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First of all, welcome to Volume 3. Before moving on, here are some reminders you would like to know.
1. This volume, the Traveller, will, spoiler alert, full of adventures and events, which I think will be much preferable to Western readers.
2. Please don't associate this novel to any other Level-Up RPG novels, as every volume is not separated with each other. I had witnessed some really horrible comments from some heavily polluted readers in previous volumes, which really froze my spine.
3. Following Point 2, if you meet some sayings that can't be explained, you can either browse back the previous volumes to find the answer, or wait, yes, wait. One of the Cuttlefish's usual tricks is to lay hints and clues everywhere, and then, when the time is right, pull down all the strings, including all previous volumes, to get a big bang to all of us. I was hit by this same old trick over and over again, lured to deeper, darker fantasy which I couldn't imagine, with Volume 5 is ongoing in Qidian.
4. You should ignore all that Privilege complaints in the comment section. As long as the translating team release the chapters with the same pace as usual, it's no big deal. For those who find that 20 unread something annoying, let me state this: it's not 20, it's several hundred. The journey is still a long way to go.
I think that's it for now. We are made to promise not to spoil anything ahead to you all, so, enjoy the hunt. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C483
3 months ago
For those who are still mad about the privilege chapters, my advice is just ignore them. Of course, you might find those 20 chapters tempting, especially after suffering from bigger and bigger cliffhangers, but remember, several hundred more chapters are ahead of us.
If you want to pay to support the translator team, go for it. If you just want to keep your pace, then it's all fine too. No one can force you to pay if you don't want to. As long as all chapters come to you like always, you don't have to upset yourself for any reasons.
Peace. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C401
4 months ago
I understand your irritation, as this is the most cliche plot setting which is abused by many Chinese web novel writers. However, in this book, every counter stands for a reason. Just be patient and keep your puzzlement in hold, and your question will be usually answered in the later chapters, sooner or way later. View More

Lswarmruler: Man, why it must be the mc who solve all problems, where is the police n church? I really hate novel's plot where strong people abuse innocent ordinary people. Hopefully klein could solve this problem quickly, and have the plot move on.

Lord of the Mysteries · C373
4 months ago
As a southern Chinese, beef bone is too strong in flavor to make a proper family style broth. We use pork rib instead. Just using pork rib, white radish and ginger, we can make some great broth to help us withstand those cold damp winter days. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C371
5 months ago
Nothing about this chapter, just some recent news from Qidian.
A big drama is ongoing, major clues in the previous 3 volumes all come together in volume 4. I'm not gonna spoil, but I can tell you that the cliffhangers are becoming more and more unbearable.
And the worst thing is, chapter updates have been restricted to one chapter a day, until next week. And the reason is, due to some reason, our beloved Cuttlefish sama is on a long trip and he is now in Italy. Right now, every 24 hours is more and more intolerable to us, the "curly-haired baboons". View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C345
5 months ago
Yeah, who gives a s*** when you just want a cookie? But, since I'm from far east, I'm afraid I can't bring you anything beside airdropping, and I don't have any apples, either. 😁 View More

Lvl1Bard: "fried" sounds good enough for me. And I'm happy even if I need to eat the sauce first and then the rest of the food. I'm a simple monster. A hungry monster. Feed me?

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
5 months ago
Interesting viewpoint from you, indeed. And yes, I'm barely holding my sanity to let my comments be concentrated in translation stuff and cultural differences, especially anything about food. I don't want to say anything about plots and stories, so you may find my words a bit off topic. But I'm just trying my best to keep in sanity. Apologies for causing you confused. View More

Nighterfield: And honestly, I don't get what you were saying or referencing to. I thought you were losing control, I even considered to call mandate punisher to put you down

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
5 months ago
I'm just a bit sensitive about the name of that Club Specialty. 😉
When I first read those words, the first thing popped up my mind was, "That's Chinglish." That's because in Chinese, we tend to use a pattern of "sauce, meat, side" to describe a dish. And also, everything can be "fried" in Chinese, but in English, I've learned that it has to be specified to detail, like "pan fried, deep fried, stir fried, double fried", etc. View More

Lvl1Bard: I don't understand anything of what you just wrote..... But now I'm hungry 😖

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
5 months ago
I'm almost certain the name of that dish is a typical example of literal CtoE translation. At least, in Masterchef, the dish should sound like, "Pan seared froi gras with apple slices and confit bread crumbs in red wine reduction sauce", stuff like that.

……and one more thing. Was "fried froi gras" even a thing? At least, I haven't heard anything about froi gras except pan seared and pate. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C325
5 months ago
Nope, it's the direct translation from the original Chinese title. It actually describes a magic trick that the magician appears out of nowhere, or somewhere you believe is impossible. Just like those stabby stabby magic box trick. View More

Gehrman_Sparrow: I think what the author want to address is "A Living Person Disappears"

Lord of the Mysteries · C321
5 months ago
Well, you'd better got used to it, since the Cuttlefish once stated that he would give SCs as much plot as possible, after discovering that giving more lines to other characters, even if he's just a passerby, could result in a much bigger impact to the whole storytelling. View More

C4ssidy: now that i think of it, besides klein (obviously) Audrey has been the character with most exposition on this novel as of yet... will they be having any kind of relationship n thats why author is deeping her character so much?

Tbh id like to see more about The Sun and the City of silver, the deamons, the thunder axe and others than audrey's side tho

Lord of the Mysteries · C316
5 months ago
Do you realize that they were two places actually? Images and ideas differed a lot between Backlund and the City of Silver. And even if they did mean the same thing, different naming would be totally normal. So, no big deal. View More

SRandom: Translator, the title of the ancient gods had changed in comparison to c313. Dragon of imagination > dragon of fantasy, elf king > pixie king

Lord of the Mysteries · C315
5 months ago

CKtalon: Fixed to great sword

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
6 months ago
You need to be patient, my friend. You need to catch the rhythm, which will not be always fast, fast, fast. In fact, one of the Cuttlefish's usual tricks is writing several daily life pieces to soothe our minds and numb our judgements, while secretly laying clues here and there. Once the numbers of the Intel accumulate to a certain amount, I can guarantee that another event will come, real quick and real hard. Until then, stay calm and try to guess the flow (which is one of our favourite things to do in Qidian, and boy, right now Book 4 is nuts) View More

Lswarmruler: Just like i thought the next arc definitely about Klein solving the serial murder case, i just want this arc over soon, and prefer Klein meet and work together with Mr. Azik and Leonard. But first he probably need be able to change his face after rank up.

Lord of the Mysteries · C304
6 months ago
You need to read very carefully till you find that "red gloves trainee", mentioned in only a few words here. And a reminder, since the Cuttlefish and the translator did their job wonderfully, you need to pay extra attention, because every missed word might lead to a loss of a critical clue to a whole chain of events. View More

Lswarmruler: Why there is no mention about Leonard yet.. cmon author.

Lord of the Mysteries · C289
6 months ago
I don't know if lobster existed in Victoria England's menu, but I do know that lobster in cream sauce (usually with e-full noodles) is very common in every Chinese banquet nowadays, especially in Hong Kong and Macao. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C270
6 months ago
Remember the the title of this Volume 2? "The Faceless". So this is the easiest answer to the issue I mentioned at the beginning of this volume.
"Faceless" meant the name of the potion and the one of the sequence in the Seer pathway.
The other two answers, however, are quite subtle that you need to go through the whole volume to have a chance to sense them. I won't spoil to you but I can guarantee you that they're so mindblowing that when I first read the model answer from the Cuttlefish, my concept of web novels just shattered to pieces. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C251
7 months ago
A stick in one hand and a carrot in another is actually a popular Chinese saying. Back in the old times, mules and donkeys were crucial Chinese farming household workforces. However, they're pretty lazy and unwilling to move, so you needed to urge them or motivate them to do your work. So the stick and the carrot gradually obtained the meanings of punishments and rewards. This saying turned out to be one of the basic Chinese office management mottos. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C234
7 months ago

XanTheInsane: It's probably the name of the next Sequence potion that Klein needs.

A refference to Klein himself now since he needs to stay incognito.

And finally he's going to fight a "faceless" enemy. Which will either be some organization, thus making it faceless or it will be a literal faceless eldritch horror.

Lord of the Mysteries · C214
7 months ago
According to the Cuttlefish, the volume title, "The Faceless", contained three different meanings. See if you can figure them all out by the end of the Volume. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C214
7 months ago
I see. So you like THAT kind of adventure stories more😁 View More

carrionbird: Not the same as you.
The volume 3 is my favourite.

Lord of the Mysteries · C213
7 months ago
So, that's Volume 1. Have you got familiar with the way Cuttlefish writes things? I hope you do, because we'll soon jump right into Volume 2, my personal favorite among the 3 volumes by now. More adventures, more plots, more twists, and more mysteries. Please, prepare yourself a tougher mind, wider insight, wilder imagination, and of course, a sharper knife. 😂 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C213
7 months ago
Just a side note. In Qidian, volume 3 is also coming to a huge climax, and some readers noticed what's happening here too. They wouldn't spoil, just like me. We'd keep silent and witness the ride in the following comment sections, just like we had in Qidian months ago. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C208
7 months ago
The original author left a note that, "If you want to imagine the song, here are the reference pieces. Last Reunion, Merchant Prince, Beyond Our Dreams, Sin and Restitution" View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C26
7 months ago
Reading Status: C190
In short, this is a MUST-SEE. Quite frankly, I'm reading Volume 3 in Qidian as well as here, and I enjoy every bit of it.

I'll try to spoil as little as possible in my following review.

This is perhaps one of the best Chinese fantasy web novels in these years, in terms of background descriptions, MC development, plots, stories, basically everything. In his remarks, the Cuttlefish stated that he now couldn't type the stories as fast as he could in his earlier days, due to his own health issues, so instead he took his time researching steam punk, Victoria Era, Tarot, SCP foundation, ancient myth stories, etc. You can surely feel the richness of the contents inside the stories.

Secondly, the Cuttlefish focused more in the writing of all SCs, not just the MC, which is a huge improvement. If you have read his ToMA before, you'll notice the difference at once. In fact, even the Cuttlefish himself stated that he was not satisfied with the way he wrote the SCs in the past.

Last but not least, spoiler alert, too many fxxking plot twists and cliffhangers. And, to make things worse, lots of hints and clues are hidden between chapters. Perhaps some plain words in Volume One are actually related to a big climax in Volume Two. Speaking of Volume 2, in Chinese qidian, even the title name, as revealed by the Cuttlefish later, had three different layers of meanings throughout the whole volume. What A Maniac.

In Qidian, we joke each other to bring our knives along, so that every time our dear Cuttlefish gave us another cliffhanger or emotion trigger we could slice him into calamari, or at least order some calamari (or grilled cuttlefish) for our late night snacks. So, enjoy your reading, and make sure you won't miss any chapter, and your knife LOL. View More
Lord of the Mysteries
8 months ago
One of the good things the Cuttlefish did in this novel was using Western naming straight from the beginning, letting any translator to introduce every new character with no difficulties. BTW, in the original Chinese novel, that God Singer's name sounded more like Ice Snake. I assume that our translator believed that Ace is more like a normal Western name other than Ice. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C189
8 months ago
In case you didn't notice, the name "Hood Eugen" here turned out to be one of the first examples of Cuttlefish's funny naming habits in this book. That caused quite some of us, including me, laughing hard, to a name which combined a battle cruiser and a heavy cruiser. At that time, if there weren't a game called AzurLane, I won't have noticed it at all. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C117
8 months ago
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