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    Horror&Thriller SCARY

    What if you woke up one morning knowing you were destined to die by the end of the day? Only to wake up to the same morning, and the same destiny that awaited?One day.One single day you could never get through.How would you evade your predetermined death to live another day?

  • whispers of Anguish

    whispers of Anguish


    Dylan kincziller is a Cruel, Gracious Charismatic Vampire Crown prince, From the most, dominant and formidable"Akeldama" Clan, Lailah Reyes is a cute ordinary college girl who likes to play around. In an incident, she was saved by the vampire lord the next moment she said - Rule#1| Extra love affairs aren't allowed" Rule#2 "You'll only be there for me" Rule#3 "We go on a date twice a month Lailah is fascinated by the fantasy books that she always reads and watches way too many supernatural shows, that evening when she was in grave danger a handsome vampire who had just entered the human realm saved her. She was neither afraid nor she ran away from there, she couldn't believe what she saw Lailah had always wished her life to be like the Female lead in those fantasy novels. In excitement, she quickly set 3 ground rules for him she decided to pursue him no matter what it takes. Let's tag along with them to witness her sweet proposals and his harsh rejections Let's tag along with them to witness her sweet proposals and his harsh rejections follow them in their happiness and grief to express your love and support. Disclaimer- this story was posted on my another acc, but I decided to rewrite it and publish it in a new way with a new acc so guys if you have come across this story before don't think that I'm copying someone's work this is the original story, same author with different acc..... The cover picture is not made by me credits go to its owner

  • Anguish, the story of Ridion

    Anguish, the story of Ridion


    In the country of Verdin, where magic is prominent, and power is measured by the strength of ones soul, emotion, and feelings. a singularity is born into this world. his name is Ridion, we know not of his past, but we will soon know of his future as he learns of the many different emotions of the human heart, having the power to change fate based on his reaction to it. I'd be pleased if you'd join me on this journey of my first novel as I explore the human mind, mental illness, and the emotions of humans in an all new light. this novel will feature action, fantasy, and romance, with hints of comedy throughout.

  • Silent Cries of Anguish

    Silent Cries of Anguish


    As he cut her head off, he sighed heavily. As fun as it was, she was still alive. And she could hardly feel the pain. He watched as she slowly regenerated...then gave her the knife. "Do your worst," He told her. The pain in her eyes quickly turned into an evil smirk as she grabbed the knife and--

  • Transmigration: Anguish of the Century

    Transmigration: Anguish of the Century


    Fu Li Lu has always been an arrogant and spoiled young master of the capital. Sparing none Li Lu visits brothels and spills his seeds until it bit him in the ass literally! Li Lu overdosed on drugs, due to his colorful past life he was sentenced to a reforming system. Now forced to complete missions how will this young master go about his new life.[Explict Language & Possible Scenes]

  • Anguish Eyes

    Anguish Eyes

    A loud guy who is driven by great thingsA silent girl who can't seem to escape her dark pastFucked up circumstancesWhat will happen if their two worlds collide?Will they be able to make things the way they want it?Or they will only make it worse?

  • Meteorites of Anguish

    Meteorites of Anguish


  • Pantheon of anguish

    Pantheon of anguish

    A beautiful life was there, for humanity had found peace with itself. Society became focused on regaining the lost sense of happiness, crafting, building and innovating to ensure the enjoyment of all. Sataro lives in a beautiful neighborhood, filled with an arrangement of colored gardens all across the street, and happy faces all about. The struggle of power and purpose finally to a resolution, all became good.All is good.All stays good.Unless maybe, a few small cracks start to show up in the daily life of Sataro.Will he be able to reconcile them?

  • A Stunning Anguish

    A Stunning Anguish

    Teen ROMANCE

    She sacrificed a lot..Xanzcra Yichei Desser's most loved family memeber died, her bestfriend betrayed their friendship, her father kicked her and her mother out of the Desser Family.And the last but not the least, the fiance, cheated with...(who do you think it is?)Will she still be able to stand again?Can she still act like the ANGUISH never strikes her STUNNING character as a normal individual?..All rights reserved.

  • MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

    MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master



    In 2100 at the turn of the century the first full dive VMMORPG game 'Omega' was released With its breath-taking graphics and possible adventures many players flocked to the game, but it all changed when the fun game currency had equated a real life value ......starting the money rush! Elite players made guilds and continued to rise but those at the bottom could only suffer in silence. Rudra was such a bottom rung player, he had excellent reflex and was a great team leader , however his guild wronged him, his efforts only reaped rewards for his superiors . His father was disappointed in him and his mother died because his family did not have enough money for her treatment. Used as a slave by the guild as a expendable worker class he died one night when his then best friend pushed him from a flight of stairs over an in - game item. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, He had the chance to get back at everyone who wronged him and help everyone who stood by him. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined to make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! Cover not mine found it on Pinterest, DM for removal Cover Edit Discord id :- Raj_shah_7152#3385 discord link :-

  • The River of Anguish

    The River of Anguish

    The story of a girl. A girl fleeing grief. A girl seeking her own way in the world. A trying as she may to find hope. Hope and a will to live. Along the way she hopefully also find a person to love, a partner in crime, and a lovable pet.



    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE R18 HAREM

  • Truth and Justice: the brothers of anguish

    Truth and Justice: the brothers of anguish

    "was it all worth it"?After everything we have We were still an outcast having to go against the world alone

  • The Great Thief

    The Great Thief



    He had never invested in shares or bought a lottery ticket, and neither did he have any experience in the general business industry. Lu Li found that the only thing he could do was play games. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, games had been developing extremely quickly, and there were many people who had become rich through playing games. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! ------ Release Rate: 5 Chapters/Week; will be released on Mon, Wed, Fri and Weekend;

  • The Wretched Mistress

    The Wretched Mistress

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REVENGE


    She didn't want all of these to happen. Never in her wildest dreams would she want to become a mistress of a Royal Business Tycoon. Even if she came from a humble family, she didn't want to be entangled with someone who was already married. And yet, here she is. April had loved him secretly all throughout the years and yet, this is how he repays her. Anguished, sadness and unloved. To the point of losing her mind again. If only she could turn back time, she would never have love this ravish man! Unfortunately, they had a son. Her most treasured son was made by accident. Even though Alex didn't planned it, he wants to stand up as the father. Alex had trapped her to stay or else she would lose her son. But where would she stand in this messy situation? She was nothing but a so called mistress. Would there be ever a day, where she will be finally be free? Or will she be taken over by her own darkness? ---------- This story is about our own devils. Tackling them in our daily lives, as well as struggling to survive. Remember, Demons are not an illness. If you're not into dramatic - romance, you can freely skip this novel. Parental Guidance is required. A lot of hot and steamy scenes ahead. Be prepared to eat dogfood. This is my 2nd Novel and English is my 3rd language. Sorry in advance, for my grammatical errors. Reviews are appreciated! Enjoy! UwU ------- Also read my other novels ! The Fallen Consort & Phoenix Rebirth : The Unruly Empress -------- JOIN THE DISCUSSION !!! Discord : ---- Also please support me by buying me a coffee!

  • The Wedding Contract

    The Wedding Contract



    She is the Ice Queen and he is her archenemy. Two industry rivals with a lifetime vengeance gets married !?! Crazzzyyy! -------------------------------Synopsis"If you ever let anyone touch you... I'll pluck your eyes and eat it for dessert", she murmured in his ears."Mmmm….", his mind was completely out of the world. She gently stroked his lips with hers, but made sure not to kiss him. He was itching to drag her lips into his.She drove him crazy, but he couldn't do anything about it. "As for the incident with her....", she ignored his parted lips and continued the slow torture."I'm going to tease you until you break...", the goosebumps now reached his head."That's…. Your…. Punishment", she uttered each word so carefully, in between every small peck.He clenched his hands, feeling helpless. He wanted to beg right away, but pride ate him away.She slowly let her fingers slip through his hair.While he was enjoying it, she suddenly fisted a handful and nibbled playfully."Oh, god! You're killing me...…", his voice was a low groan which made her nerves jump up in joy."What should I do?", she softly whispered, continuing the sweet anguish."Kiss me!", it was almost inaudible, "Please…..", he said.--------------------------[All credits of the cover belong to its rightful owner - no intentions of copyright defragmentation. If asked to remove, will do so.]

  • Anguished by the passing away of Uttarakhand’s Finance Minister Shri Prakash Pant. His organisational skills helped strengthen the BJP and administrative skills contributed to Uttarakhand’ress.

    Anguished by the passing away of Uttarakhand’s Finance Minister Shri Prakash Pant. His organisational skills helped strengthen the BJP and administrative skills contributed to Uttarakhand’ress.

  • Dual-Cultivation System

    Dual-Cultivation System

    Eastern Fantasy R18 HAREM


    He was known to man as the Heavenly Demon Monarch, and his name could make even gods tremble in fear, while devils would cry tears of blood and anguish. Hearing about his deeds were enough to break the spirit of even the bravest man. In this world, more than three thousand different paths of cultivation existed, each leading to the same result, but when the Heavenly Demon Monarch was reborn he was forced to experienced the most despised method of them all, the path of dual cultivation. The man who previously abstained from the sweetness of love and the pleasure of the fleshy body, was finally taught to experience the anguish, the happiness and the sweetness. What results would this path have for him? Would he become the ruler of the realms, would he keep every beauty for himself, or would he maintain his aloof character, untainted in mind even when his body succumbed to sin? TAGS: [HAREM] [R-18] [ROMANCE] [FACE SLAPPING] [ACTION] [RUTHLESS PROTAGONIST] [EVIL PROTAGONIST] WARNING: THE MC IS A JERK WHO DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT JUSTICE OR MORALS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! (Cover does not belong to me)

  • A Desireless Agelong Migrant

    A Desireless Agelong Migrant


    ### Participating in Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021 ### A cold, snowy night of the year 1821. A mad scientist's obsession to bring life to his deceased 26-year-old son bore fruit. But the resurrected creature had no memories and was dominated by wild instincts. The brawl ended with the son killing his father. The lifeform was forced to flee when screams and shouts rose following the mad scientist's agonising shriek. The unholy existence thus slipped into the darkness and was never heard since. The supreme deities watching over the worlds noticed the existence of this entity beyond anomalism. They witnessed this unnamed 'human' learning the ways of humanity from the shadows in a span of several centuries. Yet the heartless prankster Fate prevented him from blending in and hunted down this distinct organism after bestowing his life with a parade of misfortune. Gloom and misery overcame his undying heart and his seclusion from settlements resonated anguish. Sleepless nights turned into the window of hope, expecting someone to relieve him of this unending charade. Every suicide attempt was proved ineffective against his odd reality. He travelled to the world's end, but couldn't find the meaning for his existence or the taste of death. The supreme deities felt sympathy for the grief he unjustly braved. Thus they unanimously decided to transmigrate him to a parallel Earth where Fate will no longer pester him. They were also careful to consider selecting a world with a variable that will assist him in enjoying his life to its finest. Unbeknownst to everyone, he was slowly descending to the midst of utter chaos and bad blood upon which the very history was founded. What would be the surprises waiting for him? How will he survive in the strange, new world? Will he obtain what he sought? What will he evolve into where strength reigns supreme? "Seek and it shall be disclosed."Readers please note, every date of the month that is a multiplier of 5 will have 3 chaps release and every other dates will have 2. (Cover ain't mine. Shall be removed upon any inconvenience.)

  • Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father

    Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father


    I became a side-character who died in anguish because of her good-for-nothing husband.If I can’t avoid getting married, why don’t I change who I marry instead?“Excellent, marriage sounds good.”“Wise choice. Then let’s have a wedding ceremony that isn’t too ceremonious. Following that, I’ll need you to go down to the Fief and behave like the lady of the house until I call for you. Naturally, there won’t be any time to spend in leisure whilst dousing yourself in luxuries.”“I’m not marrying you, but your father instead.”“……Pardon?”“I’m not going to marry you. Do you have a problem with that?”