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As always, great chapter!

Fourth paragraph is supposed to be mountain instead of maintain though. View More
Store of Fates System · C43
1 week ago
I just finished this story and it is wonderful!! Definitely one of my favorites!!

I have a question though. What is Merle (and maybe his other kids)? If they were Fey, Runic, or Wizar they wouldn't be a new never-before-seen lifeform.

And is Orion still able to give the System? View More
Abuse of Magic · C240
3 weeks ago
For the record, I see your comments on a lot of the stuff I read and they're always the best! 😂😁 View More

Lancron: The sixth sense: versatile mage edition

Versatile Mage · C768
3 weeks ago

Fan_Mo_5836: Mo Fan: I saw a bus this afternoon!
Zhao Maynan: Why are you telling me this? Were there cute girls?
Mo Fan: Nah I just wanted to let you know what I threw you under.

Versatile Mage · C756
3 weeks ago
I'm not crying, you're crying 😥 View More
World Domination System · C622
1 month ago

Hyowha: Thank you for the comment! It means a lot and it's these comments that make me churn out more chapters

Store of Fates System · C37
1 month ago
"Dark" elf View More

DreamFlower: What is a drow?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C517
1 month ago

PayDay: no no... Zhuyue... You are still the most shameless.

Store of Fates System · C36
1 month ago

Hyowha: Dude, correct

Store of Fates System · C36
1 month ago
Of course I wouldn't roast you. Li Yinyi and Li Yangyi (holy shoot I just realized it's yin and yang) have very similar names and in the paragraph where he's trying to refuse the old man's offer you switch it one time. Also, when you says he took no no as an answer, it sounds a bit clunky, maybe he wouldn't take no as an answer would be better? But View More

Hyowha: Sure, feel free toncorrect them. I uplod them unedited so there are bound to be many mistakes. Please don't roast me tho

Store of Fates System · C28
2 months ago
Yeah, he was just saying it was illegal because he didn't want to die, although he did just try to assassinate View More

Chained001: Then isn’t that an easy way to die.

Monster Pet Evolution · C551
2 months ago
Hanging to death, usually by a tree or an execution stand View More

Chained001: What’s Lynching

Monster Pet Evolution · C551
2 months ago
Hyowha, do you mind if we point out typos and such? I don't want to be rude or anything. View More
Store of Fates System · C28
2 months ago
As long as you don't drop, we (or at least I) will wait for as long as needed 😁 View More
Store of Fates System · C27
2 months ago
First off, congrats! And thanks for the wonderful story so far.

Secondly! I'm so glad its finally the first! I've had the stones for premium for almost two weeks waiting for the start of the month!!

It's hard to pick a favorite part, while the various worlds are all amazing and interesting, I really enjoy how Earth is still really amazing as well. Demon cultivists, Ryuli, the banned and jade emperors. And the dungeons are all well done and seem to get better with each iteration, from the original goblin fight all the way to a deep immersive escape city. I think the Halloween one was the best though as it felt very personal and brought the characters close together, and seeing fears realized and an awesome concept, though I regret we didn't get to see Xiong Da or some of the others fears.

Thanks and I look forward to the rest of the story! Happy 500th! View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C500
2 months ago
Reading Status: C25
The author has created a wonderful and comedic world which I've already fallen in love with. The characters are diverse, and well developed. If I was to say one complaint, I can't get enough of this story, although the author puts out at least a chapter a day which is already really good and appreciated! I can't wait to see where the story goes next! View More
Store of Fates System
2 months ago
In chapter 166ish they refer to flamy as he/his repeatedly. So unless the evolution changed his gender the author may have just gotten confused? View More

HaulferBleu: It was said in the last chapters that the bi fang bird was known to be a female. So i don't know but i hope flamy is not a girl it'll burst my imagination when i was imagining a male flamy for the past 300+ chapters for fks sake

Monster Pet Evolution · C538
2 months ago
Instead of worrying about cultivation taking away from the story, you could look at it in the perspective of how the author can weave this normal theme into the unique features that you mentioned. For example, in NODS, Jin has to increase cultivation in order to unlock more features, gather more monsters, etc. The story is just beginning, and as the store attracts weirdos, maybe it will attract herbalists who use the memories to gather materials, or such. Maybe Si, will be into crafting and herbalism (as she had the potion) in order to make more money. View More

ursus010: my subjective vision is an interesting story, whether it be alchemy, medicine, cooking, fisheries ... its own unique topic ... but then the topic of cultivation appears .... and attention from a unique topic goes away at the moments of cultivation ... and then to Alchemy, medicine and cooking are not returned. Cultivation issues are probably important, but not at the expense of a unique theme. Well this is my opinion, other people have their own perspectives on it. Nothing more.

Store of Fates System · C18
2 months ago

Hyowha: I'm usually not a fan of writing a review for myself, as I deem it unprofessional.
Thankfully, this book is everything else than professional—if you want to read a serious story, I advise you to visit my other novel 'Rebirth of a Broken Demoness', however, if what you are looking for is a fun and carefree one, you'd be right to stay.

As the synopsis alluded, this story has a system and a store—two very common genres on this website, I believe.

Maybe you have noticed, but years before, system-novels were primarily parodies (History's number 1 Founder, black-tech internet cafe, IRAS, Ultimate scheming system, strongest system etc.). They made fun of gaming novels and its ridiculous trope of adding 'luck' (like a lottery, RNG or monster drops) as a major story-point in a universe entirely controlled by the author.
A system is a deus ex machina, and these authors knew it.

But now, with more and more systems-novels surfacing, what was once parody has turned into seriousness, and the comical ideas of an almighty system is lost in these new books—oh, the irony.

So I write this story to bring back what was once lost, in a sea of system-novels that has lost its core.

Yes, this is a parody on a parody.

This story is about life and death. A story beyond fate, and what it means to be alive in the face of death... or something like that. Read it, that's why are here after all.

—and that is why I shamelessly decided to give me 5 stars. I mean, if I do it, at least go all the way, right?

Store of Fates System
2 months ago
No, just like the first time he died, he was turned into the pink (slime?) and will reform. View More

tinaxyooj: Did he die for real 😳 it too confusing with the the system warning and his way not being to die

Store of Fates System · C18
2 months ago

Embermore: Oh thank God. I thought it really was a time reboot.

Only I level up · C218
5 months ago

Shilnik: Arc ends - loot expired...

Versatile Mage · C455
5 months ago
Whatever happened to the pseudomorph seed? View More
Versatile Mage · C455
6 months ago
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