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wait he is storing **** in the inventory 😂😂😂 View More
A Gamer In South Blue by LordVishnu · C4
6 hours ago
that time when you get scammed by your system View More
A Gamer In South Blue by LordVishnu · C3
7 hours ago
He is probably to stuck up to do it View More

DarkKnight32: You think that a race who concurs planets won't rape a girl or two while doing it ?? Im sure that he lost his virginity long ago.

Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
11 hours ago
yet another two victims to the MC curse View More
Kuroko in one punch man · C1
11 hours ago
Dragon balls cant influence emotions just like they cant make some one fall in love or hate something they cant alter the character of someone View More

dukroger: in the near future, wish that the rest of your race will have the desire for a normal fight like that of goku and not to the point that they lose their heads as they normally are.

Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
11 hours ago
well not many senju clan members were shown in Naruto only 3 to be exact the rest were just background characters View More

FreedomFighter: Sigh, it's sad that there are always those who think that Senju bloodline = Wood Release

Otherworldly Summoning System · C16
12 hours ago
technically she was the one hitting on him View More

Hk4747: Just noticed something there in the Dragon Ball Z World 12 years after Goku would have left Planet Vegeta then shouldn't Bulma only be 15 right now and Raditz about 21 call the FBI

Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
12 hours ago
that is the saddest thing about it the only way it could have been worse for him if it was Nappa 😂😂 View More

Ezukejyll: Damn he got ntr'd by raditz hahahaha

Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
12 hours ago
oh so thats why I kept getting it wrong my knowledge comes from islamic religion which is similar to the christian in many ways yet is different since they worship the same god mostly and have almost the same characters present most the difference lays in the origin of both Satan and Christ and now i found that the fact that there is more than one fallen angel in christian religion in Islamic lore Satan was never an angel but was a demon from the moment god created him only he was not an enemy of god but rather one of his most devoted believers and was banished because of his pride and the fact that he tricked Adam and the other thing is that hell was made to punish him and those who will worship him and follow in his steps.
that was the main reason i was confused i really thought that there were more things in common than what really was 😂😂 View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Lucifer didn't become a devil the way you're thinking. In the bible devil means "the chief evil spirit/satan," it's not a race or species. Lucifer also didn't fall because god made him, it happened because he sinned by corrupting adam and eve with greed using the forbidden fruit. He stayed as a fallen angel, he never stopped being an angel even though it was a fallen one. The rest of the residents of hell are a handful of fallen angels and the souls of human sinners that get twisted into demons by torture.

You don't become a fallen angel by getting kicked out of heaven. You're no longer allowed in heaven once you become a fallen angel. That doesn't mean they all get sent to hell though. There are plenty of fallen angels god tasks with protecting humans.

There is also plenty of fallen angels not in hell. Fallen angels are synonymous with guardian angels because most fallen angels fell because god sent them to watch over humans and getting close too humans infected them with desire. Here's a list of fallen angels by rank.

First sphere


Second Sphere


Third Sphere


• Abigor
• Adirael
• Aldebaran
• Amazarak
• Anane
• Antares
• Armers/Armaros
• Asbeel
• Atarculphegh
• Asael/Azazel
• Azaradel
• Akibeel/Azibeel
• Azkeel
• Azza
• Badariel
• Baraqel
• Batarel
• Batraal/Batarjal
• Busasejal
• Chobaliel
• Danel/Daniel
• Ertael/Ertrael
• Exael
• Ezequeel
• Fomalhaut
• Gadreel/Gadriel
• Gurson
• Hakael
• Hananel
• Haures
• Hosampsich
• Iomuel
• Jeqon
• Jetrel
• Jove
• Kasdaye
• Kasbeel
• Kathazel
• Kokabel
• Meresin
• Mulciber
• Naamah
• Nithael
• Omiel
• Orus
• Penemue
• Ramuel
• Regent
• Regulus
• Rugziel
• Rumjal
• Samathael
• Sameveel
• Samsaveel
• Saraknyal
• Sariel
• Seriel
• Shaftiel
• Simapesiel
• Tabaet
• Tamiel
• Temeluchus
• Thausael
• Tiril
• Tumael
• Turael
• Urakabarameel
• Uzza
• Xaphan
• Yomyael
• Zavebe

Re:Devil · C15
15 hours ago
damn you web novel if only you werent so easy to surf through 😂 View More

blazingGold: Curse webnovel work again

Black Soldier · C46
16 hours ago
Ok lets leave the erasing part out for now in islamic religion there is only one fallen angel which later was forgiven for his sin that was being late
so we are talking about the bible version do chick out when does an angel get kicked out of heaven
The only time it happened is Lucifer and he became a fallen angel later a devil right? Since i am not sure being someone who never read the bible View More

Nirvanic_Sun: God has never ERASED aka KILLED an angel. Did you even read my comment? Asia was literally a saint of the church and would have become an angel if they where able to do that before she healed the devil. Also, considering the author isn't Islamic, I'm going to assume the angels and devils in this story are biblical/christian. Lucifer was made the king of hell and gets to enjoy torturing others. While hell is hell for weaklings, it's always described as a place where the strong have it easy.

Re:Devil · C15
16 hours ago
Asia was never an angel also why do you think hell exists? Being erased is actually way nicer than the things that will be done to sinners there in Islamic lore an angel was cast from heaven with his wings broken because he was late now tell me god will not punish someone who goes against him? View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Asia from dxd got kicked out of the church without sinning... You don't have to sin to be banished, you just have to accidentally tarnish the church's reputation. God has never erased an angel, even the ones that fell. Part of God's "Lore" is that he loves his children unconditionally and will forgive any sin with enough repentance.

Re:Devil · C15
17 hours ago
Exactly like a cockroach View More

DaoistBlackHearted: He will survive but near dead survival

The Uchiha-Senju Immortal · C35
17 hours ago
hope its nothing serious best of luck to you View More
Black Soldier · C46
17 hours ago
The only way to get kicked of heaven is to either sin or go against god and one will make you a fallen angel the other will get you erased View More

Nirvanic_Sun: That's only if the angel sins. If he uses it to butcher devils, the angel won't fall. There are ways to get kicked out of heaven without sinning

Re:Devil · C15
17 hours ago
wouldnt lie that king did a dump move showing something like that to anyone will lead to insanity and the first to suffer it would be the idiot king himself View More
Dante in DXD · C9
17 hours ago
i have the feeling that his wife killed herself and was reincarnated as Rias View More
Dante in DXD · C1
19 hours ago
wouldnt that be a fallen angel? also this site really needs to work on the censoring its so funny 😂😂😂 View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Have him get an angel subordinate in the future. The angel should be banished from heaven and have nowhere to go. I assume you're going to make the mc a rogue/solitary devil, and i think an angel subordinate will cement that status.

I'm also interested in monster subordinates like in tensei ****ara slime datta ken

Re:Devil · C15
19 hours ago
hahahah poor Vegeta will remain V for ever since Bulma is gone now 😂😂😂😂 View More
Son Goku in Marvel World · C14
19 hours ago
I went back and watched all his epic scenes after I finished the chapters 😂 View More

God_of_Perverts: I occasionally go back and watch that scene.

Ultimate Fruit · C42
1 day ago
**** i want to punch astro too View More
Mythical Paramecia Fruit "Olympian" · C15
1 day ago
yaaaay and corona will not be happy her crush is gone😂😂😂 View More
Son Goku in Marvel World · C13
1 day ago

Niggross: Idk fairy tail doesn't really fit with the line-up I've currently got... Maybe after I exhaust the games that can be used I'll look to anime.

Elder Blood Witcher · C23
1 day ago
Ok how about fairy tail he can either go to 450 yrs before cannon starts and learn dragon slayer magic or simply learn reequip magic it can help with weapons that way he wont find himself laking of a sword when he needs it most he can learn the Arc of embodiment but thats just broken magic View More

Niggross: The problem with dxd is that everything is made to make logical herems is, like slave peerages and similar things...

Elder Blood Witcher · C23
1 day ago
welcome back I guess? View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C119
1 day ago
by the way since he can travel through worlds he should go to DXD and or somewhere similar where he can change his race to either devil or fallen angel that will help him allot he can stay there until he becomes a high ranked and by then he could make his own peerage or whatever is the equal for it from fallen angels having power and allies would help him fight against the wild hunt if they find him somehow and it comes with free magic View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C23
1 day ago
you and me both most of the other authors Iam following disappeared so i really hope this one wont View More

MAJESTY1: Hope it doesn't happen......

How to Survive in The World of DBZ with Fragmented Memories · C23
1 day ago
one of the few times you wish to be crazy 😂😂 View More

RiskyA: Being cockblok by hin rational😅

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C14
1 day ago
Even then she was stronger than the entire army of the empire including the tiejuo users View More

Angelxcx: well this depend in what time period she will be summoned she developt this skill after her"lover" escaped so if she was sumoned from erlier period she could be AA rank with very big potential.

Otherworldly Summoning System · C15
1 day ago
well to be fair she saved naruto when the nine tailes was taken from him by keeping him alive until the other half was transferred, also its not really her fault that kakashi taught only the asshole and tsunade only knew healing and the seal which she mastered toperfection View More

Lunatic_Lucifer_13: Don't get me wrong but I seriously cannot remember any instance where Sakura was actually useful.

Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world · C68
1 day ago
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