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Alessan: We aren’t completely sure. In the past Will Auceptin just briefly mentioned it had to do with Klein’s “Uniqueness” with our specifying anything further. In the past Riccardio wore an eye mask all day when Klein brought Anderson Hood to have his bad luck cured.

Lord of the Mysteries · C909
2 weeks ago

wangtengfeii: ☤ Thanks for the chapter ☫

King of Gods · C740
3 weeks ago
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Lord of the Mysteries · C855
1 month ago

Ace416: "The octagon-shaped Hall resembled a huge octagon" Really?! U don't say...

The Mech Touch · C1117
1 month ago
"The octagon-shaped Hall resembled a huge octagon" Really?! U don't say... View More
The Mech Touch · C1117
1 month ago

Einlion: How can there be a pimple faced guy when cultivating would make his bones and marrows cleanse??? Pimples are just bacteria build-up, what kind of bad joke is this?

King of Gods · C349
1 month ago

PotatoOverlord: Your comments are annoying...

King of Gods · C268
1 month ago

TomoyaNagase: Yeah from what I remember it's called Arcane Sorcerer. My speculations are very similar to yours, I also believe that Klein will be able to make use of his special abilities with his puppets like the faceless change, flame jump or air bullet etc.

I imagine the number of puppets he can control should go up alot as well since even a Nimblewright with greater potion digestion is supposed to be able to support more than 1 puppet.

Klein once said that his air bullet would become similar in power to a cannon and my believe is that is once he crosses the threshold to demigod and becomes sequence 4.

Other wise I imagine his other abilities improving too like a greater teleportation distance for flame jump or maybe moving injuries from himself to his paper figurines instead of just a different place on the body.

Tho all of that would pretty much just be his old abilities getting stronger, what I am really curious about is what kind of new ability he will gain? Will it be an utility, offensive or lifesaving ability?

Lord of the Mysteries · C797
1 month ago

Alessan: Perhaps a ring with Sequence 5 Scarlet Scholar powers? It seems to make the most sense for an item with no godhood but it does make me wonder why a God would create such an item. If so it’s a great item until Emlyn’s next advancement.

Derrick mentioned in the past he could obtain a Scarlet Scholar characteristic and now the Sanguine will help with the ritual (and therefore provide the formula) so all he needs to do to advance is finish his acting. It’s been over 200 chapters since he advanced and he has been acting by teaching people at The Harvest Church so I imagine it shouldn’t be too long now. I’m starting to like Emlyn more and more. His arrogance was a little off putting at first but if you take that away he’s quite likable. He’s improving in that regard a little anyway.

Sadly for him advancing to Shaman King (Sequence 4) seems like it will be locked behind very thick wall. I can’t imagine The Sanguine will continue to be so generous with formulas after achieving demigod and a huge problem of their race is limited characteristics and no ingredients preventing their advancement. The only hope I see is obtaining more characteristics from the City of Silver but demigod characteristics don’t grow on trees. He doesn’t really have any resource channels beyond the Tarot Club and his kin either could you imagine Emlyn venturing into the big bad world on a search for his future?

Lord of the Mysteries · C797
1 month ago

Alessan: Random Thought/Guess:

It was mentioned very early on that Klein’s Sequence is like 5 different fingers coming together to make an extraordinary strong fist when he becomes a demigod. To me this means his powers will connect and improve themselves while potentially adding a few more. Most of his powers are difficult to connect with one exception so I imagine one part of his advancement will be a huge upgrade to his Marionettes.

Here’s some guesses:

Marionettes can use Klein’s Powers (including changing faces). Perhaps Klein could even use Marionette powers but I imagine that would come even later.

Klein can swap places with Marionettes as well as Flame Jump and Paper Figurine Swap.

Can transfer damage to Marionettes using his Magician powers.

Klein + Marionettes have natural anti divination abilities as an upgrade to Seer.

Marionettes have greatly improved speed and physical power as an upgrade to Clown.

Very excited for demigod even if it’s still probably very far away. Everything we’ve seen so far points to it being on a whole different level than mid sequence beyonders. I can’t help think about the details now that we are getting somewhat close.

Lord of the Mysteries · C797
1 month ago

Forkke: "elder Zhao" they're all fucking elder Zhao

King of Gods · C42
1 month ago

Alessan: Had some downtime at work today and ordered the Sequences I would pick if I ever have the chance. The closer to the top the more I’d prefer choosing it. Only based on the Sequence/Potions itself and not characters (no worries about True Creator, Hidden Sage, Etc.)

1. Seer
2. Secrets Supplicant
3. Mystery Pryer
4. Demoness
5. Sailor
6. Spectator
7. Monster
8. Hunter
9. Apothecary
10. Lawyer
11. Apprentice
12. Warrior
13. Arbiter
14. Reader
15. Bard
16. Sleepless
17. Marauder
18. Corpse Collector
19. Mutant
20. Criminal
21. Savant
22. Planter

If you’re bored reply with your own!

Lord of the Mysteries · C763
2 months ago
Still game... View More
The Mech Touch · C865
3 months ago

HAPPYCLOUD: Fans of THE MECH TOUCH upvote this comment if you want Ves to team up/ meet with barley in the PRESENT TIME!!!

The Mech Touch · C249
3 months ago

chromaticleaf: I rather enjoy this story. Its more of a slow burn in terms of pacing, which can understandably be a bit frustrating. I'm actually not a super big fan of the actiony bits where Ves gets personally involved, but I understand their importance within the context of the story. I started reading this story because I was looking for something a bit more relaxed compared to the normal fare that I read.

The MC often has many conflicting goals so it often feels like he's dragging his feet a bit, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I don't believe its ever been stated that Ves is a super driven person, so bouts of procrastination aren't uncommon and serve to make him seem more realistic. I don't think said dragging of feet has ever been particularly egregious, but at the same time I binged 350+ of the chapters at once so my perspective may be a bit skewed as a result.

Since I've caught up to the most recent chapters, the story's been updating at a pace of two per day, so I think the updating pace is pretty stable.

I think the supporting cast is fine, but the story is definitely very focused on Ves himself. We know the names of other characters and a bit of their backstories/motivations, but we don't go super in depth about them. I would say this is an area that could be improved upon, but not something that really detracts from the overall quality of the story itself.

As for the World Background, we've been given glimpses into the universe as a whole outside of the small bubble the story's been primarily focused on. As a result, we know there is a greater universe with other planets/characters/aliens out there waiting to be explored.
From my recollection, I don't believe there's been too many lore dumps. As things become relevant, Ves (and we as readers) learn more about them, but never really to a truly overwhelming extent.

All in all, I think this is a fun story that's trying to be a bit different from the normal fare on this site. From that context, I believe the story I've given is fair. There's room for improvement, but nothing that detracts significantly from its overall quality. I think if you enjoy Superstars of Tomorrow this will be something you might enjoy as well.

The Mech Touch
4 months ago

Ace416: One of the most underrated books on here....

When A Mage Revolts
4 months ago
Reading Status: C942
One of the most underrated books on here.... View More
When A Mage Revolts
4 months ago
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B4AZ: Xp

Lord of the Mysteries · C570
5 months ago
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Trafford's Trading Club · C244
5 months ago

DaoistChula: Should have banged the hermit. He'd go straight to heavenly realm in one shot!

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C708
5 months ago

Agent_VOID: No one deserves to be raped, no matter how they are dressed! What a terrible thing to say! I'm really starting to hate Mo, I hope to see the effects of using his powers soon!

Trafford's Trading Club · C85
6 months ago
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Francisco: Exp

Lord of the Mysteries · C468
6 months ago
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Lord of the Mysteries · C468
6 months ago
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Battle Through the Heavens · C126
8 months ago

Ace416: Damn. So much for censorship

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C5
10 months ago
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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1389
10 months ago
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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1389
10 months ago
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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1388
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C210
10 months ago
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The Legendary Mechanic · C110
1 year ago
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