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please have him train with zoro to hone his fighting experience.. kinda lame with strong body not to know how to fight View More
one pice: a new nakama · C4
1 week ago
No.. its the turning point of the rebellion View More
Game of Thrones: The Golden Lion · C18
2 weeks ago
You doing reincarnation on anime like psyren which is released at 2010.. not updated.. boring story View More
Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C43
2 weeks ago
Psyren?? Is it famous?? If its not then it will be boring View More
Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C43
2 weeks ago
ROB just said that he would only remember anime, manga, novels.. why is he sticking on earth rules.. sooner or later he will lose his subordinates by his naivety View More
One piece With the power of sirzechs in the form of a devil fruit · C8
2 weeks ago
Atleast not like the system like you can buy anything if you have points.. ID create can also be nerf not like immortal purple realm or personalize realm than can be bought on system that im sure he will buy. View More

Koahla: True, but the ID Create is completely whack in my opinion, also not a fan of the party feature.

The B.U.G. · C0
3 weeks ago
Its better if you give him The Gamer abilities than System.. The gamer can increase his strength by practicing, but system was annoying giving quest like controlling the host. View More

Rero_Rero: Good point. I'll try my best to put in more time to make the system better. And honestly just be happy I didn't give him [instant master] or something. I want him to get stronger by hard work and effort, with training. I know that the system often forces the mc to do certain things. But my system will have all of its missions optional other than the main quest in each world. I did put some thought into this. Although his innate ability is pretty broken, I want him to get strong gradually and not by training in some random forest for 2 years

The B.U.G. · C0
3 weeks ago
Armor can be crafted, weapon can be crafted.. but eye techniques or eye spirit is rare.. make it eye spirit like yuhao and also have appraisal ability other than improving sight View More
The Sun-Moon Spear God · C3
3 weeks ago
I kinda lost about the story.. He wished that somehow have magic then a man fell from the sky then he collects his things then wait for the man to wake up without tying a rope and when the man wake up he just let him take back the items and then here he goes.. I dunno if your MC is dumb or not thinking rational or just an idiot that thinks everything goes his way View More
A Harry Potter fanfic - Magical me - Technical scholar & the magical world · C4
3 weeks ago
Mass release for xmas View More
Ascension or journey from world to world · C9
3 weeks ago
Next would be weapon mastery... like he can make weapons of light. View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C12
3 weeks ago
Well the author just nerf the MC... if your just gonna nerf him, dont give him powerful skills... View More
A New Adventure · C0
3 weeks ago
Just go straight to palace.... schemes are good if your weak.. its useless infront of power.. go schemes are for the weak View More
Summon System In My Novel · C33
3 weeks ago
Next should be prologue about the consequences, and also add danzo on his kill list b4 he died View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C36
3 weeks ago
Dude, balrog controls flame.. what would he get if he combine black flame with balrog.
.See haha is hydrogen and balrog... View More

Mark_D_Dragneel: There is dialogue in previous chap were is it say "is hand reveled pure black flames"

One Piece: The Power System · C18
4 weeks ago
Too much dxd fanfics... let them do it. View More
Ascension or journey from world to world · C7
4 weeks ago
Comeback dude... if your busy with too much activity, use timeskip for the next 9 years since theres no major events before the original transmigrate.. then you can let lose View More
Gacha Summoner · C28
1 month ago
Already summoned maid, general, assassin, researchers , personal guardian beasts.. next would be his personal ministers to help managing territories and also personal alchemist and other profession. View More
Summon System In My Novel · C24
1 month ago
Timeskip View More
One Piece: The Power System · C14
1 month ago
Create library of heavens path. Then add all knowledge in multiverse. See thats cheating View More
Everyday is a fight for survival · C5
1 month ago
Ok now its boring if you stay in this world too much. Just finish it the quest and go on more action, adventure world. View More
The Multiverse Conqueror · C123
1 month ago
Next world should be long live summons... get the grimmoire and collect all beast to put in his planet. It also help fix their mentality with zodiac trial View More
Ascension or journey from world to world · C6
1 month ago
At least some duel training..... kinda sucks fighting with traps daily and not having skill of trap making View More
Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The System · C10
1 month ago
So much nonsense for self monologue View More
Another world lls · C11
1 month ago
Harry in almost Harry Potter stories is meddling boy that go around anywhere to make trouble but can't even think that he's being controlled of his teacher. And its kinda annoying that he's dragging the MC in it. View More
Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C16
1 month ago
What happen to "waiting in void makes you rational" speech... He's to unstable, quick to anger and his intelligence declined to low level that he thinks like an idiot. Please fix this. View More
******DELETE*** · C0
1 month ago
Dont add harem.. neria is pissing me off with her attitute and if you add another on the mix makes me think of a meddling woman all the time View More
The Death Mage who doesn´t want a fourth time: Rise of the Demon Knight · C9
1 month ago
And there's another saiyan idiot... it still a monkey.. I dont understand them at all. View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C70
1 month ago
Please come backkkkkk View More
Traveling Worlds as a Assassin Mage · C45
1 month ago
Its better if he got something like body strengthening method and fighting style method since he's good at any weapon if he practice that he could practice.. not focus on mana since he cant use it anyway outside dungeon.. and rather than buying lots of weapon.. learn to craft them.. easy money if he sells them in auction house if he create a good one, and also he keeps saying like borrowing books and the like but keeps skipping it doesn't make sense... View More
A Gamer in Multiverse · C0
1 month ago
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