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    I like anal

  • Anal Alan

    Anal Alan

  • Naked Sword Art

    Naked Sword Art



    Dual Cultivation is an art. The more you focus on doing the art, the worse it becomes. Only when doing it becomes part of the art itself, does one truly experience it to its fullest. You will know you understand only when you can't tell the singer from the song, dancer from the dance, and the daoist partners from the dao. This is true enlightenment in the art of dual cultivation ... The 'Naked Sword Art' is a personal skill of mine. It isn't perfect yet, but I believe it will one day be the greatest dual cultivation technique known to man. I am the fucker of mothers, stripper of daughters, and the bane of all men and husbands alike. I am a blind dual cultivator. . . . [ Tags ] R-18 | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Ecchi | Hentai | NSFW | Netori | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Hardcore | Feet | Thick | Thicc | Loli | Milf | Gilf | Young & Mature | Choking | Out doors | Humiliation | Nymph | Bdsm | Fetish | Dual Cultivation | Action | Demon | Handsome MC | Weak to Strong MC | Antihero | Comedy | Wise . . . **Art work is not mine. If you want me to take it down please contact me**

  • Anals of Terrom

    Anals of Terrom

    Am Able Samuel by name.I will be writing on the anals of Terrom,his challenges and how he rescues the princess of the deep .

  • Anal Yang Tidak Berguna

    Anal Yang Tidak Berguna

  • The Lust System

    The Lust System



    An ordinary high school boy named Max is in his basement watching porn and masturbating. When suddenly, a pop-up ad covered the whole screen!____________________________________________________________________________________________ ||FREE||Congratulations! You won as the first person to watch porn 10000 times. You are hereby granted a once in a lifetime opportunity!Do you want to change your fate?Do you want to have sex with real women?Do you want to get rich?Do you want to be popular?Stop watching porn and SIGN UP now in our Universal Lust System! by Alien Universe Do you want to Sign Up?[YES] [NO]____________________________________________________________________________________________WTF is this? Ads? What’s this thing saying?! So annoying! Sign up? This is just a scam! *tries to click ‘NO’* *accidentally clicked ‘YES’*____________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for Signing Up! Hope you have a fun time! - Alien Universe____________________________________________________________________________________________“What? ARRGGGHHHHH! It hurts!” Max holds his head with both hands. *faints*____________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to The Lust System![Max][Level: 1][Points: 0][Skills][Missions][Store][Women Conquered]____________________________________________________________________________________________Advanced Chapters on my website:Elfriedenn.home.blogTo open the latest Advanced Chapters, you can find the password on my Patreón:Patreó for the recent patrons!Discord:[System] [Sex] [Harem] [Evil Protagonist] [First-time Intercourse] [Fellatio] [Eye Powers][Magical Space] [Netori] [Anal] [Poor to Rich][Perverted Protagonist] [Rape][Student-Teacher Relationship][Business Management][Incest][Hidden Abilities] [Secret Identity][Game Elements] [***********]<-Spoiler[Not Gay MC]*You have been warned*





    My aunt, the acting regean told me: "work hard my nephew. You have a royal family to build." ----- A story of reincarnation. A story of growth. A story of love. A story of lust. After dying a simple death, a boy reincarnated in a new world. A world where magic is common and dragons are real. A world where goddess exists and monsters abound. This story follows Sol, the son of the hero king. A man who literally saved the world, at the cost of his life. Watch as he grows and evolves to become his own person, moving from the shadow of his parents and set his own record in history. All the beautiful women he gets along the way is just a bonus. ****** [ Tags ] R-18 | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Ecchi | Hentai | NSFW | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Feet | Thick | Thicc | Loli | Milf | Gilf | Young & Mature | Out doors | Humiliation | Nymph | Bdsm | Fetish | Dual Cultivation | Action | Demon | Handsome MC | Weak to Strong MC | Antihero | Comedy | Wise ****** Disclaimer: The cover picture does not belong to me. Notice: * mean that it will be a kinky chapter with some preliminary. ** mean that's it will be a kinky chapter with actual sex.—>Discord link—> Patreon link. Release schedule: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY Posting it on Royal road.

  • Netori System

    Netori System



    [WARNING EXTREME R-18 SEX] In a modern world full of powerful beings a System is given to every human when they are born. Each System is different based on the System's special abilities and title. The origin of these Systems is unknown and remains a mystery. One high school boy named Jon is betrayed by his closest friend and is outcasted from this world. His life soon changes when he gains a new power that takes everything from everyone! He will get his revenge! In this world, only the strong stand above in their own hierarchy and corruption. Even mythical and legendary beings exist in this world hidden in secrecy. Jon will conquer every beauty in this world no matter what! Netori System activated! [Level: 1] [Points: 0] [Skills] [Missions] [Store] [Women Conquered]: TAKE EVERY WOMAN! _______________________________ [Tags]: [System] [Sex] [Hentai][Huge Harem] [Anti-Hero] [Smart MC] [Overpowered MC] [Evil MC] [Rise to Power] [Godhood] [Monster Girls] [Big Titty Goth Girls] [Super Powers] [Eye Powers] [Sex Slaves] [Hot Girl Cousin] [Sexy CEO Girls] [CEO God Complex] [First-Time Intercourse] [Fellatio] [Eye Powers] [Rare Items] [Mind-Control] [Magical Space] [Magic][Cultivation] [Netori] [Anal] [Rape] [Take all your woman] [Student-Teacher Relationship] [MILF] [Celebrities] [Incest] [Big Tits] [Lolis] [Beast Girls][Perfect Genes] [Bussiness Tycoon] [Poor to Rich][Mythology] [Hidden Abilities] [Secret Identity] [Game Elements] [Apocalypse] [Hidden Tags*] ______________

  • Thot hunting System

    Thot hunting System



    Just add this to your library. Isn't the cover enough to entice you? - Arriving in Tokyo in order to start his college life and to have his multiple sex fantasies come true, he knew it would take time. But never would've he thought that he would lose his own virginity to his friend's girlfriend. Nonetheless, he wasn't the one who lost his virginity, but the system itself. ['The Virgin who just lost his own virginity' host accepted] Now with a system with him, how would his life turn out? -------------- Tags: Ahegao, anal, aunt, ball sucking, big ass, big breast, bloomers, blowjob, blowjob face, business suit, cheating, cunnilingus, deepthroat, defloration, facial hair, femdom, glasses, group, hairy, harem, huge breast, impregnation, incest, inverted nipples, latex, lingerie, milf, mind break, mind control, mother, nakadashi, netori, paizuri, pantyhose, teacher, virginity, cervix penetration, double blowjob, drugs, emotionless sex, exhibitionism, ffm threesome, glory hole, gokkun, kissing, rim job, saliva, small breast, stockings, stomach deformation, condom, raw, gyaru, widow, cousin, inflation, masturbation, futanari, system, dark skin, married women, prostitutes, mind break, BDSM, bondage, filmed, reverse gangbang, Loli, maid, drama, physiological.

  • Seducing the Ladies of my Family

    Seducing the Ladies of my Family



    Jia Chin's soul traveled to the World of Sword and Magic and occupied the body of a dying young man. He unknowingly entered a world filled of monsters, demons and adventurers. The danger to his life was everywhere.He awakened the 'FtH' system, and signed in every day to get rewards. He thought he would soon become an invincible being relying on system while enjoying his easy life, but fate wouldn't allow it, as one after another problems started to appear disturbing his perverted life.----------------------Alternate Names: Seducing the Ladies Around MeThis story is Patr.eon driven and the speed of the releases depends on the patronage. I had to do to make this decision to struggle and overcome my real life crisis. If the readers enjoy the story, then please support me to bring more frequent updates while helping me at the same time.The release schedule will depend upon the Pat.ron contribution, so that I can take some time away from manual working.----------------------Join Patr.eon to read up to 6 chapters ahead in advance(Stock piling currently):Join Patr.eon! >> 'Remove the '.' after 'Patr'------------------------Current Release Schedule: Undetermined.-----------------------------Additional Tags:| R-18 | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Romance | Ecchi | | Adult | Hentai | Bdsm | Incest | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Hardcore | System | | Action | | Adventure | Fantasy | Sex | Loli | Milf | Gilf | Fast Cultivation | Beautiful Female Lead | Overpowered Protagonist | Dual Cultivation | | Demons | Handsome Protagonist | Shameless protagonist | Strong from the Start | Revenge | Cautious Protagonist | Polygamy | Wuxia | Spear User | Succubus | Demi Humans | Divine Beasts | Beast Companions | Older Love Interests | Rape Victim Becomes Lover | Reverse Rape | Martial arts | Artifacts Refining | Alchemy |

  • Harvesting The Witch Queen

    Harvesting The Witch Queen


    Growing up as a slave in the Halloween Kingdom, Junk had been a prisoner for as long as he could remember. Born without a healthy nor stable body, he might have been the weakest of all the Minotaurs.Managing to finally escape the confines of his prison cell, the beast wanders the Kingdom’s dangerous roads. His body and soul slowly and painfully withering into nothingness until he miraculously runs into one final chance—the fallen Witch Queen—Lady September Autumn who had just recently been dethroned of her royal title.She provides him the opportunity to remain alive. Keeping his body and soul intact by feeding him with her royal, sacred Queen milk. Of course, this is no act of charity. She asks for his services in return. In exchange for harvesting her milk, Junk must become her loyal servant and bodyguard fulfilling whatever she commands: including hunting down and defeating all of those responsible for her dethronement. Refuse, and no more milk. No more milk, and the Minotaur will be doomed to perish once more. So a symbiotic relationship is formed. However, the ex-prisoner has something in mind for his powerful new Queen. Harvesting the bitch herself! Ultimately corrupting her into his breeding-slut when the time is right and birthing an army of monsters to re-take the kingdom for himself instead. Together, they are marching through this ghoulish and spooky fantasy world plagued with undead, spirits, demons, werewolves, vampires, demonic Gods and far worse!...[ Tags ]R-18 | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Ecchi | Hentai | NSFW | Netori | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Hardcore | Thick | Thicc | Milf | Gilf | Young & Mature | Choking | Out doors | Humiliation | Bdsm | Fetish | Dual Cultivation | Action | Demon | Weak to Strong MC | Antihero | Comedy | Wise...Warning: Contains Netorare elements. Discord link:

  • The Goddess' Champion

    The Goddess' Champion


    The world of Sandoria suffers in silence; with the reign of the tyrant God Lucius finished under the might of the Demon Emperor, Hero and Witch Queen... a new Goddess is chosen to take over this deranged world... but, she is not respected or accepted by her citizen. In a sad world where love no longer exists, opulent ladies are criticised for being too slow and inefficient due to their 'bounciness', and handsome men are rejected for being 'too pretty for the battlefield'; The Goddess sighs and looks around, finding the one that shall enforce her will. With her sight set on Constantine de Castile, a retired Conqueror and Great Emperor from a lower world- one that upon his death summoned the wrath of a patron god for reasons and sins he had no idea he committed- she decided, that's the one. The past is the key to locking feelings away as the two beings shall work together to give the world of Sandoria a better future. The path will be difficult, magic abounds, and the wickedness of a world filled with multiple races shall engulf Constantine, and if that wasn't enough, he also has to bear with that silly voice talking in his head. "I don't want to hear you..." [Analizing nutrient...] "I... don't want to hear you..." [Burning spell is useful in this case...] "I'm just boiling water... leave me alone." [You're not as handsome as your attitude depicts you to be, old Emperor.] "At least I have a face..." [I can make a face as well!] "Good, do so and let me slap it!" #Harem, #Romance, #Action, #System, #Comedy, #Fantasy, #Magic, #Vintage, #Adventure, #Worldbuilding, #Reverseworld, #weaktostrong, #GeniusMC, #Gods, #Werebeasts, #Elves, #Demons, #Creatures, #Magic, #ShrewdMC, #StrongtoStronger, #Plotwist ** ** Check up my Discord for Illustrations

  • Trap Academy: Starting at Level 1

    Trap Academy: Starting at Level 1


    Everything is named after that man, but who the hell is he? Guided by the Edgar Brauss System, Level 1 Nakayama Tadashii moves from his home, Moku City, to the City of Edgar Brauss in order to attend an academy meant for all boys. However, the school is nothing like he imagined. In fact, it radiates the exact opposite meaning of what "all boys" implies. Where the hell is all the masculinity? Since the symbol of masculinity within this new school belongs to him now, he, both fortunately and unfortunately, finds himself as the center of attention, even as a Level 1 impotent. As Nakayama explores his new magical surroundings, whether it be inside the City of Edgar Brauss or outside of it, he meets new people and finds out firsthand just what means to become a powerful magic fighter. Unfortunately, he's quite out of his league. Once he makes new friends within this brand new magic city, he realizes that life is much more complicated than he'd originally anticipated. Everyone's past is different,, and many peoples' pasts still linger in the present as a ghost to haunt them for all eternity. As a naive, young, and aspiring magic fighter, it is his job to liberate them of those ghosts, right? Surely. EXTRA INFO: Chapters will be separated by arcs. Mature Content: Sexual Depictions (Trap x Male : Female x Male) Use of drugs and alcohol Foul Language Controversial Topics + Graphic Depictions (Whether violent or sexual) Average Chapter Length: 1000 Words + Release Rate: Every 1 to 3 Days (10/11 AM EST) I don't own the art in the thumbnail. [ Tags ] R-18 | Academy | Straight | Gay | Bisexual | Yaoi | School Life | Slow | Slice of Life | Romance | Huge Harem | Evolution | Mystery | Hidden Abilities | Elements | Shotacon | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Harem Building | Ecchi | Domination | Femdom | Domination Loss | Hentai | NSFW | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Hardcore | Thick | Thicc | Loli | Lolicon | Older Love Interest | Thicc | Age Difference | First-Time Intercourse | Milf | Young & Mature | Choking | Out doors | Humiliation | Fetish | Cultivation | Action | Handsome MC | Weak to Strong MC | Comedy | Magic | System | Femboy | Trap | Coming Of Age | Gore | Naive Protagonist | Drama | High School | Psychological Trauma | Past Events | Relationships | Tomgirl | Tomboy | Big Breasts | Foreshadowing |

  • My Double Sex System

    My Double Sex System


    THE DOUBLE SEX SYSTEM Name: DaveAge: 17 yearsRace: HumanGender: MalePartners: NoneSkills: NonePoints: 0System level: 1_____________________Buyable skills [Level 1]1.) [Arousal scent] (Price 100 points) Low level Skill description: Will make women around you feel aroused and sexually attracted to you. [Permanent](The more you level up the the stronger it gets)2.) [Stamina] (50 points ) Low level Skill description: Increase sexual stamina (allows you to last longer in bed)3.) [Pregnancy switch] (100 points) Skill description: Allows you to determine if you want to impregnate a chick [Permanent]4.) [Semen volume] (50 points) Low level Skill description: Increase semen (fill her womb)5.) [Penis size] (50 points) Low level Skill description: Increase penis size(Allow it enter her womb [Permanent ]___________________________________________________________________________Note: Skills will unlock as you level up Skills will vanish if not acquired before level up and cannot be retrieved ____________________________________________________________________________Points earning methods [System 1]See a woman nude [10 points]Touch a woman's breast or ass without her knowledge [20 points]Note: Points will not be gained during sex_______________________________________________________Points earning methods [System 2]Kiss[10 points]Cunninglingus [50 points]Fellatio [50 points]Vaginal sex [100 points]Anal sex [150 points]Points will be multiplied by 10 if it's the girl's first time______________________________________________________Side effect[Sex lust]:Lose control of your body with extreme sexual lust for 1 hour

  • The Sex Beast System (Revamped) [The World Of Systems]

    The Sex Beast System (Revamped) [The World Of Systems]



    The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system... which made him almost faint with shock.What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, tuned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible... and completely changed his entire life.___________________Note: Hello! I am the original author, Roeselawik. My main account was having some problems, especially regarding SBS, so I decided to upload the story again. This is the re-edited version and I corrected as many grammatical mistakes as I could find. There are some slight changes as well, but the story is the same as before. Enjoy! Tags:System, Harem, Explicit sex scenes, Perverted protagonist, Netori, Elves, Devils, Beastkin, Dragons, Dwarves, Beautiful women, Big breasts, First-time Intercourse, Anal, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Weak to strong MC, etc.Donate to help me continue writing and also get access to advance chapters:- my discord for updates:- you for supporting me!

  • Cuentos de XIII

    Cuentos de XIII


    Acompaña a XIII a través de sus viajes y experiencias/no soy el creador de muchas características o poderes que se originan de otras obras//soy nuevo intentaré hacer lo mejor posible/mucha violencia no leer si eres sensibleEtiqueta:futari, reencarnación, System, sucubo, incubo, anal, viaje dimensional./ lo hago por diversión la historia será según yo quiera

  • Ero Trap Dungeon

    Ero Trap Dungeon


    What would happen a sadist were given a system, a system that turns him into the demon king of lust.How many girls would fall to his hands and have their whole body be assaulted by pain and pleasure?______________________________________________Taking a break Tags.Milf, R-18, Cultivation, Netori, System, Anal, Sex, Slime, Dungeon, Magic, Loli, Demons, Elves, Evil Mc, BDSM, Sadist Mc, Harem, Bondage, Comedy. (I'll add more after I think about it)Photo not mine, Credits goes to the rightful owner, if you are the owner and wanted me to take it down please say so.______________________________________________You horny? Me too, too bad you ain't my type.

  • The Chronicles Of The God Of Glass

    The Chronicles Of The God Of Glass


    Warning!! THIS NOVEL CONTAINS MATURE CONTENTWARNING!!! DO NOT READ THE NEXT SENTENCEWARNING!! GO BACK NOWWARNING!! THIS NOVEL ISN'T FOR THE FAINT - HEARTEDAAHH!!! ( AUTHOR RAN A HAND THROUGH HIS RUFFLED HAIR)REMEMBER!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!Welcome Cultured Brethren to a world consisting of five realms. The five realms was in a tranquil and serene state for millennials until some gods decided to turn things upside downAres depicted as the god of war decided to play a game with the other gods and so they divided themselves into three groups with each having at least ten gods. The three groups each took one realm to rule.THE SUPREME ONE (Lord of the seven heavens) decided to take matters into his own hands by appointing Athena the task to grant CHAMPIONS powers who will bring an end to this gameAthena decided to choose just A CHAMPION.Adam Baxter, a twenty one year old adult was chosen by Athena. “What? Me?! A hero?! Fuck that! With my abilities I should be bringing gods to their knees!! I will rule the five realms and anyone who tries to stop me will be yesterday's news.Heads will roll, Men will grovel for their livesWomen will seek my phallusMen will appeal for clemency Women will queue for my baby gravy!!I will fuck any eligible beauty across the five realms and make them mine including you goddess!”Why would Athena choose a candidate that emits the same frequency as that of the spirit of lust. Or is it because he is the son of a god .Is Ares his father? Will Adam end up killing his own father?!Tag:- Overpowered MC, Immortals, Elves, Dragons, Demons, Fairies, Spirits, Dark, Smut, Anal,Loli, MILF,Action.It is a smut novel with the author hoping your phallus increases a few inches before reaching fifty chaptersWhy?Because I'm the inner demon allowing you to read your most deepest and creepiest fetishesGood luck!!!PS:- Cover photo isn't mine

  • The Legendary Master’s Second Wife

    The Legendary Master’s Second Wife

    Transmigrated into the Legendary Master’s Wife world and pushed into a boy love romance between the Male lead and the protagonist our hero tries to protect his chrysanthemum (anal hole) while trying to help the heroes and save the universe. Having no golden finger except countless knowledge about the Legendary Master’s Wife story and countless fan fiction and side stories of the Legendary Master’s Wife. Our woeful protagonist is pushed into many boy love situation while trying to protect his chrysanthemum (anal hole). By the way the protagonist is straight as an arrow. The picture does not belong to me and was taken from google. I do not own the copyright rights to any of the pictures.