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Cindermoth: So. It's over.
No new chapters
Book is closed
A journey finished

Been quite the ride
I hope we'll get a sequel
Somewhere further into the future

Where there'll be references of the characters
Some clearer, some more hidden.

I want to see the Van'er space program
What'll become of prince Gerald's kid
Will Leaf lose her memories to the forest
Can Snaketooth escape the friendzone
The adventures of birb, lightning, wolf, and fish
Will mystery moon ever become useful
The spy agency of Hill Fawkes
Where all the damn napalm went
Will White get himself a submarine
The progress of festive port, need dem oil
Will Kyle Sychi ever make an explosive even he thinks has enough DAKKA
Will Roland become god emperor Roland
Will Morning light and May ever get a child
Does Morning light shoot blanks

And finally, I just wish to see the progress later.
A grown Neverwinter.

One day hopefully
Some day

Release That Witch · C1498
6 months ago

Subsinexus: Finally, the end of it all. Glad Nightingale got her hard-earned happy end! Well written, Er Mu!! Thank you, translators!! F#%@ you, Webnovel!!

Release That Witch · C1498
6 months ago

dmaddog: Why do i find the character in the cover
Clearly familiar.
How amusing.......
....................................................... ..........
..................................... ... ...... ....

A Valiant Life
8 months ago
No bc all the attacker had to do was put a black hoody on and attack him.
Plus it would have been worse bc the attacker was a big and buff dude it took almost all the bodyguards to get him off. View More

SauceMaster64: no, master lin's predictions are 100% accurate

see, that celebrity tried to avoid his (mis)fortune by hiring bodyguards, but he just set it in stone.

A Valiant Life · C52
9 months ago
So you been since the beginning and those months of hiatus lol View More

Devil1313: The translator goes on hiatus every now and then it's very boring to wait 15-30 days sometimes for a chapter update.
The story is very interesting as I like stories with a strong protagonist but the translator ruins the often if possible give translation job to someone who takes it seriously this novel was in top 10 a year ago but due to not getting chapters on time it dropped so back.

Monster Paradise
9 months ago
Thank you View More
The Strongest System · C1159
1 year ago
Exp View More
The Strongest System · C1149
1 year ago
Wait charm does count as controling so I counts View More

BlingKoHa: Yup. The system suppressing the destructive powers is not one of the function of the system as far as i can remember it only suppress those powers that may control LF.
It is not called the Super legendary plot armor for no reason.

The Strongest System · C1138
1 year ago
Reading Status: C64
This story has 1000+ chapters with an update of 12 ch. A year its going to take a very long time to finish translating.

So webnovel its your duty to fix this wat kind of company does this to its costumer. View More
Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
1 year ago

airah11172001: Guys, its not Lam. Its webnovel, Lam needs to confirm a mass release on the chapters first before he does it. He just cant do it easily like that, as far as i know... I think webnovel has to atleast agree on the mass release before the translator releases it ready for the readers, webnovel has control over the chapters because business lol... Idk cant explain more brain got fried trying to type this.

The Strongest System · C1115
1 year ago
I pictured Hunter x Hunter big boss doing his thousand hand formation when fighting the ant chimera king View More
The Strongest System · C1103
1 year ago
Exp View More

GTX1080Ti: aye PCMR everywhere, salute

When A Mage Revolts · C122
1 year ago
Exp View More
The Strongest System · C1093
1 year ago
More like suger daddy lin fan. Lol View More

SmileyMoe: They've awoken daddy Lin Fan!!!

The Strongest System · C1074
1 year ago
Oh god we have less the 200 ch to go! View More
The Strongest System · C972
1 year ago
And nobody notices we wont have a ch tommorow we addicts are going to go crazy. Now lol View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1130
1 year ago

JhonsSpartan: I go for chap 215 and the MC is still a virgin

Strongest Abandoned Son
1 year ago
LF is about to **** **** up now lmfao View More
The Strongest System · C916
1 year ago

Corty: Just one word: Fascinating.

I looked for something fresh as I was waiting for other novels to be updated... and oh my.

After picking it up, I expected the usual tropes regarding reincarnation/spirit transfer stories but damn.

I couldn't put it down for even a minute and after reading this you will feel that other novels MCs are simply lacking both in style, intelligence and character.

So here is my review of it if you are intrested, and it's spoiler free.

The Story - 5/5
I won't spoil anything so don't worry. The stories starts with our protagonist dying from a heart attack, from overworking, and his spirit goes to another world where he takes over a prince's body.

The MC has no superpowers, no cultivating he is just a mortal thats all. But a mortal with memories from our modern world. Some reviews says his memory is overpowered but I don't think so, he utilizes all the basic knowledge that is taught in schools. Yes that may be true he remembers chemical formulas and mathematical equations but hell.

If he was a diligent student -and as he is from modern china and was an engineer, that speaks from himself- so he should remember all of this. Hell even I could remember around 60-70% of the thins he brings up from school and it was fun reading about it again and I think I learned more new things from this then when I was going to school!

So with the knowledge he has, he starts to develop his territory, introduce the population modern technology, industrialization, civic rights and much more, so if you would like to see how a little town with shabby, wooden cottages transforms into a city with brick buildings, this is for you. It's so satisfying to see how the world advances under his inventions.

The other big plot are the witches. Yes, there is magic in the world, and as a feudal, medieval setting, they are being hunted. Badly. If they catch one, the mob may kill her on the spot or turn her over to the church which may be worse fate than death.

Or MC sees magic as a new source of energy and possibilities so he wants to utilize the witches powers to help him achieve his goals and launch his people into a new, enlightened era. But to do this he needs to fight agains the church, his siblings for power and a hidden foe which when shows up our MC discovers the dark history of this new world...

Characters 5/5
Just... real. There are no 2D characters here. Even the villains are interesting. Be it the church's priests, army and bishops, or Roland's (the MC) siblings. Or just the nobles in the beginning who are look down on him. Everyone has a backstory, every secondary character has a personality.

The witches are all different, they are not just there to flock around the MC and be possibilities for a harem ending. No. They are people, they have distinct personalities and yes, as the story goes they may have to step back sometimes and not appear all the time in the chapters, but they never fade out as in other novels, other support characters.

Every one of them has a role in the story and they are well developed (and develop throughout) and interesting. I don't want to spoil anything, so you should just start reading and meet them!

P. S. : Oh yeah, also there are love in the story that develops slowly and realistically. And it's not a harem (but I would not mind it to be honest :D)

Translation 4/5
The first half done on volarenovels by Roxerer was top notch, no problems with it at all. After it went to Qidian there were some problems, but they were minor things and they seem to constantly improve, mostly some editing problem as I see and its updated daily.

Overall enjoyment 5/5
Best. It's just... oh gosh. It jumped to the first place in my favorite's list and this became my most anticipated novels. It's not for you if you want fights, super power ups, chapters of cultivation and heaven shattering advances. No. You will get a novel, written in western style that is more grounded in reality then most of the other Chinese novels.

The MC is intelligent, knows what he can and what he can't do, what needs to be done to be successful. You will never be frustrated why the fck does the MC feels like a 5 years old with some kind of mental disorder. The witches are not omnipotent beings they are humans too that the novels also states every time and cleverly too.

There are no 50. 000 years of cultivation retreat to power up to defeat a mega op giga boss just to offend somebody who stands behind that stupid guy/girl who was his/her master and told the MC every 5 second "you dare" or "you are just an ant before me" and the other, booooooring tropes.

I can't praise his novel enough. Give it a shot, if you like intelligent stories and don't mind spending 3 or 5 chapters learning how to build steam engines, to speed up the mining process of ores to build canons and brick houses for the people, because it's just sooooo satisfying seeing the development of the world and the people living in it.

Conclusion: 5/5
After going back to the other novels I read, catching up with the translation, I felt how much those other novels' MCs are lacking compared to Roland Wimbledon. They are just... much-much-much more... bland. Never using their brains, their logic capabilities, even if they are from 'another world' they just... never utilize anything they brought over or learned before. I started to realize how much more weak they are -in writing terms- compared to this novel and this novel's characters.

I just hope the author don't mess this up and keeps it clean from all the other bullsh. t tropes all the way through. As it stands, this novel will be -at least in my opinion- one of the most well written, well thought out and most interesting novels.

If you read my review until this point I thank you, and also, go and give it a shot, I hope I was able to help you pick up a good novel and you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Release That Witch
1 year ago
Need faster release View More
The Strongest System · C519
1 year ago
Damn like they say to know ur enemy is to know yourself View More
The Strongest Gene · C354
1 year ago
Thanks for the help of a merger with us. View More
Monster Paradise · C437
1 year ago
Hoho View More
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian · C631
1 year ago
D*ck lol View More

Myaurico: Shortest one for middle bottom?

MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian · C451
1 year ago
Naw I like it's it's his personal nickname from her lol View More

PlotArmour: tbh, i hate how drizzler calls my boy "noob tank" when he is literally the reason that her guild is known. if she didn't meet zhang, she probably would have never been stacked with top notch gear and be included within first clears.

MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian · C145
2 years ago
I want more GODDDDD!!!! View More
The Strongest Gene · C223
2 years ago
God damn well that's a wrap people let go. View More

Yukitera: This is kind of complicated but... I'll try to explain it somehow...

Back at the kingdom where church reside (forgot the name of the kingdom) Grant was executed for being gay

But because Grant was the succesor of the pope, they switched Grant with Benjamin and Benjamin was framed for blasphemy (or for being gay)

And so during the execution, Benjamin suddenly released The giant waterball which nearly flooded the whole kingdom then escaped

And so the church created a cover up to the incident, framing Benjamin as Grant with the charges of being gay and selling his soul to the devil and changing Grant's name to Benjamin then making him the succesor of the pope (which is really wierd since benjamin was known to have no talent in light magic)

When Benjamin escaped, he didn't change his name and continued calling himself as Benjamin, forcing the church to make excuses that Benjamin is using his name to badmouth Benjamin. (does this make sense?)

Well in summary;

*Grant's name was changed to Benjamin
*Benjamin's name was changed to Grant
*Since Benjamin continued to call himself as such, the church made an excuse that he is using Benjamin's name to badmouth him

In conclusion;
Benjamin is also Grant who is also know as the devil of hellius

(The kingdom where the church reside is known as the kingdom of Hellius right? If so then it's kind of ironic since Hellius which has the word *hell* in it is considered as the holiest kingdom in the world. Funny right?)

When A Mage Revolts · C395
2 years ago
Nice name lol View More

GTX1080Ti: Kinky move

When A Mage Revolts · C122
2 years ago
Lol this was too funny View More
When A Mage Revolts · C10
2 years ago
Release that witch View More

MysticBlood: What rtw?

The Strongest Gene · C211
2 years ago
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