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Nast is the son of the pirate Roselle met in his palace, and said something like “I have a feeling his son will be famous across the sea” View More

Alessan: He is known to be the son of one of Roselle’s four lieutenants already.

Lord of the Mysteries · C970
22 hours ago

Randompasserby: "Excuse me kind sir/lady, do you have a minute to listen to the glory and mercy that is our Lord and Savior, The Fool?"

Lord of the Mysteries · C970
22 hours ago

SaintBookwormLich: I was going to suggest Emlyn should make Gerhman Sparrow give a little scare to that Sanguine... but then I realized: Gerhman Sparrow doesn't give scares, he'll always be "The Nuclear Solution" you should never choice unless you're determined on scorching the earth around the individual you'd targeted 😅...

Lord of the Mysteries · C969
1 day ago
The point I really didn’t like is even if they need to edit the content, why can’t they just inform the author... just send a notification saying “your chapter has been edited due to certain reason” would help a lot for the author... Coz editing without informing the author is really disrespectful to what they create. The other Chinese online novel website I’m following just lock up the chapter if they find anything need to be censored, so that the author can change it by themselves and submit it again. On regards to censorship I think this is a better way than what this site is doing.
And speaking of this, everyone should thank the translator for translating the original content instead of the censored ones. I’ve noticed before that certain parts that got deleted later in the raws are translated here~ View More

vincentatd: No, because of censorship. This was the author's note on this chapter.

I'm sorry, this chapter is quite short because I was so angry that I couldn't write anymore. When I was writing half of this chapter, I want to refer another sentence in the previous chapter, so I opened the previous chapter just to found out the paragraph related to sacrifice was deleted. This type of "review and correct" is unacceptable, and no word can describe it. Without that paragraph, the whole situation becomes incoherent and no one can understand what the author wants to write, even me! Moreover, what content in this paragraph violated the rule? A story about "villains did evil things, then good guy punished the villains" is horrible enough to be deleted? I didn't describe details of the sacrifice so others can copy it, I just mention it slightly. I don't understand the whole process and the aims of "review and correct" anymore. Do you want to change a book into a meaningless ****?

I can't accept that my work is turned into an incoherent, illogical, broken **** that describes nothing, inexplicable and impossible for anyone to read. Previously, many chapters went through that "review and correct" process and I already made tons of changes; I also understand that the policy is very tight and everyone should understand the situation of others, so I didn't make any complaints. However, I can't endure the ridiculous "review and correct" which breaks the whole connection of the plot, make it become incoherent. Everyone knows about the style and the theme of "Lord of Mysteries", everyone knows what situation will be described in this book in the future. If the crazy "review and correct" continues, I am unable to finish this story!

I added the deleted paragraph of the previous chapter, everyone can re-read it again, but I don't know when it will be deleted again. If this situation continues, I don't know how long I can continue to write and how can I finish this book!

One hour later, I calmed myself down a little bit, I will not say anything which can be considered radical. All of my readers, please continue to read and please cherish what you are reading. I will continue to write until I am unable to write anymore, and I will not punish my reader because of others' mistakes. Yeah, just like this

Lord of the Mysteries · C968
1 day ago

Tetractys: Isnt this also true for the marauder pathway? Amon could generate avatars and exist in things like humans, animals, and even bacteria.

Or is this inherently different from the marionettes?

Lord of the Mysteries · C967
2 days ago
Well I think Klein stayed for a while to make sure the polices are on the right track and then left (when they stopped smiling) View More

Alessan: Somewhat difficult to understand what happened. Is this right?

Klein discovered the sacrifice ahead of time and made the entire crew including the organizers (3 men he took) and grunts (the rest) into marionettes. He successfully prevented the sacrifice and after reaching the station he abandoned the grunts and left with instigators? Perhaps wanting to avoid the attention of the entire staff leaving at once? Or maybe so many non Beyonder marionettes just weren’t very appealing? Can he even have that many marionettes? I’m also confused why they stopped smiling after the preliminary police investigation though, Klein should have been long gone by then.

Lord of the Mysteries · C967
2 days ago

Alessan: Somewhat difficult to understand what happened. Is this right?

Klein discovered the sacrifice ahead of time and made the entire crew including the organizers (3 men he took) and grunts (the rest) into marionettes. He successfully prevented the sacrifice and after reaching the station he abandoned the grunts and left with instigators? Perhaps wanting to avoid the attention of the entire staff leaving at once? Or maybe so many non Beyonder marionettes just weren’t very appealing? Can he even have that many marionettes? I’m also confused why they stopped smiling after the preliminary police investigation though, Klein should have been long gone by then.

Lord of the Mysteries · C967
2 days ago

Crow60: Together even after death. The best archenemy one could ask for

Lord of the Mysteries · C964
3 days ago
I don’t think being a blessed grants you anything, it’s just you will have a closer relationship to the god. He will give you more knowledge and resources and really listen to your prayers etc. View More

Jackattack: Something I have been wondering about, is whether the members of the tarot club count as being "blessed", and if they gain any benefits. For instance, I've been wondering if they advance more quickly. Klein certainly has been blazing ahead at a crazy rate.

Lord of the Mysteries · C959
5 days ago

Dex2: Her only reason for chanting is cause she trusts fors. She didn't even know much about the Fool. No one would throw their lives by getting in contact with a hidden existence just like that

Lord of the Mysteries · C957
6 days ago

Alessan: Ah good catch! The gates to the netherworld!

Lord of the Mysteries · C954
6 days ago
And spend a lot more haha View More

Dex2: As a demigod, he should be able to earn much more now from other activities

Lord of the Mysteries · C948
1 week ago
At the beginning of every volume Klein always somehow finds himself struggling with money... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C948
1 week ago

Lvl1Bard: Wasn't the Twilight Hermit Order involved in the Backlund Great Smog incident? Or even somewhat responsible for it? At least they were the mastermind behind the Duke Negan murder...

I don't think Klein and Adam will get along on a long term basis. First of all because Adam lacks humanity and second their goals clash. Both of them are going to try to change the Era and I highly doubt they'll agree on many things...

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
1 week ago

Alessan: I think he thinks that all the cocoons were pulled from earth at the same time a long time ago. Later, the people inside started gradually waking up but a very long time has passed, so even if he made it back to Earth it would have been hundreds of years later. This explains why Klein and Roselle seem to have left Earth around the same time but woke up a few hundred years apart.

Lord of the Mysteries · C947
1 week ago
Well I would say Klein carefully planned out everything. If you noticed, Ludwell, Enzo, Leonard and Reneitte are all involved in this plan, he needs every help he can get to take down a demigod with a grade 0 artifact. However there are always things beyond planing, in this case, Adam. I think right now it’s clear that he manipulated things to make sure Ince come to South Continent, as well as Klein, Leonard and Daly.
As for your doubt for Daly, no one can predict everything beforehand. No one knew Ince would write that sentence. Maybe her death is pointless, maybe without Daly, Ince wouldn’t succeeded either since Reinette did chase the beings away later. But at the end, the point is, Daly decided to give up everything for this revenge, and she did. View More

Austragus: As much as I love this novel, I can't help but voice my criticism of this chapter. I can't help but feel that the death of Daly Simone only happened for the sake of emphasizing the madness and absurdity of this world, something that we are already all too familiar with. Her emotional departure, while foreshadowed and enacted extremely well, feels totally unnecessary.

First of all, Leonard and Daly's appearance at the scene itself feels too theatrical. Why would Klein knowingly invite a sequence 6 Leonard to this demigod fight? Furthermore, inviting Daly was an 'on the spur' moment for Leonard as well. All this feels contrary to what should be more carefully planned.

Furthermore, apart from drawing extreme aggression from Ince Zangwill, there doesn't seem to be anything Leonard did that Enzo couldn't do as a marionette. What did it do besides praying and causing bad luck? Did it just stay on standby the entire time? It feels contrary to Klein's character to not put his marionettes to full use.

Daly's presence was never part of Klein's plan, and it's prevention was so simple as well. A simple additional 10000 pound payment to Miss Messenger to chase away sprit world creatures beforehand could have sufficed. All her death serves is to leave behind a sense of powerlessness in the aftermath of absurd beyonder powers.

All of this could point to a rather frightening conclusion. Klein's usual meticulousness is turning more cold-blooded and rash compared to his usual self. He is becoming increasing overconfident and inhuman. Mistakes happen, but to this level?

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 week ago

Marukusius: There is Adam or maybe his Father , quoting an Earth philosopher does rise my suspicion, but i get a feeling maybe he heard it from his father (bible was quoted a lot by both of them i believe), there is also The Godess, all the ideas and doctorines she has are a lot more advanced than the current era suggests, and she was like that from the start, so those are my picks over who one of the cacoon belongs to.

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 week ago
well I think the most important thing he got from becoming a sequence 4 is now every marionette is him. Combining with the fast marionette-creating ability, he can do a lot of things. View More

Alessan: It should be easy to figure out if a Bizzaro Sorcerer is dead or alive depending on what beyonder characteristic appears from the body you killed right?

Does anyone think that Bizzaro Sorcerer is extremely underwhelming? Sure it’s a big upgrade to the abilities he already has but besides instantly swapping places, shifting his injuries on to paper figurines and allowing marionettes to use his beyonder powers his powers are pretty much the same. I was expecting some crazy godhood Sorcerer OOMPH. I was also somewhat hoping his main body would be able to use the marionette powers of at least one marionette but might be a little much. If so that would be well worth the demigod title but it doesn’t really fit the principles of his Pathway. Borrowing a stealth ability to hide behind the scenes better would have been pretty awesome.

There are still a ton of unanswered details about his new powers. How many marionettes can he have? It should have been 3 after digestion but before advancing is it still 3? How far can he control them from? Taking over new marionettes from 150 meters is a huge upgrade and it was mentioned he can swap within 1000 meters. Can he control his marionettes in the same range as swapping?

His super speed of creating marionettes is appalling in a great way. The 3/15 second time is for people with the same level spirits body as him. A Sequence 5 without godhood would take how long? 5 seconds? Less? The myriad available powers below demigod should still be extremely useful to him if he finds good ones that compliment each other. The non-offensive powers will always be useful and if he picks the right Pathway even combat powers without godhood could be quite strong. Death Knell blasted Ince Zangwill to pieces after all. Green Essence and Flower of Blood might be outdated now though as he can just shift all injuries into Paper Figurines.

I can’t wait to see him in action. Analysis and reality aren’t always the same hopefully it’ll be mind-blowing.

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 week ago

HellDragon: The creater (sun god)?
He give me vibe that he stole his legend from the Bible god

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 week ago

Alessan: Three cocoons have opened? Does that mean he is the third transmigrator? What if all the Transmigrators were taken from Earth at the same time and some just slept longer than others. That would explain why Roselle and Klein seem to have left around the same time but it would also mean that potentially hundreds of years have passed on earth. He might never be able to make it back to the same place he left. All his work so far - for nothing?

Imagine what would happen if he took a cellphone from one of these people and handed it off to the Church of Steam...

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 week ago

lindatan90: Should be the opposite. Adam is the one doing the favor for Klein here. He has a lot of demigods under Him that can help Him to hold back the weakened quill and Ince. But none of them was here means that He is aware of Klein and left the stage clear for Klein's performance of vengeance and advancement deliberately.

Lord of the Mysteries · C945
1 week ago

lindatan90: Interesting analysis. Just some points are amiss.

Leonard - The creeping hunger is with Leonard. That's why he can travel. It was hinted two chapters ago that Klein lent the glove to him, when he looked at his left hand and the red glove on it during his conversation with Daly. So what you speculated to be done by Klein will be done by Leonard instead, while maintaining Leonard's role of using the charm.

Klein - He can just abuses thunderstorm skill from above the gray fog.

Daly - I don't think she can suppress Ince ability. From my understanding, demigod MP bar is replaced with godhood instead of spirituality. So even lower seq skills of Ince is still more powerful. But I can't imagine what Daly can do. May be just helping Ludwell and Enzo?

Enzo - May be try to get some blood from Ince so that he can be kidnapped into Groselle Travel? I'm sure there are some time skip, so may be his luck is restored?

Ludwell - Agree with suppressing the evil spirit.

0-08 - It will help Ince to run away at all cost because it doesn't want to be made into a potion by Adam.

Ince - Agree with turning into mystical creature form. Just not agree with using the charm when transforming. I think Leonard might die exchanging fate in this timing coz he can't transform. He might suffer the madness in Ince's place though.

Lord of the Mysteries · C942
1 week ago

Alessan: I think he might be the priest of the Original Creator Roselle met a few diaries ago. Just based off his appearance and the cross he’s holding.

He’s a much crazier theory. What if he is also Adam, Angel of Imagination and likely leader of the Twilight Hermit Order. First, he used an extremely powerful version of the Sequence 6 Hypnotist ability Psychological Invisibility to avoid even Ince Zangwill’s notice. He should be of the Spectator Pathway. Second, he has lived for at least 200 years so he is very likely an Angel. Third, he managed to avoid 0-08’s detection, this requires one to not only be on at least the same level but also have powers in the same domain or a similar concealment ability. Fourth, he has the motive to seek out 0-08. With at least one other Sequence 1 characteristic and the uniqueness of the Visionary Pathway successfully accommodated 0-08 is one of the few or even only missing pieces for him to become a Sequence 0 True God. This shouldn’t interfere with his goal of reviving the Original Creator because the Original Creator granted him the Uniqueness personally before his death. It should even help this goal. Fifth, we know Roselle had a connection with him as the priest, but we don’t know how Roselle joined the Twilight Hermit Order. If he is truly the leader it’s quite likely he sent Roselle an invitation. Sixth, there are very few people that both know a lot of secrets from the Third Epoch and are willing to become a Priest of the Original Creator. He fits the bill perfectly.

Lord of the Mysteries · C940
1 week ago
Yes and another side proof is he went to Bansy harbor, where the descendants of Medici were. View More

aryss: Can you help enlighten me a bit please 🥺
When did Ince encounter this evil spirit? Is this when he suddenly realised he was digging something and he has dirt on his hands?

Lord of the Mysteries · C932
1 week ago

Dex2: You're assuming a lot. So far, she hasn't shown herself as an enemy. Let me use some examples:

✔ She saved him when fighting Mr. A and even smiled at him
✔ She "disciplined" him when he broke in to steal from the church and banished him to that foggy town.
But while he was there, when Panatiya was about to kill him, the crimson moon appeared and she had to flee hence giving Klein a chance.
We know the goddess has some authority over the moon.
✔ Through her monitoring of him, she could respond quickly and save him when Azik was about to merge with artificial death.
Even though she benefited by taking the uniqueness in the end, she did give Azik the choice of continuing to merge.

Even now, she has answered his question through artificial death which she is in control of.

Think of what Orange Light, Hilarion told Klein: high level beings that can detect his unique trait are of two types,
⏩ those who want to take control like mother tree
⏩ those who simply see his potential and want to be friendly

I'm not saying it's impossible she has other schemes but to suspect her that much when she has been friendly doesn't seem right. It's better to have Klein's attitude (use the benefits but be careful)

Lord of the Mysteries · C932
1 week ago

4pmbookstack: so that's why Ince Zangwill was pursued by a Demigod from Hunter's pathway when he aboard the ship. the demigod was attracted to him cause of the Law of convergence and Red Angel Medici

Lord of the Mysteries · C931
1 week ago
I think the gods do develop Beyonders of other pathways, but they might not have too many potions of higher sequence. I don’t remember where it says the church of lord of storm would assign Beyonders of reader pathway (“detective”) to their teams to do the thinking part. But for many pathways, even if they don’t have a sequence 0, there’s always a secret organization sort of controlling the pathway. So the potions are not that easy to get...?
Another reason I’m thinking is Beyonders of the same pathway are affected (or even controlled) more by their sequence 0. We’ve seen Azik and the Death pathway, maybe it happens in other pathways as well just not that strong. View More

Alessan: Not too much of a surprise that the True Creator has control over some of the Hunter Pathway since ‘He’ used to be close allies with Medici before ascending to become a god. Medici didn’t die till later on either so it can reasonably be assumed they maintained their relationship even after that. Hunter pathway is pretty widespread too with the Sauron, Einhorn and Medici families all having access to high sequence potions as well as sharing some formulas with their (Intis, Feysac) governments.

I’ve also wondered why even if they Gods have potions they rarely develop organizations or believers of Pathways other than their own and especially Pathways that don’t connect. Just like the Evernight Church refusing to develop Seer Pathway beyonders and evening hiding the fact they have the formulas from lower leveled members. It seems like the True Creator is the only exception to this rule as we now know he has subordinates belonging to all of the Secrets Suppliant, Apprentice and Hunter Pathways at minimum.

Lord of the Mysteries · C930
2 weeks ago

MoreUmlaut: Little Sun: These new mushrooms are the best thing to ever happen to the City of Silver!
Tarot Club: Take them! Take them all!

Lord of the Mysteries · C922
2 weeks ago

Lvl1Bard: At some point in the future there will be some kind of handwritten note sticking to a visible spot inside the Fool's castle:

1. Don't pray during sleeping hours!
2. Bringing mushrooms (of any kind/form/political inclination) to a gathering is strictly banned! Offenders will be fed to the True Creator!
3. Bringing canned wolf fish is equally banned!
4. Don't stick your chewing gum under your seat or table! You aren't children anymore! (well, except for that baby on the Wheel of Fate chair)
5. Dogs aren't allowed inside the hall. Especially those with a PhD!

Lord of the Mysteries · C922
2 weeks ago
Undying, a gift or a curse. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C917
2 weeks ago
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