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@Translator. The translation of Arrodes's warning seems incorrect. The raw Chinese is "这条途径所有高序列的天敌,‘渎神者’阿蒙在赶来的途中。" which means "The nemesis of all high sequnece beyonders in marauder pathway, Blasphemer Amon is rushing over." View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C870
4 days ago

Meowhead: So after 800 chapters, the protagonist in the book i am reading is fighting the gods among gods and every punch he does can shatter suns and rend the void in the heavens. What about yours?

Uh... this mc is... using a mushroom to threaten his glove... and getting in a staring contest with a dog....

Lord of the Mysteries · C863
5 days ago

Austragus: The most terrifying beyonder we have been introduced to is no other than Frank Lee.

Lord of the Mysteries · C843
1 week ago
The original Chinese version has a bigger paragraph in the beginning but then it is erased by editors because of the censor policy.
Here is the MTL of that paragraph:
Klein, even when he saw it through the eyes of his marionette, could not help but imagine how such a lady would behave in bed, and whether she had a different charm when she begged.
At this moment, he even had a bit of violent desire in his heart, trying to destroy her holiness and restraint.
Wouldn't she be a demoness ... Klein instinctively gritted his teeth and moved the corners of his mouth. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C833
1 week ago

memehilist: I KNEW IT. Some jackass marauder must be stealing my answers during the exam >.>

Lord of the Mysteries · C826
2 weeks ago

BurntCabbage: I'm looking forward to Klein's ghost form when equipped with the Demoness card...

Lord of the Mysteries · C826
2 weeks ago

Davidwrn: Dream Stealer. A very interesting ability. I really appreciate how diversified the beyonder powers are in this novel.
The stereotype for "super powers" are always combat related abilities. You hit me, and I'll hit you harder. Those stories are very popular, hence making it effortless to write.
But to be able to make the unconventional ones truly shine are what determines an author's competence.
Thank you Cuttlefish

Lord of the Mysteries · C826
2 weeks ago
I think all MI9 people wear golden masks. This guy might be sequence 6 or 5 since Xio is only sequence 8. View More

Alessan: His fight against Azik at the end of volume two with Ince Zangwill. He’s an Imperative Mage.

Lord of the Mysteries · C820
2 weeks ago

meahime: Alger singing : https://imgur.com/a/9Ap4eDz

Lord of the Mysteries · C807
3 weeks ago

CKtalon: These are the 4 chapters for getting #8 on the Power Ranking this week.
Please do not resort to piracy. It hurts the translator and the author. Webnovel is trying to get this adapted by Netflix or some other Western entity, so don't do stupid ****.

Lord of the Mysteries · C792
3 weeks ago

burntpotato: Chapter 452, Xio also mentioned that Viscount Stratfort used to be her father’s deputy until her father was accused for treason (more specifically participating in a revolt)

Lord of the Mysteries · C774
1 month ago
The "Angel" erased another demoness and destroyed Trissy's ring but left her alone. View More

desertfox: I thought Trissy was "erased" by the Church of Evernight's "Angel" artifact during the Smog of Backlund when they accidentally met after she fled Prince Edessak's Manor?

Lord of the Mysteries · C773
1 month ago
The Servant of Concealment belongs to Sleepless Pathway. It seems that Translator forgot to translate it because I saw it in Chinese raw. View More

Alessan: Servant of Concealment sounds similar to Attendant of Mysteries, probably a Sequence 1 potion? Many Sequence 1s seem to have “of XXX” at the end. Attendant of Mysteries, Snake of Fate, Prince of Disorder. But not all (Author, Knowledge Emperor). Though maybe Knowledge Emperor could also be Emperor of Knowledge? I wonder what Pathway Servant of Concealment belongs to. Nothing gets me off quite like learning new Potion names...

Lord of the Mysteries · C766
1 month ago
Spectator, Apperentice, Reader, Sleepless, Arbiter. View More

Alessan: Had some downtime at work today and ordered the Sequences I would pick if I ever have the chance. The closer to the top the more I’d prefer choosing it. Only based on the Sequence/Potions itself and not characters (no worries about True Creator, Hidden Sage, Etc.)

1. Seer
2. Secrets Supplicant
3. Mystery Pryer
4. Demoness
5. Sailor
6. Spectator
7. Monster
8. Hunter
9. Apothecary
10. Lawyer
11. Apprentice
12. Warrior
13. Arbiter
14. Reader
15. Bard
16. Sleepless
17. Marauder
18. Corpse Collector
19. Mutant
20. Criminal
21. Savant
22. Planter

If you’re bored reply with your own!

Lord of the Mysteries · C763
1 month ago

Reaper4884: Meh, she'll live. MC's always live when they're seeking death

Dead on Mars · C60
1 month ago

burntpotato: Hazel's scene reminds me of the stray cat we feeds then the next day we would have a dead mouse in our doorsteps as 'thanks' lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C761
1 month ago

BluebellBerry: So far Emperor Roselle's weakness: beautiful women
Also Klein's weakness: beautiful women

But for different reasons ofc 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C759
1 month ago
I wonder how Alger digested the sea singer potion since he is not good at singing. View More

Surely_Panda: Finally some back story on Alger. Give some context or motivation to his ambition and drive for power even if he have to do it outside the power structure of his church. From what what Alger hinted at, church of storm is not exactly gentle to their charge.

Lord of the Mysteries · C746
1 month ago
Anderson's friend is a Druid who sold Death Knell to Klein.
I can't remember his name and the exact chapter number. View More

Zoruakun: >I am certain the only beyonder power Fors could have used is Druid from Planter Pathway

That sequence was not even introduced yet, or if it was, mentioned at most. Please, tell me this isn't another spoiler and is just speculation.

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
1 month ago
From the raw "正常女仆" and "杂活女仆", I guess lady's maid has specific role who is in charge of hats/clothes/shoes or cleaning/laundering while maidservant do all kinds of jobs.
The latter is cheap and inelegant. True nobles and tycoons would not hire maidservants. So I'm glad to see Klein will spend more money than his expectation.
And the raw for nursery governess is “家庭护士", translate it literally is Home Nurse. View More

Surely_Panda: Alright Klein lost me there. He do not have kids so why does he need a nursery governess unless we are talking about plant nursery. Also, what the heck is the difference between a lady's maid and maid servants?

Lord of the Mysteries · C738
1 month ago

GoodWithAToaster: I feel like Klein will be shedding a lot of tears over the course of this new identity...his wallet will definitely be starving, even with the bike money.

I want to see him host his own parties in the near future once he settles. Like The Great Gatsby...but without the dying part at the end.

Lord of the Mysteries · C737
1 month ago

ScentedDreams: Just want to say, the Chinese name of this chapter is a reference to The Return of Sherlock Holmes. The chapter title and the book share the same Chinese name “归来记”. I believe that’s why our translator translated it as “The Return”.
As a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes I was surprised and very happy when I first saw this title~

Lord of the Mysteries · C733
1 month ago
More than 4,280,000 people have read some chapters of it in Qidian. There are also countless people who read pirate in other websites.
I don't know if Qidian has sold its adaptation rights. I believe they want to do such things. But because of its western background, it is hard to make a TV series or movie in China. Animation might be feasible. View More

Anna_94: How big is this novel in china?. From my experience reading webnovel this is the first time ever. I read story so damgood like this one where author really put their soul their life in its. This story feel alive for me like there is this dude named klein doing all these thing. How big is this novel in china. Is its big as big as King avatar?. Man i really wish the marketplace in china really dig this book and turn it into another adaptation.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 month ago

gtfantasy: At end of Vol.3 Author summarised the volume and I do a brief translation here, note this is not a word to word translation.
Volume 3’s title is “Traveller” so author writes it using a casual style, the structure is also simple, a man on his journey, stop at a place for a while then move on, see some sceneries, meet new people, complete some tasks but don’t get deeply involved.
To be honest this kind of travel style story is not easy to write, you try hard to create a new character, a new place, make some custom differences, and then you have to leave all these behind and keep on your journey. It challenges author’s writing skills to quickly introduce new characters with unique characteristic and new events that are interesting. Authors believes he did a good job before Klein advanced to Marionettist, however after that he was busy to close some story lines, too many things to write and it’s on Klein’s return way, so he omitted some details for those revisited places, author feels he rushed a bit on this part.
Many readers believing author has a very detailed outlines for the story but he doesn’t, he only made detailed settings. After he sets a theme for a volume and decides using what style to write it, what foreshadows he is going to close from previous volume and what foreshows he is going to lay in this volume, then he just fills the volume with stories freely, he doesn’t want to think every plot beforehand as he constantly has new ideas. Just like at the end of last volume the scene when Klein left Backlund, then he has the idea how he is going to return at the end of this volume, also mention his siblings in last chapter. Also he wants the book world to be introduced in this volume but he is not clear how this part of story going to end beforehand. When he writes release “Nightmare” beyonder characteristic plot he then has the idea to write a plot to pass message to the daughter, this can be also considered as a journey’s end in a way. When he designs the setting of “Groselle’s Travel” and creates a Leon solider character, then he has an inspiration to return him home. Combines everything together he is clear of how he is going to write for this volume.
Volume 3 is kind of flat because of the structure and the style. Author mentioned this before in Raw that reader may be disappointed if they want to see something big unfold at the end of this volume. He wants to create a perilous atmosphere to set off Klein’s return, this includes Ince appears scene, malicious of the Mother Tree of desire and Rose school of thought’s attack.
There is another ordeal in this volume, that’s how to write the raids of ruin of God’s war and book world. As he gained experiences from his previous books, he sets two themes for it, one is “Suspense” and another is “Comrades”, he then wants to add “interesting” on top of it, but at the end his is not completely satisfied and he should do better. He explains the thinking how he creates and writes these two raids, for this part it’s too long for me to translate. For example the book world, because it’s going to be a short story in this volume, so Klein as an outsider doesn’t have time to know those characters’ past, so he only records what they say and what they do, for this part of story you can see generally Klein has no inner monologue.
Author summarised at the end, he created some good characters and stories but rushed the last part of this volume, and he wished he can slow down a bit. The next volume is going to be called “Undying”, the opening words for this volume are “Undying, a bless or a curse”. ** the opening words for “Traveller” are “Every journey has an destination”.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 month ago

Bellmount: Me: How can you snap your fingers when you were wearing a leather glove?

Lord of the Mysteries · C726
1 month ago

lindatan90: The important thing for consistency is to plan out the setting and a rough plot line before starting daily publishing of the novel, and carry the initial plan to the end. Most other novels lack consistency because the author usually just thinks of a rough idea of what he wants to write and start publishing, just to see whether the readers like it or not. If there are cash in from readers, the authors continue what's popular. Otherwise, they keep changing the plot until the novel get good feedback.

Lord of the Mysteries · C722
1 month ago

Surely_Panda: I do like to see how Goselle play his trade.though
Given the size difference, he might as well be a toy maker since his clients need to him to make something much smaller than he is use to.

Also, where is the book Gherman Sparrow and company? Maybe book Andersen found success as a insult comic. And Danitz is the long suffering butler to professor Gherman Sparrow, who took up teaching, and his lovely wife, Edwina Sparrow. Okay I need to rein in my imagination.

Lord of the Mysteries · C718
1 month ago
The author has announced that many people will get Tarot Cards to represent themselves in Author's original plan but they will not get seats above the gray fog. The gathering will be too long and boring if there are 22 members. View More

Trafford_Trading: Cannt wait for that too... But i think 22 will take a really long time to go haha... Even from spoiler that my friend told me.... there`s still only 8seat(7+klein) taken.

Lord of the Mysteries · C716
1 month ago
@translate sama, I think the term 'Black Suits organization' should be MIB, Man In Black. When I read the raw Chinese chapter, that's the name pop up in my mind. You know Roselle. I think that's also the only name pop up in his mind when he want to establish a secret organization. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C714
2 months ago
Why does a god need a excuse when he doesn't give a normal person something.
The Fool only exchanges info and knowledge with the members of Tarot Club till now. The "Poor God" never give somebody any material for free. View More

AKirchner: I wonder what excuses he'll find as The Fool for not giving her some of 'His' blood.

Lord of the Mysteries · C705
2 months ago
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