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Aye just don't make it to long View More
Asgardian Sword God · C28
2 months ago
TT.TT I got excited, Now I'm sad View More
Adventures of Bayek: Through the Void and Beyond · C31
2 months ago

Flamekirinwolf: Hail hydra

P.S. I bet not many will notice it. 😂

MarvelousTube (MCU FF) · C1
3 months ago
I just realized this never had a name View More
Harry Potter and the darkness · C2
3 months ago

1st_crazy_king: Why are you hitting your self why are you hitting your self why are you hitting your self

Elder Scrolls: Naruto · C8
3 months ago

amaturewriter: MAKE MC OP..MC X HELA....COME ON WHO ELSE?????????

ANYWAY GOOD SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asgardian Sword God · C2
3 months ago

AzureConqueror: I used to be a Hogwarts student like you, then I took an arrow in the knee

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C144
3 months ago
Charm isn't a nurse lol View More

DarkDawning: Question does xu mei become a fox girl

Loli/neko (Abbygale)check
Nurse check (Charmaine) check
Battle maid/MILF(Odelina) check

With their fiance/father/loli-con/loaner/master
With a awesome power/darkside

Mutagen · C92
3 months ago
Maid, Landlady,mistress,secretary, girls next-door... ummm View More

rindou69: Rolecall: MILF, schoolgirls, little sister, vannila. Did i miss something?

Mutagen · C75
3 months ago

ShadowRose13: So here is how it happened. Luthor had people drug Ripper so he would be even more aggressive and plant the HP plushies along with tie one of the underground dog fighting rings to Marge. Talia went around collecting testimonies and getting records of Grunnings. Deathstroke broke into the Dursleys and planted the 'evidence' on their computer (except the dairy, that was all Petunia). Loki made the untraceable Chinese account, gathered the 'evidence' to plant (which meant he hacked in SIS to gather real Armed Forces intel) which people would assume was stolen from a family who works for MI6 in Surrey, and made a trail that showed the Lily Evans account had been in use for years even though it was completely new.

Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C13
4 months ago
What a nice ending for that stupid family View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C13
4 months ago
Sigh....why?!? Por que Maria!!!!! View More
Marvel's True Demon · C7
4 months ago
The one ring... to rule them all View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C7
4 months ago

SorcererCat: The writing or English starts to get better at chapter 18. So, just hold on a bit. Then at chapter 33 or 34 he has started to has for help finding and editor. Then at about chapter 36 the editor starts editing and it is much better.

Monster Integration · C15
4 months ago
Yo keep it up! This is really Fun! You got my vote View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C3
4 months ago

Jobbles: Thanks for information but I cried tiers of blood when I learned it’s not a real chapter

Rebirth in Bleach · C61
4 months ago

Shiveringjenny: I pray that the cauldron becomes a candy dish that does nothing but sit on the counter filled with free sweets for the rest of the story.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C206
4 months ago

SmilingReader: Lol I keep reading Taixi Faction as Taxi Faction 😂

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C206
4 months ago

Haku_men: Is that Su Mucheng's Delivery Gun??

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C42
4 months ago

aspire5515: who else stayed up to 12 to read the bew chapters?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C42
4 months ago

raincloudguy: fatty friend cliche :check:

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C1
4 months ago

VaishnavC: "Chevrolet impala, the best vehicle to hunt monsters".
I'm surprised nobody got this.
Doesn't anyone here watch 'Supernatural'?

Supreme Magus · C4
4 months ago
It's vr, does it matter if you drink or smoke in Game? It doesn't affect your real body it's just an experience. Plus it could be that the bars and strip clubs have an age limit to enter so that would keep some of the youth out. And as for other countries if they care about the game so much they can ban it from their country. View More

shelwyn: Lmao what are they gonna do when prostitution shows up in game? Isn't it completely illegal in some countries? How about those underage kids? Oof.

Smoking? Drinking? Maybe even drugs will show up? Gambling? Lol

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C4
4 months ago
Looks like Harry made it to the party lol, must be a typo View More
Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C39
4 months ago

ZorianKazinski: Poor kawin, Just got non-friendzoned lol.

Taming Master · C23
4 months ago

Gr33naero: He’s going to be a Pokémon master and collect all eight gym badges

Taming Master · C10
4 months ago
Do we know what happens to omegas when they sleep/logoff? View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C108
4 months ago
That's any tequila, if you drink enough of it. View More

eddie411: Tequilla that really makes your clothes fall off

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C105
4 months ago

eddie411: Tequilla that really makes your clothes fall off

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C105
4 months ago
Airblade?!? View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C16
7 months ago
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