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Well, she's the first with a yin skill. Conversion.... it should boost, or create, his tolerance/resistance. View More

fearlessj2008: that is one way to train your skills lol. would think if he sleep with her he would get the yin element that he needs but then again he has sleep with quite a few and got nothing so the yang and yin in that way doesn't work for him at least not yet.

Rebirth: The New Game of Life · C75
3 weeks ago
Author needed this to justify a princess marrying a commoner. You've seen what's happened in Britain with that..... View More
Gacha Sovereign · C59
4 weeks ago
Are they not exploiting people? View More

Mimbdy2: Hahahaha! This is chapter twenty! They've been writing start since the... start.
Also "exploitation" clearly should be "exploration".

Divine Card Creator · C20
1 month ago
Future: store 7 of these cards and draw a one star card with 49 bulls.
Or store 7 fruit ninjas and make fruit assassins.... View More
Divine Card Creator · C15
1 month ago
Lord Su claims new host for his living computer..... View More
Godly Model Creator · C830
1 month ago
You mean he wasn't before? View More

Zug: Scrapy has overtaken the main character in this novel.

The Online Craftsmaster · C90
2 months ago
Even a hundred or two is ok for golden cores. She met her master's spirit, which appears to be common since he didn't question her about her age if master died decades ago.... View More

Killboy2110: I thought her master died hundreds or thousands of years ago?

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C789
2 months ago
In game new diety: iron dragon killer! All hail Scrappy! View More
The Online Craftsmaster · C84
2 months ago
Haha, she's still thinking that the MC's normal..... View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C1160
2 months ago
It's it possible she's so fast because she's outside of their attack range? View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C1138
2 months ago
The world's nesr-domain expert.... View More
Godly Model Creator · C814
2 months ago
#5 Hell Lord View More

Lillia24: Secret answer #4: Feng Jiu saves herself and everyone else. Lol

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C746
3 months ago
She was playing with a dagger, now it's sword-serious View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C737
3 months ago
There's also that metal seems to be a late addition to their systems... I read somewhere it was a combo element like lightning being wind and fire for some stories. View More

Iblis001: from my experience i know that most chinese authors don't know how to count

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C690
3 months ago
It would be different if she died as a5 year old HWW, reborn in the 21st century, then reincarnated as her original identity having left the body essentially soulless for those years. View More
The Anarchic Consort · C286
3 months ago
By the time I complete reading this exam arc, I expect her to have:
Upgraded the illusion array (build a courtyard to sleep in).
Incorporated both poison and antidote
Tamed a scorpion pair for breeding stock
Shrink the scorpion couple for easy carrying (no need to ride them right now)
Created a teleportation array to the dean's offices.
All because she's bored. View More
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C540
3 months ago
She needs to wake up, yesterday!!!! She at least needs to : "he's most likely dead...." View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C1076
3 months ago
I think you meant "he thinks he had the right" as by most ancient laws she is his property. Thankfully, we readers live in a modern society where people are not legally property but mutually (in contact with each other, marriage, and what not) at the same level of responsibility and authority. View More

gilson2412: He's really angry, and what's worse is that he has reason to be angry. Let's see how this couple gets right, but by the title of the chapter looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C1034
4 months ago
In these books, cultivation is life, sp didn't that negate the last sentence? View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C680
4 months ago
Once for each tier of difference.... View More

gilson2412: Stop this useless conversation and get ready to run naked around town, after all the city is not small there are too many streets for you to run

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C990
4 months ago
As I said, she's only there to steal from the teachers knowledge, or torment them as a saint ranked alchemist in hiding. View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C679
4 months ago
Wow, I'm way behind on this. But grandmaster? I think they're aiming to low: "Queen of Alchemical Weapons Refinement" sounds about right. View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C978
4 months ago
Maple succeeded without taking Mia. She probably thought it was safer... View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C147
4 months ago
Goddess mesfin ng with the mc soul harem again... View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C124
5 months ago
The thesis presupposes that the soul has mass and energy. Suppose the soul has no energy to start with then the growth of Hell does not occur nor does it contract. This would be the only flaw with the thesis. View More

Nymus: Yes, hell is frozen! Please see attached prove:
Is hell exothermic or endothermic?

The following is a really asked question in the final chemistry test at the University of Maynooth (Kildare County, Ireland). A student's answer was so profound that the professor did not want to withhold it from his colleagues and spread it over the Internet, so we can now enjoy it as well.

Bonus question: Is hell exothermic (releases heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most students speculated, using Boule's law, that gas cools as it expands and the temperature rises under pressure or something like that. However, one student wrote:

First, we need to find out how much the hell of hell is changing over time. This requires the number of souls who go to hell and the number of souls who leave Hell. I believe that it is safe to assume that souls who are once in hell never leave the same. Therefore, the conclusion is permissible: no soul leaves hell.

Regarding the question of how many souls go to hell, the views of the many religions that exist today can give us some insight. For most of these religions, you will find that you go to hell if you do not belong to your religion. Since there is more than one of these creeds and because you can not belong to more than one religion, one can assume that all souls go to hell. Given the birth and death rates, it is expected that the number of souls in hell will grow exponentially. Let us now consider the question of the changing extent of hell.

Since, according to Boule's law, the volume of hell has to expand in proportion to the number of souls growing, so that temperature and pressure in hell remain constant, we have two options:
1. If hell expands more slowly than the amount of incoming souls, the temperature and pressure in hell will rise until all hell breaks apart.
2. If hell expands faster than the amount of incoming souls, then temperature and pressure will drop until hell freezes.

Which of the possibilities is the solution now?
If we include the prophecy of my friend Sandra from the freshman year of study, that she's more likely to go to hell before she sleeps with me, and the fact that I slept with her yesterday, only option two comes into question.

Therefore, I am convinced that hell is endothermic and must already be frozen. From the thesis that hell is frozen, it follows that no more souls can be received there because it is extinct.
Which leaves only the sky, which proves the existence of a divine being and which in turn explains why Sandra screamed "Oh my God!" All night yesterday evening.

This student was the only one to receive an A.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C96
5 months ago
May be a little weird, but she's not human.... perhaps humans would level slower if they offered other people? View More

BrabbitX: There is no way shiro only got 1 lvl while killing armies for 5 days. they were lvl 50 monsters. even if she is lvl 38... thats still 12lvl difference and she should get huge amounts of exp because she pretty much solo them. compared to her party members who got 4-5 levels (even if they were lower leveled) they still got help from the whole group and were only killing the strugglers. it just doesn't add up.
If you really don't want shiro to be way higher level than her party members (which is clear by how bs the EXP seems to work) have it so shiro needs like 5x the exp of humans or something like that, i just hate the BS and aritifical level restriction. Btw love the novel and keep up the good work.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C95
5 months ago
Yeah, he may have accidentally deleted the old one. View More

pxrince: The chapters got switched? This should be 765

Godly Model Creator · C765
5 months ago
I would wager, and I'm way behind, so you all can peek ahead, that it's beyond limit on all fields... elementsl, mental, physical, psychic... View More
Godly Model Creator · C0
5 months ago
Id bet L gives them a one time pass as she wants ditto to behave like a kid for now, and not later. View More

Nymus: btw - Reili, what will happen when Lyrica learns that the kids touched Shiros hair?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C85
5 months ago
Isn't that what he needed to do anyway? View More

Yarbles: I say compress all the debris and make a core or big bang. . .

Godly Model Creator · C761
6 months ago
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