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  • I Made Perfect Accidents with a Pen After I was Released from Prison

    I Made Perfect Accidents with a Pen After I was Released from Prison

    Magical Realism URBAN


    "Lott was framed and went to jail. However, at the moment Lott was released from prison, a [display box] appeared in front of him that prompted him to enter any goal that he wanted to achieve in the [display box] and complete the required steps. Immediately afterwards, without any hesitation, Lott entered [How to clear myself of suspicion and kill Webster!] [On December 12, 2020, at 13:15:32 PM, put a 3.4-gram 2B pencil beside the phone booth at the intersection of Loviisa Road.] Subsequently, Lott entered again [How to clear myself of suspicion and kidnap Webster’s sister, Carrie.] [On December 20, 2020, 10:32:15 AM...]"

  • a drunkards guide to wonderland

    a drunkards guide to wonderland


    After meeting a strange man at a bar, the door to the so-called wonderland was opened. The only way for Kim Minjoon to survive, is a drunkards' guide. How exciting."Let's see how long he survives, shall we?"https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a4/2b/10/a42b10a428b9ab5182138834381fa39c.jpg (I haven't found the artist yet so this is the link to the pin on Pinterest)

  • The Evil Dragon Reincarnates Into A Human

    The Evil Dragon Reincarnates Into A Human



    [Novel Transfered To New Site:https://www.ringdomstory.com/novel/%2B%2Bb1St8aKSSdqdEzRTm6dQ%3D%3D-The-Evil-Dragon-Reincarnates-Into-A-Human.html]Legend has it that if an Ancient Dragon lives over the age of a million years, then they will reincarnate as a human.What people don't know was that the legend was in fact true, the Ancient Dragon who is also known as the infamous Evil Dragon reincarnate as a human baby.What's more, he reincarnated as a royal, the first born son of the Emperor, but it was an unfortunate occurrence that the court magician was unable to gorge his power and so they all thought that he was a trash.Under the order of the Emperor, he was abandoned in a far away forest, and so his dream to become an adventurer instantly crumbles down.Whether it was the work of God or not, but just as he was about to starve to death in the forest, he met the Earl couple who was being chased by bunch of goblins.========================Join Discord! -->  https://discord.gg/JzWVCRk ========================Resource Used For Cover:Plain Blue Leather Background - Credit: Mockaroon - https://unsplash/photos/SGwvtNLmDeU

  • Soul Split

    Soul Split


    Two bodies, one soul. After being poisoned by his brother, Lenn's soul was split into two halves, one remaining in the body while the other possessed his father, King Arnold. Follow his journey to controlling the world as righteous king and the ruthless villain, playing the role of evil and justice at the same time. -------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter length: 1000-1500 words MC is selfish and cold-blooded(for a long time), so if you want a kind mc that likes helping people, don't read this. -------------------------------------------------------------- I put together some images from google to make the cover, so technically I made it. If you are one of the artists of these images and you want me to take it down, feel free to tell me. https://www.teahub.io/photos/full/178-1781649_empty-throne.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/550x/73/a2/2b/73a22b2a33e8dc0de708d51fb704eb36.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/74/1e/a0/741ea0c62c05be2c47bbb9436538dc6e.jpg

  • Spark


    Romansa Historis ROMANCE

    World, 2049.Sudah sejak 30 tahun yang lalu, saat dunia mengalami konflik internal dan eksternal yang menyebabkan terjadinya perang antar negara dan rakyat. Mereka menyembutnya insiden ini sebagai perang dunia ke III.Dunia hancur lebur, jutaan manusia dan mahluk hidup mati dengan cara yang tidak beradab. Peradaban manusia hancur bersamaan dengan teknologi yang mereka buat dengan keserakahan. 30 tahun berlalu, insiden memilukan itu hanya menjadi sebuah cerita. Peradaban kembali dimulai dengan jumlah manusia yang tersisa, dunia sudah seperti kota mati karena setengah mahluk hidup di dunia mati akibat insiden mengerikan tersebut.UndergroundAdalah salah satu kelompok terbesar yang memiliki tempat tinggal layak selain milik pemerintah. Dipimpin oleh 7 anggota inti divisi, kelompok ini bertujuan untuk bertahan hidup dan menyelamatkan peradaban manusia. Bertempat di sebuah lahan luas di pinggir kota, sebuah bangunan dua lantai yang terlihat terbengkalai dari luar namun menyimpan teknologi yang luar biasa di dalamnya, Underground dikelilingi tembok besar setinggi 10 meter yang di tutupi pohon-pohon besar membuat tempat yang seharusnya terlihat mencolok ini malah tidak terlihat sama sekali. Dikarenakan posisinya yang berada di hutan pinggir kota, di tambah pohon-pohon serta semak-semak merambat ke tembok dan menutupi dengan sempurna tempat tersebut. Jika diperhatikan bangunannya, hanya ada sebuah pintu besar di tengah bangunan dengan pengamanan teknologi sangat ketat yang dilengkapi oleh laser dan pemindai sidik jari. Didalam bangunan tersebut berisi mobil-mobil berbagai jenis dengan kekuatan dan kecepatan yang tidak bisa dianggap remeh. Jika di lihat lebih spesifik, tempat ini terlihat seperti garasi modifikasi mobil.Dan jika menaiki tangga yang berada di pojok dekat pintu, kalian akan menaiki lantai 2 dan menemukan 6 unit helikopter lengkap dengan peralatan modifikasi dan teknologi canggih. Ditambah atap rumah yang bisa terbuka dengan sensor remot sebagai jalan keluar masuk helikopter. Kembali kelantai 1, tepatnya di sebuah pintu besi yang tidak terlalu mencolok disudut ruangan. Namun, jika di teliti lebih jauh, pintu tersebut memiliki sebuah pemindai sidik dari dan kornea mata yang memang bentuknya tidak terlalu terlihat.Pintu tersebut akan terbuka dan menampilkan sebuah lift misterius yang memiliki 5 tombol yang terdiri dari angka dan abjad. (re: 1A, 2B, etc.) Disinilah tempat kehidupan dimulai, jauh di bawah tanah sebuah bangunan, tidak terlihat dan terdeteksi. Dihuni oleh kurang lebih 500 orang yang dibagi dalam 7 divisi dengan tanggungjawabnya masing-masing, membuat kelompok Underground semakin besar namanya.

  • Run From The World That's After Us

    Run From The World That's After Us

    It killed them and they imprisoned the others. Sia (5a), and her Best friend Lorie (1d) need to escape. The 'help facilities' weren't ever going to make the others better. For 9 years Sia was in there, watching as kids came in, died, or went insane. Sia and Lorie needed to get out, it was either that or die trying for them. --- Cadence (3b) and Ashley (2a) have been running basically all their lives. They escaped another 'Help Facility' years ago, but they had to keep running. They had a bounty on their heads and they can't trust anyone, not anymore. Adults are out for the money on their heads, while other escaped kids would turn them in for a free 'out of the facility' pass. --- 1d: move small, light weight objects with mind 1c: move heavy medium sized objects 1b: move large, light weight objects 1a: move objects 3x their size, regardless of weight 2c: doesn't injure easily 2b: can heal small cuts on themselves or others 2a: can take away poisons and heal larger wounds 3c: can withstand large volts of electricity 3b: can withstand large amounts of electricity and make sparks, charge phones, computers, etc. 3a: can shoot out lots of electricity, cause power outages, make things like electronics explode 4c: can omit heat, heat resistant 4b: ignite small fires, can withstand 190°F 4a: make large fires, hold fire in their hands, make fires stronger 5c: can see in people's minds 5b: can add false memories, take away small thoughts 5a: go in people's heads, force commands (brainwash), add or take away any memories.

  • The Madness Within by LexieM3

    The Madness Within by LexieM3

    Act 1: chapters 1-5. Abigais past is summarized. She enters the vampire world where we meet Chamomile, Kyoya, the High Priestess, and Marrisa. She is trying to understand why she is so drawn to Kyoya. She assumed she will be a huntress. She then has her formation ceremony and finds out that she will be the Next High Priestess. Act 1 endsAct 2a: Abigail spends time trying to grapple with the pressure of being a high priestess when she has just entered the vampire world. As she begins training with the current High Priestess, she finds that begins to have issues with her mental state as the pressure begins to build up. She starts frequently panicking and blacking out until one day it comes to a head and she does something disastrous, and teleports to a different world. Act 2 ends with her deciding to isolate herself. Act 2b: 3 months have passed since she isolated herself on on the seemingly abandoned world. She spends most of her time hunting, and surviving and caring to a wolf pup she finds. Although she is more relaxed, her power blackouts continue to worsen. One day, she's hunting and finds Kyoya who is hunting The same animal. We find out that Abigail accidentally teleports him with her. He reveals that he has been teleported at random a few different times. They all seem to happen when Abigail is at high stress points. A chapter is dedicated to them hunting and living together for a few months. During this time, Abigail's powers are in control. The high Priestess suddenly appears avd through a long conversation reveals that she is dying. If the there is no High Priestess, there will be no more Vampires born and they all will get sick and die a slow death. Since Vampires are the strongest the absence of them can cause a rift that brings disastrous, world ending results. Abigail again agrees to train to be a high Priestess. When they teleport back home, Kyoya is nowhere to be found. Act 3: As Abigail resumes her training, she begins to have her powers overwhelm her again. She begins losing hope that she will be able to become a Priestess. She escapes to the Island again. She then meets Amy and Marissa, who hunts with her for a few weeks and they explore the outbursts. Marissa suggests trying to utilize the outbursts instead of holding them in. She tries but fails. Frustrated, she experiences the worst attack yet. There is a lot of damage. She discovers that Kyoya was teleported again is mortally wounded. She goes through many emotions bad she tries but fails to heal him. She attempts to turn him but it's unsuccessful. She has another outburst and this time ends up somewhere in her mind.  She speaks to someone who tells her that she needs to trust herself and let go of the past. She does this and finds that she's even more powerful than she expected. She finds herself back with Kyoya, who she heals. The book ends with her going back to train as a High Priestess.

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