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  • The Secrets of the Ballroom

    The Secrets of the Ballroom


    I'm Liddiexi of The Horde. I've been running from my past for years. Only thing is, I can't remember anything about it. My world has been torn apart and fractured into 5 kingdoms. Ice, Fire, Dark Death, Lost Light, and The O.T.H.E.R.S metropolis... Only, one has been burned to ashe. My kingdom. Will you help me with this journey to figure out how and who destroyed Flamealicor?

  • Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains

    Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains

    Space opera, Regency romance, and an invitation to an Imperial ballroom among the stars ...<br><br>Captain Catherine Everington loves her starship, her crew, and their mission of interplanetary exploration. New worlds beckon, and Kit's always wanted to discover them. But a summons from her mother brings a reminder of Kit's family obligations, including the title and place she'd once given up among glittering Regency society, on the capitol planet.<br><br>The Regency is ending, and the new Emperor will take the Galactic Throne, which means he'll need to choose an Empress. But Arthur has never been a conventional heir, and he's fascinated by discoveries and languages and new frontiers. And an unconventional starship Captain with a love of the unknown might be exactly who he needs ...

  • You Belong to Me.

    You Belong to Me.

    MinYue Park spent his teens and twenties in Ahmeri studying and running Park Industries, one of the many companies his father Ming-Fa owned. He tried dating in the past, but no one caught his eye. Now that he is twenty-eight years old his father is pushing him to marry. How can he marry when he hasn't even met the woman he wants to give his world to?At His brother and sister-in-law's gender reveal themed baby shower he steps to the side to enjoy his alone time, but his father has other plans. Ming-Fa brings over his two friends to talk business, when suddenly the man named Leo Lu points out his daughter.When MinYue locks eyes with the girl, her pale blues grab his attention, and he feels something in his chest that he had never felt before. He finally found the one.---Cera Lu (21) wasn't much for social gatherings, but since her mother insisted that she make an appearance from time to time to help with her modeling career, she finds herself at a baby shower for the eldest son of the Park family and his wife.The first thing she does is find her best friend May Lin. They chat for a bit, when suddenly she feels something telling her to turn around and look up at the second level of the ballroom.Sure enough her father Leo is pointing her out.



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY MYSTERY CEO

    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT]"I don't care how long you will take.......I will wait"Luna Peyton is an innocent and naive girl. She is a new employee at Carter Corporations who catches the eye of her boss and CEO Ethan Carter.Ethan Carter is a cold man who closed the doors to his heart after being broken from a past relationship but the moment he lays his eyes on Luna Peyton, everything changes. Due to some circumstances, Luna travels to Blue City to make an interview on a famous celebrity Graham Cullen on behalf of her best friend and roommate, Bella Edwards. On laying her eyes on Graham Cullen, she falls in love with him immediately and loses her virginity to him despite his dangerous and flirtatious reputation for women. Will Ethan Carter let the one woman his heart opened to, be snatched away from him? Will Luna Peyton regret her decision of giving herself to a man she just met overnight? Will Graham Cullen change his ways for a woman? ____________________________________________ #ExcerptAfter making sure that she has lost them,she headed to the washroom to change out of the maids' outfit so as to fit in the ballroom. A while later, Luna came out of the washroom dressed. She was in a long spaghetti strap peach dress. It was backless which exposed the porcelain skin of her back. The dress had a long slit which ended at her mid thigh and with every step she took, her long legs came into view. She matched the dress with a pair of silver stilettos and a silver clutch. Her hair was tied into a messy bun leaving two strands falling on either sides of her small face.Her lips were painted with a deep shade of maroon lipstick giving her a nude look. Finally, her face was covered with a small silver shinny mask. She was a sight to drool. She slowly walked with confidence around the vast ballroom. She could tell how luxurious the ball was, not that she expected anything less from the Cullens. As she walked, her eyes were searching for only one particular person. She could see how she had started attracting unnecessary attention from both men and women. Men were clearly drooling while women were glaring at her jealously but she didn't care. She had a mission here. As she was still moving, her eyes caught sight of the person she has been looking for and she got rooted to the spot. He was leaning against a large pillar with both hands in his pockets looking down as if thinking about something and as if sensing a certain presence, he raised his head and saw a beautiful woman looking at him.

  • Seaworthy


    An epic motion picture! A gay Napoleonic War love story! Ballrooms and battles at sea! Romantic happy endings on the silver screen! And a film that’ll change everything for its stars ...<br><br>Jason Mirelli can’t play adrenaline-fueled action heroes forever. He’s getting older, plus the action star parts have grown a little thinner since he came out as bisexual. This role could finally let him be seen as a serious dramatic actor, and he needs it to go well -- for his career, and because he’s fallen in love with the story and the chance to tell it.<br><br>The first problem? He’ll be playing a ship’s captain ... and he hasn’t exactly mentioned his fear of water. The second problem? His co-star: award-winning, overly talkative, annoyingly adorable -- and openly gay – box office idol Colby Kent.<br><br>Colby’s always loved the novel this film’s based on, and he leapt at the chance to adapt it, now that he has the money and reputation to make it happen. But scars and secrets from his past make filming a love story difficult ... until Jason takes his hand and wakes up all his buried desires. Jason could be everything Colby’s ever wanted: generous and kind, a fantastic partner on set, not to mention those heroic muscles. But Colby just can’t take that chance ... or can he?<br><br>As their characters fall in love and fight a war, Colby and Jason find themselves falling, too ... and facing the return of their own past demons. But together they just might win ... and write their own love story.




    She was his only cure.....**"What are you?" An icy voice asked behind her. His hands are on her waist as they dance to the rhythm of the music."I'm just a poor servant girl, Milord," Jasmine replied valiantly, despite trembling inside. She glanced around the ballroom to find someone to help, but it seemed they were all afraid as none glanced in their direction.She knew from the very instant she saw the man that he was nothing but trouble. She couldn't believe nobody discovered he wasn't human."Wrong answer. I've seen what you can do," He whispered as he whirls her. "And I want to know how you do it....And help me," The man continued and he ran his bony fingers along her neck to her collarbone, Threatening.**Jasmine had run from an old man who had bought her during an auction sale at a black market. But what she didn't expect was to fall into the hook of a very dangerous man, A man too tricky and thick-skinned for his own good.**EXCERPT"What's happening here?" A frigid voice said from behind. His footsteps were weather-freezening.The strand on the guards' back stood up as their eyes widened. The two other men in the room had horror expressions on their faces, including the butler. Certainly, no one expected the man to be here at this time, especially not when it was pouring down heavily."Milord!" The guards welcomed."Lord Dexter!" The two other men welcomed, and so also the butler. But the man didn't reply, his eyes were fixed on the torn dress and bruised girl on the ground."Who did this?" His voice was calm. Too calm for such a situation.A question was asked, but nobody replied. The question wasn't difficult but the ability to speak was the problem.Lord Dexter noticed this and turned around, facing their faces, especially that of the butler."Don't Make Me repeat myself"The butler bends his head. He couldn't look at the Lord's face, not when he failed to protect the girl."It was Nathaniel, Milord,""Where is he?" His unusually calm voice sounded again."He left fifteen minutes ago, Sir. He had come to tell you about his discovery at the East, ``said the butler."Bring him to me," Lord Dexter said to no one in particular, but the two other men in the room knew better.He bends down to the girl's level. He runs his hand through her red locks gently, he removes his hand and sees a few strands on his fingers. His already cold eyes became Frosty.He looked up and looked around for the maids, but none was around since it was that time of the night. Looking at the girl on the floor makes him want to do terrible things.Ignoring the urge to break the poor butler's and guards neck, he picks the girl off the ground. Striding to quarters of the maids, he places the girl on her soft bed. Bringing the girl to his mansion wasn't a good idea, but he needed her, a lot more than he thought.He strides out of the maids' quarter and Into the living room. A man with painted hands and bald hair was already seated. When the man saw him he smiled, a smile that slowly turned into a grin."Didn't know you'd be back so soon, And certainly not in a weather like this," The man, Nathaniel spoke. He stands up from his chair and walks towards him.Lord Dexter raised his eyebrows accompanied by a smirk, he then grinned slowly, a familiar grin he always gives his prey. His eyes were dark and invisible to them, darkened from irritation. The room was gloomy and the only lights in the room were candlelights. Lightning strikes and the light shows on his side face, It was a scary view. Even for the brave Nathaniel.Subconsciously, Nathaniel moves back. But Dexter was faster as he got hold of Nathaniel's neck with his hand, pushing him against the wall and smiling at his expression."Kittens are elusive, you know right?" Nathaniel nods in response. His throat was held in a tight grip. "And most importantly.......Their Masters are quite Protective!".....*The cover doesn't belong to me.Do vote, comment and post reviews.

  • Fish Out Of Water

    Fish Out Of Water



    “It’s Duke Raymond, oh my god he looks so handsome in white!!” a lady exclaimed. Just hearing this warning bell Eloise, peered to the right. A beautiful man dressed completely in white tux walked confidently into the ballroom. His black eyes wandered amongst the crowd, searching for a certain someone. {‘Why is he here!!’} Eloise bit her lips anxiously. {‘Either way, lets run before he catches me,’} she pulled up her fluffy ruffle skirt to her knees and ran like the wind. All of a sudden she felt her skirt being pulled from behind. “How audacious of you to pull a lady’s skirt,” she shouted and pulled without taking a glance back. “My, my, I think I stepped on a cockroach, what shall I do? Shall I roast it for tainting my shoes or should I chop its head off,” a hoarse voice jokingly said from behind. {‘Shit, I’m dead,’} she glanced back in slow motion. “This..... My lord, can you let go of my skirt,” she pointed to his foot that was firmly stepping on the bottom of her skirt. “Why not, I am just expressing my emotions to the lady who expressed ardent feeling to me in her letters,” he said with a smug smirk. The crowd gasped. “She wrote him a love letter!! That shameless wrench,” some lady shouted out loud. Hearing this, Eloise’s eyelid twitched, “sir... no, Lord, I think you misunderstood. I was only expressing my heartfelt gratitude with my ‘thank you’ letter,” she enunciated each word. The duke chuckled. “Oh is that so,” he strode closer having a tight grip on her skirt, “are the words bat-shit-bastard, ring a bell. I read it in your letter,” Eloise gritted her teeth, {‘so you plan to use my word against me, huh? We’ll see who wins,’} she stepped to his side, showing her back to the entire crowd. “MY LORD! Where are you touching me?!” Suddenly she shouted, gasping her bosom. “How audacious of you. I RESPECTED YOU SIR!! How could you do this,” she screamed and ran away while he was frozen in shock. The entire ball room was in disarray. “Lord Raymond is a pervert!!” P.s I dont own the cover art

  • The Vampire Duke and His Wallflower

    The Vampire Duke and His Wallflower


    Claire Hudson, the daughter of a small baron, has a bad reputation among the aristocrats. While her stepsister Lucia is considered the gem of the Season, she is the unattractive wallflower. And no one wants a wife without beauty or the graces of a true lady of class. Unwilling to be a laughingstock during a dance in the Ton, Claire leaves the ballroom and goes into the garden to escape the mocking eyes. There, she witnesses an impossible thing. A vampire of myth with glowing red eyes and sharp fangs killing an unknown creature…When she thinks she has escaped a deadly fate, the vampire, also known as the Duke of Stonehill, joins the party.

  • I Swear I Am Not A Cinderella

    I Swear I Am Not A Cinderella


    "..Well, Everyone knows the ancient fairytale cliche about a girl who had carelessly threw her glass slipper in a ballroom and.. "poof!" ..earned herself a fairytale with her own prince charming. Rumours say that she had a witchy step mother, malicious black cat and two evil stepsisters. And, As the good old slogan says good prevails over evil. So.. "Boom!" the stepmother gets killed "Boom!" the stepsisters get punished and.. "Boom!" happily ever after for our little beauty Cinderella. But.. What if I tell you.. That I am the stepsister? And, the story you know is slightly different from what you think it is.. Wooooo, Mind-blasting right? But, haha, yes. I am the step sister and this is My Story. So, Read it, if you care bitches!.." * * * In a beautiful kingdom of fairytale where stories come alive.. Anastasia de Rottenstein, the lazy cynical daughter of the evil step mother is tired of her frequent recarnation as the villaness of the same old fairytale in every single life and desires to live a dream where she too could get a happily ever after for her own story. But, things take a weirder turn, when Cinderella, her stepsister and the main heroine goes missing and Anastasia gets wrongly accused to having kidnapped or worse killed her by the handsome Prince Charming, the main protagonist of the fairytale. She is brutally thrown into the dungeon to rot there the rest of her life. But, little did EVERYONE (including her) knew, that's when her own fairytale had finally begun.. *** "I Swear, I Am Not A Cinderella. And, I Don't Need A Prince Charming To Save Me! " "But, I am Always Here For You, Though. Anasta-chan.. " "S-Sh-Shut-Up! IDIOT!" *** Join, Anastasia in her crazy journey along with her Prince Charming from a Stereotypical Villainess to a Powerful Heroine of her own life's magical fantasy. . .

  • The Alpha King's Soulmate

    The Alpha King's Soulmate

    "Y-your Highness? I-i'm sorry b-but there must b-be a mistake..."A loud growl sounded through the whole ballroom causing me to start shaking and a whimper to escape my lips. This caused the King to stop growling.He pulled me to his chest and yelled out to the whole ballroom."MINE".Audery is an Omega in the Rapid River Pack.She gets beaten daily by the Alpha of the Rapid River Pack and loses all hope of ever meeting her mate.Lucas is the Alpha King, Ruling over all packs including his own pack, The Moonlight Eclipse Pack.Lucas craves to have his mate but feels like she doesn't exist.What happens when the two meet at the Annual Lunar Eclipse Ball?Continue reading to find out...

  • The Bluemoon Ball

    The Bluemoon Ball

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE WIZARDS

    With the Kingdom Heir coming-of-age celebration fast approaching, the search for a match begins. It is decreed a dance will be held; an anonymous masked ball. ***An anonymous masked ball.Nothing but the unique color of your clothing for identification.Thirty ladies roam the ballroom and twenty-nine men accompanies the Prince of Amora Kingdom in his father's quest to find him a match.Sparks fly and interests grows but when masks hit the floor, hearts might not remain the same.

  • The stars in hell -The last king

    The stars in hell -The last king

    He was one of the last pure blooded vampire left after thousands of years, Timothy the current king of the vampire kingdom of CYRE, living his thousands of years waiting for his lifemate to come. Or not. Timothy doesn’t care about the so-called of his and he’s more than happy to end his boring life,She came from the family of an ordinary vampire, she, feels content and happy despite simple and ordinary life. But in a blink of an eye all this, change after her parents died in an accident, ……………In large ballroomFrances was in deep thought standing on the side of the large ballroom hall she did not notice A man walking towards her. Suddenly, she felt a hot breath on her left ear “Can I have this dance?” startled by the sudden man who’s speaking to her, she looked up and met the eye of a man, his eyes the same color of the dark deep ocean, After like an eternity she murmured “It’s beautiful” surprised by herself, Francess felt embarrassed and hot, Hot? What? Looking up she met again those eyes full of intensity and she doesn’t know why those eyes like fire give her a different feeling that she cannot explain.This is a romantic comedy[Mature content.][No rape- no misunderstanding]

  • Lost in Time; Battlefront

    Lost in Time; Battlefront


    *There is "gore, bloody, violent" content throughout the story that may bother or not be suitable for some readers. As well as some crude language.*Also #action/adventure "Wren... can you hear me..?" His voice sounded so familiar and warm. ".."Please Wren... I know the last person you probably want to hear from is me.. "Please don't forget.. It's me, Michael.." As soon as Wren hear his name, memories came flashing back to her. *Wren-Wren, come play with me!" A young boy with brown hair and sea blue eyes called out to her. "Okay, I'm coming." The young Wren ran towards Michael. Her dark red hair that had been neatly styled into braids, bounced around on her shoulders. *BANG! BOOM, BOOM!* The loud sounds of gun and canon fire could be heard all around. "AH!" Men and women were screaming in the distance. The once inviting forest vegetation was now littered with debris from nearby buildings and stained red with blood. "Mommy! Mommy, *cough cough* help m-" before the blonde little girl could continue screaming for her mother, I large hand reached down and covered her mouth. She tried to struggle, but it was all in vain. The man easily overpowered her and quickly ran off. ..."Presenting our new Priestess! She has incredible strength and amazing abilities only second to our Lord, Lord Valen. Everyone, please do your best to welcome her!" A teenaged age Wren stood before many people within a large ballroom style area. To her left was the one she knew as Valen, and over to her right, there was a man and woman who looked less than pleased to see her in a position of such power. Wren was nervous and shaking. 'I really wish I could just get out of this dress and go train," She thought to herself. ..."21, check in. Are we a go?" Someone's voice came across a small earpiece, "We are good 45. You take the East entrance and I will cover the perimeter. We need to do this as quickly and silently as possible." Wren was in her late teens at this point. She was wearing all black clothes, that were fitted to the curves of her body. She heard a small sound in the distance, 'Okay, here we go.' She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes. In just moments her clothes and hair began to flutter around her body, and just as quickly as this happened, she disappeared, leaving nothing but a small wisp of smoke behind. ..."Wren, I just can't...I need to go for myself. I never wanted to keep this from yo-" "Don't bother lying to me Michael. I am fed up with what both you and Valen have been hiding." She carefully swung her leg over, and moved away from Michael's lap, carefully adjusting her jade-colored dress. She sighed into her hands, " know I will always lo-" "Goodbye Michael. I regret we didn't have more time together, but I can't just sit by idly." She turned to face him, a tear ran down her face, and she disappeared, before Michael opened his eyes from a blink. Suddenly, Wren gasped and opened her eyes. She immediately sat up, turned on her side, and began to cough and spit out blood. "Oh Wren, gosh I missed you," As Wren was turning to lay back down, Michael pulled her into a tight embrace. "I don't know what I would have done without you. You were in this bed so long, I didn't think you would ever wake up." Wren was confused and still trying to catch her breath. She pushed the man away and looked him over. 'Wavy brown hair, simple stud earrings, sea blue eyes..' "Michael?" "Oh, my Lady-" Michael grabbed her once more, but he quickly released her, "Daddy, daddy, can I see, can I see?" Wren grew even more confused, as Michael moved his body over and behind him, was a small girl, with cherry brown hair. "Hi lovely. I would like you to meet someone. This Lady, is a very important person to our people, and she is also really special to us." Wrens breaths began to quicken and her heart was racing, 'no, don't!" "This Lady's name is Wren, but maybe after you are around her more, maybe you can start calling her Mommy again?"

  • Primordials Online

    Primordials Online


    "Ah'Wei, you don't worry. Mom will find a way to make sure you have a good education, I will make sure you can go to college. As long as I am alive you don't worry". ***Yan Weiluo clutched the phone tighter. The mocking laugh of Gao Xuruo's mocking laugh echoed in the ballroom. "Your mother might have had an affair with Mr Lan. How else do you explain him giving you a gaming pod just like that? The pod costs millions! My Xuxin deserves it more than you!" All things come to a head as Luo stared at the Gifpost on the pod package. "PRIMORDIALS ONLINE! The way to eternal glory! Opening its 2000th server on its 5th anniversary.!Server Opening on 7th May at 12 am!" The words flashed in a variety of colours, and hope flooded in.

  • Venus Garden Resort & Spa

    Venus Garden Resort & Spa


    On a Halloween night, Ariadne invited her friends to her house so they could celebrate together. Little did she know that they would be forced to leave the house due to a mysterious being thirsting after their blood. Running through the woods, getting lost in ghost ballrooms, getting to a hotel where the dead live and becoming demons' wives... it was all destiny's fault. Now, Ariadne's mission was to get her friends back home safely, no matter the price. Even if it means to go against gods.



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    In a world ruled by vampires, werewolves, and witches, a forbidden love is born that must overcome many obstacles to be happy, and they will have to stop ambition, greed, enmity, and the murderers of both clans and seek peace between them.Mei-Ling is a vampire, who was born into royalty. After the death of their parents and their respective wives, immediately their brothers, are part of the Council of the Elder Vampires.To maintain peace in her kingdom, Mei-Ling must find a husband, who will help her not only rule; but also, keep the peace in his clan and the clan of the werewolves.But Mei-Ling's suitors are all ambitious and greedy, and the only purpose they have for marrying the princess is to subdue the vampires and exterminate the werewolves.In a celebration of honor, that the vampires will give in honor of the family of Mei Ling and her brothers Zhou Xu, Jan'Er, and Mei-Ling must choose her husband.None of the suitors managed to attract the attention of the princess; until, in the middle of the ballroom, he sees Huan Guangzong, a strange man, who managed to attract the attention of the princess, and immediately, they will begin to feel that inexplicable connection that will guide them to true love.Who will be that strange man who managed to get Mei Ling's attention? What will your intentions be?Will Zhou Xu, Jan'Er, and Mei-Ling really find out how their parents died? Will they be able to find the murderer or murderers of their entire family before it is too late?Will they manage to discover the true intentions of Mei Ling's suitors? Will Huan Guangzong and Mei Ling be immensely happy?A forbidden love, many secrets and betrayals, and several unsolved murders.

  • The blood countess

    The blood countess


    Being reborn in the body of the diseased Mother of the male lead, Alicia carries dark magic, her destiny is set. She will die and leave her child for the story to begin. - I will survive and protect the child- “”It was cold, I had tried to scape the past night, but it was hopeless, it was the day I saw Cassian for the first time after 6 years, six years of exile war and suffering my father forced him to endure. All I could feel that night was his stare. I stared at the floor thinking, well I'm dying anyway if I don't make a deal with the person who hates me the most in the world. I followed him outside the ballroom and said it -Marry me and I will give birth to the next ruler with Berkan blood.””

  • -Forbidden-



    Once upon a time...No. This is not a fairy tale. However, this story does contain ballroom dances, mystical creatures, and magic. It also contains a century old tradition.... or was it a century old curse? The Findarians do not like anything out of their definition of social norms. They are a strict and powerful kingdom that instantly resorts to violence if neighboring kingdoms do not listen. No one dares to defy Findara in fear of losing the one thing precious to them: their life. Findara kills anyone who identify with the following: magic, love that is not strictly between a man and a woman, and helping those in trial escape.The Asterians does not like Findara or their allies. They live in a constant state of euphoria. The people of Asterin are happy to be there, happy to be free, happy to not be worried about anything! Due to Asterin also being a powerful kingdom and not following Findara's social norms, this leads Asterin to fall into a power struggle with Findara. A century of pointless deaths and segregation, all for it to change due to one prince.

  • Her Dark Prince

    Her Dark Prince


    Qin Yifan infamously known as the dark prince has his dark past looming over him. Haunting him. He lost his soul a long time ago... whilst he was seen as reckless prince, he ran a shadow organization which executed massacres, assassinations, smuggling and all other atrocities which was not befitting for a prince of the great Hong Kingdom but all this was left behind when he went too far.Blinded by fear and anger Qin Yifan discovered a part of himself that was kept hidden from him but the consequences of his actions were too dire. Without a way to rectify himself he continued to live his life in regret, his once pure magic tainted with injustice and untimely deaths of many.Meeting the girl on his mark was the only thing he wanted to do but he knew it would bring about a prolonged tragedy.________“Qin Yifan was totally perplexed as he looked at the beauty before him, she held nothing but innocence and purity as she stood before him in the white dress she wore. She looked delicate and fragile in his eyes that he refrained from reaching out, afraid he might taint her with his darkness.”_________Loosing her parents at young age, Su Wang was taken in by her uncle Zhen Tianming. She had every luxury she could ask for but this could not hold a candle against the abuse she had to face growing up. Finding out about the mark on her stomach had always been one of her pass time events but now she is about to experience the reason to as why she has the mark on the first place. She is not weak, but instead he experiences make her an stronger and better person.Playing out in the oracle's prophecy of the ‘Dark Prince’, Su Wang must remain strong in this battle of both the gods and men. Will love and destiny prevail or will the looming tragedy take the center of the stage?“Qin Yifan's heart grew restless, the battle he was fighting inside reflected in his eyes. He grabbed her hand as it was about to touch his face, suspense built up in the room as they watched him intently. Many did not fathom how she was able to stand, they watched with much curiosity and relief as the prince's anger slowly dispatched.To everyone's surprise, he pulled her closer her body colliding with his. Qin Yifan felt his entire body relax from having her close, his eyes changing from black to it's normal hazel. She let out a relieved breath as she noticed the change and she tried to pull back only to be rammed back into his chest."Mine!" he declared glaring at the people in the ballroom. Su Wang's breath hitched in her throat as she heard his statement rather declaration claiming her."I am not yours.” .....”Not your classic fantasy novel but please read great content.I'm not good with conversations often descriptive but I kowt you will find it intriguing. Just give this novel a shot.No mature scenes her but...very disturbing and violent ones...I know I'm messed up but (^^) please enjoy!!

  • True story of Mandisa Mtolo the 'game changer'

    True story of Mandisa Mtolo the 'game changer'

    Mandisa Mtolo is a well accomplished educator from deep in the rural areas of Eastern Cape province in South Africa. She comes from a small, impoverished village called Matatiele with high level of poverty and unemployment. Mandisa's father and mother divorced in 1991, her mother left them at home with their father. Her father was working and left them with their 12-year-old cousin. Life was very difficult because her cousin had to fetch firewood for them to cook food, Mandisa and her little sister were left alone to try and eat something all day, while she was seven years old, her little sister was five years old. Their dad would come back every two weeks to see them. They grew up and succeeded in school because they were as smart as their father. Life started again to be very difficult when they passed matric. Those hardships however did not hamper her ambitions to become a contributor in the well-being of society and improving the future of other kids in her area. Her upbringing saw her go through various challenges which include trouble accessing other basic needs.She once found 20 rand on the ground and used that money to buy flour from which she made fatcakes to sell at school. At university, she funded her own tuition fees by beading earrings and working from one job to another. She performed very good in her studies and was rewarded with a bursary which helped to propel her even further. She studied at the Durban University of Technology doing Commercial Educator course. In 2012 she graduated with an unprecedented five major subjects instead of the usual three. After graduating, she was placed by the Department of Education in a quintile 3 school, a grading which means the school is a ‘no-fee’ school situated in the rural area.Growing up under difficult conditions did not stop her from working hard towards building a future brighter for her and her relatives. Mandisa is dedicated to giving rural children an opportunity to become contributors in the mainstream economy and well-being of society. It was very difficult to start from scratch in trying to achieve her goals, fortunately her idea was successful. Mandisa has always been success driven, among her accolades she won the award of best tutor, Trophies for excelling in football, Athletics, Ballroom and Latin Dance at the university and she received many awards from different institutions: Global Education Summit (GESA), announced her as winner of prestigious award in the category: Outstanding Teacher of the year 2021. ASHBAB Global Impact Award, awarded her a Merit Award as Best Educator of The Year in 2021, MVLA Trust Global Achievers 2020 and in 2021 announced that Mandisa Mtolo is a winner of Global Teacher Hall of Fame Award, in 2021 during the International Women’s Day was announced as a MVLA International Ideal Woman Achiever Award 2021. Department of Education in Province awarded her a Certificate of Appreciation and acknowledgment in 2020 for winning an International Moot Court Competition. Department of Education in District awarded her a Trophy for Youth Development- Science and Technology and an Award for Top Performed Educator in Youth Development and Gender Equality, Acknowledgment of the excellence in 2017, 2019 and 2020. YCAP awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in 2013-2020 and Great Effort Award (Provincial Level) in 2014 and 2018, again in 2020 She and her team won an 3rd Place Overall Young Active Citizen Award in the National level. Her school awarded her a Certificate of Appreciation in 2015, 2019 and 2020. Department of Transport awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, Trophies and Gold Medals (District and Region) in 2014. Through her dedication and workaholic skills, she has gone an extra mile to fulfil her goal.She became a star, a global champion, learners received bursaries every year and the school was sponsored with laptops.

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