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  • Archie


    When Alisha's dog disappears, she goes around in her neighbourhood, desperate to find him, with Nathan, her brother-like best friend. Will she be able to find Archie, or is it too late and he will be gone?

  • Kehidupan Archie di Dunia Lain

    Kehidupan Archie di Dunia Lain

  • HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

    HA\LF: Dead nor Alive



    There was no warning and it took them by surprise when the meteorite hit the earth. They thought they were doomed, but they managed to survive the apocalypse. They lost billions of lives because of that incident, and it took them decades to be able to stand on their own feet, but when they thought that they were fine, they were wrong. They found out that the meteorite brought something with it, they discovered a species and they called them Extrateressterial Parasite. It devoured and consumed anything that was alive, and they realized that the apocalypse was just the beginning of their suffering. After centuries of trying to survive, Archie Lancaster the one who believed the end of humankind could be changed decided to do his best and tried to become one of those people that prevented humankind from extinction. His path wasn't easy nor peaceful, nothing could be described what kind of experiences he had been through.

  • Archie's Escape

    Archie's Escape

    "I had no choice but to call your father" Gavin says to his best-friend's retreating back "Archie will you stop for a minute and hear my side. Your silent treatment and scowl is enough for me to know you're pissed""I am not pissed Gavin. I am ecstatic so much so that I am a raging bowl of anger exactly what I want to be whenever I am going to see my wife" sarcasm coats each word as a dark humourless laughter escapes himGavin nods his head acknowledging that his friend is indeed upset before saying "I will never regret calling the King because he got the job done. You are now a free man thanks to him""I was a free man before him! Haven't you been listening to me in the past years we've been here. For the first time in my life, I am not being seen as a mollycoddled trophy on its way to the slaughter house. I have a family of my own now with Philomena and she loves me for who I am. I am a free man with her by my side""Free men do not lie about their childhood and hide a freaking kingdom from the people they love. You are not a free man Prince Archibald Saint William, you've never been"

  • Jaeger’s Lost and Found

    Jaeger’s Lost and Found

    Jaeger’s Lost and Found is the only finder shop to be had on the whole of the west coast. The problem is, Archibald Jaeger, the last of the Jaeger line, seems to be defective. A result of too many generations of crossbreeding with humans. But Jaegers are finders, and there's nothing to be done about it.<br><br>Gael Murray has lost his connections. A vampire can’t survive without the energy exchange he has with the members of his coven through mental links. And, as of this morning, they’ve all vanished. Gael will die if he doesn’t reinstate his connections through a blood exchange. And his only hope to find the other members of his coven is to hire a finder.<br><br>Even a terrible finder is better than none at all.<br><br>Together Gael and Archie set out to save Gael’s life, but what was an already difficult task becomes nearly insurmountable. And Archie, who can never find what he’s looking for, finds himself falling in love with a man he’ll be hard pressed to save.

  • Alchemy Grandmaster's Reincarnation

    Alchemy Grandmaster's Reincarnation


    After stumbling into the Mystical Land of the Samsara Empyrean King, Lin Feng managed to enter the Reincarnation Gate and acquire a new life. As a Grandmaster Alchemist and the previously strongest cultivator, Lin Feng is determined to reach the Upper Worlds with his advantages this time. However, he finds out that in his new life, he's a haughty and lecherous young master of the Storm Feather Clan. How will he, a man with principles, deal with the troubles left behind by a teen womanizer, a trash who doesn't cultivate anymore?

  • Dearest Wife!

    Dearest Wife!

    Emma is the unfavoured adopted daughter of the Quinsley family. She was just a pitiful little girl who had to live under someone else's roof. And Archie, son of the richest man in the country, tall, handsome, cold and evil. Initially, There was no way that their fates would have crossed. However, due to a coincidence, Emma had become Archie's wife. Emma had initially thought that she was only being used by him, but he would actually be a wife-doting man! Whoever dared to bully her would be annihilated by him! He was highly overbearing outside, yet he was more like a hungry wolf in bed. She couldn't bear it any longer and wanted to escape, but he blocked her. He lovingly asked, "Wife, you're already pregnant with my child. Where do you think you could escape to?"



    Horror&Thriller WEREWOLF


    After school Brian Nicole caught his mother, Linda Grey, having sex with Dick Stolvenson, her business friend. Because Brian was considered a barrier to Linda's relationship with Dick Stolvenson, Brian was finally sent to Jacksonville and attended St. Morris, meanwhile, lives in Saint Hiller's Dormitory, a haunted three-story mansion that was once owned by a nobleman named Sir Archie Moore Thompson who was murdered in his house. Brian lives in a room with Billy Saunders and Peter Shcultz. Apparently Billy didn't like Brian's presence. Efforts are made to get Brian out of the way, but he is defended by John Neville, a 45-year-old male student caregiver and mentor on Rose's block. He is Linda Grey's childhood best friend. As time goes by, Brian accidentally gets caught in the feud of two werewolf clans fighting over Sir Archie Moore Thompson's wealth. Brian was involved in several clashes between the two clans. In his weak position Brian is protected by a clan from the east, a clan of tiger men from the east. His relationship with Jane Sanders, the sister of his nemesis Billy Sanders, further complicates matters. Brian who lives in two worlds must solve his problems in both the real world and the mystical world. In real life, Brian and Jane Sanders are inseparable, desperate to elope because Jane doesn't want to be betrothed to a man of her parents' choice. In their escape they were caught. Jane is forced to return to her hometown. While Brian is put in a holding cell, he is finally free. Brian tried to find his girlfriend, but too late, Jane was brought home by her father. Brian, who was heartbroken, was even more devastated to learn that John Neville was his biological father, who has now gone somewhere after learning that Linda Gray is married to Dick Stolvenson, who is his half-brother. Brian, who is heartbroken and injured, finally wanders in search of the traces of Jane Sander, his lover. Can Brian find his lover?

  • Dearest Wife

    Dearest Wife

    Emma is the unfavoured adopted daughter of the Quinsley family. She was just a pitiful little girl who had to live under someone else's roof. And Archie, son of the richest man in the country, tall, handsome, cold and evil. Initially, There was no way that their fates would have crossed. However, due to a coincidence, Emma had become Archie's wife. Emma had initially thought that she was only being used by him, but he would actually be a wife-doting man! Whoever dared to bully her would be annihilated by him! He was highly overbearing outside, yet he was more like a hungry wolf in bed. She couldn't bear it any longer and wanted to escape, but he blocked her. He lovingly asked, "Wife, you're already pregnant with my child. Where do you think you could escape to?"

  • Fall In Love With You is Inevitable

    Fall In Love With You is Inevitable



    "Hey, tell me, what am I supposed to do with you? I want to protect you, but who will protect you from me?" Velove softly whispered those words while caressing his sleeping face. "Don't protect me from you. I will receive with complete delight absolutely anything and everything that is given to me by you, my love" the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes, "In this life, I beg you not to reject and hide from me. Let's do the unforgivable" ---- As the only heiress of Vladimir Royal Family, Velove Van Vladimir, far wiser, and mature with an intelligence exceeds that of a normal human, has chosen to live quietly in a secluded island far in the Atlantic Ocean so as to protect herself and the people from her unimaginable powers and abilities. Lin Xiao, the Nation's Prince, is the depiction of a very charming and kind-hearted gentleman, unfortunately, born as the illegitimate son. His smile could melt every person's heart. Every woman shamelessly competes just to get his attention. Jun Kaien, as handsomely dangerous as he is, people were long told the story of how brutal he could be if offended and provoked. People picture him as the villain that was told in every story. No one wants to get near him. No one. Until she came*. The human had been warned and taught a lesson to avoid creatures that are beautiful. The more beautiful they are, the more danger they would bring. No matter whether it is animal, plants, even human. Especially human. There used to be an infamous myth. Whenever you saw an unearthly beautiful person with violet eyes, you had to run away and don't let them touch you, or else... ---------------------------------------------- Warning!! (Tho I know this is going to be useless), In the later chapters, there will be smut scenes that are not appropriate for those under the age of 18. *Well, it's not that kind of 'came' but you know what I mean. **Cover was taken from Pinterest, credit goes to the owner

  • Baby Girl Is A Superbeing

    Baby Girl Is A Superbeing

    "Young Miss, a few years from now M-Zone will resides in this galaxy and some areas in this planet are positive to be the potential M-Zone gates. When this gates opens human will cease to exist" "Xion, I never noticed this before but human novels are very interesting. Don't disturb me unless there's an apocalypse out there. Oh but make some preparations just in case" "..." While completing her newest invention, Ailee was thrown into a blackhole and ended up in her 6 years old body in her first life, right before she died because the torture of the brain shocks. Back to her first life from her second life, all she wanted is just laying around all day and enjoy a normal human life, but Life hates normal. She brought everything from her second life to this life- money, power, space. So this time, she's confident she will always be in total control of every situation. Or so she thought. ------------------------------------------ !! I don't own the picture, credits goes to the owner !!

  • Salah Pengantin

    Salah Pengantin

    "Jonathan menghilang, tamu telah berkumpul untuk menyaksikan pernikahan kalian. Bagaimana ini, Archy?" Archy bagai disambar petir ketika mendengar calon Pengantinnya itu menghilang di hari Pernikahan. Semua tamu sudah berkumpul pagi itu dan Archy sudah berdandan sangat cantik demi Pernikahannya tersebut. Lalu, sekarang bagaimana? Haruskah Archy membatalkan Pernikahannya hingga membuat malu semua orang dari pihak keluarganya serta keluarga Jonathan? "Aku akan menggantikan Kak Jonathan." Muncul sosok sama persis dengan Jonathan di ruang ganti tersebut, yakni Joseph. Lelaki itu merupakan adik kembar Jonathan yang memiliki kebalikan sifat dari sang Kakak. Archy tidak pernah menyukainya, Joseph ini lebih mirip preman dibanding seorang Pengusaha! Bagaimana bisa ia yang tidak pernah ikut campur urusan keluarga itu tiba-tiba mengajukan diri menggantikan sang Kakak? "Gak! Pengantinku itu Kakaknya, bukan adiknya!" Archy bersikeras menolak saat semua keluarga menatapnya. "Aku bakal nunggu Nathan untuk datang, dia pasti datang!" Joseph berjalan mendekat, ia mencengkram pergelangan tangan Archy hingga gadis itu meringis kesakitan. Sorot mata Joseph sangat tajam dan menakutkan, mungkin karena situasi cukup genting. "Aku juga tidak mau menikah denganmu tahu? Kamu bukan tipeku dan aku tidak tertarik sama sekali dengan pernikahan! Upaya ini kulakukan agar kamu serta keluargaku tidak menanggung malu. Gak usah rese, kita bisa bercerai sesudah ini. Ikuti saja kemauan Ayah dan berhenti merengek anak manja!" ... Design Cover By: wnc_design

  • Getting Closer Getting Closure

    Getting Closer Getting Closure


    May Ka G.C ka ba?Getting Closer sa Crush moPero ang Crush mo na Getting Closure pa rin sa Ex na mahal na pa rin.Paano ba mag Move On kung wala naman Closure.Paano magkakaroon ng Closure kung sa tingin mo ikaw pa rin ang nilalaman ng puso niya.Paano ka mamahalin ng isang taong mahal mo na hindi pa maka Move On sa Ex niya.Boy Pick up meetsGirl Hugot na inlove pa kay Ex na Emo.

  • Getting Closer Getting Closure (Editor's Cut)

    Getting Closer Getting Closure (Editor's Cut)


    Do you have a G.C?Getting Closer to Your CrushBut your Crush Getting Closure is still with the Ex.How to Move On without Closure.How can there be Closure if you think you are still the content of her heart.How can you be loved by someone you love who has not been able to Move On with his Ex.Boy Pick up meetsGirl heartbreak that still inloveat Ex Emo.

  • The Final Quest

    The Final Quest

  • Kutukan terindah

    Kutukan terindah

  • The Darkness of Darkness

    The Darkness of Darkness

  • Funeral


    Archie ditantang oleh temannya untuk ikut menelusuri sebuah pemakaman saat malam hari. Pada awalnya, Archie menolak. Tapi, karena ibunya yang sudah meninggal jadi bahan sindiran temannya, Archie tidak bisa diam begitu saja dan memutuskan untuk menerima tantangan itu meskipun dia takut dengan hal-hal mistis.Saat Archie bersama-sama dengan teman-temannya menelusuri makam, tiba-tiba saja teman-teman Archie menghilang begitu saja saat dirinya pergi ke kamar mandi. Merasa dikerjai temannya, Archie pun tetap bersikukuh menelusuri makam karena tidak mau dianggap pengecut jika dia langsung pulang. Namun, Archie sama sekali tidak menemui temannya dan mendapati pintu gerbang pemakaman sudah terkunci.Archie jelas sangat kesal dengan tindakan teman-temannya itu karena menganggap lelucon yang dibuat temannya ini sudah keterlaluan. Di saat dirinya sedang panik, tiba-tiba saja dirinya dihampiri oleh Ron, orang yang mengaku sebagai penjaga pemakaman.Dari situlah pengalaman-pengalaman misteri dirasakan oleh Archie setelahnya. Pertemuannya dengan Ron membawanya ke dalam suatu kejadian yang sulit diterima oleh nalarnya, membuatnya perlahan mengerti siapa Ron sebenarnya.

  • Gods slayer

    Gods slayer

  • Gladiolus



    Nicole, the first daughter of a very powerful family in Korea goes searching for her lost younger sister, Alice. While everyone thinks that Alice is dead and even holds a funeral for her, Nicole is convinced otherwise due to the information given to her by her trusted ghost friend Allen. Yes, Nicole can see, talk, hear and even whack ghosts. She is very experienced in fighting and goes undercover as a boy to learn the truth behind her sister's mysterious disappearance.I will start updating on February 2nd week.Pls don't judge, its my first time writing a story, i hope you will like it☺❤