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  • Accel Wake

    Accel Wake

    In the year 2031, Satoru Masae, a normal lonely and introverted schoolboy until one day the oncoming of a fierce wind summons the presence of a black sun which arrives known as the dark phenomenon which destroys Sato's home; Astrea City located on the city above the Astrealian ocean. Thus changing his world and life as he once has known it to be. He is no longer the same and now must pursue after the secrets that are hidden within his past and walk towards the new life he is forced in to reveal the truth. where did the black sun come from?Now after attempting to enroll in Accel Magic Academy; Satoru must now adapt to his new life in another world which was a result of a dark series of unfortunate events caused by the dark phenomena. But Satoru believes that there is more to the black sun event than the aftermath of it. He now looks for his sister, Yuna who is rumored to still be alive after even being absorbed into the darkness of the black sun.(My Own Original Story) ©


  • Anti-Hero in Another World

    Anti-Hero in Another World

    6 students were tasked to save another world created by a god, from the 3 ancient creatures that roam each and every dimension in it.However our Main Protagonist "Accel" [Ace] was not lucky enough to recieve a blessing from god himself.Will our MC uncover the deep dark secrets of this world and its dimension in it? And the origin of himself.

  • Next Reality Dimension: I got a princess for letting go of Throne.

    Next Reality Dimension: I got a princess for letting go of Throne.


    VRMMORPG time has left...Isekai world disturbance will come to an end...I have come here to welcome you to the Next Generation of VRMMORPG called...ORD... Origin Reality Dimension...Starting with another person who was reborn in the world of Isekai... Oi come here and introduce you lazy dude..."Hello Good morning, wait it's already afternoon huh!"Just like you must have guessed, I am a normal person from the earth. Who was reborn in the world of Magic and Sword. While you see, I was quite lucky, given I got a system to assist and not to say I am a noble in this world... Though, I was really surprised at first. Given that, I was too lazy to show 'surprised.' expressions to my parents.The second time, I was surprised to see was the ORD, that damn system of mine has explained. [Beep] But he was right on the most part. Except he forgot to tell why? this Isekai world needed a game to do this huh.Because of the Wars all of you had read about in many novels right. Due to this, the amount of death rate here was tremendously high. For example, A hero is summoned, killing and massacre starts.So they decide to give us ORD.MMORPG. to take out all the wishes we can hope for... While who used skills and power from the game to attack people in the real world... He-he, we also have Shinigami to deal with them.So, people from the demon realm and light realm fight each other in SLRD.In short, just follow me... Though I don't have any kind of power inside me like having cheat like future knowledge... I have much better... Next Level of cheat... I have a system inside NRD. While I had started playing ORD before anyone could have...Oh! Yeah, my name is Accel Starlight... Where I got a beautiful Waifu in form of a national princess... Because I choose to let my big brother have the same kingdom... While I am a genius born in a millennium of years...Well! I am not being sarcastic. Come and read this novel to see if I was telling a truth or a lie...

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