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Hipployta: You're just the son...we're the CEOs

The Villain's Wife · C346
5 days ago

TheBlips: Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to read the comments of the previous chapters. I always thought that most readers on WN love the domineering type of ML who gets jealous easily and would glare at everyone close to the FL. So I was a bit reluctant when I wrote the chapters. I was thinking that people would leave because well... ML is different than the portrayed perfect ML in WN. But I was wrong. You guys made my day. I am so happy and thankful that you like it.

Now, I want everyone to know that being with a man who is so possessive is destructive in real life. It will make you feel good and valued in the first few months of the relationship. But then... months will turn to years and you will start to become uncomfortable about it. You will start to doubt the relationship and your feelings. Then it will start getting toxic. Both of you will try and destroy each other. And both of you will end up broken.

To the ladies who had been in a relationship that is making you walk around in eggshells. Let me leave this here.
1. You can't change someone who doesn't see an issue in their actions.
2. If someone makes you lose your friends and family or your happiness then its time for you to lose him
3. Self-respect is everything. If you don't respect yourself enough to value your worth then don't expect your partner to respect you.
4. A toxic relationship would alter your perception and make you think you are worthless. Please let it go. You are not worthless just unappreciated.
5. Lastly, love and relationship should magnify who you are, it does not diminish your worth. It does not produce abuse. Never and I mean NEVER think that to be continually disrespected is alright in a relationship.

Also.... I will totally accept gifts if you want love advice... hahaha.. kidding. I feel like a love guru now. huehuehue....

The Villain's Wife · C124
2 weeks ago

fictiophiliastruck: Alright guys, this novel has 420+ chapters, with Lin Chu and Yan Beicheng's story concluding at around 270 chp. Then we will have another side story.

So yeah,another Dawnesque novel with no dragged drama lol.

The President is Being Shameless Again · C20
2 weeks ago

christinealmestica: Rise the mighty slipper army❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Boss iris and lu man need to be friends!!!

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C349
2 months ago

Litt13aznd011: 😂😂😂😂😂
I love “I eat slipper”.

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C349
2 months ago

MELODiOUS: We need to get "IEatSlippers" into this fandom to spam with ManMan's fans😂 In case you don't know who he is he's from ArriaCross' story 'My Genius Wife is a superstar' (please correct me if I'm wrong)

The Long-awaited Mr Han · C349
2 months ago

suteramerah: Age 4 assembling a computer...please...make the character more human ok. How many children out there are super smart? Just 1 in a million or so. And do not make the heroine a spineless and stupid victim. Life is harsh and we want stories that can make our life on earth happy even though our life sucks.

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C63
2 months ago

CheekyChocolate: A request to the author. Please don't consider this as a negative review. I'm just telling this from my point of view.
I know that there are many real life incidents which are far more cruel than what the female lead is facing. But don't portray any female character such that all other characters degrade her chastity and self respect. We all know that,even in today's advanced world, women undergo a lot of psychological and physical oppression. But don't write the story with so much cruelty and insensitivity from the other characters towards the female lead. It depresses the readers very much. I know I may drop reading it if I wish to, but I don't want to. Your writing has a potential and we look forward to see brightness ahead in the next chapters. Stories like these should give hope to the women who undergo similar situations. I hope you understand.

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love · C63
2 months ago

Chip554: I thought the synopsis sounded familiar... It was because I've read the manga before.😅

I haven't read the novel yet, but I enjoyed the manga so I'm just gonna recommend it.😳😊

The Emperor’s Daughter
2 months ago

yaoyueyi: Author review 3.0 b/c my old one was outdated yet again!

Things that will be in this story...
1) Late romance. Romance plays a big deal later on in the story, but for the first 100, it'll be somewhat minimum.
2) No OP MC! Yujia is very flawed. She makes mistakes and she learns from them, like everyone else in life. Wrong things that she does at one point doesn't mean that she'll keep doing that b/c she's not dumb. She's just learning.
3) Drama/face slapping will all be kept to the minimum. You won't find a lot of it here, but there might be a few occasional moments where it does happen.
4) Friendship amongst female characters. This is kind of rare in Webnovel, so I wanted to make sure that I included it. Not every female character other than the FL is an antagonistic character.
5) Lots of art scenes. This is the story of an artist, at it's very root, so you can definitely expect lots of painting.
6) Royalty!
7) Lots & lots of character development, for everyone, not just the FL or ML(s). Side characters all have their own backstories.
8) Slice-of-life, but not filler chapters. I don't think that filler chapters should exist & is a sign of bad writing. You might think that one or two chapters aren't necessary to the story, but I promise that it's all evidence of the FL's progression of character.
9) Slightly slow paced story. It's not slow to the point where it drags, but the first 50 chapters or so aren't super fast paced b/c I'm still working on developing the world. The chapters later on should be much, much faster paced & exciting!
10) Decent writing. I'm not saying that it's 100% perfect, & I'm still working on editing, but in Webnovel standards, I think I have fairly good grammar & vocabulary choice!

Generally, chapters should be between 700-2.5k words, which is a huge range, but sometimes, some chapters just need to be shorter, and others need to be longer.
I don't know how exactly long this novel should be, but it should be 300+ chapters. That's my current prediction!
Beware of the plot twists. :)

That's about all I can think of for now! Hope you all enjoy reading this novel, & please do leave a review/comment if you did <3


Power Up, Artist Yang!
2 months ago
Brilliant 😀😍 View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C101
2 months ago

As I've noticed in the last comment section, many readers have some sort of intense hatred towards Fu Yushang, our crown prince. And with him being one of my favorite characters, I feel obligated to defend him.

So, here it is-- the author's defense of Fu Yushang.

My main question is, why do you all dislike Yushang? I can only think of a few reasons.

1) [He's married]. This reasoning doesn't make sense to me. As I've stated before, and will state again, MLs in this novel mean that they are important male characters that are somehow involved in crucial relationships with our FL. This means that the relationship between the two characters doesn't necessarily have to be romantic. I'm confused by why whenever Yushang appears, some readers seem to want to yell at him to go away-- is it just that FL's are forbidden to interact with married men by some strange law on Webnovel? Does this mean that from now on, all married men should avoid FL no matter what?

2) [He's a scammer.] Then, by what you all call him as, how has he "scammed" Yujia? Yes, he told her lies, but if you think about it, how many lies has Yujia told other people? (e.g. she lied about transmigrating, she lied about what she was doing, she lied about being "original" with her invention when she didn't invent it, basically, she lies 24/7)
You may defend Yujia by saying that her lies aren't harmful & that she has perfectly good reason to come up with these lies, but isn't it the same case with Yushang? He doesn't want to tell her his true identity because he finds it inconvenient to have everyone treat him as the crown prince. He hasn't hurt her with his lies either yet, has he? And if the argument is that later on, he's going to hurt her by breaking her trust, think about how much Yujia lies to people close to her. (To Hui'er, she claims that she's the twin of the fourth miss. To Xiaoyi, she claims that she learned her tips and tricks from some mysterious man. How will they feel when they find out that many things they know about her are all lies?)

3) [He wants to steal her invention.] But, really, has he? He didn't just run off after figuring things out about her pencil, did he? He could've just done that and claimed the invention & put it out faster than her, thus making himself the inventor, but did he? He picked the topic up with her and offered a price for that because he CARES about her opinion and how she feels about him doing so. What's wrong with him asking?
Plus, isn't Yujia also taking credit for someone else's invention? She's not the true inventor. She merely has a few advantages from people in this time period with inventions because she's from the future.

What other reasons do you all have? Has Yushang truly done something that deserves to be hated/disliked for? What has he ever done to hurt our FL?

In the end, what I want to say is that most things that Yushang is accused of doing wrong are things that Yujia has done too. What makes it so that when the FL does it, it's okay, but when the married ML does it, it's not okay?

These are just my thoughts about his character. I'm honestly confused on how much "anti-Yushang" there is, and if my facts are wrong, please tell me so I have a more thorough understanding of what the mysterious reason of why Yushang is disliked is. :D

Thanks for reading this super long comment of explanation, haha. Hope you all can see Yushang in a new light?

Power Up, Artist Yang! · C95
2 months ago
Happy Birthday Author Sama ☺️💕 View More
The Forgotten Princess · C149
2 months ago

sololas: Since this went premium the chapters have gotten shorter. I am annoyed.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C131
2 months ago

Ririna_Aikawa: Ming Hui and Fan Lanying is one of my fav OTP, though they're only second to Soujin and Jun Hua 💕 But I'm glad that my ships are sailing through the seven seas! 😍

Flowers Bloom from Battlefield · C98
3 months ago

Sorahana: Alright, I haven't write all of the plot, so only a little bit, okay?

*spoilers alert*
*spoilers alert*
*spoilers alert*

The emperor don't know about Ming Hui real gender. Because of a plot, Ming Hui gender is hidden and only a handful of people know about it. Besides, Ming Hui is planning to drag the emperor down from his throne as well.
(Small spoiler end.)
Additional note: There will be a chapter telling Ming Hui past later [still a long time to go] explaining all the reason for hiding his gender and all.

Flowers Bloom from Battlefield · C77
3 months ago

DeeeTeee10: Please the translator and author should guard against racist rethoric in their writing and translating of this novel. It's a nice novel until the translator and author feels the need to shove their racist views down our throats.
The worst part is it doesn't add to the story in any way... It merely triggers readers from that part of the world to drop the novel like a hot potato... Please kindly look into it... Thanks

Scholar's Advanced Technological System
3 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Please the translator and author should guard against racist rethoric in their writing and translating of this novel. It's a nice novel until the translator and author feels the need to shove their racist views down our throats.
The worst part is it doesn't add to the story in any way... It merely triggers readers from that part of the world to drop the novel like a hot potato... Please kindly look into it... Thanks View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System
3 months ago

HopeBones5: Yeah as much as way of devil and god world is a great novel its pretty ****ed up racism wise

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
3 months ago

fanen: I will advice against slightly racist chapters like this, I can bet people from Africa are also on Web novel and might be reading this....good chapter anyway, thanks.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
3 months ago
It means the translator is also racist because he could have taken it out!!! View More

novelreader_read: this is probably the least racist novel on web novel :P and racism is one of the easier ways to find enemies for the story to progress. it's not the best kind but its easier for the author.
+ in case you don't know, this is a translation so not sure who your advising :P but I do understand what you mean if you write something racist against a specific people or country then people from that place would be more unlikely to read it, but if you read translations then we are more likely to ignore it becouse we are used to it :P

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
3 months ago

DaoistArcadia: NO Way Afrika is a ****hole when compared with the rest of the World unpleasant truthorn

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
3 months ago

mystically: Who said there are dangers in Africa, have you been there before? Come and see your country men hungry for our gold and timber here in Ghana. You better tone down on your racism. Africans are the most friendly people you can ever meet.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
3 months ago

coldfeet: this chapter is kinda RACIST, especialythat afirca comment. WOW!!!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
3 months ago

CaTastrophy427: Author-sama, can you send me a copy of those theses?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C106
3 months ago

Daoist_Food: Rule #1: Never compare yourself to the geniuses on Webnovel.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C101
3 months ago

Nameless_sama: mmm......still loving this novel, hoping fatty wu doesn't make it premium

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C99
3 months ago

queenfern: No idea what those words were about but I still love this novel!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C92
3 months ago

Teedee10: Sigh! This is a stupid book

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C108
3 months ago

kaorichitanda: Qiao Anhao is Bringing the Nation's Husband (Lu Jinnian) Home
Xu Jiamu is Bringing the Nation's Wife (Song Xiangsi) Home
Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia are Bringing the Nation's Child (the little 10-yr-old boy) Home

Ok. I'm terrible.

Bringing the Nation's Husband Home · C973
4 months ago
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