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Translation Works


MyRedeemerLives: Haha im first

Plundering the Heavens · C358
1 year ago

LordDarkStar: Typo: he'd actually been assassinated with a stringle strike - "stringle" should be "single".

Plundering the Heavens · C353
1 year ago

Seregosa: I guess I'm just generally sick of seeing people complaining about spirit stones all the time and are thus a bit cranky, not trying to aim in on anyone in particular, and of course people can have differing opinions, isn't that what makes humans interesting?

However, not only does it take up a big chunk of the comment section and makes it even harder to read the comments than usual(especially on the more popular novels where you find 95% or more of the comments are just spam), it's also generally annoying to see the same thing repeated over and over again. There used to be a time when comments were half the fun of the novel, but nowadays it's so spammed with irrelevant crap that it's become impossible. Things that are irrelevant to the chapter, that aren't really a comment or discussion about the chapter itself, are things that I really hate to see upvoted to the top spaces, because that means I won't be able to read any comments that chapter, who scrolls through all the comments and not only the most liked, after all?

I'm especially annoyed with people who clearly just want to leech without paying anything for a service they're provided and want to believe it's natural. Mind you, I'm not saying you're such a person.

I don't really feel like it's fair to let translators work hard and not even show any appreciation whatsoever except for a thank you or two. It's one thing if they're hobby translators that does it for fun, for experience or for any other similar reason, but isn't qidian a company? The translations are also way more stable and way faster, along with better quality(for most stories) than fan translations. I'd say it's just good if we get a few more chapters if we pay a bit. I'd like it if the money spent were used to keep qidian running and perhaps raise the wages of the competent translators a bit more. I feel like it'd be a win-win situation. Now, I don't really know exactly how qidian does this, but I'd really hope that it's like that they'd spend the money.

I know a lot of people doesn't share my opinions. Oh, and as for donations or whatever on patreon, I normally think that's natural as well, and sure, it's good if you want to directly support a translator team, but at least one shouldn't feel obligated to donate there for more chapters since translator teams here already get a salary. But if it was possible to donate some and get an extra chapter outside of the promised ones, I really don't feel like that's much of an issue. Maybe I misunderstood your earlier comment and you were actually mainly talking about patreon donations? But you did talk about not wanting this to turn premium, so I guess it was at least partly about that issue.

Aaah, screw this, I'll go on reading, sorry if I offended you, that wasn't my intention, I can be a bit crude with my language. I hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Plundering the Heavens · C239
1 year ago
Ya. Translation error. Thanks for catching it; fixing it now.

-Actias Luna View More

mrttao: >Their raw strength was enormous, and every strike had over a thousand pounds of force

That is utterly pathetic and nonthreatening. Real life olympic boxers routinely punch with over 1000 lbs of force. In fact some estimates of top strikes on IRL earth to be 1300 to 1500 lbs of force

Plundering the Heavens · C113
2 years ago
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