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Randompasserby: I hereby propose the formation of Curly-Haired Baboons Anti-Discrimination and Protection Society! What did they ever do to this World that everyone and their mothers treat them like the butt of all jokes?

Join me brothers!!

No, just me? 🙊🙉🙈

Lord of the Mysteries · C626
1 day ago
The name "Ranlada" is a meme. It's the inverse order of Dalaran in World of Warcraft. View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C60
1 day ago

ResidentialPsycho: "I'm the protagonist of this era!" If Roselle, Leonard, and Emlyn were in the same room together, I'm not sure what would happen. I suspect that none of them would get along with the others.

Lord of the Mysteries · C615
6 days ago

ResidentialPsycho: Here's a partially translated version of the map Gehrman_Sparrow provided:
https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/lord-of-enigma/images/3/36/Map_of_World_2-Partially_Translated. jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190820170512

Lord of the Mysteries · C614
6 days ago
There are many Chinese versions made by fans. Here is one of them: http://a4.att.hudong.com/02/26/50200009239445156346266523813.jpg .
I can't explain everything so I will give a brief intro following the stages of the story line.
The top-left continent is the North Continent.
The crown icons mean capitals of nations. The southeast one is Backlund. The city nearby the river and north of Backlund is Tingen.
The east continent is Forsaken Land of Gods. The circles icons are cities. The only one there is the Silver City. Another icon represents the Giant King's Court.
You can find Kalvetua icon between those islands in the sea. Bayam is on the bigger island to his left side and Oravi is the right one where Klein is now. View More

Surely_Panda: Is there a maps of this world? I keep on trying to picture the island as something like Hawaii locating in the Pacific between Asia and American but I may be way off base on that.

Lord of the Mysteries · C614
1 week ago

ReyesCl: When Klein ran away from Ince while Ince was fighting with Mr Azik, Ince tried to curse Klein with bad luck but it did not affect Klein. Now the good luck blessing did not work on Klein as well. It seems Klein somehow can resist power that affect luck in both good and bad ưay.

Lord of the Mysteries · C611
1 week ago

Senjuro: I'm gonna take a guess here and say it's the Abraham Family member who defected to Aurora Order and became a Saint

Lord of the Mysteries · C610
1 week ago

CelineXD: I think you're right. Every artifact has its own rule to comply with. Loyal as Arrodes, it cannot skip the process of asking questions. Changeable as the die, it keeps the probablity of good luck. Cunning as the quill, it plot schemes too complicated to see through. For Ince Zangwill, it shall be a difficult and roundabout trip to death. No matter how he struggles, the fate is inevitable.

Lord of the Mysteries · C607
1 week ago

Alessan: If you’re thousands of years old and spend half that time with a single goal in mind it’s no surprise that your plans will be 800IQ.

Lord of the Mysteries · C607
1 week ago

Randompasserby: Laughing my frikkin ass off at these stupid ass goblins seriously trying to spam rolls ala Dark Souls as if rolling even gives an invincibility frame in here 🤣

Gamers of the Underworld · C40
1 week ago
Maybe "Check" is a better translation of the title. I think the meaning of Chinese title is the term DC (Difficulty Check) in TRPG. It is quote to be distinguish from normal meaning of check. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C605
1 week ago

Randompasserby: Abrupt Maintenance Notice
Gamers : wtf sh!tty ass company@#5$:+37!:
Compensation Notice
Gamers : keep grinding! Grind like your life depends on it!!!
....were we always this cheap 😅🤣?

Gamers of the Underworld · C32
1 week ago
Many comments in the forum are actually the comments from real book fans pasted in Qidan. So you can see various strange nick names because they are real Chinese people. We often made jokes that this book is a crowdfunding book! View More

AuronXD: these usernames are amazing lol

Gamers of the Underworld · C24
1 week ago
Congratulations to Chapter 600! Thanks to the translator! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C600
2 weeks ago

Aby55: Lmao Klein is a true role player/murderhobo.

Klein: I draw my gun and fire.
DM: Are you sure? You're in the middle of a crowded bar, you have no backup, and there's an unknown amount of enemies.
Klein: Yeah ok I'll make an illusion of firing my gun. I don't want to hit innocents.
DM: Um, are you sure?
Klein: Yes, it's what my character would do.

Lord of the Mysteries · C598
2 weeks ago
I think it's because of red priest. Chinese readers also didn't treat it as a color before the red priest appeared. View More

ResidentialPsycho: It's in the translation/editing notes at the bottom. Sometimes, these things don't show up on the app. I prefer Dark Emperor to Black Emperor.... "Black" makes me think we're talking about black people, and I can only see it as a racial term... It gives me a completely different impression from "dark."

Lord of the Mysteries · C592
2 weeks ago
Nobody noticed that Susie is really a genius! The owl need the help of an Animal Tamer to drink the potion but Susie just did it herself! I believe she will become the dragon eventually. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C586
2 weeks ago
There is a translation mistake. The programming language stuff is not AND operator but the pairs of brackets. The original text is "{" and "}". I think translator sama just translated the AND between the brackets. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C590
2 weeks ago
No, he can't be Sequence 1 when the Death God Sequence 0 was alive. View More

Alessan: Demoness of Despair is Sequence 4 so Unaging should be 3 or better. But yeah Azik should be 2 or 3. Its theoretically possible he could be Sequence 1 but I highly doubt it.

Lord of the Mysteries · C588
2 weeks ago

Alessan: It’s like a fight between juniors that the adults don’t care about at all.

Lord of the Mysteries · C588
2 weeks ago
Yes, there are 7 pirate generals and 4 pirate kings. Among the generals some are admirals and some are vice admirals. View More

Esoril: I'm a bit confused, are the admirals and vice admirals the same people?

Lord of the Mysteries · C584
3 weeks ago
I think they treat each other as enemies and ingredients. When you choose your pathway, you choose your enemy and ally at the same time. View More

Alessan: I’m curious as to what the relationship is between the Sauron and Medici families since they both primarily use the Hunter Pathway.

Lord of the Mysteries · C578
3 weeks ago

Jackattack: Ha! They're both afraid of each other :P. So this is quite strange, the person that Cattleya looks up to.. is probably Bernadette? But Bernadette is fighting against the Moses Ascetic Order that Cattleya joined.. is Cattleya a spy for Bernadette?

Lord of the Mysteries · C571
4 weeks ago

Zyxxz: Yes, expert at courting death XD

Lord of the Mysteries · C544
1 month ago

GoodWithAToaster: Haha...Edwina really just used the bad connection trick to end the conversation. “I’m going through a tunnel....the connection’s bad....I’ll call you late—*call disconnected*”

Lord of the Mysteries · C536
1 month ago

Now_Loading: "Why do I need to attend classes even in my dreams?" Poor Dany boy! lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C534
1 month ago

ResidentialPsycho: Person who shouts praises to the sun in the comments section, it's your time to shine! Sealed Artifact 2-166 demands it!

Haha... I guess the singing table annoyed the Mandated Punishers so much, they just couldn't tolerate it anymore. RIP, table. Your abilities as a bard shall be missed.

Lord of the Mysteries · C526
1 month ago

GoodWithAToaster: “But it was me, Dio!!”

Lord of the Mysteries · C526
1 month ago

mahina: Straw hat...a straw hat pirate!

Lord of the Mysteries · C525
1 month ago
Danitz used fire spear in Bansy which has been used by the Intis Ambassador who is Hunter pathway. View More

Randompasserby: Wonder if his pathway crossed with the demoness pathway... Mr.Fool just might have his very own maid in the future lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C518
1 month ago
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