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  • Apenas um baile

    Apenas um baile


    Em pleno século 21, ainda existem casamentos arranjados? Isso é o que presenciaremos na minha vida. Sou Emma, uma adolescente nada comum. Vim de família rica, onde antes mesmo de nascer já temos nosso futuro traçado. Parece loucura, mas para minha família é normal. É simplesmente uma tradição de família, que não pode ser quebrada. Minha mãe Luna já havia passado por isso, sua tradição com meu Pai Miguel. Tudo acontece aos 17 anos, quando de fato conhecemos nossos futuros marido milionário. Só precisamos ser cortejadas por um ano antes de irmos para faculdade, e depois que se formamos se casamos. Mas será que apenas um baile conseguirá quebrar a nossa tradição?...

  • Warrior's Promise

    Warrior's Promise



    Su Mo went from the pride of his clan to becoming the butt end of a joke in a matter of minutes. The former King of Mercenaries from Earth was reborn in the body of a boy in a foreign world and had used skills in his previous life to rise to the top among his peers, however, his previous training could only take him so far. The next step in this martial arts dominated world was to awaken one’s Martial Soul. The awakening ceremony ends in disaster for Su Mo as he awoke a Martial Soul of the lowest level. Such a prodigy is now considered worse than useless as his Martial Soul is far too weak! After becoming the embarrassment of the clan, he discovers that his Martial Soul has a unique property: it could level up! This unique martial soul could shake the heavens. It was at this time that Su Mo meets the love of his life but the situation quickly deteriorates when she is taken by one of the most powerful forces in the world. Su Mo must rise from the lowest of the low and reach the pinnacle of power in order to save the love of his live within five years or she will forever be out of his reach.

  • i am bailing bye

    i am bailing bye



  • Bailing Out My Brother with the Power of a Poltergeist

    Bailing Out My Brother with the Power of a Poltergeist


    Despite everything I've done to keep my brother from getting summoned (kidnapped) to another world, we both died and ended up there anyway. Now I'm some sort of poltergeist and my brother's a Hero. All we really want to do is stay out of trouble, but they just won't let us.

  • Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate

    Most humans spend most of their time by not living the life they want and enslaving themselves for money has become the standard. And for thousands of years this has been happening only a few people ruled the World and all religions keep preaching that we’ve got to endure because enduring shit forms the character and helps us in reaching paradise. Well be it a religious leaders, a rich bastard, a politician or one of those Creepy assholes who achieved success by kissing ass and fucking their way into some billionaires bed...all of them will end up dead. And today is exactly that day.

  • The Unkillable Swordsman

    The Unkillable Swordsman


    "I can destroy a whole country singlehandedly." "Really?" "Of course." Baili Qingfeng raises his sword. The electromagnetic field activated by his thunderous aura propels his sword that was forged with superconducting Red God Steel to blow up an aircraft carrier three hundred kilometers away at Mach 20. The flames from the armory illuminates the sky. … This is a world where both knowledge and martial arts matter.

  • Mr. Fu, You Are The Substitute

    Mr. Fu, You Are The Substitute



    After being married to Fu Hansheng for three years, Jiang Ran had been conscientiously taking on the role of Mrs. Fu so that she could maintain this role. Whenever Mr. Fu, the CEO, cheated on her, she would be the one to deal with the aftermath. When Mr. Fu's lover got into trouble, she was the one to bail the lover out of the police station. Of course, it was not that there was no reward for doing this. Every time Jiang Ran helped him get rid of a woman, she would sell something from CEO Fu's house and store it in her little vault. Finally, just as she was selling the last villa under CEO Fu's name, CEO Fu's once unattainable crush returned. Jiang Ran happily counted her savings in the little vault and waited for the divorce papers to arrive. … Fu Hansheng suddenly realized that his wife had been acting weird recently. The text messages that she sent to question him on the nitty-gritty every day disappeared, and she stopped asking him for cheques. The antique calligraphy paintings at home disappeared, along with the villa. Fu Hansheng, "?” Fu Hansheng used his trump card and slapped the divorce papers in front of her. As expected, his wife cried holding the agreement. CEO Fu was very satisfied with the outcome. ***** One of them thought that she would never dare to sign the papers. Every day, he racked his brains on how he could make himself look like he tolerated her while accepting her feelings without looking conspicuous. Another one of them fidgeted for days in anticipating the divorce papers. Every day, she thought about her divorce, deleting him, blocking him, and never seeing each other again. CEO Fu watched as his tearful wife signed the papers quickly. CEO Fu, "Oh-ho, I've been too careless." Jiang Ran, "Oh-ho, I'm free now."

  • Quick Transmigration: Rise of the Empress

    Quick Transmigration: Rise of the Empress


    [1v1, Gender Changes] WARNING: MATURE CONTENT INCLUDED After death, Baili HongZhuang found herself to be stuck lingering in the world and unable to reincarnate. This situation lasted until a system that’s referred to as 46107217 mistakenly activated a bond with her. Discovering the bond to be irreversible, 46107217 declares Baili HongZhuang as its Host. Announcing her job to be transmigrating to different universes and accomplishing missions to ease the Corruption levels.Simply bored, Baili HongZhuang went along with this system. But not long into her transmigration journey did she realized things might not be as simple as what the little system had said…*Book cover and story is all original, made by me :3*

  • The loveless, The helpless

    The loveless, The helpless

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY

    Adam, Had to bail out his military dream after a death and life threat experience ,he is successfull, but he still seeks something else , something he hasn’t figure out yet .

  • Sorry to all my exes.

    Sorry to all my exes.


    On the most important day of her life, the day when she was supposed to shine the brightest, the day she was supposed to say 'I do', he bailed out. Ennui, despair, forlornness, despondency, distress, it all, it couldn't amount to what she felt that day. The moment the flower fell from her hand...she realized what was happening. He left her on the altar on their wedding day. All eyes were on her, most were the mocking gazes of females who hated her. One year passed. She was fine now, but she had done some thinking. Was all this happening because it was her punishment? Maybe the heavens were punishing her for what she did to all her previous boyfriends. That was when she decided.... From the very first one she has wronged, she was going to apologize to all of them, meet a new guy, and start afresh. Total of 67 exes. She apologized, but to only 65. The 66th was abroad. She couldn't bear to face the 67th. She had wronged him in the worse way possible. But she still had to face him, to find the closure she needed!. Things further escalates, when she finds out the identity of the man in the park... ... She was the first person he opened up to. Told her secrets no one ever knew. For the first time some one made him feel vulnerable. But what?!. "I just played you, let's break up!" Did she really think that one line would make him forget. The moment he accepted he loved her, that was when she belonged to him and no one else. She must have played with other guys and got away with it, but not him. He would get her back, but not without getting his revenge!.

  • Hiring the Hitman

    Hiring the Hitman

    Martial Arts ACTION COMEDY

    A short story about two cousins on one crazy adventure. After hiring a hit man, Leo has gotten himself into some trouble. But luckily Jax is there to bail him out! Although, it looks like now, they could both use some help... ( This story may be unpleasant to some readers! Proceed with caution!)

  • Midnight  Inn

    Midnight Inn


    In the depths of a newborn universe a cultivator takes advantage of the abundant energy to refine himself a treasure. But after 14 billion years of refining and quite a few more to go he decides to entertain himself by releasing countless Systems and watching how the creatures of this fledgling universe handle them.On Earth a young man, lost and confused about what to do with his life sits in a park and looks up at the night sky. A shooting star, a wish and a bang. When the boy finally wakes up he hears a sound, "assimilation complete. Launching System. Welcome to the Midnight Inn."Author's Note: Hey guys, jus wanted to give you a heads up so you know what you're getting into. I have a general plan for the story and where and how I want it to end, but I've left myself room to innovate should I come up with better ideas. One very important thing to note is that although its based on Earth, the history will not be considered the same, obviously due to the prescience of cultivators. There will also be no harem although there may be multiple love interests and you won't know which one the MC ends up with until it happens. In general the story is a system novel with a relaxed theme but there will be times that require seriousness and emotional development. The MC will not get much plot armor after the first few chapters because in the story the purpose of the System is to entertain the Systems creator, not turn the MC into someone OP, so if the MC doesn't use his brains and gets in trouble the System will not bail him out. I'm open to feedback and suggestions, hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Another thing, I will do my best to avoid giving out specific descriptions of my characters appearance, so you, the reader, can visualize them however you would like them to be =)

  • Royal Mess

    Royal Mess

    Yo, una chica común, de repente estoy rodeada de príncipes, bailes de galas y familias nobles.¿Cómo pasó esto?Pues esta es mi historia

  • The Thief who got fucked

    The Thief who got fucked


    Oliver Brown was a thief prisoned in New York jail. A game company's CEO, Euler, bailed him out and offered him a job as a game tester. Oliver just had to commit thefts in this virtual world of a VR Game, and evaluate the difficulty levels of various missions. However, when he started to play it, he gradually realized there was more to it than the CEO had to him. **** If you are a fan of sci-fi, give it a try.

  • the journey of the grim reaper.

    the journey of the grim reaper.


    the son of Getsu-taro Shi. Hebio was abandoned at the age of nine, his father was a drunk who had lost his job, and wasnt able to provide for a nine year old. and a new born. seven years would go by: with Hebio living, and fighting, on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. during these two years, he would make many, many enemies. one would frame him, and die to the fact hes had many criminal records he'd be convicted with out the proper investigation taking place. however, a good Samaritan saves the day, bailing our protagonist out of jail.why is he called the grim reaper?who is this man, and why did he pay for Hebio Shi's bail?read to find out!

  • Sorry, I'm Just Used To It

    Sorry, I'm Just Used To It

    Liro Baile, a young guy from the other world, from the place where magic exists will suddenly wake up to our place. What things he will do? What things will happen to him? How can he go back to his home? ... if he can

  • Grand Theft Online

    Grand Theft Online


    Lemora Andro was a thief prisoned in New York jail. A game company's CEO, Euler, bailed him out and offered him a job as a game tester. Lemora just had to commit thefts in this virtual world of a VR Game, and evaluate the difficulty levels of various missions. However, when he started to play it, he gradually realized there was more to it than the CEO had told him. **** If you are a fan of sci-fi, give it a try.

  • My Fate Beyond My World

    My Fate Beyond My World


    Liesma just wanted to live a happy life with her family but one day a fire swept through the village, leaving no one alive. She started to rummage through the village, looking for any survivors but found the corpses of her parents. She tasted bail and threw up a couple of feet from the charred corpses of her parents. When she slowly gets up she notices something shinning and realizes it is her mother's necklace. She goes out to touch it but once she does, she soon finds herself falling from the sky and into the most peculiar situation.

  • El rey de los espíritus(ABANDONADO)

    El rey de los espíritus(ABANDONADO)


    cuando Li Yu llega a un mundo nuevo , donde el fuerte se come al débil , donde la gente cultiva junto a sus espíritus capaces de controlar y revertir las reglas del mundo , donde los talentos son incontables como las estrellas , junto a su sistema , será suficiente para llegar a la cima de todas las estrellas y ser la estrella mas brillante. (Si la tierra me detiene con el baile de mis pies romperé la tierra si el cielo se me opone con el movimiento de mis manos romperé el cielo , si todos se me oponen revertiré el cielo y la tierra)Li Yu.

  • Time Gap Queen and the Alpha Apex Predators

    Time Gap Queen and the Alpha Apex Predators


    MATURE CONTENTVol 0 finished: 1-15 24-year-old Victoria Perkins is a trainee archeologist and paleontologist. On her way to earning her first degree with the best outscoring records in her class. Victoria was given a lifetime opportunity to excavate in Egypt. Many team members were chosen and hired by Mr. Collin that is funding the excavation to find a Pharaoh. After getting engaged to her lover Orlando. She breaks up with him when she found him cheating. The next day Victoria left for Egypt to find the lost pharaoh. Somewhere on the sands of this newly discovered ancient city on the outskirts of Egypt. During the excavation, her mind gift to mentally travel between past and present was trigger. By using her time gap gift she found the clues the Pharaoh had left behind for his mate to find him. Although something wasn't adding up about this Pharaoh each time Victoria found his clue.Between work, her and Orlando fix their relationship and find time for romance. Soon Victoria has bigger problems to worry about. Her team leader and boss named Tom is envious that she keeps finding these artifacts. Tom steals her credit in a ploy to ruin her. Once Victoria found the Pharaoh their one mission. Things took a turn the wrong way. When the team takes the mummy to the lab for studies. Tom was granted to fire her by Mr Collin and took her credit again. Victoria was stopped from being able to examine the Pharaoh. Without choice, she stayed behind. Her team resumed the procedures to find out who this Pharaoh is. However, something wasn't adding up about his mummified remains. It didn't appear that this mummy was a Pharaoh but something else. Something not quite human. Maybe? Before any questions could be answered the whole team Tom included was Murdered. All but one which was Victoria. She was blamed for the crime and arrested. Without Trail, she was found guilty and left to rot in her jail cell awaiting execution. While she is jailed still deaths are happening. Vol 1 ongoing: 16-Victoria meets Kia Collin. One of the most powerful multi-billionaire CEOs Empire of the world was the Collin Royal family business. Kia Collin came to Egypt and bailed her out and paid for her Freedom. Well, her Freedom from jail but not from him. Victoria learned the hard way she was now the property of Kia Collin. But who was this mysterious Kia Collin? Everybody knew the Collin family but Kia Collin's name had submerged from out of nowhere? Yet that wasn't half of the mystery. Victoria was trapped by this mysterious attractive man that acted odd. Despite the fact, that her heart belongs to her fiance, Orlando Mill the son of a equally powerful CEO Empire family too. However, this doesn't stop Kia from becoming possessive of her enough that he steals her away from Orlando.Kia blackmails her to marry him or else he'll lock her away in a psych ward. Kia knows about her mind travel gift. But others might think she is crazy. Now even her time gap gift becomes a mystery to her.Who are Victoria, Orlando, and Kia? What about Orlando Mill the man she loves becomes all too suspicious as well. Perhaps, Orlando isn't who Victoria thinks he is? What does fate have in store for the three of them? Is Kia trying to control and harm anyone Victoria is close to because of his possession over her or is he trying to protect her from an unknown danger lurking within the shadows? Can Victoria resist Kia's seductive charm or will he case his love spell on her? Or will her heart forever remain with her first lover and fiance Orlando Mill? Then who murdered Victoria's team along with countless others? Who is the real villain here the powerful Mill or the Collin? Or something else in shadows? Let's find out in this festering lovetriangle between Victoria and two breathtaking men and only one can win her. Collin vs Mill family Vol 0: Is about the excavation in Egypt and Victoria's relationship with Orlando. Vol 1: Kia joins the story if you only wanna read from there.