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Zax09427: Why don't he use real money to have virtual money. And what happen to the blacksmith advancement

The Almighty Ring · C253
2 weeks ago
1. Don't know
2. The Abyss plane evolution is preparing his body to be a vessel for their god's descent
3. He wil get all 4 powers and fuse in a better way,
4. A Hightech world or A world where he gets a pet, like a metaphor-dog or a slime like in that anime where they have an OP slime as MC. or go to a primitive world, where the mission is a Kingdon-build like mission View More
Endless Journey: Infinite Realms · C265
2 weeks ago
Now suddenly tier 4 beastmasters are "normal" and no one bets an eye he has a dark-gold card, wasn't it something that people didn't knew? The tier after gold. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C164
2 weeks ago
I remenber a quest about MC and LILI, doing it ok her birthday, the item that appeared when her love hit 100 View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C721
1 month ago
i would like to see him with all the 4 powers, and fuse it all together. Devourer can make his Sin powers stronger etc... The Professor is kinda boring as an ally, she was better when she was an enemie, she could help him, been the brain of the group, with more clever plans, to ambush the other groups View More
Endless Journey: Infinite Realms · C239
1 month ago
1. Slave all 2.The princesses are there, only way to really stop the waves 3.Power up the sins, with the esences, combine 4 essences to have some op power. View More
Endless Journey: Infinite Realms · C221
1 month ago
Nice View More
Godly Model Creator · C715
2 months ago
Best Novel, need more chapters View More
Farming For Gold · C27
3 months ago
Didn't find the new one View More
Transmigration Upgrade Specialist · C159
4 months ago
Maybe his mother is part of the system, and the mission will be complete, after she got the stone. View More
The Mech Touch · C311
4 months ago
Dont rewrite, simply start over, and do the new one, love empire building ones View More
Supreme Emperor System · C80
4 months ago
He should go for other skill related with the goddess View More
Farming For Gold · C21
4 months ago
I heard about it, where I can find this in the page? View More

ForeverFrozen: any1 else not gonna get elite membership cuz of the huge price on it(24.99$)

Monster Pet Evolution · C122
4 months ago
Dropped, it's a nice novel, with some fresh plot, but the way it's rigth now is not worth premium, how many chapters to heal the kid? At first he was not treating anyone, rigth now, everyone around him is sick... very expensive SS, for what it delivers. View More
Elixir Supplier · C110
4 months ago

Mute: and dropped, fucking premium

Elixir Supplier · C110
4 months ago

HAPPYCLOUD: Fans of THE MECH TOUCH upvote this comment if you want Ves to team up/ meet with barley in the PRESENT TIME!!!

The Mech Touch · C249
5 months ago
Where is his pet? View More
Battle of Ascension · C282
5 months ago
3st View More
Super Electric Eel Avatar · C105
6 months ago
Only by the size of the explanation, i guess he will choose the 1st one View More
Shadow Hack · C424
6 months ago
So, what is the 6th skill? View More
Shadow Hack · C415
7 months ago

Dyale: I would love to see the system find a way to absorb this extra dimensional space into Li Yunmu’s heavenly realm

Shadow Hack · C415
7 months ago
With so many carcasses is about Time for the dragon egg in his inventory to hatch, a lot of blood just lying there View More
Battle of Ascension · C221
7 months ago
Slowed down a lot View More
Chrysalis · C125
7 months ago

Jackel: If they still did ads I would keep going. But alas another one has fallen. Good luck to you and it is a really good story. Soon the whole app/site will be pay2read

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C0
7 months ago
A draw, Both organizations continue separated, but help each other View More

Kamome: ...So is he gonna pummel his clone or is his clone gonna pummel him....

Library of Heaven's Path · C1130
7 months ago
Pero el no esta usando nada de lo sistema, creo que tiene como evoluir sus equipos, el arco tenia algunos "selos" se yo no estoy enganado View More

Yami_to_Hikari: no necesariamente ya que esos cuervos son de cristal plateado y esas hormigas en equivalencia serian aproximadamente cristal arcoiris o superior

Shadow Hack · C402
7 months ago
Why he don't use his bow? The ravens that it produces, sould be awesome against the ants View More
Shadow Hack · C402
7 months ago
He needs a boat View More
Super Electric Eel Avatar · C35
7 months ago
BioWeapons for the win View More
World Domination System · C192
7 months ago
Are the rankings global or by country? Randy is 1st worldwide?? like he is the best of these guys in Ascenscion world?? View More
Battle of Ascension · C197
7 months ago
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