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  • Sandshard Online

    Sandshard Online

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    Dave is a simple 21 y.o. man, who has been yearning for a Fulldive VR system and an MMORPG that fully takes control of these, just like the kind he reads about online. Luckily for him, Fulldive systems have popped onto the market, With the launch of the Fulldive system known simply as 'Sand', Due to the sinking feeling you get when you lay in it, an MMORPG just for it arrives, titled Sandshard Online. Action? Check. Classes? Check. Multiple Races to choose from? Check. Romance? ...check...? A full open world? Definitely checked. Dave cant wait to start playing, and creates a character he simply calls Black Halo. (Author here, this is a story I'm doing in my free time, so i cant say i have a schedule. there might be random hiatuses, there might be multiple chapters in a week. It all just depends on inspiration, i guess. And my will to write. So keep this one in your thoughts, please. Also I will be posting this on Wattpad under Swiffer Duster)


Sorry, I must not have implied he learned them separately, then together. View More

lonely_samurai: halberd on a horse cool plz make sure that there are some basic skills he can use without a horse if he is ever dismounted for any reason although he would be a grade weaker then a halberdier without his horse

Sandshard Online · C4
9 months ago
a little bit further in, there will be romance of a sort. Right now as of C3, he is still within the tutorial stage and not fully in yet. View More

Huntingdemob: So far so good was just wondering are there gonna be any romance or this straight action or are you still contemplating how you wanna let the novel run its course.

Sandshard Online
9 months ago
I really loved it when Anthony gave Crinis the good ol Tough Love routine View More

Leafen: Good Chapter!

Chrysalis · C198
9 months ago
Good Chapter! View More
Chrysalis · C198
9 months ago
Hmm. It could be. I'll think on that. View More

lonely_samurai: can his main weapon be a halberd

Sandshard Online · C2
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C1
9 months ago
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