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Probably because it wasnt that sour, people made pineaple juice with sugar so it wont be sour at all View More

tlst: Is this pineapple? It tastes like pineapple juice.

You don't say...

Gourmet Food Supplier · C626
8 months ago
She is a widow View More

tlst: Jiang Changxi is MARRIED?

Gourmet Food Supplier · C623
8 months ago
Probably it skipped a word, I guess she said something like he was a nice man, but he didn't like it cause a nice guy is usually a "reason" for a woman to reject a man View More

WhoWhoWho: Hmm...I wonder what animal(s) gets to eat the rest of the duck? 🤔 A alligator, tiger, or snake? 🐍 I guess that we'll have to wait for a new dish description to find out? 🤓 Translator, it would be really nice if you left a footnote explaining that "man" part. 🙏 It didn't translate well as I didn't get it. 😔 Sorry, tx 4 the chptr! 😘

Gourmet Food Supplier · C613
8 months ago
Someone just went butt naked..
Never go full retard dude.. View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C77
9 months ago
Looks like someone would get stripped naked View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C76
9 months ago
*the crying cat meme View More
The Almighty Ring · C133
9 months ago
No no no, his full name is It's just a Frank, No need to be angry View More

azizonk: If im no mistaken,.....
Frank full name is Frank von Stepingstone

Summoning the Holy Sword · C135
10 months ago
The dancing hen caused it all View More

Bara: No mention of any attempt to find the source of this poison to help treat the patient and to PREVENT OTHERS FROM GETTING POISONED ALSO. Cause who cares if an entire village gets poisoned over time. 🤢😱🤯😵

Elixir Supplier · C24
1 year ago
There was one chapter when they were talking about crush and I thought that they mentioned they had the same crush though.. View More

Khem: Our MC has way to low an EQ. He’s probably doomed to be in a relationship with the system alone for the rest of his life 😉

Gourmet Food Supplier · C451
1 year ago
Wut? I thought Man Man was single and had a crush with the MC.
How come she has a boyfriend all of sudden? View More
Gourmet Food Supplier · C451
1 year ago
Living puppet I guess View More
Seized by the System · C30
1 year ago
No no no, the system would always be there for him View More

Khem: Poor Boss Yuan 😂 With his EQ he’s doomed to be single forever 😂😉

Thanks for the chapter

Gourmet Food Supplier · C434
1 year ago
No, he fails to get a girlfriend View More

ChewyMochi: Does the chapter title mean Yuan Zhao fails at making the goose?

Gourmet Food Supplier · C429
1 year ago
He would accept her at that spot, at that time View More

SleepsBeneathStars: If a pretty girl say she wants to be his disciple, would he accept?

Gourmet Food Supplier · C422
1 year ago
"I will take you as my disciple, but, your aunt must become my wife first" View More
Gourmet Food Supplier · C422
1 year ago
But he never did his mom, so, this time he wants to sleep with any emperor's mom. View More

GridRoom: Metal Emperor: Why protect them?
Guard: Xue Que slept with the Fire Emperor’s daughter
ME: Huh?
Guard: And his concubine.
ME: What!?
Guard: also the Fire Emperors sister
ME: “...”
Everyone looks at XQ
XQ: Yes, I did sleep with them.
Everyone: ...
XQ: It was a very nice feeling.
Everyone: ...

Ultimate Scheming System · C377
1 year ago
Blast them all View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C369
1 year ago
No one knows he lost his cherry other than himself and moon lord.. so he can just lie about it.. View More

hipnyah: It really did happen.... He really lost his man cherry..... I thought it was never going to happen 😭

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C505
1 year ago
Baito de dasuto View More

kingofnoobs: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I am within the top 3, this sect master of the NOOB SECT shall let you juniors join my great and almighty sect for 9,99$ take this offer while you can.

Gate of God · C270
1 year ago
You could try to guess the answer View More

NotMarySue: I wish I can guess my grades and the test answers this accurately 😂

A Valiant Life · C199
1 year ago
"No, cause I dont want to marry you"
Ggwp View More
Gate of God · C260
1 year ago
Omae wa mou shindeiru... View More

NotMarySue: Whispers *I see dead people* *looks at guys in the ferrari* lol

A Valiant Life · C193
1 year ago
Na-nani!?? View More


Ultimate Scheming System · C356
1 year ago
She was there because every bokke need a tsukomi.. View More

icyhail: i really wish Ping Yang dies. I don't care what others think but personally, she's extremely annoying

Gate of God · C250
1 year ago
Deja vu!!! View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C353
1 year ago
This thing can overtake all of your useless divine chariots View More

WuvWuv: *slaps roof of car*

Ultimate Scheming System · C352
1 year ago

huntATnight: I wonder whether he accepts the challenge or rejects it cause he doesnt like his song to be chosen like that..

Superstars of Tomorrow · C64
1 year ago

huntATnight: that would be a twist if he use his name as the next song..

Superstars of Tomorrow · C62
1 year ago

huntATnight: but, little did she know that MC will pick the frontline battle instead of that...

Superstars of Tomorrow · C58
1 year ago

huntATnight: even that accident can lead you to death by being strangled by your own girlfriend's hands..

Super Gene · C196
1 year ago
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