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  • ARGO


    "Once in a city named San Diego, there lived five gifted children.Bawat isa sakanila, ay ipinanganak sa iba't ibang kulay ng buwan.SilverRedBlueYellowAnd Violet.Bawat isa ay nagtataglay ng iba't ibang kapangyarihan at kakayahan,,ngunit bawat isa din sakanila ay may tinatagong sikreto. Paano nila mapapagtagpi tagpi ang pagkakaiba nila para lang labanan ang malakas na pwersa ng kasamaan na nag aabang sakanila?Kailangan kong gumawa ng paraan para mabuo kayo..♤Lorenzo Hidalgo.




    Mc with power from a cyoa in the MCUI do not own marvel and any of its characters other than OC'sHi guys im a new auhtor tryimg out writing cuz its lockdown and im a bit new to this. Ill be taking any type of criticism as long as it helps improve my english and also im typing on phone

  • Argo.


    What if every god" myth, legend, or hero whos stories you read was real and living right next to you?In Argo that's exactly what you get; an urban, high, fantasy where gods use smart phones, elves are baristas, and you can buy dragon meat for 25% off every Tuesday at your local Wal-mart.And, in this world of mythology and realty, a group of teens find themselves thrusted into the center stage of an epic saga.Skye; a blonde haired, 18 year old young woman with ideas of exploring the world around her as one of the most amazing, and marketable, jobs to have ever existed. Skye wants to be an adventurer. Problem is, between her parents wanting her to go to college and get a job that doesn't involve putting herself in constant danger, one of her best friends practically begging her to attend an amazing university with her, and the fact that she has such high social anxiety that she freaks out when someone doesn't know simply looks at her, Skyes dream of exciting adventures will most likely stay in her head and the pages of the books (self insert fan-fictions) she writes. However, she might soon get her wish. Whether she likes it or not.

  • Legend of Argo: The thrill seeker

    Legend of Argo: The thrill seeker



    Interstellar travel, body cultivation and special abilities.All these are things Alex finds when he woke up to a new world.Luckily, He gets a goldfinger in the form of the thrill-seeker system. Join him in his journey to seek the excitement that a new world brings.*****Alex wakes up to find himself in an alternate world. To his excitement, He finds himself in the possession of the thrill-seeker system.In this novel, you will find a cool MC, A fun and daring MC. An MC that knows how to have FUN.

  • A Deadly Obsession

    A Deadly Obsession

    It’s been two years since my father’s death, and I still haven’t found those responsible.My name is Athena Argos, and I’m a member of the Blood-Moon pack in Montana. My father, Gamma Hector Argos, was my hero, and I idolized him. After my first shift, my parents realized I was different from other lycan. My wolf, Enyo, had glowing blue eyes, was almost the size of an Alpha pup, and she had a mark on her forehead in the shape of a crescent moon. We also shifted at ten, which was six years before most wolves shifted.From that day, my father did everything he could to protect me and to stop outside packs from finding out I was different. But when I was sixteen, our pack was attacked, and my father was killed. Unfortunately, no one ever found those responsible. So, six months before my 18th birthday, I decided to take matters into my own hands.After being sent into a trap, I discover a lead that points to other packs that were attacked in Arizona, so I leave Montana to track down those packs and find out what they know. While I’m there, I discover that there is more to my father’s death, and my differences, than meets the eye.Content Warning: Course Language/Profanity, Violence, Death, and sex scenes.

  • Argo:why?


    ????: why?..why?...WHY?This is story about a character named “????”.This story wants to focus on making the mc having the will to live again..

  • Reincarnated into the Anime World with a System!

    Reincarnated into the Anime World with a System!


    Argo died from a Truck-kun and when he went to see the goddess hem was tolled he wasn't apposed to exist in the first place so she reincarnated him and granted him wishes to boot. Now he travels through anime worlds enjoying his new life with his System.


Katrina Argos sat gloomily in the cab.

    REVENGE OR LOVE ❤️❤️ Katrina Argos sat gloomily in the cab.

  • The Argus Panoptes history Argus Panoptes or Argos was a hundred-eyed

    The Argus Panoptes history Argus Panoptes or Argos was a hundred-eyed

    The wonders of A hundred eyed giant in the greek history

  • My Bastard CEO!

    My Bastard CEO!

    Dione yang berniat ke pesta pernikahan Argo Navis Astron--seorang CEO di tempatnya bekerja, untuk memergoki kekasihnya yang berselingkuh, malah ditarik paksa oleh pengantin pria itu ke altar pernikahan. Pikiran Dione seketika blank, hatinya hancur saat ia melihat Damian--kekasihnya tampak mesra dengan wanita hamil di sana.Dione pasrah saja saat ciuman pernikahan Navis berikan padanya. Dunianya berubah dalam sekejab.Dione bahkan tak mengenal Navis dan pria itu kini menjadi suaminya. Pria yang tidak Dione harapkan untuk memberikan cinta padanya. Namun, satu hal yang tidak Dione ketahui di balik sosok Navis adalah pria itu amat gila. Tidak. Benar-benar gila sampai menyakiti hatinya.

  • Sagitarius Girl

    Sagitarius Girl

    Romansa Anak Muda ACTION

    Seorang bayi perempuan yang dititipkan ke bumi dan diasuh oleh orang tua angkat. dia diberi nama Aisyah. Dia telah dianugerahi berbagai macam sihir. elemen api, angin, udara dan tanah. Ketika beranjak dewasa, Aisyah ingin menjalani sekolah dengan normal sampai tua. Akan tetapi, dia menerima sebuah surat dari Argo untuk melindungi bumi yang dia tinggali. Mampukah dia mengatasinya? Mengingat surat ini tidak boleh dibaca oleh siapapun kecuali dirinya.

  • Hati Dari Masa Lalu

    Hati Dari Masa Lalu

    Argo dan Jena adalah pasangan romantis sejak SMA.kehadiran Manda,sahabat Jena membuat hubungan mereka retak.

  • Top Secret Heir

    Top Secret Heir


    A story of Ceto Argo who came from the strongest family of assassins who wants to fight all kinds of crimes to protect the Grausten known as the city of blood. Ceto is known as Paragon because of his very skill in combat that leads many other assassins not also from the Grausten but also in other cities to fight him.

  • Orbs of Destiny: Evolution

    Orbs of Destiny: Evolution

    Archer Argos wants to become an Orb Master just like his father, Melek. But something went wrong and he turned into someone whom everyone did not expect to exist. This is the story of a young boy, full of dreams, who dared to walk through a forgotten road inside the world of Armira - a place full of strange powers. Note: This is my first time writing a novel so please bear with me. Cover is not mine.

  • My Dangerous CEO

    My Dangerous CEO


    Dione Sun Fobos yang berniat ke pesta pernikahan Argo Navis Astron--seorang CEO di tempatnya bekerja, harus dibuat nelangsang saat memergoki kekasihnya yang berselingkuh. Di tengah kekalutan hatinya, Dione malah ditarik paksa oleh Navis ke altar pernikahan. Pikiran Dione seketika blank, hatinya hancur saat ia melihat Damian--kekasihnya tampak mesra dengan wanita hamil dari sana. Dione pasrah saja saat ia menikah dengan Navis di altar pernikahan. Dunianya berubah dalam sekejab. Wanita itu bahkan tak mengenal Navis dan pria itu kini menjadi suaminya. Pria yang tidak Dione harapkan untuk memberikan cinta padanya. Namun, satu hal yang tidak Dione ketahui di balik sosok Navis adalah, pria itu amat berbahaya baginya. So Dangerous!

  • Volume 1: Knights College/Selected Fragments

    Volume 1: Knights College/Selected Fragments


    "If you yearn for a change(s), then you better get your ass up, and grab at my hands. For today, you will be renew as a new... I'm sorry, does your kinds still consider as a "person" anyway?"One day, a young man named Argo, who had been living a carefree life in a rural fishing village, receives a recommendation letter from an unexpected place.It was from an elite training institute known as the "Knights College". The place that he always dreamed about. The reason for the ordinary fisherman's son's recommendation is the special ability sleeping within him.And so Argo sets off to live at the Knights College as he learns to use his ability.Well... That is what will happen in his original world. But right now, the stage have been expanded, more new character have step inside the stage, new phenomenon rise. The scripts aren't what it originally look like anymore. The main character isn't Argo anymore, but instead, everyone now on the stage have a chance to shine, and claim their name as a "main character", just like Argo. Now, step inside, my dear guest, and watch how our story unfolds. For this story will hold you tight and make you wanna watch it till the end. Ah, Chalanta, my dear surprise, what scene will you make, so the audience will never take their eyes off this stage? "... I will surely curse those fucker(s) who think it's a good idea to drag me into this mess"

  • The Listless Lord

    The Listless Lord

    The "Gears" were created when a report of a missing man was found, with a implant on his back. He was able to produce blasts of energy, and fly within the air. News about this implantation spread like wildfire, and scientists reversed engineered the implant, to find out it evolved around the users life experience. The year is 2521, where the Gears are given worldwide at the year of 14 years old. We follow Argo, who is simply... lethargic?

  • Under Seas

    Under Seas

    Sci-fi Romance R18 WEAKTOSTRONG SCARY

    Just now awakening from a coma, Kyrie quickly discovers that she is aboard Argos...a underwater Sea base near the bottom of an Ocean in a All-water planet named Aquaros. most of all, she doesn't have any memory prior to waking up.Humans began to inhabit Aquaros due to fatal complications on Earth, and are adapting quite well...Things seem to be going smoothly...everyone is beginning to enjoy their new lives on a new planet. But strange stories are told by the citizens and alarming events begin to occur. Kyrie slowly realizes something evil is responsible for these occurrences and lurks in the backround...

  • Nimusha


    Nimusha merupakan nama sebuah alam semesta, yang di dalamnya terdapat beberapa negeri untuk ras tertentu. Berikut adalah nama negeri yang terdapat di Nimusha sesuai dengan urut kekuatannya.Yang pertama ialah Clenhya, negeri atau ras terkuat di Nimusha. Negeri ini diisi oleh para ras bangsawan dan keturunannya.Di bawah kedudukan Clenhya terdapat Frost, ras untuk para kaum hewan dan pepohonan yang menghuni hutan. Para peri juga menjadi bagian dari ras ini.Selanjutnya ada RockSea, ras yang mendiami lautan. Ras ini meliputi para penghuni laut termasuk hewan, duyung dan bajak laut.Selanjutnya ada Obriz, ras yang berada di luar Nimusha. Para pemilik ras Orbiz berarti mereka mendiami angkasa.Yang terakhir ada Argos. Ras yang tidak diresmikan oleh ras yang lainnya. Argos merupakan sebuah ancaman bagi mereka. Karena ras ini terbentuk akibat penghianatan yang dilakukan dari berbagai ras.

  • Space Bandit "SEIZER"

    Space Bandit "SEIZER"

    Update- September 2019Due to long and arduous health issues preventing the writing of this story for many months causing me to lose interest and admittedly the initial plot of the story, it is officially on indefinite hiatus, and is mostly here for archival purposes.Thank you for those who kept the story in their library the whole time, I apologize for the broken promises, but hope to see some people again for a new story.=============================Jacob Mercer is not a hero. A household name in the Milky Way Galaxy, Jacob, also referred to as Jak "the Bandit", was commonly known for his various thefts, heists and smuggling runs throughout the galaxy, with the enormous bounty on his head confirming his skill.However, even the most skilled and lucky can have a bad day. After receiving false intel leading to his near capture by the Galactic Police Force, Jacob decides to take a blind FTL jump in his spaceship into the unexplored reaches of the galaxy in an attempt to escape capture. Waking up after the jump an indeterminate amount of time later, Jacob finds that his ship has crash landed on an unknown planet lacking in technology but filled with magic. Follow Jacob as he investigates this new planet with what remains of his spaceship the Argo, the ship's quirky rogue AI named Alfred and his personal heavy tonnage combat mech, the Julius class assault mech "SEIZER". Will Jacob find his way home, or will he pillage the planet and take the plunder for himself?