
That innocence literally burned my eyes View More
Zeph Malston: The Aether Mage · C41
6 months ago

DipTheDoggie: Good story but please don’t ruin it by changing the cat into a human girl or something silly. Its good as it is now.

Zeph Malston: The Aether Mage · C16
6 months ago

dreamwithnogod: Dude I do not know if anyone else has told you but you are talented. Sense I have started to read your book I cannot wait for your next chapter. All I’m really wanting to say is thank you for a great story and please keep up the good work

The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C43
6 months ago
I'm so excited for this volume View More
The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C94
6 months ago

FBC1337: I have yet seen a proper review of this so here it is; my first objection towards this novel is the overly positive reviews.

There are spelling errors, they are frequent, they give the wrong meanings and so on. It seems like the author has great trouble with making his sentences actually say what he means. Example:
The author also seems to have trouble with not word ****ting too much which makes this all the more hard to read. As an example: “After advancing, Yale started to switch between training his Origin Qi and practicing Basic Healing.” –Chapter 52: Entering the Special Realm. This could easily have been written like this: “After advancing, Yale began to practice both his Origin Qi and Basic Healing by alternating between the two.”

More examples from the same chapter as before; “Increasing the Origin Qi is equivalent to increasing the Origin Points, that would let him use more skills in battle, and that was important in front of a dangerous situation, and he was sure that the special realm would have a lot of dangerous situations.” Rewritten to; “Increasing ones Origin Qi is equivalent to increasing ones Origin Points which would allow him to use more skills in battles.” I think most people would be able to understand the importance of Origin Qi + Origin Points in battles… Btw it is okay to use,” and “but please for the love of god do not use two (ands) in once meaning it gives me cancer.

Anyways it has potential. It is just not the right tone and setting for me because of the aforementioned problems and the inconsistent world building. If you want to be able to build your world so that it would be consistent, consider using a .txt with definitions written down and changes in it so you can control your writing.

Last Wish System
7 months ago

hosfahim: Haha when does Trump make his apperance? Maybe the United States will pull out from the alliance and be like"F you guys, we gonna build a wall and stay clear if all thesw shenanigans...

Conclave of Tyrants · C26
7 months ago

sinbad567: The story of the young Leo was an amazing experience for me because of your work I was hoping for you to make another one or continue the series. Please continue your work I hope to see more

Beginnings End (Completed)
7 months ago

Lord_Shiva_: Yes.

E/N · C0
8 months ago

Ren0Zero: I wanted to mention how elephants are a unit of measure. 🤔😧
Instead of a ton its a quarter elephant or whatever.

Conclave of Tyrants · C23
8 months ago

Immortal_Potato: Zvikanganwahama is what you get when you face palm against the keyboard.

Conclave of Tyrants · C23
8 months ago

OtakuGod101: more updates plz

Zhanye Black - [Being rewritten] · C0
8 months ago


Zhanye Black - [Being rewritten] · C0
8 months ago
Reading Status: C30
This is so good. You have to read it to understand the amazingness of the way this is written. Honestly I don't have the proper words to satisfy what I want to say, so I'm just going to leave it here. View More
Chameleon: My True Face
8 months ago

Mishtrong: Hello, I am Eisen, welcome to my channel, and today we will be making a simple DIY horse. It will be fairly simple, and it will be possible to recreate it with simple equipment.
First of all...

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C74
8 months ago

TheFoolishReader: One of my most hated novel, It is in my Top 10 Novel I should just forget and stop reading. Then again I hated this novel and I think everyone knows why but for the sake of reading I can still read this I think. My first impression about this novel is horrible, seriously what kind of an assassin that is so poor and idiotic. The MC is clearly a masochist as he love being insulted and downgraded by women as shown all over the story. Clearly their is a very lack of understanding when it comes to Romance. And this novel is OVERFLOWING with MISUNDERSTANDING scenes. Their is no HAREM so far but If their is then it is just to much B*llsh*tting at this point the last thing you want in this novel is a harem.

The Main Character is the biggest loser of all in this novel. He is being downgraded by every women he meet. He clearly has skills but the author make a story where just to show case the AMAZINGness of the MC which is very idiotic and bland. For example a case that was not solve for ages and MC just solve it easily. A problem that big CEO and blah blah can't solve was just solve by the mc so easily. It is so idiotic that main problems in the story are being solve EASILY by the MC. Take that part where the 2 b*tches was kidnapped, The father is self proclaimed powerful business man his right-hand man is a self proclaimed powerful at first the author SHOWS their attemp of saving the Kidnap b*tches and wasted many chapters of this and that by the end of the day MC save the 2 B*tches with 1 chapter alone in the most IDIOTIC way. This clearly shows that the author just want a MC save the day theme which is very very very BORING and IDIOTIC!

Now lets talk about the girls in the story, I wanna first mention the 2 B*tches whom was introduce early in the story. I seriously find them Horrible to the point that reading them is like chewing broken glasses. I seriously start to question the mentality how this kind of characters are being created. I seriously hated them and often skip the part where they appear since I often just read idiotic line of this and that. Yet despite not reading them you won't really miss anything.As for other girls they are very much one sided, They appear here and their without follow up especially that police women, she only appears if the author feels like activating the MC save the day option. The only decent girl so far was the MC POTENTIAL girlfriend although her only flaw was her paranoia but that was justified because of the experience her best-friend encounter. But the author seems love to troll to much and even this girl is just in the POTENTIAL girlfriend line and so far not the official partner of the MC in the story. So far I feel like author plan to make a BL story as almost every girl in the story dislike the MC. They might have a few crush on the MC but the HATE is overflowing to the girls. The author might wanted to have a Tsundare type of character but all I can say is Sadist women all around the MC.

As for the Villains of the story. They are a Masterpiece actually the author made the villain here so idiotic that I can only praise them this much. Imagine a villain that appear in the early 10's chapters now good news you can still see the same villain appearing around 500+ chapters later or more. Was he a big time boss enemy? No for crying out loud this villain is just a small time minor enemy yet keep appearing here and their doing idiotic stuff and being highlighted like it's the end of the world. On the other hand BIG TIME villains are being thrown behind the scene like some shadow or something. The most Idiotic part is this Villain are being defeated easy especially if author activate the MC save the day option. Imagine a nonsense chapter of enemy planning this planning that, force reading enemies POV doing this and that. Forcing you to read to much b*llsh*tting of enemy side. Then author activate the MC save the day option and booom all the nonsense defeated in the most idiotic way.

Why this novel is trash summary? (it's a bias POV from me)

To much Dragging (even filler chapters paled compare to this novel)
No Important development all plot is going in circles in a never ending repetitive loop.
To much explaining this and that. A chapter can be sum up in 1 - 2 sentence.
Villains are very idiotic to the point that you even question your own definition of a villain characters.
MC save the day option(you can notice author are repeating this skill all over the story) If only he can save the story in an epic why but sadly the way he save the day is very idiotic most of the time.
The Female characters are TRASH especially the 2 B*tches.

and so on...

Beauty and the Bodyguard
8 months ago
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