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  • One sided love

    One sided love


    Lindon Mo missed his chance to be with his firstlove. He was forced to marry Kresha Tang due to his dying grandfathers' request. Because he love his grandfather so much. He grandted his only wish before he die. But after fifteen years he still can't forget his firstlove. How he wish he could travel back time and marry his first love. Kresha loved Lindon since she was young. But to his eyes, she did'nt exist. She thought that she will never have a chance to be with him .Not until her grandfather wanted her to marry Lindon. Both of theire grandparents are bestfreinds. Kresha did not hesitate to agree. But she regretted marrying a man who can't forget his firstlove. In fifteen years of being husband and wife she never felt being loved by him. She felt like she wasted her preciouse times. How she wish, she could travel back time and can find a man who will love her. One day while they were fighting in the car they have met an accident and was reborn to the time fifteen years ago. Can they change theire destiny in this lifetime. Will they find happiness with theire separate life? Or will they realise that they really belong to each other?

  • On The Edge Of Life

    On The Edge Of Life

    This is about a girl trying to figure out how to live after the passing of her mother and how to express her love to her bestfreind.

  • I Won The Game But I lose Her

    I Won The Game But I lose Her

    This is my story happened long ago, I'll be narating my story , so me "Marco" called Jessica his bestfreind to play a cards game it says on the box the name of the game " Techusa", he found the game on the street laying down on the wooden bench, because they were just kids that day Marc and Jessica didn't know that Game is cursed, they started playing, the game was all about dare every player should do the dare from the card they picked up, Rules: If you disobey or skip your dare you will be punished, Marco and Jessica was small kid that time they don't know what they doing is really dangerous, So Marco picked a card and it says on the card to steal money from her mom, but then Marco didn't do the dare, Marco placed the box where he found it, while Marco was walking he heared a creepy voice whispered to him slowly saying "Techusa". Marco was cursed both of them lost memory about the game, Back then Marco know's her best friends name is Jessica but he kept on calling Jessica, Techusa no matter what they do Marco can't say the word Jessica. Marco and Jessica didn't know that Marco got cursed for skipping a dare from the game. The curse will start if Marco say the word Techusa 1million times, Marco and Jessica will be summoned into their 4 favorite games and need to win every single game, one lost will end their life.

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