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Can’t wait for the next chapter! View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1298
1 week ago
😂😂😂 poor Liyun View More
The Empress' Livestream · C452
1 week ago

JPNovelFan: What do you expect from a translator that purposefully limits the chapters to 30/month?

Lord Xue Ying · C1296
1 week ago

lesley4169: Here is the first victim!😂😂

The Empress' Livestream · C444
2 weeks ago

KaiAoihana: Omg! So exciting..

But my previlege will end on Jan 1st so I'll have to say byebye to Boss Lan and the rest... I'll just wait for the regular updates since webnovel is not giving us SS/Coins anymore. And Fast Pass doesnt work on Previlege chapters... I support the novel and the author but this is the last straw for webnovel for me. Hahahaha... I'll see you on a few weeks Boss Lan! I will miss you!, 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C854
2 weeks ago
😂😂😂 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C849
3 weeks ago
Revenge is a dish best served cold 😂😂😂 RIP Undead (soon to be dead) emperor View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1253
1 month ago
R.I.P. System.... 😂 View More
The Empress' Livestream · C379
2 months ago
Feng Jin: 🤯
JP: 😏 View More
The Empress' Livestream · C378
2 months ago
😂😂😂 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C696
3 months ago
Message received: Land clearing mission
Ling Lan sees: Loot 🤩 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C688
3 months ago
Red Boy: I’m like 3000 years old 😁
😂😂😂😂 View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C730
4 months ago
😂 I can actually see that happening View More

janovrom: When I think about it...he hates being told he looks like woman. She made him do something... She poses as a man... Was he forced to crossdress and be her concubine?

The Empress' Livestream · C279
5 months ago
He’s the small child that cooked for them. I think the brought him along when they went to that new sect too but he just wasn’t mentioned yet View More

Katana0001: Where is Yi Qing?

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C305
5 months ago
... so ML is that kid... so if there’s a FL then how does that spirit master (bai-something) relate to them in that story??? View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C123
5 months ago
I just read a long paragraph, not a chapter 😭😭😭 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C606
5 months ago

Munchy: To be honest I'm more pissed off on the fact that there're no chapters for the weeks we lost.

Lord Xue Ying · C1131
5 months ago

Crying_Whale: Bro it aint 500. It's 2500 for the full batch. To still pay for the batch. I'd be willing to bet you still have to shovel that out for each and every book. This is some nonsense. You wana sell books? Physical or go home.

The Empress' Livestream · C231
6 months ago

ScorpiaEvergreen: She'll make a great name for herself as emperor, then on her deathbed say, "Oh and by the way, before I forget, I'm actually a woman."

The Empress' Livestream · C185
7 months ago

Fossa: Well this is a really poorly done.
Tell us if you are unable to update soon and if it is a recurring problem tell us when it will go back to normal.
You have to understand that this is a JOB not a hobby like before. You are getting PAID.
If i'm away from work like you guys do i would get fired long ago.
Since i am paying for this i have no obligation to be the slightest bit grateful for this totally ****ty update stability.

Lord Xue Ying · C1064
8 months ago
System: vomits blood
Host: yeah freebie!
Viewers/Readers: 👏 View More
The Empress' Livestream · C166
8 months ago

mygirl_phil: The more painful the better...for a scum like him no brutal methods are enough to pacify the souls of those he tormented... 😠

The Empress' Livestream · C130
9 months ago

Cadh20000: Don't splash salt water, roll him in coarsely ground dry salt, being sure to press him down firmly into it as you do so. However...let's just say that is still very kind compared to the punishment the Phoenix Tribe would do to him. :evilgrin:

The Empress' Livestream · C130
9 months ago

j_hopefull: So yeah, this Meng scum is really disgusting 😰 And quite frankly, major part of that family needs to be eradicated since they SHELTERED such a monster. LOOK! He helped guide to make MORE monsters like him!! 😡 I really hope this Meng scums ending will be PAINFUL and later his parents can have a taste of it as well! 😡😡

The Empress' Livestream · C130
9 months ago

KONARA: I really want to tear that Meng boy piece by piece...slowly skin him and splash salt water... I'm usually scared of even scratching someone but for this guy I can change

The Empress' Livestream · C130
9 months ago
I’d say knife, definitely knives! Oh wait they’re ‘monks’ doing bad so it’s worse so that gate of hell sounds good too View More

sri_kalyan_mulukut: Ok, punishment by brick or nightmare?

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C394
9 months ago
Old Stone really cares for his disciples! It’s a shame Xue Ying couldn’t actually become his disciple before ‘dying’ View More
Lord Xue Ying · C997
10 months ago
From what I can tell this story hasn’t been updated for awhile so is there a reason why people keep gifting it stuff?? View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C1081
10 months ago
😂 the mind reader strikes again! View More
The Empress' Livestream · C79
11 months ago

CrazyPerson12: Hi guys, as much as we know that everyone is anticipating a new chapter, we have some bad news. Qidian is suspending our contract for the moment because of the subpar works of other translation teams which are also working under Sparrow. Right now, while we have completed chapters, we are literally unable to submit them on the portal. We've also been told to halt all translation until we have been moved to another team, the details of which remain terribly unclear to us. We apologise for not being able to provide any new chapter for the time being and disrupting everyone's enjoyment of this novel. Should another team replace us, we would do our best to ensure a smooth handover. Thank you all for your support over this short period we've been translating, and we sincerely hope we can continue working on this fantastic novel.

History's Number 1 Founder · C1081
11 months ago
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