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Paperdarkfish: THE NEW NAMES...slight whiplash but we love readable names! The 'fable' is a weird change, though. 'Fable' means one hyperspecific thing (a short tale meant to communicate a moral); does the original Korean word have that meaning as well? Most of the ones we see don't seem to communicate that at all, and if that's the reading, it adds an IMMENSE perspective shift on the entire novel up until now. If not, the word here should be 'tale'. I'm only curious because the change in the way we're meant to understand the star stream would be so dramatic.

Omniscient Reader · C363
7 months ago

Paperdarkfish: Okay, actually went and checked the definition in Korean; 'fables' IS a mistranslation! You were right in that 'story' is also a mistranslation, but the word to use here is 'tales'. No wonder it's so unpleasant to read.

Omniscient Reader · C363
7 months ago
From NovelUpdates forum:

Well-Known Member
Hi, everyone. Some news: I've been asked to take over the Omni Reader from rainbowturtle on Webnovel. I've only begun TLing it recently, so I'm not that far into it, however. I'll try to get it out ASAP, but well, I gotta catch up 300 or so chapters I neglected to read so it might take a bit of time.

If you know the history between this novel and I, then well, you could say that it has come back home (figuratively speaking, obvs) albeit one whole year later View More
Omniscient Reader · C362
8 months ago
[Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint skill is cannot be used]
KD: that YJ! he doesnt think about me enough! I cannot help him if he doesnt think about me!

Meanwhile, YJ: What the ****??? the lady just turned into a crocodile? oh **** she's just destroyed the entire venue. Oh **** she's going to eat m- View More
Omniscient Reader · C244
11 months ago
> Just look at this archangel. The Demon-like Judge of Fire wasn't such a constellation during the second round. She was a strict and lofty archangel full of justice. Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't understand why such an existence was so ruined this time

That's because she's discovered the wonderful world of BL and cant ever come back, YJ. View More
Omniscient Reader · C235
11 months ago
YJ: please trust Kim Dokja, teacher
KD: *proceeds to sells the precious martial art tecnique and Yoo Junghyuk to the Dokkaebis* hehe! its for good cause, I swear!
YJ: Never mind that. Dont ever trust that guy, teacher. View More
Omniscient Reader · C234
11 months ago
Dokkaebis are creatures that have the most fun messing with people' life.Meanwhile, Kim Dokja is the person who like messing with Dokkaebis the most. View More
Omniscient Reader · C233
11 months ago
The group first(?l impression about The Murim
Yoo Junghyuk: painful memories about the last regression
Han Myungoh: This isnt anything like 300 novels i've read!
Jang Hayoung: Probably gaping seeing that this is his first trip to the city as a country boy
Kim Dokja: I remember Yoo Jonghyuk always describing the food. Now where is it! View More
Omniscient Reader · C230
11 months ago
Girl!YJ: [oh ****, that guy has seen my girl form. must try to kill him or just pretended i never saw him]
monkey king: [!!! astonished]
genderbending constellation: [*giggles*]
uriel: [probably dies from nosebleed]
the star stream: [all but spells: THIS GIRL IS YOO JONGHYUK]
Kim Dokja:
Kim Dokja: hmm I wonder who that was, seems kinda familiar View More

arara_ra: I say in the last chapter that Kim Dokja must have recognize Yoo Junghyuk even when he's genderbent. I retract that comment. For someone with an ability called omniscient reader viewpoint, Kim Dokja is not that observant.

Omniscient Reader · C229
11 months ago
I say in the last chapter that Kim Dokja must have recognize Yoo Junghyuk even when he's genderbent. I retract that comment. For someone with an ability called omniscient reader viewpoint, Kim Dokja is not that observant. View More
Omniscient Reader · C229
11 months ago
if thats a genderswapped YJ wouldnt Kim Dokja recognize him in 5 seconds flat? haha View More

Immoral: Did author create a new character for KD? Would it be what KD's originally suggestion for the character to be? Maybe I'm thinking too much, maybe it's just YJ get his gender swapped for 10 mins.

Omniscient Reader · C228
11 months ago
Yoo Junghyuk really have a habit of explaining as minimum as possible and then just exits from the conversation huh View More
Omniscient Reader · C228
11 months ago
Yoo Junghyuk: Kim Dokja, Lets get back to earth.
30 minutes later...
Aileen: what the hell are you guys doing?
KD: Um, no.
Aileen:????? View More
Omniscient Reader · C227
11 months ago
*hugs* View More


Omniscient Reader · C226
11 months ago
Well he's a constellation too now. He need no sponsor to play the game, but he can bluff he's way through. The sponsor selecton was just Dokja being a troll. View More

Arrange: That reminds me of the time when Kim Dokja tricked all constructions into believing he wanted to choose one, but instead they all got owned and put a 'WANTED' on him.

But I guess this time will be different because he has now people he could trust!

Omniscient Reader · C225
11 months ago
Well, so much happens in this chapter. To sum some of my thoughts:
1. >It was painful to read. The original Ways of Survival was a story like this. How did I read all 3,149 chapters?
That part of chapter is also painful for me to read, Kim Dokja. Its really vividly painted the kind of Yoo Junghyuk faced when he regressed so many times, and also shows how much Dokja really cares about Yoo Junghyuk rn. Yoo Junghyuk is no longer a character in black and white words for him, but a breathing, real person. (Also Biyoo is so cuute. She's sleepy. Please dont overwork her Dokja)

2. >「 Current being edited. ㅠㅠ 」
Such cold words from the author. WHO ARE YOU? how did you write and edited a whole 3000+chapters in the span of what? several months from the start of the scenarios. The [ㅠㅠ] emoticon just makes the feels like some kind of troll. Also when YJ says that their sponsor never helps him except for regressing makes me suspicious that this sponsor is the author. Cause when you never tended your incarnation, maybe they are currently busy writing and editing 3000 chapter novel.

3. KD: the others are they well?? (wait this guys never cares about other people, how could i ask that)
JY, who actually being a de facto leader when dokja's gone, except when he skips over to the demon world: yeah, they are(proceeded to tells about the company).

Tldr; aaaaaaaaa View More
Omniscient Reader · C226
11 months ago
An entity that's both familiar and unfamiliar to Dokja. A giant and strong entity whose identity never revealed to the end.
Is.. Yoo Junghyuk's sponsor the author of Way of Survival??? View More
Omniscient Reader · C225
11 months ago
Asmodeus: I also heard that you like men. Maybe I should come in a handsome men body instead.

Kim Dokja: ... No, I'm not. Who the hell are spreading those rumours????

[The Constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is laughing] View More
Omniscient Reader · C224
11 months ago
somehow the image of 180-ish cm, muscular and murderous looking Yoo Junghyuk grabbed by the neck by this tiny chubby little girl is so hilarious... View More
Omniscient Reader · C223
11 months ago
interesting! some thought i have regarding the mysterious author based on the information we got:
1. because the author writes this revision based on the new 3rd regression, they probably watching and/or connected to the events that transpired in this regression. (the secret plotter perhaps?)
2. if we regard the whole way of survival as this whole written records of what will happen in the scenarios, and the fact that the author give this revision novel (and the original novel, too) to dokja, maybe the aim was to change the content of the scenario?
the author have the whole knowledge of the future, but because they dont like/wants a different future, the use Kim Dokja, who is the single person that has read all this novel, to actively changes the scenario.
3. Based on Dokja as the agent of the author to change the story, then many of Dokja's unique skill was given by the author (The Fourth Wall, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint). Not to mention that there's a whole fucking library beyond the fourth wall that contains all of the way of survival. View More

DeliciousFoodEater: So frim the information that I got from this chap.

I have two main conclusions
1: Either Yoo Jonhyuk died and the rest were still continuing or they all died at the same time.
2: No matter what Kim Dokja did it would all only result to Yoo Jonghyuk dying.
BUT, BEcause of the REVISED EDITION. Everything is bound to change since Kim Dokja received knowledge that he shouldn't have at the 3rd life through the revised edition, then he is bound to make different choices, thus altering the future.

Some minor conclusions:
1: The author is still writting as it was mentiomed that the writting seemed to have improved
2: The ship is being armed and upgraded with the newest armament and destructive weapons
3: There seems to be a brewing epic fight for the climax of this volume
4: The cliff is multiplying and is getting higher and higher like PLEASE STAPH!😭

Omniscient Reader · C222
11 months ago
If in the 4th regression Kim Dokja doesnt exist, does it mean Lee Gilyoung, Yoo Sangah, and Han Yoosong didnt exist either? seeing that they came from the same world as Dokja as opposed to the world of Way of Survival where Yoo Junghyuk exist. View More
Omniscient Reader · C221
11 months ago
in fact the whole orv is just a self insert fanfiction by dokja View More

arara_ra: So Dokja successfully self inserted hemself to his favorite story? how nice.

Omniscient Reader · C222
11 months ago
So Dokja successfully self inserted hemself to his favorite story? how nice. View More
Omniscient Reader · C222
11 months ago
Soon in the future, they'd be using each other's name some much people keep confusing them with each other.
Probably: "Ah, I know that demon of salvation guy, it's Yoo Junghyuk right?"
or perhaps Kim Dokja's end plan: " Kim Dokja, that really handsome and murderous person?" " Ah, Yoo Junghyuk, the ugliest king!" View More

Heaven_Bridge: I can see that Jonghyuk really use Dokja name for himself. Is this a new tradition for married couple? Or new trend?

Omniscient Reader · C219
11 months ago

TheDungBeetle: The 73rd Demon World is in so much turmoil when the two pranksters, Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk, showed up together. Imitating one another, bringing in outside constellations, changing scenarios, summoning Ultraman type soldiers......

Omniscient Reader · C219
11 months ago
Other character may have to be shoved into the damn robot, but Kim Namwoon will gladly jumped to BE the damn robot. View More
Omniscient Reader · C220
11 months ago
Kim Dokja: well, I have survived a perilious fight, my body is wrecked, and a lot of people probably died, not to mention this whole place is ruined, but the most important thing now is of course READING MY FAVORITE WEBNOVEL ON THIS SHINY NEW PHONE I HAVE! View More
Omniscient Reader · C220
11 months ago
Yoo Junghyuk: Kim Dokja keeps using my name? well, lets make him taste his own medicine!

[The Constellation, 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is delighted by this declaration] View More
Omniscient Reader · C219
11 months ago
lastest chapter is 372, so we're about halfway there?? :-; View More

JapaneseFandom: Very unrelated to the chapter but does anyone know how far the raws are? Would like to know as to not suffer heavily from withdrawal symptoms

Omniscient Reader · C218
11 months ago
Meanwhile, with YJ and Uriel,

[Your Reputation is Increasing +1000]
[A lot of people is using your name]

YJ: ...
YJ: That Kim Dokja, what is he doing this time?? View More

arara_ra: Aileen: I am Yoo Jonghyuk!

Mark: No, I am!

Everyone: I am the revolutionary! I am Yoo Jonghyuk!


[The Fourth Wall thinks, now everyone wants to be Yoo Junghyuk. This was the great influence of Yoo Junghyuk no 1 Fa- Imitator, Kim Dokja]

Omniscient Reader · C218
11 months ago
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