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Rise of The Undead Legion
1 month ago

ur_stupidity: Alright. So a new review is needed. Especially since this is now developed into a pay and premium type story. However, of all the VRMMO stories on here, this is among the top worthy of SS. Some may say it’s just an ******* work, but it honestly stands above and apart many of the translated works. Here’s why: (yes it’s long cus it’s honest)
1. The writing quality is excellent in grammar and spelling with tons of modern literature, video game and movie references that fit so smoothly and make the story enjoyable. Instead of being cliche it fits just right in the moment and makes you smile and laugh. The dialogue is not too lengthy as to be boring and yet always adds life to the characters and shows insight into their characteristics, histories and relationships. It is also consistent, even as the characters develop and change/grow the dialogue continues to match.
2. The updates are steady. While there isn’t a bunch of mass releases due to it being written practically live by the author, you get your daily fix and if you are that addicted then go privileged for a good headstart. As a written piece rather than translated piece this is by far the most important quality of the author. It shows dedication and that the story will not be abandoned anytime soon.
3. The story development is unpredictable yet natural, with a good mix of cliffhangers and plot twists. Good luck and bad luck are there in spades without the need for OP MC. Which is a refreshing break from all the rest of the VRMMO novels that are like clones. It has all the great elements of a VRMMO such as NPC realism/comedy, realistic updates/character nerfing (lol. Oh so real for online games) and bug management (because honestly if you are OPing someone game then AI/moderators should be looking at you which is biggest bull**** of most VRMMO), real interaction/consequences between game and life, not too bogged down in stats /game details, struggles both in game and in real life (some of which are beyond the MC control and capability to fix), romance without too over dense characters or super maxed charm and beauty for every character, lots of comedy without having to be overly dependent on face slapping (yes library of heaven path which was written on repeat every chapter), and most of all simultaneous story developments that twist, flashback keep you in a rollercoaster with a mix of pace that is easy to be comfortable with and doesn’t force events/development.
4. The character development is the only one I marked as 4, but that’s only cus the damn author made so many interesting characters that I’m honestly deep in anticipation of their development and future influence. Especially in RL. But of course RL moves slower than game cus RL is always just like that. The game characters however are full paced and well developed with just enough details to make them lovable but with the hidden potential to surprise you and become a plot development. Underestimate nobody. There is no cliche characters so far, although at the beginning it seemed like it might go that way. Honestly, it feels like the author development grew at some point and so did the characters or something. But he avoided potential pitfalls. Character relations also change a lot but in realistic ways as we would with ppl who we consider old/new to our lives. And there is character conflict both large and small. Lol. The scenarios they also end up in with eachother are a smooth flow as well as their reactions. The NPCs are so damn lovable and their is a clear distinction in the feel of the story between the MC with players and NPCs that neither one feels useless and that could be left out. I’m just saying that if you are a big addict to RL development then you may be a little frustrated. Lol. But it’s VRMMO story so that’s what it’s all about and that aspect will develop at a higher pace naturally.
5. I’m out of space. But it’s damn awesome. So get to reading already.

Rise of The Undead Legion
1 month ago
Reading Status: C186
Im just here for the free thing... The translation is quite good actually and i can understand the story very well but the status window.... View More
Night Ranger
2 months ago
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