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  • Princess Artoria's Knight

    Princess Artoria's Knight


    The 'Pendragon Academy' is the most prestigious academy teaching applicants the Code of Chivalry and how to fight. Only Noble's were allowed to enroll until three Peasants completely blew all the previous records out of the water for the entrance exam. NOTE: This isn't a FanFic of the FATE series. The name and appearance of Artoria is inspired by FATE but that's the only similarity may be the personality but that may be a stretch,

  • Hentai Lord Rules Supreme

    Hentai Lord Rules Supreme


    Xeno got a godly hentai System. He will fuck his way towards Godhood. He will make his own world filled with different females, slave, monsters, milfs, sisters, mother, princesses, futanari and many more. There is no one who can stand in his path of hentai. Every male shall know the Hentai Lord Rules Supreme.A fucked up story with fucked up grammar and fucked up kinks.If you don't like these kinks then go away, stop spreading cancer everywhere.

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  • Grimmemoria: Write Your Own Ending

    Grimmemoria: Write Your Own Ending


    [Aren't you sick being a side character?][Welcome to Grimmemoria, gather the stories, histories and memories of the world and rewrite your story].Those were the words I read before beginning this game.King Arthur vs King Artoria.Sun Wukong vs GokuFafnir vs Godzilla?!Stories are merely words, it's the reader who gives them meaning.Art by Moaxji, check outer her Twitter for the not compressed version of this cover. UP, THIS BOOK IS NOW CONTRACTED, SO THERE MIGHT BE ANOTHER VERSION POPPING UP. THAT WILL BE THE ONE GETTING UPDATES.

  • [FR] The wandering brothers

    [FR] The wandering brothers


    Ryugi et Daichi sont des freres vagabond ils voyagent a travers un monde.On se retrouve vers l'est ou la guerre semble ravagée trois pays: Artoria , l'empire et le royaume de jiyu.ils semblerait que ce dernier est le pays natal de nos 2 hérosNos 2 protagonist iront ils porté leurs aide a leur pays?Ou bien vendront ils leur compétences au plus offant?

  • The Hidden Boss is too mysterious

    The Hidden Boss is too mysterious

    Artorias is a strange man. Sometimes he acts like he is a wallpaper in a hall full of people , readily accepting insults from his classmates while maintaining a poker face while sometimes he openly shows how strong he is despite being inferior in social status.Who is he?? He was not mentioned in the game, nor did this type of character mentioned to us by the game characters. Is he a hidden boss?? or he is just a mob??Find out how this mystery person appears in front of the 'original ' protagonists in the game and how his actions change the world derived from a game made in Earth.

  • Soleil : the revenge of the witch empress

    Soleil : the revenge of the witch empress

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 HISTORICAL

    Sol grew up in the countryside as a witch's daughter and apprentice. But one day her mother disappeared and the royal knights came to her claiming that she was the lost daughter of the king Logas Artoria de Avalon and the dark witch Luna. Taken back to the royal castle, she will learn and uncover the truth behind her mother's death and swore to avenge her by any means possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"_You don't know what a monster like me can do to you!"He pinned her to the wall. His right legs between her legs, she could feel his hand going up to her tight. His eyes full of lust deep into hers as he licked his lips. She shivered as she felt a delicious feeling in her lower region." _Ah!_Let me devour you in exchange of my loyalty to you."He devoured her without hesitation as was ready to give up his life and freedom for her."_You will always be my one and only master... I vow my life to you"

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