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Kill sanji View More
Reincarnated in DxD with Three Wishes · C17
18 hours ago
Best chapt more View More
How An Ordinary Company Slave Became The Vampire Prince Of Darkness · C51
1 day ago
When will mc take aurora Andy lily dong deed to mc and more partners for mc and make like a curse in each so they don’t betray mc View More
Nothingness God (English) · C16
1 day ago
Epic mc should be the next dungeon master View More
How An Ordinary Company Slave Became The Vampire Prince Of Darkness · C50
1 day ago
Author plese do t drop this chapter and could you make sure when they do their diolouge it’s seperated and they are in right gender View More
Nothingness God (English) · C13
1 day ago
AuthAuthor when you make the chapter please make sure they are in the right sex or means right gender View More
Nothingness God (English) · C12
1 day ago
Have all slave orgy with mc and many of his guardian and servant to mc and females prisoner to mc to View More
Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C53
1 day ago
Get many harem pls even the mother ones to View More
Supreme One · C6
2 days ago
Just add her mother in the harem View More
Otsutsuki In The Celestial Realm · C44
2 days ago
Get Gemini join in mc harem View More
Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C51
2 days ago
I do like the novel but I’m losing the excitement reading it as I feel like your making it sure not too much changes you should change your novel instead of dxd if you only care things that are not closely related to issei, basically saying mc is nothing but hate as there many beautiful woman but I think mc is just a joke a sore loser View More
DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C67
2 days ago
Author have her mind and soul to like an internet and along the chapter mc will make a body of her View More
Science/Magic · C22
2 days ago
Since he has dragon god bloodline he should have dragon, and since he died and receive he should have life and death, and all knowing since he will soon turn to god also author can you make all the woman who are in the original showed could be in Mc all them please I have been waiting for someone to make one instead they are like slave trying to help the protagonist View More
Astral Douluo · C0
3 days ago
Author have venelena, grayfia, Clearwater and more harem plese since it’s still in past thousand before they get married to those dumb devils View More
Supreme One · C5
3 days ago
Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C50
3 days ago
Have mc a way to make a device to revive them View More
Science/Magic · C21
4 days ago
Have mc go to his mother by dong forbidden love View More
Prime Originator · C177
4 days ago
Author have the woman sword man join in his harem please she could be like maid but raise her rank to become in his wives View More
Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C95
4 days ago
Author add grayfia serafall, venelena, mother of serafall and ravel add them please as since mc is in hi s game character it should affect his mind being more lust and hoarder like momonga who lost emotion to death only his monologue is except View More
Supreme One · C3
5 days ago
Author add more harem like shuri since I know they have the power of revive please add more harem View More
Supreme One · C1
5 days ago
I hate this mc is like a lab rat plus even if I’m a human who killed many I don’t have remorse as we are always selfish this people who are scared of people killing are naive don’t know the dark side of the world View More
Psi · C10
5 days ago
Author have mc the one she loves join in his world please View More
Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C43
5 days ago
Best chapter 5ks is a unique novel as the Mc use music but I have questions mc has weakness if his flute was stop ho can he use his power if he is been muted by magic View More
DXD: The Musician's Journey · C11
5 days ago
Thanks for the chapter also author there is also many wording I. Wrong place also girls is she and guys is a he View More
Journey To Become A True God · C62
6 days ago
Also if he could summon a person who could revive person like other women but has restrictions like akuja he is powerful also poison that directly goes to his soul View More
DXD: The Musician's Journey · C10
6 days ago
Author Ajuka died mc become the head of astaroth and all aid from ajuka join mc harem plese it’s one of my ideas View More
DXD: The Musician's Journey · C10
6 days ago
Is there a way to be young again View More
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples · C69
6 days ago
More chapter and plese don’t drop this I want AUthor to finish this novel plus can mc do revive like mother of kuroka and other nekousha View More
DXD: The Musician's Journey · C9
6 days ago
Mother of Zeus, Hera, freya, the Greek goddesses name Aphrodite View More
DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C0
1 week ago
Best ine View More
DXD: The Musician's Journey · C8
1 week ago
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