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  • Heir of Aurelian

    Heir of Aurelian



    The year is 407 AD and Rome is at the precipice. In the West, a usurper by the name of Flavius Claudius Constantinus has declared himself emperor. By doing this, he and his traitor legions have fractured the Western Roman Empire into two. At the same time, the north bleeds! Countless germans swarm across the borders of the Empire and pillage its lands in their ruthless raids. Alaric, King of the Goths, rises to a position of prominence and threatens the ancient capital of the dying Empire with his barbarian hordes. As if things weren't bad enough, rumors from the east state that a mysterious power rises within the fogs of war, threatening to drown the Empire in a river of blood. As a response to these threats, the indolent emperor Honorius has given orders to his supreme commander Flavius Stilicho to reclaim the province of Gaul from the usurper. However, should he leave the heartland of the Empire undefended, undoubtedly Alaric would invade. Thus, under the threat of barbarians at the gates, Stilicho dispatches a young roman general by the name of Titus Claudius Marcellus to bring an end to the reign of the usurper. Will Rome fall to the tides of barbarians and traitors alike? Or can Marcellus restore a world collapsing around him? Find out in Heir of Aurelian!

  • Reencarné como el personaje secundario que muere por el protagonista!?

    Reencarné como el personaje secundario que muere por el protagonista!?

    Esta historia toma como protagonista a Kishima Toru, un jóven estudiante de preparatoria quién de un día para otro cumplió el sueño de todo otaku cuando terminó despertando en el mundo de fantasía de su novela favorita "Demons and Magic", ¿el problema?, Toru no era el protagonista....si no que terminó como Neival Von Cloudwind, uno de los personajes secundarios con la menor relevancia en la historia, ya que a pesar de tener un gran pasado y un enorme talento para la magia nunca recibió el protagonismo que merecía ya que terminó sacrificandose para salvar al protagonista de un demonio superior, "¿Así que mi destino ya esta escrito?.....

  • No more exist

    No more exist

  • Celestial's End

    Celestial's End


    Hundreds of thousands of years before modern society came into existence, the world was in pure chaos. meteors replaced rain, and replacing clouds was an ash filled sky. People died on a daily basis. It was as if the creation of earth had started again. The cause of this mess? Just a guy who the Gods angered.Coming back to the modern era, another calamity occurred. The Gods have been reawakened by a team of clueless archaeologist. The after effect of the reawakening? Let's just say the Gods are screwed. Again.Author note - This is probably never going to be updated.list of things that might occur:The synopsis could be changed.The chapters will get edited a lot.The storyline might get sidetracked.Writing might get worse.

  • The Pretty Little Ghost That Haunts a Monster

    The Pretty Little Ghost That Haunts a Monster

    Ciro is a 407 year old Italian vampire. He was turned shortly after his twentieth birthday and has spent every moment since living in the shadows away from people who would crucify him for his species. All of his hiding suddenly becomes irrelevant when a friend of his accidentally shows his nature to all of Italy. Suddenly, his life is falling apart and he needs to go. He runs away from the life he has grown accustomed to and finds a castle... or what once was a castle... and decides to live there in a starving anguish for the rest of his immortal life. Only, he shortly discovers another presence in his new home. Did he trespass on a human's territory? Or something else as unearthly as himself?

  • Devil and his wife

    Devil and his wife

    Year 2114Yang bo is the second son of rich industrialist Mr. Yang. Having pursued his education abroad and he is highly westernised. After his studies he came back to China and forced to get married to xiao Zhan who is a first year college student and son of zhao Jiang who is the owner of zhao enterprises and also the best friend of Mr.yang.But yang bo agreed to marry zhao Zhan only under a condition that the marriage will end after a year.After 407 years19 year old Zhao Zhan: come hear my little bobo.11 year old yang bo: gege21 year old yang bo: come here wifey29 year old zhao zhan: go away you bad alphaThis story is inspired by a Telugu movie Pavithra Bandham (Holy Bond) only a little part.This is an mpreg (male pregnancy) story and this story is full of my imagination.i am a student so my updates will be slow, i am sincerely sorry for that.

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