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He's got the power or 3 true worlds, 5+1 spirit ascensions, and being MC. I'm sure he knows what is fair and what isn't. View More

Flowerbed: didn't mean the act of lowering their cultivation is bad in itself, but he injured them in the process which isn't "fair".

Pursuit of the Truth · C1283
3 months ago
I would not enjoy a story or support an Mc that steals a girl that enjoyed being with someone else while she had lost her memories and asked Mc to help find that other person. Who then had a temper tantrum when she was found by that other person when he did everything in his power to stop it. That's not MC quality. View More

CloudSurfer: Imagine a novel where De Shun is the MC and Su Ming is the antagonist lol that would be fun to read. Revenge/vengeance galore!

Pursuit of the Truth · C1218
4 months ago
She was originally an *****, it wouldn't be weird for her to grow up quick. View More

Electron: Didn't she become a little girl? Did she grow?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1217
4 months ago
Just because it's predictable doesn't mean it's bad story telling. Everybody knows that the hero is gonna win at the end of a movie, that doesn't make the movie bad. View More

Tenzai: Oh look. My prediction of QW stepping out to fight him after she lost came true. Who didn't see this coming?

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1793
4 months ago
Isn't yu xuan the daughter of the second God of berserkers? View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1132
6 months ago
It's the stop spell nor the still spell. And it's super weird seeing all these RI spells used by veritable nobodies. View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1120
6 months ago
One of the alien races belonging to the immortals union in the true morning Dao true world on the way to his physical body View More

JalapenoPopper: i'm not even 100% sure on who Su Ming is fighting right now. I mean, I know it's the immortal's union. But other than that everything just seems to be a cluster****. Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1117
6 months ago
He chose the future of his race over the happiness of his son. While it is a ruthless decision, it is not a wrong one. View More

Sri101: Wth is wrong with this mc’s dad?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1107
7 months ago
I always thought Wang Lin was a runt as an ancient God, if I recall correctly tou sen was much bigger than him at the same number of stars View More

Balinor: What the hell kind of Ancient God is this? 1 million feet at 7th star? Even wang lin wasn't that huge and he was a royal Ancient God and heir of YeMo!!!

Pursuit of the Truth · C1092
7 months ago
I meant not getting respect from anybody, the dynasts, challengers, audience, and sect masters. So he was put in a disadvantaged position by being challenged more often and by having more people challenge him than he was supposed to get. Nobody said this annointment ceremony was fair. View More

Halaster: It specifically said people who did not challenge him at all were being sent to his arena. :) So it does not line up with that.

Pursuit of the Truth · C1080
7 months ago
The way I saw it is that he was getting challenged before because he had no respect from the populous because he had never cleared the striking lands, making him look weak... Now he's getting only the people who want to fight him to show him good will. View More

Halaster: I am confused by this. Can someone explain again to me how the challenging works? Didn't chapter 1070 specifically say that challenges did not go to people who had cleared more of the striking lands, and instead first went to the people who had not cleared as many? Which was the whole reason he was fighting so many people initially, and why he went on to clear all the striking lands?

Now that he has cleared more striking lands than every other challenger, shouldn't no one actually be going to his platform, but instead to the lower ranked platforms?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1080
7 months ago
Who is this sang, did he appear in the dark mountain tribe before? View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1079
7 months ago
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